Incorrect work after update

Problems can arise if you have installed software from an unknown manufacturer. We strongly recommend using only official firmware. As a last resort, download fonts, dials and other files from the forum. They usually upload software from reliable developers there, which is checked for viruses and will not harm the device.

Как сбросить настройки до заводских на Mi Band 4

If the fitness bracelet freezes after the update or during it, try to completely discharge the gadget and recharge it to 100%. A forced reboot of the wearable device will occur.

Updating via Mi Fit mostly goes well if you place a smartphone and a bracelet next to it. If the process stops in the middle, restart your phone and try again.

Hanging Mi Fit app

The program itself slows down due to a malfunction in the phone. You need to reboot the device, and then the tool should function without problems. Also, the freezes are affected by the lack of RAM and the high load of the external drive.


This option will be effective if the tracker periodically slows down and still reacts to commands.

  • We make a swipe up the bracelet display and scroll to the “Additional” item.
  • We select the section “Settings”, in which we click on the line “Restart”.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on the red checkmark.

Similarly, you can reset to factory settings. Unfortunately, these methods turn out to be useless when the screen freezes completely.

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Full battery discharge

In some situations, discharging the battery and turning off the gadget helps. When it is recharged, it will function in a new way, as if after changing the battery.

To drain the battery faster, place the Mi Band 4 in the freezer for a few hours. Then remove the gadget and leave it to defrost at room temperature. Never use a hair dryer to warm it up. Please note that this is a rather risky option, and there is no guarantee that the Mi Band will function normally after such experiments.

Installing new firmware

This is a radical method that requires certain technical knowledge and skills from the user. Therefore, only experienced users are advised to reflash the wearable device on their own. Many more useful instructions and files with firmware are located on the forum.

Mi band 4 freezes

Xiaomi has released an excellent fitness bracelet from the budget segment with all the necessary options for tracking physical indicators. The tracker receives regular updates from the developers and boasts smooth operation. However, sometimes significant malfunctions occur in the operation of the gadget.

Thanks to this article, you will learn what to do if Mi Band 4 freezes and does not respond to commands.

What to do if the bracelet is frozen

Let’s take a look at practical methods that will help return the Mi Smart Band 4 to its normal state. We are not responsible for the actions you have taken, all instructions are presented for informational purposes only.

Why does not the Mi Band 4 bracelet connect??

When connecting, check that the Internet, bluetooth, (GPS) geolocation is turned on on the phone. After rebooting the phone, we reconnect the bracelet. Do not forget to turn on the Internet, GPS, bluetooth on your phone. Try updating the Mi Fit app on your phone to the latest version if the app has already been installed.

How to untie the Mi Band 3 bracelet without a phone?

How to untie Mi Band 2/3 without access to Mi account

  • Turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone.
  • Run the installed application and wait for the bracelet to be detected.
  • Once the bracelet is found, connect to it.
  • Click on “Restore Settings”
  • Ready! You can link the bracelet to your smartphone.

How to turn off mi band 5?

To disconnect the device, go to the “Profile” tab, select the device. In the window that opens, scroll down to the bottom, press the “Disable” button and confirm the disconnection. In a few seconds, Mi Band 5 will be ready to connect to another smartphone.

How to reconnect the Mi Band 4 bracelet?

To connect the watch to the phone, go to the application profile and select “Add device”, click on the line “Bracelet” and “Agree”. After that, click on the line Mi Smart Band 4 and confirm the pairing on the watch by pressing its touch button on the screen.

How to untie Mi Band 3 from a lost phone?

  • Open the “Profile” tab.
  • Select from the list of devices Mi Band 3.
  • At the very bottom of the page that opens, click “Unlink”.
  • Confirm the action, wait for the end of the operation and confirm again.

How to reset the fitness bracelet Mi Band 4?

  • From Xiaomi Mi Band, swipe up to the Advanced menu;
  • In the “Advanced” menu, scroll down and find “Settings”;
  • In “Settings” scroll down and find “Restart”;
  • From here, confirm the soft reset and wait for the tracker to restart.

How to turn off mi band 4?

You will not be able to turn off the gadget either with a button or through the menu, since such an option is not provided in Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Shutdown occurs only when the fitness bracelet is fully discharged, but it is not recommended to bring the gadget to this state.

Factory reset via Mi Fit app

An equally reliable way to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to the factory settings is to untie it through the Mi Fit application (to which it was tied at the time of the factory reset). To do this, open Mi Fit and in the “Profile” tab, click on the name of the bracelet.

In the window that opens, we move to the very bottom and there we click on the “Disable” button.

In the event that the bracelet is connected to the smartphone, it will be unlinked from the account, and the Mi Band itself will receive a factory reset. If, at the time of disconnection (decoupling), the bracelet is located far from the range of the Bluetooth module or the module itself is turned off, then the application will unilaterally untie it from the smartphone and the bracelet will still be able to see the time, steps taken, pulse and control the previously set alarms.

Factory reset via Mi Band 4 menu

The easiest way to reset the settings is through the settings menu of the bracelet itself.

To do this, you need to activate the screen and select “Advanced” from the available menu items.

After that, we scroll to the very bottom and go to the “Settings” section.

There we are looking for the item “Reset settings” and click on it.

The system will warn you that “After resetting the bracelet, you need to reconnect it in the Mi Fit app”.

Click on the red checkmark at the top of the screen and wait for a complete reset.

After the Mi Band 4 settings are reset to factory settings, the screen will display “Pair first”, which means that the bracelet can be connected to a new mobile device. At the same time, neither the time nor the steps taken will be counted by such a bracelet.

How to reset the Xiaomi bracelet 4

Selling a previously used bracelet or linking it to a new account in the Mi Fit app are the two most common reasons for resetting the settings, which remove all references to the tracker being in use from the device’s memory. How to reset Mi Band 4 to factory settings and what is the difference between “reboot” and “reset settings”?

First of all, I would like to note the fact that some users confuse factory reset and banal system reboot. The fact is that rebooting the device only restarts the system and allows you to use the bracelet instantly after loading (on Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 this happens instantly). Reboot is used only if the bracelet slows down and does not work as usual.

As for resetting the settings, this operation leads to a disconnection between the devices (fitness bracelet and smartphone) and for further work you will need to reconnect to the same or a new account in the Mi Fit application.

Alternative ways to factory reset

Ever since the appearance of Mi Band 1S Pulse, there are legends that you can reset the settings on them by completely discharging the battery and even freezing it in the refrigerator.

In fact, these tips have nothing to do with reality, are absolutely useless and highly discouraged.

Bracelet malfunctions

But unfortunately, this gadget also has a number of drawbacks, which can still spoil the impression of using it. For example, in none of the instructions for the tracker you will find information on how to reboot the Mi Band 2 bracelet, or, in other words, make a full reset to the factory settings, although this procedure is quite simple and does not require any special knowledge. To do this, you will need the fitness bracelet itself, as well as a smartphone from which it is controlled. We reboot the bracelet in this way:

  • First, link Mi Band 2 to your personal profile, then launch the Mi Fit app and log in.
  • Untie the bracelet from the profile: find the name of the bracelet in the application, click on it and select “Untie”, or “Unpair”. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about personal data. they are saved in special files on your smartphone.
  • After that, the bracelet will no longer appear in the list of user’s devices. In order for the Mi Band to completely reset to factory settings, the bracelet must be tied to a different, new profile, after restarting the program. After binding, you will feel vibration. this means that the settings have been reset.

But if you do not have access to your personal profile, this method will not work. In this case, some users advise to completely discharge the gadget, but this can take a long time, since the average battery life of the Mi bracelet is about 1 month. However, we strongly advise against using this method, since discharging “to zero” can negatively affect the battery performance in the future.

How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet

Today, you probably won’t meet a person who has no idea what fitness bracelets are, or, as they are also called, fitness trackers. Almost every person who plays sports or just leads an active lifestyle has already purchased this wonderful gadget and makes full use of all its useful features and functions, using access to the bracelet through his smartphone.

The most popular on the fitness bracelet market today is the Mi Band 2 bracelet from the world-famous Chinese company Xiaomi. Its advantages are: stylish and simple design, wide range of functions and settings, long battery life and perfect compatibility with any smartphone operating system. The combination of these characteristics favorably distinguished the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet among other fitness trackers and made it a real hit.

Other ways to reboot

If disconnecting the smartphone or completely discharging it did not solve the problem, try one of the following methods to reboot the Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet:

  • Delete the Mi Fit application on your smartphone and reinstall it, before that, be sure to log out of your personal account in the application;
  • Try using a clone (copy) of the official wristband binding app.

However, we want to warn you that the manufacturer did not provide an official way to reboot the tracker, which means that you will have to try several different methods at your own peril and risk. In any case, the very first method described in this article (with unlinking the gadget and re-linking it to another account) is the safest and most effective among all possible.

Reboot through the bracelet menu

The manufacturer has built a system restart function directly into the watch. Therefore, you can perform this action manually without a phone. The algorithm is simple:

  • open the tracker menu and scroll down the screen until the “Advanced” item appears;
  • here click on “Settings”;
  • a page with a list of available actions will appear. Click here “Reboot” and confirm the action. Wait for the steps to complete. The device will vibrate and reboot.

Important! If your gadget is frozen, a forced reboot is the best way to quickly get it back to working correctly.

What to do if the tracker sometimes reboots on its own

Sometimes it happens that Mi Band 4 reboots on its own with chaotic cycles. This indicates a problem with the device. And often the problem is solved by a standard factory reset.

If Hard Reset did not help to correct the situation, then untie the tracker from all applications and see if the gadget will restart on its own.

If the problem goes away, then the program is causing the problem. Replace the factory utility with NotiFy Fitness or Mi Band Master.

The self-rebooting could be caused by a low battery level or a problem with the battery. Connect the gadget to the power supply and monitor its work. If the gadget stops rebooting, then the problem most likely lies in a faulty battery. Battery replacement will help.

Another reason for arbitrary reboots can be the consequence of the fact that the tracker is not original. Along with the growing popularity of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the number of counterfeits on the market has grown, which everyone could run into.

Attention! If the cause of the malfunction has not been found, then as a last resort, you can carry out a complete flashing of the gadget. You can update the software in Mi Fit or Gadgetbridge. It is recommended to do this on your own only if you have the appropriate skills.

How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

Mi Smart Band 4 is a long-awaited fitness bracelet from Xiaomi that will delight users with excellent functionality for a tracker, as well as good build quality. However, like any other gadget, Mi Band 4 is not protected from intermittent failures, which can only be solved by rebooting. Next, we will tell you how to restart your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 watch and what methods exist for this.

Mi Fit app

Mi Fit is the official app designed specifically for synchronizing and controlling Xiaomi appliances. If you use a bracelet, you probably connected it to the program.

There is no “Restart” button in the application. But here you can reset the clock information, which will lead to solving problems with crashes.

  • Enter Mi Fit and find the fitness tracker in the list of connected devices.
  • Click on the inscription “Untie”.
  • Press and hold the button on the watch for 20 seconds.
  • Reconnect the smartwatch to the app.
  • At the end of the process, the tracker will be completely reset. This will be signaled by the corresponding icon on the display.

    How to reboot a device

    There are a number of ways to reboot your fitness tracker. This can be done both through the phone and directly on the watch. Let’s analyze the classic options.

    Answers to common questions

    Question Answer
    Is it necessary to reboot the fitness bracelet? No, if the gadget does not lag and generally works correctly, then it is not necessary to reboot. However, for stable operation of the system, we recommend that you reboot about once a week.
    What is the difference between a reboot and a factory reset? The first procedure does not change the operation of the gadget and is aimed at updating system processes. And as a result of a factory reset, all user information is deleted from the watch. That is, they become the same as after purchase.
    My tracker restarts several times per hour. It’s a fake? Yes, you probably have a replica. Before taking the gadget back, check its authenticity on the server by the serial number.

    Now you know how to reboot the tracker during freezes or banal crashes. Please note that if Mi Band 4 periodically reboots the system on its own, it means that there are probably problems with the gadget, which definitely should not be postponed.

    On the tracker itself in the settings

    Resetting the settings on the Mi Band 4 bracelet is provided in it. To implement it, you need to pick up the tracker and perform only 3 actions:

    • Swipe from top to bottom and select “Advanced”.
    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Click “Reset settings”.

    After the parameters preset on the gadget will be reset.

    ways to reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to factory settings

    There are several ways to perform a Hard Reset on Mi Band 4. Below are 6 options to help you solve any user issue with your new fitness tracker. To reset, you may need a smartphone on the Android or iOS operating system. But in the absence of such a gadget at hand, there is no need to worry, since even without it, Hard Reset can really be done. there are separate methods for this.

    Reboot (on the tracker itself)

    A fitness tracker reset method similar to the previous one involves rebooting it. It is carried out in the same way as in the previous case. The only difference is that instead of “Reset settings” you need to click “Restart”. The second button is just above the first (seen in the photo above).

    Connect to iPhone

    Quite an interesting “Focus” every owner of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be able to spend using an iOS device. To reset you will need:

    As a result, an error appears on the smartphone, and then a proposal to reset to factory settings. Therefore, for a successful Hard Reset, you need to confirm the action and wait for the operation to be completed.

    Why do a factory reset

    Hard Reset on Mi Band 4 is required to normalize its work. In the new generation of bracelets, the manufacturer, of course, corrected the shortcomings of the previous versions, but the gadget still sometimes strays from the correct step count or heart rate determination.

    Often, a factory reset is required due to the frequent change of the tracker main screen image. If these manipulations are carried out systematically, the watch becomes heavily loaded and, over time, does not respond well to user commands.

    By performing a factory reset, the fitness bracelet will start to perform much better. But this must be done carefully so as not to disable it at all.

    How to reset Mi Band 4 to factory settings

    Quite often, technical problems on modern gadgets can be eliminated by returning them to the factory settings. Especially for this, the Hard Reset function is provided, which resets the set parameters and reboots the gadget. And although it is not difficult to perform this action on a computer or smartphone, other devices require certain knowledge. Newcomers to the fourth generation of Xiaomi bracelets often ask themselves the question: how to reset Mi Band 4 to factory settings? Despite the presence of a corresponding button on the tracker itself, there are other ways to return the system to its original parameters. It is about them that we will talk in the article.


    The risky way of resetting the settings for Xiaomi Smart Band 4 implies lowering the charge in an unusual way. It was also tested by users of previous versions of the tracker and, I must say, in most cases successfully. Freezing is suitable for those who are looking for a way to reset the phone without participating in this.

    To do this, you need to remove the capsule from the strap and send it to the refrigerator or freezer compartment. In the first case, keeping the tracker in the cold will take about 4-5 hours, in the second. no more than 2 hours. After the data from the device will be erased automatically.

    Via Mi Fit

    Talking about how it is possible to reset the watch, it is worth noting one of the most common methods. The official program from the manufacturer is used here. Hard Reset in this way involves disconnecting the gadget from the account in Mi Fit, and therefore is available only in the case of a tracker connected to the phone.

    • Open the official app.
    • Go to “Profile” and select “Mi Band 4”.
    • At the very end of the list, click “Disable”.

    After the actions taken, it is recommended to destroy the data received during the period of using the bracelet. To do this, just go to “Settings”, find the Mi Fit application and clear the cache.

    How to restart Mi Band 4 via phone

    So, the first way to reset the Mi Band 4 settings is to flash the device from a smartphone. The Mi Band Master and GadgetBridge programs will help you with this. But I will be frank with you. this is the way for those who really understand device firmware. For in case of failure, you may have a non-working device in your hands.

    Discharge completely

    But you can also try to roll back the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to factory settings, if you just turn it off, by completely discharging the battery. In this case, it may also be possible to restart the clock. And even if the battery lasts about 20 days, this is not such a problem. Turn on as many notifications as possible for this time and try to keep the device’s display on for as long as possible.

    How to factory reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    In today’s society, fitness bracelets can be seen anywhere. They are produced by all eminent companies and Xiaomi is no exception. The new generation of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is already on sale in full. And it happens that your favorite watch is frozen or you just need to reset the steps. But with the help of these instructions, you will have no difficulty in implementing the “Hard Reset” so that the fitness bracelet becomes as good as new again. Thus, the question disappears: how to reset the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4!


    One of the most extraordinary ways to reset the Mi Band 4 is to put it in the freezer. When the critical temperature is reached, it will reboot itself.

    Using a bracelet

    The new Mi Band 4 has a factory reset function right from the display of the fitness bracelet. The instructions are very simple for this method and will help you reset your device without any help. To do this, activate the screen and scroll to the side to the settings item. By clicking on the item, scroll to the item “reset to factory settings”, that’s it! Mi Band 4 will reboot itself and rush to factory settings.

    With Mi Fit

    This application is official for Xiaomi gadgets. And, in this case, how to reset Mi Band 4? After downloading it in the appropriate market, we do the following:

    • If Mi Band 4 was previously tied to the phone, untie it in the Mi Fit menu;
    • Go to the Mi Fit app: press “profile”. “Mi Band 4” scroll to the bottom and click on “Disable” ;
    • After the connection is broken, the Mi Band data will be completely cleared, we also recommend clearing the cache of the Mi Fit application;

    Using the Diagnostic program

    Install the Diagnostic application. This software was developed by one of the users and is considered an amateur program, therefore you will not find it either in the Play Market or the App Store. You can download it to your smartphone using the link.

    After downloading and installing the application, you need to do the following:

    • launch the application on your phone and let it search for your fitness bracelet;
    • in the pop-up list of devices, you must select your bracelet;
    • press the “Restore to factory settings” button (the name of the button may be slightly different);
    • confirm the action by holding down the button on the band;

    This method works on the principle of replacing the MAC address with Mi Band 4. Therefore, the next time you connect to a smartphone, the device will be perceived as new.

    How to restart Xiaomi Mi Band 4 via phone

    To reset the fitness bracelet to factory settings, you can reflash it via your smartphone using the Gadget Bridge or Mi Band Master programs. But this procedure can only be carried out by people who have already performed this operation. Or are you not afraid to ruin the bracelet forever as a result of the operation.

    Factory reset via Mi Fit

    The bracelet model from Xiaomi Mi Band 4, unlike the previous version, does not work at all on its own, apart from the smartphone. Immediately after turning on the device, an offer will appear on the screen to connect it to the phone. Through the official Mi Fit application, you can reset the Mi Band 4 bracelet.

    If the bracelet has already been tied to the smartphone via the app, first you need to untie it:

    • Open the “Profile” tab in the application.
    • Choosing a bracelet.
    • Below, under all the options, find the “Disable” button and press it.
    • Confirm the action with the “disable” option.
    • Waiting for the shutdown process to end.
    • Reconnect the bracelet to the APP.

    Once turned on again, all old settings, including the self-installed watch face, will disappear and need to be reinstalled. In order not to search for a long time, they make a backup copy in advance.

    It is advisable, after resetting the settings, to perform and clear the cache of the application itself. Thus, all unnecessary information accumulated over the previous period will be deleted. To do this, go to “Settings” look for “Mi Fit Application” and select the “Clear cache” option.

    Why do you need a factory reset

    Factory reset can often help you troubleshoot your device. The easiest way to do this is on a smartphone using an option in the menu. But now more and more people use smart watches or fitness bracelets. And a factory reset may be necessary. This can be done if the smartphone is frozen, or you just need to reset the physical activity information, but a reboot is usually enough here.

    With frequent changing of images on the tracker screen, over time, the watch no longer quickly responds to commands. Factory reset will help here too.

    Mi Band 4 Factory Reset

    Sometimes when you try to bind the bracelet to the application on your smartphone, an inscription appears on the screen: “Connection error. Please reset the wristband and try again. ” Not everyone knows how to factory reset a fitness bracelet. There is not one, but several ways to reset.

    How to reset with a bracelet

    At first, there was no reset function in the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet. It appeared in the process of use and refinement and came to replace more barbaric methods: freezing, completely discharging the battery and closing the contacts. But in the Mi Band 4 version, this option is installed initially. This should make it easier to fix connection issues.

    Using the Diagnostic program

    • Install Diagnostic and start it.
    • Mi Band is selected in the list of devices.
    • Press the button “Restore to factory settings”.
    • Confirm the operation.

    A menu item can be worded slightly differently. When reconnecting to the smartphone, the bracelet will be perceived as a new device, because the reset operation works like replacing the MAC address.

    How to reset the Mi Band 4 bracelet

    Factory reset via Mi Band 4 menu

    You can reset the Mi Band 4 bracelet through the device menu as follows:

    • In the bracelet menu, find the “Additional” function.
    • Move up the display and go to “Settings”.
    • Select the item “Reset to factory settings”.
    • Click Ok.

    The reboot will take place on its own. Then Mi Brend 4 is connected to the phone. If you select “Restart” in the “Settings”, and then confirm the action by tapping the checkmark above the menu item, there will be some analogue of resetting the settings. After starting, all digits will be replaced with zeros. You can also unlock the tracker.

    This method will not solve problems in the event of an incompatible firmware or freeze. But it will help you quickly reset information about physical activity, so it can be useful. But if Mi Band is blocked or frozen, then it will not be possible to work with the display.

    If the user has installed an incompatible firmware, he will have to manually re-upload files with the fw and res extensions, and then bind the bracelet to the smartphone via the application.

    Factory reset on iOS

    For users with iOS phones, you can use this method:

    • Install Mi Fit app.
    • Try to connect the tracker.

    An error message will appear on the smartphone screen. Immediately after that, the system will prompt you to perform a factory reset. Confirm the action and wait for the operation to complete.


    How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet? What if I can’t restart it? Other ways to reboot the Mi Band 2 bracelet. The first thing to do after charging the gadget is to download an application to your smartphone to control the device. Optimum performance is assured provided you have the Mi Fit app installed. We launch the application and set up the initial settings: Mi-Hand editors answered your request How to reboot Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Learn about 5 reboot options now! The third generation of Xiaomi bracelets has caused a mixed reaction. Rebooting the Xiaomi Mi band is not that easy. This will take from 5-10 minutes (flashing) to several days (battery discharge). Many have heard of the fitness trackers of the Chinese brand Xiaomi. How to reset a fitness bracelet. To do this, you will need to reset all settings. This cannot be done using the standard method, but professionals. We will reset our Xiaomi Mi Band. My friends had problems with notifications or the bracelet was calculating the mileage incorrectly. I have a problem with my bracelet. How do I reboot or reset it? I tried to figure it out myself, but I could not find it. After that, the fitness bracelet will be instantly rebooted and completely. Unfortunately, restart the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 through the settings itself. It is impossible to reboot Mi Band or reset settings. If the bracelet is unstable, it is worth reinstalling Mi Fit and re-tying the bracelet. It is impossible to reboot the Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet or reset the settings, you can read about the ways to turn on its display and turn off the device here. As a solution to problems with the functioning of Mi Band 2, we.

    Expert opinion

    When the training mode is running, its tab becomes the only active one, and without stopping the activity, you cannot use the other functions of the bracelet, including its main killer feature. music control. And since you still have to take a smartphone with you for a run, it is more rational to use a sports application like Nike Run Club on it, where the display of statistics based on GPS and all kinds of training buns are implemented much more interestingly. I use the bracelet exclusively for music control. So far, you have to sacrifice the linking of the heart rate to the route in the statistics, but this problem will be solved as soon as the developers optimize their software for working with Mi Band.

    Effect of application

    What do you think about the Mi Smart Band 4? Considering as a purchase or have you already bought it? Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. For some reason, they did not write how things are with the display of the text of messages. Is everything as bad as on the third version of the bracelet? Instead of half of the special characters, there are question marks? Instead of emoticons, emojis and photos, also a bunch of questions? Words are torn to pieces at random, just to fit more? And on top of that, a small, hard-to-read font? The new Mi Band has 2 sensors at once that track your movements: an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Therefore, the pedometer itself began to work more accurately. So, on the previous model, the error in measuring steps could reach 30%, and on Mi Band 4 it does not exceed 15%.

    What is Reset Xiaomi Bracelet

    Like all previous generations, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is made in a capsule form factor, which is located inside the landing hole in the strap. Its dimensions have changed minimally in comparison with its predecessor, and therefore, with the novelty, it will be possible to use silicone straps from the third generation (metal ones may not fit, since the capsule has become 0.6 mm thicker). The new Xiaomi fitness tracker is a great option for those who monitor their health and are actively involved in sports. The device is characterized by balanced characteristics, has a wide functionality and allows you to measure physical activity according to various indicators. There is also no doubt about the reliability of the device, as previous models have proven the high quality of the product and demonstrated their effectiveness.

    reset bracelet xiaomi

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    Mode of application

    Since the first generation of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet, all its subsequent iterations have consistently become the most popular fitness trackers on the market. The third version of the device has sold more than 5 million units around the world in just three months after its release. The time has come for a new update and on June 11, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was presented. Outside of China, it will be called Mi Smart Band 4. Despite the improvements, the price of the bracelet has not changed since

    Mi Band is constantly rebooting

    Chaotic reboot cycles indicate a serious problem with the wearable. Most often it is solved by rolling back to the standard settings.

    If the hard reset did not help, untie the bracelet from all programs and watch it. The spontaneous reboot has disappeared. it means that the reason is in the software. Replace the main program for managing the tracker with Notify Fitness or Mi band Master. Use only one app so it doesn’t conflict with others.

    Also make sure that the machine is original. Fakes always work incorrectly: they suddenly turn off and go to reboot. This article has helpful instructions for verifying a gadget for authenticity.

    Full flashing is a last resort. The bracelet can be stitched through Gadgetbridge or a modified Mi Fit. We recommend using the procedure only for experienced users. There is no guarantee that a software update will save you from an unreasonable reboot.

    Via Mi Fit

    If you use a bracelet, then you definitely connected to Mi Fit. Unfortunately, the application does not have a restart function, but you can still reset the information using the official software.

    • We go into the program and click on the connected device.
    • We tap on the big orange button “Untie”.
    • Hold down the key on the Band and hold it for about 20 seconds.
    • Pairing with Mi Fit again.

    The wearable will reset to zero as indicated by a small square icon on the screen.

    Diagnostic application

    Chinese programmers have created a simple software that allows you to completely update the processes in a fitness bracelet in a couple of minutes. The program is partially translated into Russian, but adapted only for the second Mi Bend.

    If you want, try connecting a fourth fitness bracelet to it, but there is a 70% chance that nothing will work. The app just doesn’t recognize the gadget. We talked about this utility in detail here.

    Using the built-in menu on the bracelet

    The developers have provided a system reboot function in Mi Smart Band 4. For this method, you only need the gadget itself; smartphone and utilities are not needed.

    • We take the tracker and swipe down to the “Advanced” item.
    • Click on “Settings”.
    • In the list that appears, select “Restart” and confirm the command with a tick. The tracker will vibrate and restart.

    Reboot Mi band 4

    Xiaomi fitness bracelets lack the ability to turn off and on again. And sometimes Mi Band starts to reboot itself, which further complicates the situation.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Full Factory Reset & Soft Reset

    How to restart Mi Band 4

    There are several ways to reboot the tracker. Consider the three most popular and fastest options.

    Frequently asked questions

    Now you know all about the reboot of the fourth Mi Band. If you have any additional questions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will always help to solve the problems.

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