Preparing for a hard reset

Before proceeding with restoring a mobile gadget to factory settings, if the situation permits, copy all important information from it to external media, for example, to a computer hard drive or to the cloud.

It is convenient to save contacts on the Google service of the same name. To do this, copy them from SIM cards to the phone memory and log in to the device under the Google account to which you want to transfer them. Synchronization will take place automatically.

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If this is not possible, install a cloud service client on your mobile device, for example, Google Drive or Yandex.Disk, enter the “Files” section, click “Upload to disk” and select the data to save.

To avoid having to enter the owner’s login and password when starting the device after a reset, delete your Google account from the system.

Immediately before recovery, charge the device to at least 25-30% or connect to a power source, and remove the memory card and SIM from it.

Via the system menu

This method is preferable when the device boots up and works more or less normally, that is, you have access to the system menu and all on-screen buttons.

  • Open the system settings utility and go to the “General” section. Some Samsung models do not have this section. If this is your case, proceed to the next step.
  • Tap the “Reset” button or its equivalent. “Privacy”, “Archiving (archiving) and reset”.
  • Go to “Reset device (data)”.
  • Click “Delete All” or “Reset”.

After a few seconds, the device will restart in a zeroed state.

What is a factory reset and when to apply it

Factory reset or hard reset of any mobile gadget on Android (not only Samsung Galaxy) is clearing its permanent memory from all applications, settings and files, except for those installed by the manufacturer.

The reset function is intended for:

  • Restoring the device to operability in case of software problems and malware infection, when the failure cannot be eliminated using milder methods.
  • Preparing a gadget for sale or transfer to another user.
  • Optimizations after firmware update.

After a hard reset, no user data remains on the smartphone, except for those stored on the removable memory card and SIM (contacts). However, in some cases, the changes made by the user are still saved. Namely:

  • If, before the rollback, the device was root. Preinstalled applications removed with superuser rights are not restored after a reset.
  • When FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is activated. enhanced protection of the owner’s data in case of loss or theft of the phone.

A device with FRP enabled, even after a hard reset, will ask for a user account password, without which access to the system is impossible. Therefore, it is completely pointless to rollback on such a device in order to delete a forgotten password.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) A520F Factory Reset / Hard Reset

By dialing code

This option is applicable under the same conditions as the previous one. In addition, he can help you out in case of problems in the system menu, if you still have access to the application for calls.

To activate the factory reset procedure, enter one of the following codes on the Samsung phone keypad:

  • 27673855 #
  • ###
  • ###

After pressing the call button, the device will reboot and all data from it will be deleted.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. way 1

The first option involves 5 steps, which will be discussed further:. in the menu of your smart, you need to find and go to the “Settings” directory;. this is where the “Backup, reset” element is located, which must be activated;. then you should pay attention to the line “Reset all data”;. “Reset device” should be pressed further;. the last step completing this action “Delete all”.

After performing all the above actions, you will have a device in your hands that requires your close attention, because Smart seemed to be born anew, you will have to configure it “from scratch”, but isn’t that what you achieved? The speed of response to requests is surprising, no freezes, brakes and other inconveniences.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. reset settings, password, pattern

During use, any gadget “clogs up” and even superficial cleaning of the phone does not give any results. And at such moments there is no other option except how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy A5 or whatever it is called in the Russian-speaking space. reset to factory settings. This will completely delete all information and reinstall the software.

And you will have a completely empty phone in your hands, as if it had just arrived from the factory. Therefore, it is worth worrying in advance about the safety of your dear data, which is located on the internal memory of the device. The built-in memory card will remain intact, you can transfer contacts to it, etc., the SIM card will also remain intact. As for the safety, you can also use the storage located on the Internet, their use is free, available to everyone. It is rational to use them not only when it is necessary to reset the data of the gadget, but also during daily use. Equipment at any time can fail and “get” what is stored on the internal memory of the smart can become an expensive task or completely impossible.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) hard reset

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. way 2

The second way may show a little more complicated, but in any case it is worth describing it in stages. Perhaps this is how you will be able to bring your phone back to life. It will suit you if you have forgotten the Galaxy A5 pattern or password, and also if your smartphone cannot boot First you need to connect the phone to the charger, charge it as much as possible and disconnect it not only from charging, but also turn it off altogether;. then you need to hold down several buttons at once, namely: “volume plus”, “Home” (located in the center on the front of the smart), as well as the “Power on” button;

Resetting the Samsung Galaxy A5 is definitely an extremely powerful method to clean your smartphone and bring it back to full life. But using this method is not recommended too often. Pay attention to the signs that your device gives you. With its glitches and slowdowns, it lets you know that there are problems somewhere that need to be fixed. Licensed software and high-quality antivirus software can protect your Smart and you will not need a reset.

Option 1.By Button

To perform a factory reset using the hardware buttons when the system boots up, do the following.

  • With the Galaxy S5 off, press and hold the Volume Up Home button, then press and release the Power button to turn on the S5.
  • Continue holding the Volume Up Home button until the Wipe Data / Factory Reset screen appears. Use the volume buttons to navigate through the menu items, highlight the option.
  • Click the “Power on” button.
  • Use the “Volume Up” buttons to toggle the selection “Yes, delete all user data” “Yes. delete all user data “.
  • After a few minutes, the reset will be complete. Click the Power button to restart.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy S5

Have decided to sell your phone, or just want to do a factory reset by following the steps below to help you reset your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Note: The following steps will erase all data from your Galaxy S5. Make sure to back up important data on your device before performing these steps. The actions may differ from the actions described below depending on the operator or the software running on the device.

Option 2. From the Settings Menu

To perform a factory reset using the setup menu, follow this instruction.

  • From the home screen, select “Applications”, then “open” Options “.
  • Select “Users & Backup” “Backup & Reset”.
  • Check the boxes to back up or automatically restore your device, then click Factory Reset. On the next screen, confirm the selection “Reset device”. Enter your PIN, if required. If you do not know your PIN, use option 1.
  • Confirm your actions again by choosing “Delete“
  • Factory reset will complete in a few minutes.

This guide is suitable for factory reset earlier Samsung, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3

Reset settings using the menu:

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.hard reset, factory reset

It is important to remember or write down the data (login and password) to enter your google account. After resetting the settings, you will need them to synchronize your data (contacts, applications, etc.) with your phone.

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i and other similar Samsung phones on Android if you forgot your pattern or requires you to enter a password.

Attention. Everything that you do with your phone, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! The site administration is not responsible in the event of a malfunction of your phone, since no one is insured against this. If you have a new phone that is under warranty, or if you are afraid that your phone may deteriorate by applying this method of resetting to the Samsung factory settings, then you can contact a service center. Good luck.

Here I want to show how I did a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i since I ran into a problem when my Samsung Galaxy was locked due to repeated attempts to enter the wrong pattern. Of course, I knew how to enter the graphic key, but the children played with a bang, they wanted to unlock at random, as a result, the phone was locked and asked to enter an email account to unlock Google account, which I had long forgotten. Another problem was that although I knew how to unlock My Samsung Galaxy using a pattern, I could not use it, because even after restarting the smartphone, it was not possible to unlock it with a pattern, you just had to enter your Google account. So you need to write down and save your Google account along with a password, so that next time there will be no problems with unlocking.

Now let’s see what to do if, nevertheless, it happened so that you are faced with a problem when your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i is locked, you do not remember your Google account and there is no other way but to do a hard reset on Samsung, which of course will delete everything that is on the phone memory and restore the factory settings of the smartphone. Be aware that by doing a hard reset on your Samsung you will lose all data on your phone.

To unlock, turn off the phone and, on the switched off Samsung phone, hold down and hold three buttons at the same time: the home button, the volume up button, that is, as if we were adding the volume and the phone’s power button. We hold in this pressed state until you see the menu on the screen, which is shown in the picture below.

Attention! Perhaps for users of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830, in order to unlock the phone, you can hold only two buttons instead of three buttons on the switched off smartphone. This is the home button and the power button. Everything else is as described in the article.

After you see that the information shown in the picture appears on the Samsung Galaxy screen, without releasing the buttons, slide your finger on the volume up button down, that is, to decrease the volume and then only you can release all the buttons held. I myself tried several times to release the buttons after the information appeared on the screen as shown in the attached picture below and the smartphone always rebooted to no avail until I tried holding the buttons to move the volume control button down and then it only helped, although in your case it may be different. For those who cannot understand which button on a Samsung phone means home, this button is located at the very bottom of the phone in the center under the screen.

Next, use the volume control button to select the wipe data / factory reset item on the Samsung Galaxy screen and confirm our choice by pressing the home button. Look in the picture below, I have highlighted the line that must be selected to start resetting the phone.

Now we see the following information on the phone screen as shown in the picture below, select Yes —— delete all user data on the display of your smartphone using the volume control button, look at the picture below, where I selected the line and press the home button.

Next, we see on the screen the information that at the beginning of our process when we pressed the buttons to call up the menu to reset the settings, only now in order to reset the hard reset on Samsung we select another line reboot system now and confirm with the home button, look at the attached picture below.

After you have done a hard reset on Samsung, your phone will reboot and it should take some time until it is fully loaded, we wait for a while and see how the already unlocked Samsung Galaxy phone turned on, which no longer requires entering either a Google account or a pattern. Along with unlocking, we lose all our settings, files and other information in the phone’s memory along with contacts. Next, we see the language settings on the phone screen, if you want to change, then select “change” and there you are looking for the desired language for your phone, if everything is fine, then click on the green android and go to the next settings. Look at the picture below.

Now we are offered to enter our Google account or create a new one, you can configure this item later and select “skip”.

Next, we see a window where you can configure permission to use the definition of data about your location, leave the checkboxes if you agree, and if not, uncheck the boxes and click “next”. Everything is now your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is fully unlocked and ready to go, set up everything as you need and do not forget to create a Google account and save it along with the password in a safe place so that there are no more problems with unlocking when you forget the pattern, the set password or children while playing will block your phone.

I want to express my deep gratitude to Ruslan who sent the text and photos for the article. In this article, with the permission of the author, I slightly changed the sent text and photos, adjusting them to the necessary criteria for the correct display of the article on the site page and to improve the results in search engines.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung A5?

You can get a screen on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 by holding down the power button on the right side and the bottom button on the left side. After about three seconds, you will hear a sound similar to a camera shutter release. A beep means the screen has been photographed. What happened can be found in the gallery.

How to open the back cover of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017?

This question may appear if the battery or display needs to be replaced. For opening you need a thin spatula or something similar to it. Just watch the beginning of this video here:

How to Factory Reset Samsung A5?

To reset all settings to factory defaults, do the following:

  • Turn off a fully charged device.
  • Press three buttons simultaneously: “Volume”, “Home”, “Power on”
  • When the logo appears, release all buttons.
  • After 5-10 seconds, the “Recovery menu” will be entered and the robot’s logo will appear. Press “Power on” and at the same time “Volume”. Release both buttons.
  • We go to the item “Wipe data / factory reset”. The cursor is moved by “Volume”, you need to confirm by “Switching on”.
  • Select “Yes. delete all user data” when prompted and then click “Enable” once to reboot.

If you misunderstand, watch the Galaxy A5 2017 reset video:

Samsung A5 2017 (SM-A520F) FAQ

Resetting data using buttons

This method will help in a situation when the phone or tablet cannot be turned on, or the screen is locked.

  • Disable device.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the Home button (bottom center) Power Volume Up.
  • If your phone has a Bixby button (to the left or right under the volume buttons), you must press and hold the Power buttons, Volume Up, Bixby, at the same time.
  • If there are no Home and Bixby buttons, press and hold the Power Volume Up buttons at the same time.

After “Samsung Galaxy…” appears on the display, release the “Power” key. Continue to hold the remaining buttons until the “Recovery” mode appears (approximately 5-15 seconds). Recovery is a device reboot mode in the form of a text menu.

If Recovery does not appear, you need to repeat steps 1-3 again with a longer hold of the specified keys.

  • Press the “Volume Down” key to select the “Wipe data / factory reset” menu.
  • Confirm selection by pressing the “Power” key.
  • Then use the “Volume Down” button to find the item “Yes” or “Yes. Delete all user data”.
  • Press the “Power” key to confirm the deletion of all data from the device.
  • When the main menu appears, find the line “Reboot system now” and confirm the selection by pressing the button on “Power”.
  • Reboot and reset all phone data to factory settings.

How to properly reset to factory settings

Since the data is deleted beyond recovery, the device memory is completely cleared, you need to copy all important information to other devices or a virtual disk, for example, Yandex Disk or to your Google account.

It is also necessary, after the copying is completed, to clear all Google account data that was used to download and install applications from PlayMarket.

Important. If you do not delete your Google account data, the device will try to log in to the same account when you turn on the device. And without entering the previous data, starting the phone will not work.

How to unlock your phone

  • Log in to your previous Google account, enter your username and password, click “Next”.
  • If the data is correct, the device will start further configuration.

Then you need to repeat all the steps to reboot and reset data with the obligatory deletion of your Google account data.

What is a factory reset for?

Such an operation is an extreme measure that can be resorted to in several cases.

  • When a problem arises in the operation of the device, when other methods of fixing do not help, including a simple restart.
  • Complete deletion of data is required before selling the phone to another user.
  • Updating the device firmware also resets to factory settings.

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Samsung Galaxy is locked and asks for Google account details

The device does not turn on

All versions of devices running Android 5.1 and higher are equipped with Google FRP theft protection. If you reset all data to the factory state of the phone but do not delete the Google account before this, then the device will be blocked and will not turn on without entering the data of the previous account, that is, its username and password.

How to Factory Reset Samsung

This seemingly difficult task can be solved in several ways. Let’s consider each of them in order of complexity of both execution and problem.

Warning: factory reset will erase all user data on your device! We strongly recommend that you make a backup before starting manipulations.!

Factory Recovery

This hard reset option is applicable when the device cannot boot the system. for example, during a cyclic reboot (bootloop).

  • Turn off your device. To enter “Recovery Mode”, simultaneously hold down the buttons for turning on the screen, “Volume Up” and “Home”. If your device does not have the last key, then just hold down the screen turn on plus “Volume Up”.
  • When the standard screen saver appears on the display with the inscription “Samsung Galaxy”, release the screen power key, and hold the rest for about 10 seconds. The recovery-mod menu should appear. In case it did not work out, repeat steps 1-2 again, while holding the buttons a little longer.
  • Once you have access to Recovery, press the Volume Down button to select Wipe data / factory reset. After selecting it, confirm the action by pressing the screen activation key.

This system reset option will clear memory bypassing Android, allowing you to fix the bootloop mentioned above. As in other methods, this action will delete all user data, so a backup is desirable.

Factory reset Samsung smartphones

System Tools

Samsung has provided users with the option to reset (in English hard reset) the device through the settings of the device.

    Enter the “Settings” in any available way (through the shortcut of the menu application or by pressing the corresponding button in the curtain of the device).

In the group “General settings” is the item “Archive and reset”. Enter this item with a single tap.

The application will warn you about the deletion of all user information stored in the memory (including accounts). At the bottom of the list is the “Reset device” button, which you need to click.

  • You will be presented with another warning and a button “Delete all”. After clicking, the process of clearing the user’s personal data stored on the device will begin. If you use a picture password, PIN or fingerprint sensor, or iris, you will first need to unlock the option.
  • At the end of the process, the phone will reboot and appear in front of you in a pristine state.
  • Despite the simplicity, this method has a significant drawback. in order to use it, the phone must be loaded into the system.

    Service code in the dialer

    This cleaning method is possible using the Samsung Service Tag. Works only on some devices, and it also affects the contents of memory cards, so we recommend removing the USB flash drive from the phone before use.

      Open your device’s dialer app (preferably standard, but most third-party apps work as well).

    27673855 #
    The device will immediately start the reset process and reboot when finished.

    The method is extremely simple, but fraught with danger, since no warning or confirmation of the reset is provided.

    Summing up, we note that the process of factory resetting Samsung phones is not much different from other smartphones on Android. In addition to those described above, there are more exotic reset methods, but most ordinary users do not need them.

    hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 remotely

    If you lose your smartphone or it was stolen, you must erase all personal data from the internal memory of the mobile device so that the new owner does not get access to your photos, contacts, bank accounts, etc.

    • Go to the Android Device Manager website using this link.
    • Sign in to your Google account that is linked to your smartphone.
    • Once you see your phone, click the “Clear” button.
    • Confirm that you agree to erase all your data by clicking the “Clear” button again.
    • As soon as the smartphone connects to a Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet, all personal data will be deleted.

    hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 from the settings menu

    If your smartphone turns on and you can go to the settings menu then use this method. It is the fastest and easiest.

    • First, open the Settings menu.
    • Then go to the “Backup and reset” section.
    • After that, click the “Reset data” button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Then click “Reset device” to confirm the operation.

    hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 from recovery menu

    If you cannot turn on your smartphone, it freezes or you forgot your password, then try to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 from the Recovery menu.

    • Make sure your smartphone is turned off.
    • Press the Volume Up button, Home button and Power button at the same time. This may take some dexterity.
    • Hold all three buttons for about 10 seconds.
    • The recovery menu.AndroidRecoverymenu will appear on the screen of your smartphone.
    • If you could not go to the recovery menu or the smartphone booted in normal mode, repeat the procedure from the beginning.
    • Once you have entered the recovery menu, press the volume down button three times to highlight “wipedata / factoryreset”.
    • Press the power button to select.
    • Then press the Volume Down button seven times to highlight “Yes– deletealluserdata”. Press the power button again to select an option.
    • Wait a minute or two for the Samsung Galaxy A5 to hard reset.
    • Once the process is complete, press the power button once to select “rebootsystemnow”.

    Your smartphone will be turned off. The reboot may take a little longer than usual. Don’t worry, wait until your smartphone is fully loaded.

    Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5: 4 working ways

    There are many reasons to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A5. First, before you sell your smartphone, you should definitely do a factory reset. Thus, you will delete personal data from the internal memory of the mobile device.

    Also, the hard reset of the Samsung Galaxy A5 can be useful in situations when the smartphone started to work incorrectly, errors appear, applications do not open, etc.

    We will tell you about 4 ways how you can hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5.

    hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 via computer

    If you can’t hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A5 using the first 3 methods, then use your computer.

    To do this, you need a microUSB cable and the Samsung Kies 3 program.

    • Download Samsung Kies 3 from this link. Install the program on your computer.
    • Open Samsung Kies 3 and then connect your GalaxyA5 to your computer via USB cable.
    • As soon as the program recognizes your smartphone, you will see it in the upper left corner. Click on the name of the smartphone.
    • After that click on “Tools” in the top menu bar.
    • Click on “Firmware update and initialization”.

    Click on the image to enlarge.

    That’s all! You can use these Samsung Galaxy A5 hard reset methods to quickly clear your smartphone’s internal storage, fix software bugs, or remove a password.

    How To Reset Samsung Galaxy A5. Hard Reset and Soft Reset

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