How to unlock the Samsung phone

Any phone can fail, regardless of which company it is released from. Samsung phones. no exception. Sometimes the user may face a problem when the device does not allow him to enter the system, even just unlock the main screen.

Samsung’s phone device is practically no different from better well.known companies, such as Huawei or Xiaomi. All of them are built on the basis of the Android, which is why the main processes will be the same.

Through a safe mode

The very first way is to enter through a safe mode. This is a special menu that helps technical masters a lot. Thanks to him, they perform various work to solve the problems arising from the device. Speaking is quite simple, then thanks to a safe mode or menu, the user can solve his problem in several accounts.

You can use a safe mode, both solutions to the problem, and for more serious tasks. To enter into safe mode simply if you know the mechanism. On the Samsung phone, the entrance to this mode is also possible.

note! If the user has a telephone of another company, then the entrance to the safe mode may vary. This method is only suitable for phones from Samsung.

To go to a safe menu, as well as further unlocking the device, you need to perform the following actions:

  • First you need to detain the shutdown button for a few seconds. This must be carried out on an activated device;
  • After that, the user will see the dialog box. Using a long tap, click on the disconnection button or on consent with this action;
  • Now there will be a warning about the transition to security mode. It must also be confirmed;
  • Further, the user needs to go through this mode directly to the settings, to the section where all the device passwords are located;
  • In it, the entrance on a password or a graphic key is turned off;
  • Now it remains only to restart the device.

If the user performed all the above actions correctly, then the phone will return to his original state, while the password will not require entrance. This method is more suitable for those who forgot the password. When solving systemic problems, it is worth using other methods.

Hard Reset using keys

This is a hard method. Hard Reset. Hard, he is in the sense that the user when resetting data loses all the information about his device. This method is suitable only in cases where the user saw serious system problems in the device.

Galaxy S10/S10/S10E: Forgot Password to Restart / Shut Down for Factory Reset?

The method has its pros and cons of. The only plus that the user can immediately see is that there is no need to connect the wires. It can also be noted as an advantage of the speed of the procedure.

However, under other criteria, everything is erased. Data and files that were stored on the device, the user will not be able to save., He will lose them.

note! Before performing the Hard reception, you should make a backup copy of the information on the phone.

To fulfill the successful discharge, the user must perform the following:

  • First you need to turn off the device in the usual way;
  • Now you need to clamp the sound enhance button, while at the same time the power button and at home;
  • A screen will appear that will display the logo;
  • If everything is done correctly, then the engineering menu will appear. Select a item with Factory Reset;
  • Confirm all actions by pressing the power button;
  • Reload the device.
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After that, the user phone will become “new”. As soon as the user activates it, he will find that files are deleted from the memory, and the lock password is removed.

Remote control via Google account

Since Samsung is based on Android, and Android usually depends on Google, this method is also suitable to unlock the phone. Services integrated into a smartphone are perfect to help the user. Do not forget about them, since they can help out in a difficult moment.

The user can remotely control Google using a computer. an account if the smartphone is synchronized with it. The person who sits at the computer can perform actions on the phone. In order to conduct this procedure, the user needs:

  • On the computer, open the official website of Google;
  • Then log in in your own contact;
  • Now the user can go to the section called “My devices”;
  • It selects the desired phone;
  • It is worth slipping to the “passwords” item and then confirm to drop the defense.

The user must restart the device so that the introduced function can set tired. As you can see, this is not so difficult if you know how services work.

Re.flashing from the computer

This is the most extreme way that can help the user return the password to an inactive state. If it is not possible to reset the device in different ways that are described above, then it is necessary to perform more serious methods.

To flash the device, the user will need a computer, and it is worth downloading a special application called “Smart Switch” on it.

As soon as the user was able to download the program, he should:

Flashing also means complete data removal. A user who has not copied information about the phone in advance risks losing them forever.

How to unlock the Samsung phone using an additional pin code

This method is suitable for cases when the user himself forgot the password. An additional PIN code is a password that the user sets as soon as he decides to install a PIN code or something similar. In order to call this additional pin code, the user needs:


Perhaps the most common situation. You use your device, unlock it using a fingerprint sensor And then the conditional Galaxy S9 took it and restarted it independently. And, it is necessary, it requires some kind of pin code!

And you introduced it FIG know when and no longer remember! What to do? There are two options:

  • Use the Samsung account. We really hope that you have not forgotten him. We go to a special page on the official website of Samsung (here is the link), enter the email address and password. Now you can safely unlock your Galaxy-we remove the password or pin code in one press!
  • Do not remember anything? Then the most radical remedy remains. complete removal of settings and content. Here are the instructions for the most popular models. Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 (you will suit the method through the Recovery menu). Attention! All data will be deleted from the device.

Even when unlocking through a complete reset of settings, problems may arise. And the name of this problem is Google’s account.

The thing is that if Google accounts were introduced on Galaxy, then after resetting the settings you can see this message:

Forgot Passcode. Pin. Password Hack: Unlock Your Samsung Phone NO RESET

An unauthorized attempt to reset the device to factory settings was made. To confirm the personality, connect to the Wi-Fi network or mobile network.

So, you can’t use the device. for unlocking it is required to enter the login and password from the Google account account.

And it’s very good if you remember it (you know). And if not and these data are forgotten? Then we move on to the next subtitle.

Unlock your Samsung by overloading the screen locking integer (Android

The second time I had forgotten my password Sansung as well as the lock screen. So I had to try something else. And this was due to the overload of the user integration integration screen, introducing too much information. After its overload, the user integer goes away and you get access to your Samsung device.

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This only works on Samsung devices operating on Android 5.0 for as Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

  • Turn on your samsung. As soon as you get to the lock screen Android click on the “Emergency Call” button.
  • There are 10 “stars” there. Copy and insert them a couple more times.
  • Then return and press the “Camera button”.
  • From there, go to the “settings” through the toolbar, to which you can access, by exploring down.
  • You will need to enter your password. So insert ten “stars” until the user integration screen of the lock screen will fail.

How to delete Samsung Galaxy A51 5G Pattern Lock using Google’s account

This is an easy to use the method, but it works only if you remember the data to enter the Google account, which were used on a blocked device.

This method will not lose data from your device. Now, to remove the blocking of the template, the PIN-code or password Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, perform the following actions.

Turn on the mobile phone Samsung Galaxy A51 5G.

Enter the wrong template, password or PIN code five times.

After trying to enter the system using the wrong template, you will see the “Forgotten Template” option. Now click the “Forgotten Template” button.

Enter a reserve PIN or identifier and Google account password.

Now click the OK or Enter button.

After that, your Samsung Galaxy A51 5G phone will be unlocked.

I forgot the password: how to unlock the phone “Samsung

Blocking using a pin code or graphic key creates the feeling that the information stored in the device is protected and will be available only to the legal owner of the phone.

But sometimes unforeseen situations happen: the owner himself can forget the password, or he can be accidentally changed by someone who dabbled with the phone, for example a child.

To protect themselves from such situations, experts recommend:

For example, by voice, face shape, fingerprints and so on. The set of alternatives depends on the phone model and the version of the operating system.

reset, password, samsung, forgot

When the function is activated, Samsung is not problematic to unlock.

With the fifth version of Android, the manufacturer has provided the ability to unlock the phone using an additional pin code. It must be indicated in the settings after buying the device.

When I forgot the password, it is enough to enter a drawing or numbers several times until a message about a 30-second lock appears. Together with him, the “Additional PIN code” button will appear in the right corner.

We delete all the data through the Google account

We remember that you cannot unlock the screen, but there is a Google account to access (you have a password for it). In this case, it is possible to remotely delete all the data, which is equivalent to a complete discharge, after which the phone will resemble a new one, since no personal data will remain.Google offers a service to find a device that is an analogue of Find My Mobile by Samsung.

  • Next, you need to click on the “cleaning device” and familiarize yourself with the message about what will happen after cleaning. If you agree, then press the green button “Clean the device”.

In the event that you only use the Samsung account, then it is possible to reset the device through the Find My Mobile company service in a similar way.

Unlocking Samsung smartphone

Since modern Samsung smartphones operate exclusively on the Android platform from Google, general actions to restore access are quite applicable to the phone. In this regard, you should additionally familiarize yourself with another article on our website, despite the similarity of the unlocking procedure in many aspects. But keep in mind that not all the described methods are applicable to samsung.

Entering a pin code

Samsung has long been produced devices on the Android platform, so if you are the owner of the device on the OS version 5.0 and below, you can discharge a graphic key without any problems. To do this, you will have to resort to the input of the PIN code specified when the protection is added.

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    To start the unlock procedure, purposefully enter several times the wrong key.

This option, unlike the subsequent ones, is most convenient, but, unfortunately, is available on a limited number of Samsung smartphones models. Therefore, even if you have Android below the fifth version, in the absence of additional recovery tools, immediately proceed to the next method.

reset, password, samsung, forgot

Samsung account

By analogy with the first option, this method is only suitable for owners of Samsung brand apparatuses, but only under the condition of using the Find My Mobile online service and attaching the device to the account. If you have performed these actions, another important condition is the availability of an Internet connection.

The main disadvantage of the method will be the need to add a Samsung account with the addition of remote control resolution. This can be done exclusively through “settings”, available only in the absence of blocking. In this regard, sometimes the method may simply not be available.

Aroma File Manager

Of all the methods under consideration, this is the most universal, allowing you to unlock the Samsung device with minimal losses. The main condition in this situation is the presence of a Root-right and custom recovery. You can install them according to the submitted instructions below.

    Make a memory card from a smartphone, connect to PC and add an archive to any convenient place, which can be downloaded from the 4PDA forum at the following link. Do not forget to install the drive back before the continuation.

  • “Locksetting.DB “;
  • “Locksetting.db-wal “;
  • “Locksetting.db-scm “;
  • “Gesture.Key “;
  • “Gatekeeper.Pattern.Key “;
  • “Password.Key “;
  • “Gatekeeper.Password.Key “.

Then you will need to reboot the device, as you probably already did it during the installation of a custom recovery. Now, when the smartphone is turned on, the need to enter a password, whether it be a pin code or a graphic key will disappear.

Data reset

Smartphone rollback to the factory state is a radical measure that allows you to not only unlock the smartphone, but delete all user data. Because of the serious consequences, the method is least recommended and suitable, rather, experienced users. We will not describe this procedure, since this has already been done in several other articles on our website.

In addition to what has been said, due to the integration of the Google account on any Android device, you can use the account to reset data. This method is largely reminiscent of the second, since the device should be actively Internet connection. However, here you have to clean the device, thereby deleting not only a forgotten key, but also other personal data.

    According to the above link, open the site “Find the device”. If necessary, make authorization using the same Google account, which is active on a blocked smartphone.

reset, password, samsung, forgot programs

There are independent applications that allow you to reset the protection of the smartphone, but they should be used with caution. One of the most effective and safe methods is the comprehensive solution of DR. Fone, with which you can restore data, exchange files on various operating systems, create backup copies of correspondence on social networks and much more. It should be borne in mind that all the functionality of this software is available only after the purchase. On the example of the program, we will analyze how to reset the password on Samsung:

    Download Dr. Fone, clicking on “Try it free”. The program works in Windows and MacOS, so select the right option on the main page of the site.

In the window that appears, indicate the model of the device, its manufacturer and series. After clicking on the Next button, the password reset process will begin if all the actions were performed correctly.