Restoring factory settings laptop and computer

Factory settings on a laptop may be required in a wide variety. For example, your computer is strongly clogged with various programs, or often errors occur, the computer brakes greatly and does not help anything. Also, with a reset, you can get rid of the problem of blocked Windows.

All these problems can be solved by resetting a laptop to factory settings. Best.

By the way, I want to say that there are cases when it is impossible to come to the factory settings. The fact is that some users who bought a laptop immediately, or after a while, reinstall Windows, which went bundled with a laptop. The hidden section is often deleted, which allows you to recover on hard disk.

It happens so that by calling the wizard on computers, it reinstalls Windows, then, most often, the same thing happens. the recovery section is removed. So, it is better to deal with this.

If this happens, most likely, you will have to look for a data recovery disk, you can try to download the image on the network. The best option will certainly reinstall the system.

We move on to the cases when bringing a laptop to the factory state is possible.

But this will remove all data from the C disk, Windows will be reset and the key to enter will not need. After reinstalling and starting the system, the installation of drivers and other components will begin.

How to restore the “native” operating system on a laptop

Almost every modern laptop model is equipped with a so-called backup recovery program. It is located in a special section on a hard disk of a laptop. To return to factory settings, you must activate the laptop recovery program. And the running program will clear all the data, including viral programs, all user files and programs.

After cleaning the main disk of the laptop (the disk C 🙂 The recovery program will return the laptop to its initial factory state. Thus, all settings and values ​​in the system will be as they were before buying a laptop.

To then restore “everything that has been acquired by unbearable labor”. personal files, old, familiar programs. you need to make backup copies in advance. And in these copies there should be no viruses, otherwise the recovery of user files will lead to a re-enhancing viruses on a laptop.

Important! Before starting to return the factory settings, you need to disconnect all devices that are attached to the laptop (external hard drive, flash drives, columns, an external keyboard, an external monitor, printer, memory cards, and even a mouse. we will use the touchpad for a while, and T.D.).

Instructions for returning the factory settings of the laptop depends on the device model. Laptop manufacturers do not adhere to any standards for return to factory settings, so here who is what is much. Here you need to know how to make a return settings. It is impossible to “guess” or use some familiar actions. Only “know”!

Reset your HP laptop settings via Windows Recovery Wednesday

If you can not enter your HP laptop as usual, you can restore the factory settings of the laptop via Windows Recovery Wednesday. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure the HP laptop is turned off, all external devices (USB drives, printers and T. D.) Disabled from the computer, and all recently added interior equipment removed.
  • Turn on the HP laptop, then immediately press F11 several times until the screen appears.
  • Click Troubleshooting.

    If you want to save your data, click Store My Files, then click Reset. Then your computer reasters the operating system and reboots. You have completed the factory setting of your HP laptop. Congrats! Then you can look at the bonus board we have for you.

    If you want to delete everything from the disk on which Windows is installed, press only the disk on which Windows is installed. Or, if you want to delete all files from PC, press all discs.

Factory HP Laptop Settings

To restore the factory settings on the HP laptop, turn it off and disconnect all flash drives from it, remove the memory cards and other.

  • Turn on the laptop and press the F11 key until HP laptop recovery program appears. Recovery Manager. (You can also run this utility in Windows, finding it in the list of installed programs).
  • Select System Recovery (System Recovery)
  • You will be offered to save the desired data, you can do it.
  • After that, the process of restoring the factory settings will go in automatic mode, the computer can reboot several times.

Upon completion of the recovery program, you will receive a HP laptop with Windows installed, all drivers and HP brand programs.

BIOS recovery on HP Pavilion DV5 series laptops, after unsuccessful firmware / sandbox / hubr

Greetings all users! I want to note the following: This method was tested on the HP Pavilion DV5 series laptops and only, on other HP Pavilion series was not checked; This method will also be useful to those who gave out their BIOS and cannot reset the CMOS memory hardware. Interesting the fact that the instructions for restoring the BIOS in this series is not in principle, despite the fact that this series of laptops has been more or less popular both in Europe and in the West years in 2008-2009. A little prehistory in 2009 got me such a device. HP Pavilion DV5 1103EL everything was great and I liked everything in it. Set tasks in the form of games, graphic and video editors, laptop performed on a bang. After some time, the summer has come, and I felt the phrase read by me on the Hewlett Packard Support Forum. “HP. the hottest laptops” began to warm on Do not. Using the temperature measurement utilities, saw 97 degrees Celsius in the CPU line. I realized that without interfering in the cooling system, the laptop will live very not long. Guarantees could not pass, took a laptop with hands. Picking inside and the change of thermal staples and the thermal passer has not led to anything. Sounding on the forums of those. HP support, Russian and foreign, came across the screen shot, on which the BIOS settings were shown, namely the tab, where the user was displayed, an optional voltage change option for the Northern Bridge. I thought. well, here it is Mikhalych I need! But under the picture was a commentary of the next one: “The option of changing a voltage is available in the second official firmware for this series” I had at the time of the problem the penultimate firmware “F.37 “Flying on WWW.HP.COM found a list with firmware chose the second “F.08 “. Downloaded. Started executable file, a window opened with any copyright information. Reached the button “Flash”, pressed and started. It would seem anything that did not foretell any problems, Firmware downloaded from. site, it is for my laptop model. But it could not go on the oil. After the process of firmware firmware, the laptop beautifully began to turn off for subsequent booting with the old firmware. But the expected reboot did not happen, the laptop did not turn on. LED flashlights. indicators on Caps and Num Lock and on the power button and all. Victory. He began to feverishly stitch information on forums about similar problems. I was looking for a way to restore BIOS. Searches lasted 3 days on average 4-6 hours a day. On the fourth day found a branch on some overseas forum “Pavilion DV5 BIOS Recovery”. It describes a mark. Method: 1. Download the latest firmware from. Site 2. Downloaded file to unpack any archiver 3. Unpacked files will look something like this: 4. File “3622F38.FD “Copy on a clean flash drive and rename to” 3622.BIN »5. Insert a flash drive in laptop 6. Turn on the laptop as follows: Click the WinB keys and then do not release them click on the inclusion button 7. Everything will appear with the recovery process and we can wait for the restoration of the BIOS to me this way did not help. After turning on the laptop, the indicator on the flash drive snorked a little and everything ended on it. The screen did not show anything. After several hours of experiments, I continued to search for recovery methods. Stumbled upon Acer Aspire laptop owners forum I found a key moment to solve my problem. There were advised to play with the name of the firmware file and its expansion. After two hours attempted the decision was found. So here are the steps to restore the ruined BIOS: 1. Download the latest firmware from. Site 2. Downloaded file to unpack any archiver 3. File “3622F38.FD »Copy on a clean flash drive and rename to” 3600.Bin “(yes, it was in this that it was all the snag, this particular file name should be that the recovery process began and ended well, but nowhere has not been specified) 4. Insert a flash drive in laptop 5. Turn on the laptop as follows: Click the WinB keys and then do not release them click on the power button 6. All, a window will appear with the recovery process and it remains to wait for the restoration of the BIOS by this method, you can reset the swimming BIOS. P.S. I hope that this article will help at least one person. It means that it was not wedroom.

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How to reset Windows 8 to factory settings on different devices

Some users meet with situations when their computer needs to reset all parameters until the device was released by the factory. Fortunately, there are several ways to do it. The procedure is performed from both the system and other methods. It is mostly needed when noticeable deviations appeared in the equipment. And they arose after setting up or installing new software. Sometimes it is useful when you need to prepare a laptop to pre-sale. Regardless of the motives, in the article Next, I will tell you how to reset Windows 8 to factory settings on various devices.

Through parameters

The easiest way is to use the return function to the factory parameters, which is already built into the operational system of the eighth version from Microsoft. In this process, the process occurs without the installation disk. You must perform a few simple actions:

Open the right panel and select “Parameters”.

As a result, we must come to “recovery”.

After that, a menu will operate in which users are available to several options to choose from:

Special option. this item does not apply to the topic, and therefore we will not tell about it.

Selecting the first option will drop the main parameters of Windows. In this case, personal files will not be affected. The latter includes downloads, personal documents, music and others. But at the same time, it will be removed by a third-party software that users were placed on the PC alone. It will remain applications from the Windows 8 store, as well as those that were installed at the factory.

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Important! The above is possible, if the system partition recovery was not previously deleted. This usually occurs in the case of posting a new operating system performed by the user.

Using the second item will lead to a complete reinstall of the OS, returning the equipment to the standard settings. It is also made from the recovery area. If there are several partitions on the hard drive, you can transfer all files to non-systemic. everything will remain here.

Important! In the absence of an important area on the hard disk, from which the whole procedure is produced, the reset can also be carried out, the truth will require a portable memory with a distribution. It is also worth remembering that when updating Windows C version 8 to 8.1, and subsequent return to the standard state, users will receive the first option in need again in the operation done. In addition, in some embodiments it will be necessary to introduce licensed key.

If the operating system does not start, the recovery also works, however, it is necessary to perform other actions for this.


For the “Return to Life” system on the ASUS laptop, a special utility is provided. We carry out a number of actions:

Run the device and immediately press the “F2” button. As a result, we must go through the BIOS.

Select the “Boot Booster” item and install “Disabled”. This step will disable fast download function.

Click “F10” or choose “Save and Exit”.

Reload will begin. But we, without waiting for the download, clamp the power button and turn off.

Now I start and immediately choose “F9”. The download screen should appear.

The utility will prepare data, and then a confirmation request will appear. All data will be deleted.

After that, everything happens in automatic mode.

During the procedure, the device will restart several times.


Before starting, it is important to disconnect all the elements of the portable memory, including the memory cards. Next on the HP laptop we do the following:

Run and immediately click “F11”. Recovery Manager application should appear.

A request for data saving will appear. This can be done.

Next, the entire system will do on your own.

The result will be the device with OS, drivers and HP brand programs.


To restore the factory parameters on the Acer laptop, perform such actions:

Run the equipment, hold “Alt” and press “F10” twice a second.

A request to enter a secret combination of characters to continue will be prompted. If you forgot the password or previously never did anything like this with this component, you can try to enter six zeros.

We will see a menu in which you choose “Factory Reset”.


Especially when you have the need to return the OS to the working condition on the Lenovo laptop, the manufacturer has provided a separate button for this. It is usually near meals. Her pressing translates to the Onekey Rescue System program (only during the disabled device). Next, perform several movements:

Through the console, select “System Recovery”.

We celebrate “Restoration with the source”. And then “Next”.

Then simply agree with all questions. The process of kickback will begin.

It will be held in automatic mode until the proposal appears to accept the license agreement. Next will appear the screens on which you need to perform familiar steps to reinstall Windows.

I hope you can do with your device conceived. Subscribe and tell others!

How to restart the HP computer in Windows 7/8

In general, you will not think about rebooting the computer to erase the data or solve problems. In most cases, you have no choice but to restart the HP laptop to bring it into normal condition. For example, your laptop will not start or hang upon startup. If you encountered the same situation, you can perform the following steps to restart the HP laptop.

Step 1 Turn off the HP laptop and disconnect all external devices, such as keyboard, mouse, flash drive, memory card, and T. D. Disable power and turn the laptop upside down. At this stage, you must remove the computer battery.

Step 2 Continue Press the power Press and hold over 15 seconds, and then release.

reset, settings, laptop

Step 3 Connect the laptop using the power adapter, and then press the power button to turn on the computer. You will see a Windows desktop, it means that your HP laptop reboots.

Step 4 When you enter the windows, click Start and then select the shutdown to turn off the laptop again.

Step 5 Restart the computer battery, and then press the power button to turn on the computer. After that, the HP laptop reboot process will end.

reset, settings, laptop

Relief execution

Windows 10 provides several built-in methods that allow you to reset. Microsoft has also released a separate utility that performs this process. Reset can be performed both from the system by entering your account and other way that does not require access to Windows (it will be useful when the system does not start).

Using the “Parameters” menu

A new menu appears in Windows 10, allowing you to work with system settings. “Parameters”. Using it, you can start reset:

    Resorting to the help of a system search string, expand the “Parameters” utility.

The easiest way to go to the computer parameters, starting typing the name of this menu in the search bar

Open the “Update and Security” section

If you firmly decided to reset the operating system to the initial settings, click the “Start” button

Specify whether you want to save your files when reset

In order to start the process, click the “Reset” button

reset, settings, laptop

How processes proceeds

Reset can last from the pair of minutes to several hours. depending on the performance and loading of the computer. The system will reboot several times. In no case interrupt the procedure, otherwise there may be serious errors. In the process of reset, it may seem that the system hung, but give it a little time (half an hour-hour), and only after its expiration, finish the procedure forced.

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With a third-party utility

Microsoft has released a third-party utility called Refreshwindowstool, with which you can perform the same reset.

    Download it on the official site page. https: // www.Microsoft.COM / RU-EN / Software-Download / Windows10StartFresh. The program is free and does not require installation. it is enough to start the downloaded file.

Download the recovery tool on the official website of Microsoft

Click on the “Start” button and wait for the end of the process

Using the recovery menu (if there is no access to the system)

If you can enable the system, it is better to use the two methods above, as they are faster and easier. But if there is no opportunity to enter Windows, you will have to resort to this method. To perform the procedure, you will need one working computer, since it is necessary to create a Windows installation media. It is needed in order to get into the recovery menu.

    Go to the official Microsoft website (https: // www.Microsoft.COM / RU-EN / Software-download / windows10) and download the MediaCreationTool utility, allowing you to create an installation flash drive. You will need a carrier with at least 4 GB of memory and formatted in FAT32. Run the tool and write the image on the USB flash drive using the built-in instructions. In case of improper handling, the utility can reset the computer on which you work, so be careful when using it. Be sure to select “Create an installation disk for another computer”.

Specify the program that you need to create an installation media for another computer

Press F12 or other button that is responsible for logging in the download menu on your computer

On the Boot tab, specify the system to start loading from the USB-HDD (USB-HDD)

Click on the “Recovery System” string

Go to “Troubleshooting”

Select the reset conditions in the “Advanced Settings” section and click on the “Return the computer to the original state” block

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: 7 K “How to return a laptop to factory settings as an extreme measure with a serious failure in work

Nadezhda, of course, you fell, that they collected in one post instructions from official sites (well, especially for those who do not have enough brains to turn first to the site of the manufacturer). Well, everything else the feeling that I read the scenario of the program Elena Malysheva.))) “Extreme Measure” is just a replacement of a hard disk. But at the same time, what then your tips, if on the “zero” HDD or SSD there is no this very partition recovery. And if the BIOS does not see (damaged) hard disk, then how can the recovery procedure for which it is just needed. ))) I will add that very often on the.Sites and simply in the internet you can find images of “original disks” to restore the “factory” Windows for many models (and not only laptops, there are also branded assemblies of desktops). And now “Fint ears”: about backups, you quite rightly advised (damn, turn to your style of the narrative)))), but! All third-party programs still have to reinstall! Therefore, I want to advise a more progressive method: the disc clicing is entirely. For example, using Aomei Backupper (not advertising, there are others, just this IMHO is most simple in development). T.E. At the “freshly” laptop put all the necessary programs, copy the necessary documents and throw off the full image of the system on an external hard drive. Periodically repeat the procedure (t.E. Create “Fresh” images. Yes, and this external disc can be made booty so as not to shaman once). And it will turn out that you will have a “disk disk” with all content. And wines 7, 8, 10, etc. programs will not even notice (t.E. The license does not flit) that the hard disk is different. verified. Fook recovery points, but on the iron, and not programmatic level. What about updates to the new version of Windows: Do you think that in Microsofte, fools are sitting? And will be offered to update with risk to get a lawsuit?))) Do not advise not to move to a newer version, better: “Work in the one to which you used to”.))

Thank you for your opinion. Everyone sees the situation with the factory settings in its own way.

“Want to restore, insert the original disk,” so gives a computer when restoring. Maybe you have different.

Some laptops and computers when buying are completed with boot disks. In this case, the recovery of a laptop or computer to factory settings is performed using such a disk. In the article we are talking only about laptop. There are described more common options for restoring laptops to factory settings. They relate to those laptops, who did not have separate disks to restore the system when buying.

Hope, thank you very much for your lessons. I have a laptop Acer, Windows 7 program, because there is no serious work if you need to change a program.on 10. Thank you and success to you in all matters and health.

Hello, Raisa. I do not recommend changing the native operating system to another on the laptop. With native windows 7 laptop Acer works. It is not known whether the laptop will work after switching to Windows 10 and how it will work.

If the NOTICE NOTICE ON WINDOWS 10 ACERED ACER MANUFACTURER YOU. If such a notification sent Microsoft (Windows Developer), then you should not go to Win 10.