How to make a reset settings through a computer on Android

With the use of the device, the Android operating system can live long enough without failures and system problems that may arise for several reasons.

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  • Frequent installation of applications from unknown sources that begin to harm the OS and system files.
  • Sorcelness of mobile device memory temporary files, cache and other garbage, which remains after using applications, browsers and games.
  • Having received the rights of Superadmin (root-rights), the user himself for ignorance removes data important to Android.
  • OS components are blocked or removed by the virus. A virus that blocks the phone is very common and requires the transfer of money to the account, threatening, which otherwise criminal liability will follow. Do not be afraid, it is clean water divorce.

But whatever the reason, the Android Hard Reset will help to cope with malfunctions. This is a special feature of a mobile device that resets all data to factory settings. As a result, the user has an absolutely clean gadget, as immediately after the acquisition.

How to reset the Android settings to the factory through the computer

How to reset the Android settings to the factory through the computer. a question that often occurs when problems with a smartphone appear. In some cases, there is no access to the device and its engineering menu. In such situations, you have to use a personal computer. To solve the problem use many different ways. Consider the closest to the official.

How to Make Reset Settings through Computer: Step-by-step instructions

To reset the settings via PC, you will need to go to the official website of the Android operating system:

  • Going to the main page, find the category for developers at the bottom and download Android SDK. Remove the downloaded archive to the folder.
  • Rename the folder to any convenient name.
  • Open the main window of the conductor. my computer. Click in free place right-click and open properties. Navigate to the category of additional parameters, find environment variables.
  • In the window that opens, find the way or path, change it. Scroll to the bottom of the list and enter the path to the recently renamed folder. The final path is the following: C: \ Program Files \ Folder Name \ SDK \ Platform-Tools \. At the beginning of this combination, there must be a symbol “;”. Save the changes.
  • Find the search box in the upper right corner or press the WinR combination in the keyboard. Enter CMD, run the command line.
  • Turn on the smartphone, connect it to the cable to the computer. In the command prompt, enter AdB Shell, run. When the download is over, enter.wipe_data. The device will automatically reboot and starts reset the data to the factory state.
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The presented method requires minimal skills in possession of a personal computer. There are other programs for working through a computer, but Android System Development Kit is the easiest way to work. It also uses for writing new versions of the operating system or debugged old.

In addition, special articles are provided for the recovery of phones of various models on the official android website. They contain links to download applications of various firms and brief instructions for their use. Remember that to perform a reset through a computer, you need to have a charged device with a stable connection to a remote device. Support for network access on all over the program.

Through the program

If the proposed method did not work, use the app for Android. It will independently reset the settings and restore the OS its initial species. For this purpose, three applications are used:

  • SFR. simple phone reset to factory settings. Simple Phone Reset is fully automated: the installed application is simply started, since the entire inteeis consists of the start button. The application will independently clean the smartphone. In this case, it does not delete all data: the program conducts selective cleaning of damaged and malicious files, removing them from the system.
  • PFR. application with a slightly complicated inteeis. In the main menu of Phone Factory Reset presented several options offering different system cleaning options. Select Full Reset. Full Reset. The program will delete all files and reboot the device.
  • PHR. application for full reset settings. Phone Hard Reset offers the user two working windows. The first contains information and user agreement, and the second is the system for resetting the system.

Among the presented options, the first is allocated. it does not delete all files in the system. Due to this, it is not necessary to think about creating a backup in the cloud or on another carrier. But each of these programs efficiently performs its function.

Resetting Android settings to factory. different ways

The second point. Hard Reset deletes all files in the internal memory, which means you are securing yourself from the transfer of personal data.All these problems are easily solved through a forced measure. namely, reset to factory settings. The recovery procedure is quite safe, although it is almost extremely measure when solving problems. Should not be performed without much need. In addition, before performing the Hard reset, you need to know how to actually do and respect precautions.

What exactly the necessary measures before performing the Hard Reselle there is a kind of checklist of necessary procedures that should be performed before resetting.

  • Back up important files on the phone. To avoid confusion and unpredictability, in any case it is worth keeping a copy of all important files on your computer.

Defense against resetting settings

On each device running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later By default, the default protection is turned on (FRP). This means that you will need to enter the username and password from your Google account, even after full reset. If you do not have this data, the phone will remain blocked, and you will not be able to access it.

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This is done in order to reduce the number of theft, because even the reset to the factory settings via the recovery menu will not allow the Warmer access to your data. It is also worth remembering if you plan to delete all data from the phone before selling it to avoid FRP protection, be sure to go to the “Settings → Accounts” menu and delete your Google account before resetting. If more than one account is registered, make sure that you have deleted them all.

Through Recovery mode

Factory settings can be returned via System Recovery. Helps in the case when the device does not turn on or constantly reboots because of failure, so it does not turn out in the settings. To enter the Recovery mode, you need to turn off the phone and clamp several buttons. For each manufacturer, this combination is different.

Hard Reset Android Samsung is as follows. You need to hold three keys that are on the phone housing: power, menu and volume up. When a black screen with a list appears, the volume keys choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset, Yes and Reboot Now.

ASUS. Click and keep the volume down and three seconds. Select Enter Recovery Mode from the list. Next, as well as in “Samsung”.

Alcatel. Power and Volume Up. Then we look at the instructions for “samsung”.

Reset from settings

Reset this method is done if the device starts normally and works, as it is made from the settings.

Open the “Settings“, we are looking for “personal data” (on different versions of Android, this item may be called “Restoration and Reset” and “Accounts”). We go to where it will be necessary to click “reset the data to reset the device,” after “Delete everything”).

Reset settings to factory on Android in Recovery mode

One way to reset the settings to the factory on Android is to use the Recovery feature.

In order to return the phone to the original state through the “recovery” you need to do a few simple steps.

  • Fully disconnect your smartphone, then click the button combination. This is usually a button on and adjusting the volume. But on different devices, they can be different. use the manual.
  • After pressing the combination, the “Recovery” mode will start and lines with different English teams will appear on the screen.
  • You need to select. Wipe_Data / Factory_reset and click on the confirmation button, agreeing with the changes.
  • After that, the recovery mode of the initial gadget settings will start.
  • As soon as it is completed, click on “reboot_system_now”. It remains to wait until a reboot occurs, and the phone will turn on with a new and pure Android system.
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Xiaomi phone reset via TWRP Recovery

Some users are installed on their smartphones. RECOVERY. They are most often used to firmware phone and get root rights. One of the most popular is TWRP Recovery, which can only be used on the phone with unlocked loader. If you can use the TWRP Recovery menu on your device, then you can use it to reset the Xiaomi phone:

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  • Fully turn off the smartphone, and after simultaneously press the volume key and the inclusion button.
  • We look forward to downloading the recovery menu and select the “WIPE” item. By the way, touch control is available in TWRP Recovery.
  • Move the slider, which is located at the bottom of the screen. If you need to perform preparatory procedures, for example, select data for deletion, then click on the Advanced Wipe button or Format Data.
  • If you successfully reset, “Done” appears on the screen. We leave from the recovery menu and reboot the phone by clicking on the “Reboot System” button.

As you can see, reset the Xiaomi phone to the factory settings through TWRP Recovery is not at all difficult. You can also have a recovery menu with a Russian-speaking inteeis. In this case, the task is even more facilitated.


There are several cases when someone wants to know how difficult it is to reset the Android phone with PC. Such cases, as a rule, occur when the device is not available or stolen. It also includes a situation where you have forgotten a password or a device unlock pattern from you or you can be your phone freezing and is not responsive. In such situations it is very important to know how to reset the Android phone settings from the factory computer. Reset factory settings will delete all user data from internal memory. So it is also very important to make a backup copy of all your internal data devices before you are Android reset factory with PC. In addition, hard reset should be your last option at hand to revive your Android device. Consequently, in this article for all users there, we picked up a decision on how hard android phone reset using a computer.

You must make sure that all the steps will be synchronized in such a way that the Android reset via PC is successful.