Pair first Mi band 4: why the error occurs and what to do?

On forums and communities, users of fitness trackers often ask why the Pair first Mi Band 4 error occurs, what to do in such a situation, and how to fix the problem. Below we will consider what are the reasons for the appearance of such an icon, how to act at the initial stage, and what settings of the Smart-bracelet from China will help if the problem is not fixed the first time.

Reboot the fitness bracelet

To restore the health of the gadget, you must reboot. Using this step, you can fix minor software glitches and reset statistics. To do this, go through the following steps:

  • Pull down the screen.
  • Find the Advanced section.
  • Open the Settings section.
  • Scroll down to Reboot.
  • Click on it.
  • Agree to restart.
  • Click on the checkbox and wait for the reboot.

After that, check if the Pair first error on Mi Band 4 has been fixed or not. If there is no result, you need to do other steps (about them below).

You may encounter a problem that notifications are not received on Mi band 4. But even for this case, we have material.

Update software

Often, users cannot figure out what the Pair first error is on Mi Band 4, and the reason for its appearance is banal. an outdated firmware version. As a rule, the software and the application are automatically updated after the device is connected to the smartphone, and the mobile device to the global network. But there are situations when the update is launched only over Wi-Fi. If the user has not connected to this network for a long time, then the new software will not be loaded either.

To update Mr Fit, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the Profile section.
  • At the bottom, click on the Settings line and click on Check for Updates.
  • If there is a new version of the software, the system prompts you to update. Optionally, you can see the available version of the program. Before doing this work, it is advisable to charge the battery to avoid interruption.

If this did not help, and the Pair first error still appears on Mi Band 4, you may need to remove Mr Fit from the smartphone and then install it. Experienced users recommend doing the following:

  • Log out of your Mi Fit account. To do this, enter the Profile, and there find the Settings button and the Exit button. After that click OK.
  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Go to the apps section and find Mr Fit there.
  • Clean the program data, and then delete it.
  • Reinstall the software and log in with your data.

To update the bracelet firmware, you need to do the following:

  • Connect it to your smartphone via Mi Fit.
  • Make sure your smartphone and fitness device are well charged and your phone has internet.
  • Bring the bracelet closer to your smartphone.
  • If an update is available, it will be installed automatically.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

After that, the Pair first error should disappear, and you can use Mi Band 4 as usual.

By the way, there are also behavior labels in the watch. Do you know what they are for and how to set them up? If not, then click on the link.

What to do if it doesn’t help

In the case when the Pair first inscription on Mi Band 4 does not pass, additional actions may be required.

What to do first

Xiaomi fitness trackers are distinguished by smooth operation and no glitches, but some problems arise from time to time. The most common mistake is Pair first Mi Band 4, which means the pairing process. If the inscription appears immediately after purchase, this is normal. At the initial stage, the bracelet needs to be connected to the phone, so a special picture appears on the display. It indicates pairing between devices.

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If the Mi Band 4 bracelet writes Pair first, you need to connect the financial device to the application, and not just a smartphone in the Bluetooth settings. For correct synchronization, you need to do the following steps:

  • Download and install Mi Fit software from Google Play.
  • Log in to the application and log in. If you do not have an account, go through the registration.
  • Click on the bottom right on the item Profile and link a new device.
  • Turn on Bluetooth. Wait for the program to detect the tracker.
  • On Mi Band 4, confirm pairing.

After completing these steps, the Pair first error on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 disappears. In this case, you can use the device, and store the information in the application on the phone.

❌ How to reset Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet

What to do if Pair first appears in Mi Band 4 after connection

The situation is more complicated when the steps discussed above do not give a result. In this case, you need to understand more deeply the essence of the error and the peculiarities of its elimination. In translation Pair first on Mi Band 4 means “first pair”, and the appearance of the inscription indicates the difficulties with the connection. Consider what to do in these circumstances:

  • Throw the fitness bracelet away from your phone and clear the bluetooth data.
  • Connect the tracker to another smartphone for a certain period of time or pair with other software, such as NotifyFitnes.
  • Sync again with the official software.

Reset your device to factory settings

In the most difficult cases, the steps discussed above are ineffective. In such circumstances, a factory reset may be required. Let’s see how to do it correctly:

  • Swipe down the screen.
  • Find the Advanced section and find Settings.
  • Select the line Reset settings.
  • Check the box to understand that after the reset you will have to reconnect.
  • Confirm reset.

After completing these steps, the Pair first icon appears on the Mi Band 4, which should disappear after a successful connection. In this case, you will need to set the language and other settings from scratch.

reset, xiaomi, band, bracelet

Many people recommend doing the reset differently. try to bind Mi Band 4 to another smartphone. In this case, when connected, the device automatically prompts you to reset.

Now you know how to act if Pair Device first appears on Mi Band 4, what such an error means, and in what ways you can eliminate it. Remember that the appearance of such an icon does not mean that the device needs to be changed. The problem that has arisen is easy to solve on your own.

How to restart Mi Band 3

Unfortunately for the Mi Band 3, there is no reboot option for the device. You cannot manually restart it like Mi Band 4. The only option you have is to restore to factory settings.

On the other hand, there is some kind of automatic way to reboot Mi Band 3. You will have to completely discharge the battery of Mi Band 3. This will force the device to be turned off. It will automatically restart when you start charging the bracelet. I know that this is not a very convenient way to restart Mi Band 3, especially if you have a fully charged bracelet that will take days or even weeks to discharge.

How to restart Mi Band 4

Follow these steps to reboot Mi Band 4:

  • Turn on the device display by touching it once.
  • Keep pressing until you reach the option.
  • Then swipe up until you see Settings.
  • Click “Restart” in the “Settings” section and confirm by clicking again.
  • Wait for your Mi Band 4 to reboot.

How to factory reset Mi Band 4

  • Click on the device once.
  • Then press again to go to the “” option.
  • Go to settings by clicking again.
  • Tap the factory default path in the settings section.
  • Click on the checkmark icon to confirm.
  • Your strap will reset in 2 seconds.

How to factory reset Mi Band 3

  • Tap the device once.
  • Then press again to go to the “” option.
  • Press left until you see Factory Settings.
  • Press and hold the button on the strap to reset it.
  • Click again to confirm.

You will know if the device has been reset successfully when you see Pairing your device on the display.

How to factory reset Mi Band 3 and 4 (Hard Reset)

This should only be done if rebooting the device does not help. Remember that restoring the bracelet to factory settings will erase all of your settings. But the settings that you changed in the Mi Fit app are not affected, only those that you made on the device itself.

After resetting the range, you can log in with the account you used earlier and your data will be restored. This includes steps, sleep tracker, basically anything that has been recorded and synced in the app.

How to unpair Mi Band 3 and 4 with Mi Fit app

To connect the strap to the same phone, you need to unpair the pair first before doing a factory reset.

Here’s how to disconnect Mi Band 3 or 4 from your Mi Fit app.

  • Open the Mi Fit app and click on the “Profile” tab at the bottom.
  • Click on your strap.
  • Scroll down and click Break Pair.

Factory reset on iOS

For users with iOS phones, you can use this method:

  • Install Mi Fit app.
  • Try to connect the tracker.
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An error message will appear on the smartphone screen. Immediately after that, the system will prompt you to perform a factory reset. Confirm the action and wait for the operation to complete.

How to reset the Mi Band 4 bracelet

Factory reset via Mi Band 4 menu

You can reset the Mi Band 4 bracelet through the device menu as follows:

  • In the bracelet menu, find the “Additional” function.
  • Move up the display and go to “Settings”.
  • Select the item “Reset to factory settings”.
  • Click Ok.

The reboot will take place on its own. Then Mi Brend 4 is connected to the phone. If you select “Restart” in the “Settings”, and then confirm the action by tapping the checkmark above the menu item, there will be some analogue of resetting the settings. After starting, all digits will be replaced with zeros. You can also unlock the tracker.

This method will not solve problems in the event of an incompatible firmware or freeze. But it will help you quickly reset information about physical activity, so it can be useful. But if Mi Band is blocked or frozen, then it will not be possible to work with the display.

If the user has installed an incompatible firmware, he will have to manually re-upload files with the fw and res extensions, and then bind the bracelet to the smartphone via the application.

Factory reset via Mi Fit

The bracelet model from Xiaomi Mi Band 4, unlike the previous version, does not work at all on its own, apart from the smartphone. Immediately after turning on the device, an offer will appear on the screen to connect it to the phone. Through the official Mi Fit application, you can reset the Mi Band 4 bracelet.

If the bracelet has already been tied to the smartphone via the app, first you need to untie it:

  • Open the “Profile” tab in the application.
  • Choosing a bracelet.
  • Below, under all the options, find the “Disable” button and press it.
  • Confirm the action with the “disable” option.
  • Waiting for the shutdown process to end.
  • Reconnect the bracelet to the APP.

Once turned on again, all old settings, including the self-installed watch face, will disappear and need to be reinstalled. In order not to search for a long time, they make a backup copy in advance.

It is advisable, after resetting the settings, to perform and clear the cache of the application itself. Thus, all unnecessary information accumulated over the previous period will be deleted. To do this, go to “Settings” look for “Mi Fit Application” and select the “Clear cache” option.

Using the Diagnostic program

  • Install Diagnostic and start it.
  • Mi Band is selected in the list of devices.
  • Press the button “Restore to factory settings”.
  • Confirm the operation.

A menu item can be worded slightly differently. When reconnecting to the smartphone, the bracelet will be perceived as a new device, because the reset operation works like replacing the MAC address.

How to reset with a bracelet

At first, there was no reset function in the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet. It appeared in the process of use and refinement and came to replace more barbaric methods: freezing, completely discharging the battery and closing the contacts. But in the Mi Band 4 version, this option is installed initially. This should make it easier to fix connection issues.

How to restart Xiaomi Mi Band 4 via phone

To reset the fitness bracelet to factory settings, you can reflash it via your smartphone using the Gadget Bridge or Mi Band Master programs. But this procedure can only be carried out by people who have already performed this operation. Or are you not afraid to ruin the bracelet forever as a result of the operation.

Why do you need a factory reset

Factory reset can often help you troubleshoot your device. The easiest way to do this is on a smartphone using an option in the menu. But now more and more people use smart watches or fitness bracelets. And a factory reset may be necessary. This can be done if the smartphone is frozen, or you just need to reset the physical activity information, but a reboot is usually enough here.

With frequent changing of images on the tracker screen, over time, the watch no longer quickly responds to commands. Factory reset will help here too.

Sometimes when you try to bind the bracelet to the application on your smartphone, an inscription appears on the screen: “Connection error. Please reset the wristband and try again. ” Not everyone knows how to factory reset a fitness bracelet. There is not one, but several ways to reset.

How to reset the settings on the fitness bracelet Huawei Honor Band 4

On the fitness tracker, go to the menu, tap Reset, then tap. to restore the factory settings of the smart bracelet. After restoring to factory settings, all data will be erased, so proceed with caution.

How to reboot / reset the settings of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet

Swipe down the screen, click “” (Advanced), then “Settings” (Settings), select “Factory reset” (reset to factory settings). There you can also select “Reboot” to reboot the fitness tracker.

How to reset the settings on the fitness bracelet Huawei Honor Band 5

Activate the menu on the fitness bracelet and select the “” section, then click “System”, then “Reset” and click the checkmark to confirm.

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Как сбросить Mi Band 4 до заводских настроек. 6 способов | Mi Band 4 не подключается к телефону

You can also reset your fitness bracelet using the Huawei Health mobile app. In this case, the fitness bracelet must be connected to the phone. To reset the settings, launch the application, press the “Me” (Me) button, select HONOR Band 5, scroll down, select “Restore factory settings” and press “confirm”.

How to reset the Samsung Galaxy Fit e fitness band

Resetting the Galaxy Fit e

If the above method does not solve the problem, reset the device. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your mobile device and tap Home → About bracelet → Reset bracelet settings. Before factory resetting your device, we recommend that you back up any important data stored on the Galaxy Fit e. Galaxy Fit e can be backed up using the Galaxy Wearable or Samsung Cloud app.

reset, xiaomi, band, bracelet

How to reset steps

You can reset the steps on the device in any way through hard reset. In such a situation, the device data will be reset to zero, but will be saved in the account. To start using the bracelet from scratch, you need to create a new Mi account and synchronize Mi Band 4 with it.

Step-by-step instruction

Xiaomi tech experts highlight the following options for how to reset the Mi Band 4:

  • through the third-party program “Diagnost”;
  • by changing the linked smartphone;
  • complete discharge of the Band;
  • freezing.

With the help of the “Diagnostic” there is a complete reset of the factory settings. When you change your smartphone, the data is cleared only on the devices, and they are saved in the personal account. The methods of full discharge and freezing of the Banda are extreme and do not give a full guarantee of the safety of the device and the achievement of the desired result.

Synchronization of Mi Band 4 with a smartphone is carried out through the Mi Fit application, which is tied to a Mi account. A full Mi Band 4 hard reset procedure is not possible, but the user can reset the settings as follows:

  • Open Mi Fit app profile.
  • Select a bracelet and untie the device from the smartphone.
  • Link Band to another phone.

After that, the statistics are recalculated on devices, and the previous account will be continued in the account.

How to hard reset on Mi Band 4

Often, technical devices can be restored by returning to their factory settings. For computers and smartphones, such an action is not common, but it is still quite common. The situation is more complicated with accompanying devices that are tied to others.

Despite the complexity, for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelets, a hard reset can be carried out in several ways. Each one differs in the degree of impact on the device and can be software or physical, prompting the user to choose a way to implement a hard reset depending on the situation.

How to factory reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The manufacturer does not provide the function of resetting to factory settings and zeroing the Band’s indicators. This need may arise when a user loses access to an account, phone, or synchronized devices are slow. With the help of third-party applications and “folk methods”, the owner can decide how to reset the Mi Band 4.

There are two groups of ways to carry out a hard reset for a gang:

  • software;
  • physical impact.

The methods differ not only in the essence of the reset, but also in the results:

⌚ Mi Band 4 не подключается к телефону

  • full reset of settings;
  • resetting indicators.

How to reset firmware

Firmware reset is possible when using the “Diagnostic” program, which must be downloaded from the Internet, because it is not available on Google Play. The program does not work with the iOS system. The application has been partially translated from Chinese into Russian, and you need to perform the following steps in it:

  • Connect Gang to phone via Bluetooth.
  • Run “Diagnostic”.
  • Wait for the application beep. this is a sign that the hard reset has taken place.

It is important when the program is running to exclude the possibility of several bracelets falling into the coverage area, otherwise the desired device will not be found and reset to factory settings will not take place.

Is it possible to do this without a phone?

The most difficult and risky way to reset Mi Band 4 is without your phone. The known methods belong to the category of “folk”, their result is confirmed only by Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the network. Among them are two of the most effective:

  • complete discharge;
  • freezing.

In the first case, the included notifications can help reduce the charge, but even with them you will have to wait more than a month. After turning off the device itself, it is necessary to hold it in a completely discharged state for some time. The Band then connects to power and the user is convinced that the Mi Band 4 is back to factory settings.

The most extreme option is to place the bracelet in the freezer for several hours. According to the Internet commentators who performed this action, the Band retained its functionality and lost all settings, returning to the original.