How to demolish Android on Samsung

Resetting of the phone data is forced deleting all the information, including the list of contacts, messages, photos and videos, music files, mail settings and instant messengers, all installed applications. The reset option is also called in some models. reset of settings, Hard Reset, Factory Reset. Smartphone software is returned to the state of the new.

  • What is the reset of settings for
  • How to make a reset to factory settings correctly
  • Data reset methods to factory settings
  • Through the “Settings” menu
  • Data reset using buttons
  • Samsung Galaxy is blocked and requests Google account data
  • The device does not turn on
  • How to unlock the phone
  • What to do if the account data is lost
  • Using the volume change key to navigate, select the Wipe Data Factory Reset item. To confirm the choice, press the Power button 1 time.
  • Once again, confirm the choice by pressing “Yes” or “Yes, Delete All User Data”. This will launch the process of zeroing user data.


Samsung has provided users with a reset option (in English Hard Reset) devices through the settings of the device.

Enter the “Settings” in any available way (through the label of the menu application or by pressing the corresponding button in the device curtain).

In the group “General settings” the item “Archives and Reset” is located. Enter this item with a single tap.

Find the “Database Reset” option (its location depends on the version of Android and the firmware of the device).

The application will warn about the removal of all consumed user information (in t. h. accounts). At the bottom of the list is the “Discharge of the device” button, which you need to click.

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There will be another warning and the “Delete everything” button in front of you. After pressing, the process of cleaning the personal data of the user stored on the device will begin.

If you use a graphic password, PIN or a fingerprint sensor, or iris, you first need to unlock the option.

At the end of the process, the phone will reboot and appear before you in a virgin pure form.

Despite simplicity, this method has a significant drawback. to use it, it is necessary that the phone loads into the system.

Using a computer

You can use PC to restore factory settings. To do this, you need to download Android System Development Kit. After the program is in the program, click PKM on my computer, select “Properties”. Click on the “Additional Parameters of the System” and in the “Additionally” tab, select the “Environment” item. Next, click the Path option and select “Change”.

Bet the opening window at the end and write the way to the catalog where the Adk was installed. Click OK to save.

Click on the keyboard a combination of the Windows R keys, in the window that appears, type “CMD”. The command line window opens. Turn on your smartphone and connect it to the computer via a USB cable. Write on the command line “Adb Shell” and click “Enter”. When ADK connects to a mobile device, write Wipe_DATA and click Enter.

Your phone will be rebooted in recovery mode and automatically reset to the factory settings.

How to return the Samsung phone to the factory settings using buttons

This method must be used only if Ssmsung does not load or there is no way to unlock the screen, for example, the password from the phone is forgotten.

To discharge using buttons on Android 11 or 12, you need to connect it to a PC using a USB cable.

A plan for resetting a phone settings using buttons:

At the end of the above actions, you must wait about an hour while the smartphone is loading. If this does not happen, you need to contact the service center to reinstall the phone flash.

What is data reset and why it is needed?

Not only on Galaxy, but on all Android smartphones, a complete reset is provided. When this function is activated, the device is pumped to the factory settings. You get the phone completely “clean”, like out of the box.

Important! When activating the option, all user data is removed. These are applications, files, contacts, correspondence, system settings, additional components, etc. D.

  • Transfer all important files from phone to flash drive.
  • Make a backup. It will allow you to restore information, save the user a lot of time.
  • Go to the settings and delete Google account. Otherwise, the smartphone will ask to log in to this account after turning on.

Why might require a complete reset and return of factory settings? We list the common reasons:

  • There were problems with the phone. If they cannot be solved with standard means, then it is recommended to complete a complete discharge. Often the rollback of the system to factory settings helps users.
  • You are going to implement an old device, or give it to someone. Naturally, it is better to erase a huge amount of personal information so that people do not get access to it.
  • Before or after updating OS. Developers recommend that you carry out a “clean” installation so that errors from the old version of the operating system do not go into a new.

How to reset Samsung settings? Consider the main methods for rollback of the system on the apparatus of the Korean manufacturer.

What is a reset to factory settings

By reset to the factory state means a process in which the smartphone returns to its original state, as after the conveyor sets off or immediately after the purchase. Installed applications and other user information on the internal drive will be executed. In this article

Reset allows you to quickly clear the available data, which is difficult to do manually or impossible. This is convenient when you should prepare the device for sale or transfer to the use of another owner. Another reset allows you to cancel the irreversible intervention in the system, as well as remove undesirable consequences. In addition, complete cleaning will accelerate the mobile device, thanks to the removal of many formed temporary files. cache.

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Complete cleaning is an effective way to remove viruses and harmful programs that are not removed by antiviruses. Exclusion. the virus is in the system application.

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What to do before reset to factory settings

It is recommended to perform several useful actions before resetting the settings. First of all, you need to save important files.

You can download them to a computer or move to an external drive, for example, to an SD card. In the case of multimedia data, such as images and videos, the Google photo application shows itself perfectly.

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In it you can save photos and videos on the cloud of Google. There are many similar cloud storages. And to save the settings and the list of applications, you just need to synchronize the gadget with the Google account.

And if the tablet needs to be reset before selling it, you need to leave the Google account. Otherwise, when the device is turned on after returning to the factory settings, the gadget will require the entrance to the previous Google account.

Service code in a number

This method of cleaning is possible thanks to the use of Samsung service code. It works only on some devices, and also affects the contents of the memory cards, so we recommend that you remove the flash drive from the phone before use.

Open the Nomeronaucer application of your device (preferably standard, but most third-party ones are also operational).

The device will immediately launch the reset process, and at the end of it will be rebooted.

The method is extremely simple, but the danger is fraught with, since no warning or confirmation of discharge is provided.

Summing up, we note that the process of reset to the factory settings of Samsung phones is not much different from other smartphones on Android. In addition to the above, there are more exotic reset methods, however, most ordinary users are not required.

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