The easiest way to drop Honor to factory settings

Smartphones users often ask how to drop Honor to factory settings, which buttons or menu items are used for these purposes, and in what sequence to act. The process itself will not take much time, but keep in mind that before doing work you need to prepare. make a backup or transfer data to PC. Below, consider the instructions that are relevant for different devices. Honor 7a, Honor 10 and others.

In practice, reset to the Honor factory settings is an action aimed at removing all data from the phone. During the cleaning process, photographs, applications, music, mail, alarm and theme settings are deleted. In other words, all user settings are removed from the moment of the first inclusion to the reset of Honor to factory settings. After completing the work, the smartphone returns to the appearance that took place before the purchase. In this case, the version of the android and software, as a rule, does not return to the original level.

The need to reset the phone to factory settings arises in the following situations:

  • Problems in the work of a smartphone, slow loading, “brakes” when working in applications.
  • A long answer to user needs (longer than this happens in normal mode).
  • The inability to use certain functions of the apparatus.
  • Informing the owner of Honor about the shortage of free space. This despite the fact that the device’s memory is cleaned manually.
  • Involuntary shutdown or discharge from different applications.
  • The inability to save photos or videos made by a camera.
  • Self.deleting files and t. D.

In these and a number of other cases, you need to discharge to factory settings using a menu or via Hard Reset.

Huawei Honor Phone Setting Reset || How to Reset Setting

Hard Reset. WHAT IS THIS

This is a complete reset of the phone settings in which all your user data and settings, files, applications, contacts are deleted. In general, the smartphone returns to the state in which you bought it.

There are two ways to make a complete reset of settings on smartphones Huawei and Honor.

Go to “Settings”, “Expanded Settings”, proceed to “Restoration and Reset”, and choose “Restore to factory settings”. Next, select “Reset the phone settings”, the smartphone will reboot and return to the factory settings.

When the phone is turned off, at the same time clamp the volume button and the power button, after the Honor screensaver appears, release the buttons. In the menu that opens using the volume buttons, select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, confirm the action button, selecting again “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. The smartphone will reboot and return to the state of factory settings.

We recommend that before the full reset of settings, create a backup copy of the data. To do this, you need to go to “Restoration and Reset” in the settings and select “Reserve Copying”.

Also, if the “Copying Data” function is enabled, then all your data (passwords, contacts, call lists, applications, messages, messages, photos) will automatically be saved in Google Drive.

Important: And now the most important, in the latest versions of Android, the developers introduced the defense of the Factory Reset Protection. When the Honor or Huawei phone settings is completely reset, when you first turn on, you will need to enter Google account data. But it often happens that we either do not remember the account or bought a used smartphone and, accordingly, do not know the data. If we do not enter the Google account account, we will not be able to use a smartphone.

So that this does not happen, we need to leave the Google account or delete it before the full reset of settings, we need to leave the account.

To do this, go to “Settings” and select “Accounts”, then go to the Google account and leave the account or delete it.

It will also not be superfluous on the smartphones Huawei and Honor to leave the Huawei account (in “Settings” select the “Huawei account” and come out of it).

After these actions, you can safely drop the settings to the factory on the smartphones Huawei and Honor, without worrying that when you start it, you will need to enter the forgotten data of the Google account.

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Honor reset from the Recovery menu

This method is suitable for those who for some reason cannot go to the Honor settings menu (the phone does not turn on, the password from the lock screen is forgotten).

  • Turn off the phone
  • Simultaneously click the buttons of turning on and increased volume
  • When the Honor logo appears, release the power button, and continue to hold the volume until the full menu is displayed on the screen
  • Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. You can move between the menu items using volume buttons, confirm the choice button
  • Wait for the end of the reset process, which takes several minutes.

In this instructions, we told how to make a dumping Honor to factory. If you have problems, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 (Samsung Experience membrane)

Your phone will restart. It remains to set it up, as after the purchase.

How to make a complete reset of settings on Huawei and Honor?

You can use: for complete reset of settings:

Each mentioned method equally successfully allows you to succeed, so users are able to independently choose an acceptable option for them, without fear for the final result.

How to reset the Honor phone to factory settings from the system menu

To use the system menu, you need:

  • open the “Settings” application on the phone;
  • find among the proposed sections “system”;
  • select the subsection “Reset“;
  • After that it remains to choose the optimally suitable action.

You will have to choose between the reset of “all settings”, “network”, “phone”. Other options by the developers are not provided for.

Partial discharge

When choosing “all settings”, partial reset occurs. As a result, the passwords installed by the owner for unlocking, Pin codes, stored fingerprints and face scans are removed from the phone. The remaining data, including photos and applications, are saved. That is, after using this decision, the user will have to re.set access parameters to the device.

Full discharge

To reset Huawei and Honor to the factory settings, you need to select the “Phone Reset” item. As a result, all user data stored on the smartphone will disappear, including correspondence, contacts, photos. It is important to remember that their restoration will be impossible, therefore, before the rollback to the basic parameters, it is recommended to save important files on external media or in the cloud.

“Hard Reset” through the Rekaway menu

To make Hard Reset via Recovery, you need to use the following instructions:

Honor 6x factory reset

  • Squeeze the volume and turn on the device button at the same time;
  • wait for the boot screen and release the power button;
  • After turning on the menu, select the Wipe Data item;
  • confirm the decision in the dialog screen.

After that will wait and restart the smartphone, click the reboot item in the recovery.

How to reset Honor to factory settings using three buttons?

If the Recovery menu is inaccessible, there is an alternative solution that allows you to do exclusively keys. You will have to roll back the system:

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  • squeeze all three device control buttons at the same time;
  • After the starting menu appears, release the inclusion key, leaving two buttons clamped. reducing and increasing the volume;
  • Do not release the keys until the phone reboot.

Using One Click

The One Click service will require the same actions that were performed when using Recovery, but it differs from the mentioned menu in that:

  • One Click. a application;
  • After full discharge, the program restores the parameters of the phone to the state chosen by the user.

It is important to consider that applications and erased files are not returned, only system settings will be able to return.

Through a computer (hisuite)

Make Hard Reset on Honor and Huawei using the Hisuite service, but users are able to delete unnecessary files through the computer, including contacts, programs, photos. The advantages of such an approach in a quick search for extra and unnecessary components. But the described method is not suitable for restoring factory settings.

Data reset with buttons

The best option, if, for example, the sensor does not work and there is a suspicion that the problem will be solved by resetting data.

Turn off the smartphone by clicking on the shutdown button. On the screen click “Turning off”.

After turning off the smartphone, at the same time press on the inclusion and increased sound keys.

When the smartphone turns on, release the inclusion key, but hold the sound enlargement button until the recovery menu loads. The menu is downloaded. Using the sound control keys, select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item and confirm the action by pressing the inclusion key.

On the next page, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset once again and, if necessary, enter the words Yes.

Data reset will begin. Wait for the end. Then select Reboot System Now.

The smartphone will be rebooted as a new mode.

By the way, if you do not untie the device from the Google account, the next time the device is turned on after reset, you need to enter the password from it. Make sure remember the password.

How to make a complete reset of settings correctly

All Honor or Huawei smartphones function on the Android operating system. From this it follows that returning the smartphone to the original settings is very simple. To reset data, almost all models are configured to the same zeroing conditions.

Return all initial settings, you can perform in one of two ways:

  • Using the standard menu “Settings”. The choice is provided here: Removing all applications, or only selective data.
  • Or using the engineering menu and the recovery option. This ability restores the phone to factory settings.

With any, the selected method, it must be remembered that all saved data will disappear, and it is no longer possible to return them. Therefore, before the procedure of zeroing the settings, it is necessary to save all important files and personal passwords.