How to reset Xbox One settings

There are several reasons why you can drop the Xbox One to factory settings. If the system works, wiping the slate can return it to working condition. This is the last correction; The full reset to the factory settings will lead to the loss of all your data, and you will have to download games and applications that you bought again, although this is a fairly simple process.

Before performing the Xbox One factory settings, make sure that you know about various types of reset that your console can perform:

  • With the usual shutdown of the Xbox One, it goes into low energy consumption mode, so when re.turning on, this is just a regular reset or software reset. The console never turns off.
  • When your Xbox One completely turns off and turns on again, this is called hardware reset. This is similar to what happens when you turn off the computer and the data is not lost.
  • When the changes that were made to the Xbox One after it left the plant is canceled, and the console returns to the state, similar to the one that was during the first delivery, this is called the reset to the factory settings. This process restores factory settings and forever removes all your games, saved data and other settings.

You need to reset the settings?

Before completely reset the Xbox One settings, try to fulfill less serious corrections. For example, if the system does not answer, press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. This will perform a complete reboot that will eliminate many problems without the actual destruction of all data in your system.

How To Factory Reset An Xbox 360

If your Xbox One works so strongly that you cannot access the settings menu, or it does not display the video on the TV, scroll the instructions for the discharge of settings using a flash drive until the end of this article.

Another reason for returning to the Xbox One factory settings is to delete all your personal information, your player tag, as well as uploaded applications and games before trading or selling an old console. This prevents someone else from gaining access to your materials.

You cannot erase the Xbox One remotely if you sold it or stole it; However, you can prohibit anyone with access to your materials by changing the Microsoft account password associated with your player tag.

How to reset Xbox One to factory settings by default

If you plan to sell the Xbox One update to another model, you need to remember certain things. Firstly, you need to make sure that all accounts are deleted from your Xbox before transmitting it. Ideally, the best way to achieve this is to reset the Xbox One or Xbox Series X settings to factory default factory values.

According to Microsoft, while delete your games, previous conservations and all current profiles. This, in turn, makes your games and saved games inaccessible to the new owner without your player tag and password.

How to reset Xbox One settings

To reset the Xbox One or Xbox Series X settings, go to the main screen of the Xbox One application. Scroll to the left on the main screen to open the guide and select the “settings” from the displayed list of parameters.

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Then select “All settings”, and then “System”.

Now find “Information about the console and update” and select “Reset the console”.

Please note: when you chose the above option, t.e. When you chose the reset of the console settings, you will see three options listed below.

reset, xbox, series, settings, console, restart
  • Remove and delete everything: this parameter drops the console to factory settings. All user data, including accounts, saved games, settings, home associations of Xbox, as well as all games and applications, will be deleted. You must use this option when you sell or give a console to someone else. This option should be used only in some cases in some cases of elimination of problems.
  • Reset and save my games and applications: you should resort to this option if your main task is to solve a problem problem. When using it, it will delete all potentially damaged data without deleting your games or applications and drop the OS. The aforementioned step will save time and effort when downloading or reinstalling large game files. In situations where the problem arises due to the damaged game file, you are trying to fix it; You may have to choose to drop and delete all the option. However, it is recommended to always start with the reset and save my games and applications and use the “reset and delete everything” method only when all available solutions do not work.
  • Cancellation: This option does not require explanation. This will allow you to get out of this screen, offering a safe exit from the main screen.

After you select one of the parameters “reset”, your Xbox One console will begin to erase the contents and restore default settings. The execution indicator will allow you to track progress.


reset, xbox, series, settings, console, restart

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How to restore the factory settings of Xbox Series in detail by x

Go to the settings screen

The Xbox Series X user integration is interconnected, so there are several ways to track most options. For the configuration screen, the easiest way to get there is to press the Xbox button on the controller, and then go to the profile and the system. the parameter with your profile icon. and select the settings. Or you can choose my games and applications on the main screen, scroll down to the application tab and choose instead of this settings.

Create a backup or transfer the data (and check your saving)

Members of Xbox Live, as well as Game Pass subscribers, have access to cloud storages, but it is still recommended to create a backup copy of your data. In the settings menu, select the backup system and transfer. To open backup settings. Here you need to take two steps. The first is to choose a backup of my settings. This parameter provides backup most of the system settings and preferences on the external storage, including everything, from your special capabilities to the settings of your topic. Performing this step will allow you to return immediately after resetting Xbox Series X settings.

If you plan to delete your games and applications, return to backup and transfer and select a hard drive transfer. You will need a quick external hard drive, but you can move your games and applications to the external storage so that they do not get lost during the reset of the settings. While you are creating a backup copy of your settings and synchronizing your preservations, you can freely delete games and applications and re.load them. However, if you do not want to overload your Internet connection, you can move them from the external storage.

Finally, you need to deal with your preservations. You do not need to do anything special while you are registered in Xbox Live. Please note that you just need a free Xbox Live, not Xbox Live Gold, to access cloud storage. Do not forget to close all the running games while you have an active Internet connection (when Xbox Series X performs saving synchronization).

Select the discharge parameter

Having set the order with settings, games, applications and saving, it’s time to reset the settings. In the settings menu, select the system information about the console reset. There are two discharge options: drop and delete everything and reset and save my games and applications. If you set up Xbox Series X for sale or exchange, select the first option. If you eliminate problems or do something else, choose the second option.

Although to reset and save my games and applications will really save your games and applications, that’s all that the option will save. Your settings, local conservations and accounts will be deleted from your Xbox Series X. That is why it is important to make a backup copy of your settings, accounts and conservations in advance.

While you have made a backup copy of your settings on the external storage, they simply restore them. After the discharge is completed, connect the external hard drive before turning on Xbox Series X. The console reads the data and automatically imports all the settings from the backup copy.

How to perform software reset on Xbox Series X

If you are faced with freezing, stuttering or other hiccups with your Xbox Series X or Series S, you may not need to fulfill a complete reset of settings. The default parameter disable Xbox. which appears when holding the Xbox button, in fact does not turn off the console. Like PS5 and computers of the latest generation of Microsoft, this option puts your Xbox into the “rest” mode.

First, in the same menu, choose the console restart. This parameter completely restarts the system, including a complete power outage. In most cases, restarting is enough to solve most problems.

If this does not solve your problem, go to the settings menu and follow the instructions. General diet and launch. There, select a complete shutdown and wait until the Xbox turns off before disconnecting the power cable. After a few seconds, connect the power cable again, then download the Xbox.

This process will solve problems such as hanging games on the screensaver and not completing the update, as well as other problems. If you are engaged exclusively with the elimination of problems, we recommend that you take this step before resorting to proper discharge. Although it is possible to save your games and applications, the restart of the console is performed faster and can solve the most common problems of Xbox Series X.

Using USB flash drive

As we indicated earlier, if you want to reset the Xbox One console, but in this case you cannot access the configuration from it, this process will help you make it available for you. To do this, you need a USB drive with a minimum capacity of 4 GB. so that he can serve you, in addition to the presence of a computer available for debugging. The only thing that is with this method only preserves what is synchronized with Xbox Live.

Basically, you need a USB drive to be completely empty and, as mentioned above, it has a large capacity. Although it should be noted that not all of them store files, the size of which exceeds these (4 GB), therefore it is convenient to format a USB-memory and transfer it to the Windows NTFS system, which theoretically processes very large volumes.

This can be done using Windows conductor in some versions of Microsoft, for example:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista Li
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


After performing the process, you must go to the following:

  • You must download the discharge file to your device and transfer it to a USB drive. Link address: xbox.COM/Xboxone/Restorefactorydefaults
  • It can be loaded directly, by pressing it, press here.
  • Later you will extract a file with the name “Systemupdate” and copy it to the USB catalog of your memory. As soon as the document is available, you must make sure this is the only thing you have. This will help to avoid problems in the future.
  • Then you must go to the Xbox console and turn it off. You will also have to turn off the power cable and the network cable. Wait about 30 seconds. to confirm that you are completely resting.
  • Then connect the power cable and USB device. on the corresponding port.
  • Sequentially, you must press and hold the combination of buttons: Link and Eject (Run) from your console for 10-15 seconds. Then you must press the Xbox button. Until you hear two powerful sounds with alternation. The first sound signal indicates that the console recognized the USB device, and the second is that the data has already been transmitted to it.
  • It is very important to hear the tonal signal twice strong power on your game device. If this does not happen after 15 seconds or the tonal signal by default will be signaling, it will signal that the discharge process has not worked. Therefore, you will have to take all the steps again, otherwise you should contact a specialist.

To know exactly which buttons you need to press on the consoles, we will leave a small visual scheme:

If you heard two powerful sounds, the process has completely worked for you. Therefore, you should start rebooting on the screen and configure it as if it were a new game console.

Frequently asked Questions

To perform the Xbox Series X software reset, hold the power button on the front panel of the console for about 10 seconds until it turns off. Wait a few seconds, then press the power button again to enable it again.

There are several ways to reload Xbox. One way is to hold the power button on the console for 10 seconds until it turns off. Another way is to turn off the console from the outlet, wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again.

To reset Xbox to factory settings, not including it, you will need a USB flash drive. First format the USB drive as NTFS. Then copy the contents of the System folder from the Xbox One hard drive on a USB drive. Finally, disconnect the Xbox One power cable and hold the power button on the console for 10 seconds. When the console turns off, connect the USB drive and turn on the console.

No, the re.launch of the Xbox does not delete everything. Your games, applications and settings will be saved and rebooted when the Xbox re.launches. Any data that is not stored on your Xbox will be deleted, for example, saved games in Xbox Live or your profile.

To restore the Xbox Series S factory settings, first turn it off. Then, at the same time, hold the power button and the extraction button until the console emits the sound signal. Release both buttons and press the power button to turn on the console again. Then you will see the green XBOX launch screen. Select your tongue and country, and then select “Reset the console”.

There are several reasons why you cannot restore the Xbox One factory settings. If your console is currently experiencing problems, you cannot drop it until these problems are eliminated. In addition, if your console is used by another person or you are included in the profile, you cannot drop the settings.

There are many possible causes of the black death screen Xbox One. One of the frequent reasons is the problem with the video output. Another common reason is the problem with the power supply. It can also be from a faulty hard drive to a damaged system file.

If your Xbox is not fully answered, try to restart it, holding the power button for 10 seconds. If this does not work, try to disconnect and connect the power cord again. If you still have problems, you may need to send Xbox for repairs.

There are several things that can cause this problem. One of the possibilities is that your HDMI cable is not connected to the end. Another opportunity is that your TV is not turned on. Finally, it is also possible that your Xbox is simply turned off. If you do not know how to turn on Xbox, there should be a power button on the front panel of the console.

How to make a backup

Before the discharge of X boxing 360, make a backup, because all the information is deleted. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Connect the hard drive to Xbox 360. Make sure the device considered it. If Xbox does not see a hard drive, you first have to deal with this problem.
  • Click on the Guide button on the joystick.
  • Enter Settings section.
  • Go to System Settings.
  • Go to the transfer content, and then choose an external hard drive.
  • Select the information that needs to be saved and press the start.
  • Wait for the file transfer process to complete.

After the backup is completed, you can safely reset the Xbox 360 console to factory, and subsequently return the previous data to the device.

What is it for

Before throwing the Xbox 360 to factory settings, it is important to decide on the need for such a step. The “zeroing” of the console is useful in the following cases:

  • The need to sell the device to another person. In this case, it is easier to make a software discharge than to remove the profile and spend time deleting games separately.
  • Docks in work that do not allow to use the device normally.
  • Difficulties with connecting to the game and another.

As a rule, if there are technical problems, do not rush to take a reset to factory. Try just cleaning the Xbox 360 cache. This method allows you to eliminate many problems and avoid removing all data. To do this, enter Guide, then go to Settings and System Go to Storage the next step, and then select the media of interest and click on the Y button. In the menu that opens, select any device and select the cache cleaning, then confirm the solution.

The difference between the discharge, hard discharge and reset of settings

Before resetting the Xbox One settings to factory settings, make sure that you know about various types of reset that your console can perform:

  • When you turn on the Xbox One as usual, it goes into energy conservation mode, so when re.turning on, this is a regular discharge or soft discharge. The console never turns completely.
  • When your Xbox One is completely turned off and turns on, this is called hardware reset. This is similar to what happens when you turn off the computer and no data is lost.
  • When the changes made to the Xbox One, after leaving the manufacturer, are canceled and the console returns to a state similar to the one that was sent first, this is called the reset to the factory settings. This process restores factory settings and irrevocably delements all your games, saved data and other settings.

How to restore the factory version of Xbox One

The main instructions for resetting Xbox One settings to factory settings:

  • Click the “Home” button or press the left D-Pad button until the main menu opens.
  • Click the gear icon to open the settings menu.
  • Go to the console system.
  • Go to the reset reset reset and delete everything for full reset to factory settings.

Restore the system immediately after choosing a recovery method. There is no confirming message, so act carefully.

reset, xbox, series, settings, console, restart

Xbox One will be completely rebooted, after which the process will be automated. Leave the system alone, and the Xbox One will reboot and restart.

To obtain more detailed instructions for resetting Xbox One settings, including individual steps and buttons presses, read on.

How to reset Xbox One to factory settings: all ways

Two paths stand out on how to return the console to the original parameters-to do it through the built-in menu or use a USB drive. Consider both options in more detail.

Through the console

The easiest way to throw the Xbox One on factory settings is to do this through the console menu. The algorithm of action has the following view:

After performing the steps considered, three options for resetting the Xbox One S settings to factory. Consider them in more detail:

  • Remove and delete everything. This option is suitable for cases when it is necessary to delete all user information, for example, when selling a device. All personal data are removed, including games, applications and other information.
  • Reset and save my games and applications. If you do not need a full reset of Xbox One, use this option. This path is selected in case of difficulties with a console, difficulties with the launch of the game, etc. D. As a result, it is possible to delete unnecessary files without eliminating the game or programs, saving the personal time to download games and personal information.
  • Cancellation. The item is selected if you changed your mind to the Xbox One discharge to factory or erroneously went into this section.
reset, xbox, series, settings, console, restart

Through a flash drive

There are situations when you could not access the console menu. In this case, the only exit is to reset to factory through a USB drive. To do the work, you will need a PC / laptop, as well as a flash drive of 4 GB or more. The work consists of several stages.

Prepare a flash device

Before resetting the Xbox One S settings, stock up on a USB drive. Many flash drives are already formatted in FAT32 for compatibility with Windows or Mac OS. If this is not done, to reset to factory, it is necessary to format the device in NTFS. For Windows, take the following steps:

  • Insert the USB drive into the connector.
  • Wait for the appearance of the disk into my computer and click with the right mouse button.
  • Select rapid formatting or format.
  • Indicate the NTFS format.
  • Wait for the completion of the process.

Keep in mind that this step cannot be missed. If the drive is formatted incorrectly, it is likely that Xbox will not see a flash drive.

When using the MAC system, the Disk Utility program is suitable. There are no difficulties with its use, so we will not dwell on this issue in more detail.

Download the necessary data

To reset the Xbox One to the factory, find a file for recovery on the Microsoft website and download it to a PC / laptop. At the next step, unzip the archive and transfer the Systemupdate file to the root of the USB drive.

Prepare the prefix

To reset the console, prepare it for work. Do the following:

  • Disconnect the network cable if you were connected to the Internet with it. In other cases, this item can be skipped.
  • Disconnect the console completely from the network and leave it turned off for 40-60 seconds.
  • Connect the supply cable.

Make a reset

After the preparatory steps are performed, the Xbox One can be reset to the factory. To do this, go through the following steps:

  • Insert the USB flash drive with the required file into the connector.
  • Click, and then fix the BIND or Eject button for the duration.
  • Holding these keys, click on the Xbox key.
  • Fix the Bind and Eject buttons 12-15 seconds before the sound signal appears (twice in a row).
  • Release the keys after the appearance of the second sound.
  • Wait for the console restart and take out a USB drive.

After these steps are performed, a complete “zero” of the system occurs to the factory.

Why do discharge

Before returning the Xbox One to factory settings, make sure that such a step is necessary. Remember that reset is a process aimed at erasing data on a hard drive and returning software to its original state. Such actions may be required in the following cases:

How to reset and restore your Xbox Series X console for selling right and clear Factory Reset DIY

  • Cleaning the system from unnecessary data, deleting games and settings.
  • Elimination of errors.
  • The return of the prefix to the working state in the case of freezing or failure.
  • Sale of a console to another person.
  • Transfer of the prefix for temporarily use.
  • Search and deletion of damaged files.

In simple words, return to factory parameters is necessary to return the prefix to the normal state or delete personal information in case of sale / transfer to another person.

Console restoration to factory settings

And this is a more stringent method of rebooting the game console, which involves removing all the contents from the prefix and resetting it to factory settings. Typically, such a discharge must be performed, for example, if you bought Xbox One “from hand” and the former owner did not bother with the issue of resetting the console, only by setting the password on his Gamertag. The console is restored to the factory settings on Xbox One as follows:

  • We go to the settings;
  • Choose “all settings”. “system”. “updates and information about the console”;
  • Click on the item “Reset the console”;
  • Next, select “Reset and Delete everything” and confirm your actions, noting that you agree with the complete removal of all data from the prefix, including games.

Please note: there is also an option to restore the console to factory settings without deleting games and applications. It is extremely rare that this method helps to correct errors, and it can only help if you have made some changes to the box settings that you want to cancel, but do not remember where to do it.

Offline recovery after an unsuccessful update

If, during the update of the Xbox One game console, it will turn off, then there is a great risk that when you re.turn on, the console will not work. Other situations are also possible when the restoration of the prefix from offline mode is required, that is, when there is no way to load the integration. This recovery method involves a recording on the software USB flash drive for the prefix and its installation on offline mode. We have a detailed video instruction how to do it and its text option.