Hard reset on Sony Xperia. several ways

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As you may have understood, this guide is devoted to how to hard reset Sony Xperia. We will consider several working options for performing this action and why it is needed at all and in what cases it is useful. By itself, a hard reset is a complete reset of the system of your smartphone or tablet to its original settings, naturally, with the complete removal of all personal data from the internal memory (everything remains in place on the SD card). Synonyms for this concept can be called the following: hard reboot, factory reset, wipe data and, in fact, these concepts define the same action. reboot the device with a rollback of the system to its drain state.

There is even such a joke that “a hardress is saved from all troubles.” Here are the cases when it is appropriate to hard reset the Sony Xperia:

  • when the device malfunctions (you may suspect that the system is infected with a raging virus);
  • if you want to reset the configuration and settings of the smartphone to the state “out of the box”;
  • the memory of the device is clogged, it is buggy and slows down, there is no desire to mess around with cleaning;
  • you plan to sell your favorite gadget and want to delete all personal data and return its system to its stock state, or you yourself want to use the device, as they say, from scratch;
  • also hard reset is applicable in case of resetting the password and unlocking the smartphone, if you have forgotten it.

It should be understood that this manipulation will completely clear all your data, so before doing it, make a backup, save photos, videos, music, contacts and everything else. Well, now there are several ways how to hard reset on Sony Xperia Z5, Z3, Z2 and other smartphones.

The first way is through the settings menu

The simplest and most effective method. Go to “Settings. Backup & reset. Master reset”. Here you can choose to delete data from memory or not by simply checking the corresponding box. If the smartphone is buggy, the memory is clogged, the system does not work as it should, then we recommend that you check the box and press the “Reset phone settings” button.

The second way is through the service menu

Another easy way if the smartphone is not frozen and you can control it. Open the dialer and enter ### in the dialing field, which will open access to the service menu. In it, select “Customization Settings. Reset customization. Reset customization and reboot”.

The third way is with PC Companion

Each Sony Xperia owner’s computer must have this application installed, which is universal for updating, restoring, creating backups, etc. To restore your smartphone, you need to run “PC Companion –Support Zone. Software Update. Phone / Tablet Recovery”. We wrote about this in detail in the instructions for updating and restoring Xperia.

If the smartphone is frozen, you can reboot it using a special button under the cover (usually near the SIM card table). If the smartphone does not turn on at all. what to do if Sony Xperia does not turn on.

Also, earlier for a hard reset, the key combination “Power button sound up (sound down)” worked, but on new firmware no action occurs when they are clamped.

How to remove Sony password on Xperia program

Download: Mac, Windows and install the program on your computer. This program supports both Windows and Mac. Choose the correct option. After installation, open the program and click ” Tools”. “Remove Android Lock Screen”.

Step 2: Take out the USB cable and use it to connect your phone to your computer. When it is well connected, click the Start button to start the analysis process.

Sony password

Step 3: After detecting your phone, you need to turn your phone into download mode. Instructions are displayed on the screen. Please follow the instructions to enter download mode. Then press the “Start” button to download the corresponding image on your phone.

Step 4: Remove Forgotten Screen Passcode on Sony Phone. It will take a few minutes to fully download the package. After the program finishes, the program will automatically start the password removal process. This includes spoof scans, data backups, and the final password removal step. When you delete a password, a short message appears on the screen with the message “Delete password complete”. You can now log into your phone without a password.

Sony password

Android Lock Screen Remover is a reliable tool, fast, safe and easy to use. Regardless of the reason why you are locked from your Sony phone, this program comes to the rescue. If you have 10 minutes to spare, using this program is well worth the time it takes you to unlock your screen instead of paying a repair technician for costly maintenance that you could do yourself at a much lower rate.

Currently, the program can run on several brands of phones and tablets such as Sony. Samsung. LG, etc. Other brands will soon be compatible with this program. If you want to try it first, the developer offers a free trial that you can download on your computer. If you’re happy with the features you’ve tried, you can purchase the program in just a few steps.

How to reset Sony Xperia Z password if forgot

Before you get started, please note that resetting your smartphone will erase any saved data and settings. We recommend that you back up your data.

For more information, read the separate reset article: How to Factory Reset Sony?

To hard reset your phone, start by pressing and holding the power button and the volume up button for a few seconds.

The device will vibrate once. At this point, you can release the power button. Continue to hold the volume key for another 10 seconds.

The phone will vibrate and then turn off, indicating that the hard reset procedure is complete.

How to reset your password using the Xperia service

Go to myxperia.sonymobile.com from any internet-connected device such as a computer.

Sign in using the same Google account or Sony Entertainment Network account that you set up on your Xperia device.

Click on the picture of your Xperia device under Devices.

Select “Lock” or “Change PIN” to replace the current screen lock with a new PIN.

Follow the onscreen instructions provided by the Xperia service.

Using Find My Device to Reset Sony Password

The note! Make sure you know your Google username and password. You may need to use them to use your Xperia ™ device after a reset.

This reset method requires you to have previously enabled Android Device Manager on your Xperia ™ device. The Xperia ™ device must also have an active Internet connection (Wi-Fi® or mobile network). This method performs a full factory data reset. All content on your Xperia ™ device will be deleted. In some cases, the content on the SD card may not be erased during a Find My Device reset.

2 Ways To Unlock Sony Xperia Z Pattern Or Password ( Xperia Z Hard Reset )

If your SD card is not encrypted, you can remove it before performing a reset to prevent it from being erased. However, if you are using an Xperia ™ device in a corporate environment, your IT department may have forced encryption on the SD card on your device. In this case, the contents of the SD card are erased or made unreadable when performing a reset, even if you remove the card beforehand.

Using Xperia Service to Reset Screen Lock

The note! Make sure you know your Google ™ username and password. You may need to use them to use your Xperia ™ device after a reset.

Use the Xperia service to reset the screen lock. All content on your Xperia device is retained after you reset your device’s screen lock. The note! This method is not available on devices running Android 7.0 and higher.

This reset method requires you to have previously enabled my Xperia service on your Xperia device. The Xperia device must also have an active internet connection (Wi-Fi® or mobile network).

How to reset Sony password using Find My Device

If your SD card is not encrypted or used in a corporate environment, remove it before performing a reset. Turn off your Xperia ™ device before removing the SD card. Turn on the device when you removed the SD card.

On a computer or mobile browser, go to www.google.com/Android/devicemanager.

Sign in to the Google account you previously added to your device.

If you have multiple devices, select the device you locked at the top of the screen.

Select “Erase”. Keep in mind that this action will permanently destroy all your data, such as your apps, photos, and music. After deleting the contents of your device, Find My Device will no longer work on it.

After deleting the contents of your device remotely, you can set up your device again with your Google account and a new lock screen.

How to unblock with a Google security question?

The note! Make sure you know your Google username and password before following any of the steps in this article. Depending on your security settings, your Xperia device may be locked after a reset or restore. Then you need to enter your Google account username and password to use the device. If you do not remember your Google username and password, you cannot unlock the device yourself.

Advice. You can recover your Google account username and password using the Google Account Recovery page at https://www.google.com/accounts/recovery/?hl=en. For Xperia X, Xperia L1, Xperia E5 and Xperia Z series (Android 5.1 or higher), you should be aware that when you receive a new Google username or password, you cannot use them to register and restore the device within 24 hours.

Click: Forgot password?

To unlock your phone, you can answer the security question that you set up when you set up your screen lock. Or you can enter your Google account username and password. Click “Next”.

Sony password

Enter the answer to your chosen question, or enter your Google account username and password. Click “Unblock”.

You will be asked if you want to create a new screen unlock password. If you don’t want, click No.

If you have not created a Google account, or if you have forgotten the answer to your security question, you will need to reinstall your phone software. This will erase any information stored on your phone. There is no way to recover data that would be lost if you do, but you cannot reset your screen lock without reinstalling the software. Read below how to reset Sony.

How to unlock Sony password if you forgot it (Xperia)

We can name many reasons for blocking access to a Sony phone. One of the main reasons is that you forgot the password you created. While it is unlikely that someone will forget their password, it does happen quite often among users. Not being able to bypass the screen lock is annoying as the phone becomes an important part of our lives. We will tell you how to unlock Sony password (Xperia), in 3 ways.

There are several ways to reset the screen lock. The methods available depend on the type of screen lock and the Android version your Xperia device is running on. Some of the methods, such as those using My Xperia Service or Android / Find My Device Manager, require you to already enable the service on your device and enable the internet connection.

Read on. to quickly find the information you need.

How to hard reset on Sony Xperia with buttons

Resetting smartphone settings with buttons is a forced measure due to accumulated bugs and overflowing smartphone memory. This measure is considered extreme and is not applied to revive a suspended device.

To revive a frozen device:

First of all, I would like to note that Sony Xperia smartphones (quite a lot of models) have an emergency reset button, it is located in the SD card slot.

To abnormally reboot the device:

  • Turn off your smartphone. Open the memory card slot.
  • There is a small metallic button in the corner. Take a toothpick or similar pointed object and hold it for 3-5 seconds.
  • Now you can turn on the phone, it will reboot, even if you did not want to turn on before.

However, with the accumulated number of problems, forgetting the password, clogged memory, suspicion of viruses and just to sell or give the smartphone to parents, you will need to completely reset the Sony Xperia smartphone to the state of the box.

Sony Xperia factory reset with buttons

You can hard reset a Sony Xperia in many ways, but the most convenient ones are using the buttons.

Recall that before zeroing, you need to transfer all valuable data from the smartphone to the memory card, as well as copy the phone book to the SIM card, otherwise everything will be irretrievably erased.

  • Most Xperia models can be reset by pressing the buttons after turning off the device.
  • Press the volume button “” and lock at the same time, after a few seconds the logo will be displayed on the smartphone monitor.
  • Let go of the lock button, hold the sound key “-“. After 3-5 seconds, we also hold down the lock button. until the Sony icon is displayed on the screen, and after another couple of seconds the Android icon. now release the buttons.
  • Press the camera key. a list of possible actions in the “system recovery” will appear.
  • Using the sound button “-” select the sub-item on the screen: Wipe data / factory reset. confirm with the power key.

There is one more original way on Sony Xperia to do a factory reset. When the smartphone does not allow you to get into the menu recovery without a password, and he. suppose he forgot.

  • ⦁ We enter the password six times, a warning will appear on the screen that 6 incorrect entries were made and with the next 24 unsuccessful attempts, the smartphone will be transferred to the factory settings.
  • After 30 attempts to enter the wrong password, the phone will start to reboot, reset all settings and zero the data, bringing the Sony Xperia to its initial state.

Reset screen lock using my Xperia

  • To reset the screen lock on your Xperia ™ device, use the software recovery feature in the Xperia ™ Companion app.

    Result. The software on the device will be reinstalled. All personal data stored in the internal memory will be deleted. Content on external SD card will not be deleted.

    Requirements. This method requires access to a computer with an active Internet connection. A USB cable is required to connect the device to a computer. The device must be at least 80% charged.

    Repair software to reset your Xperia device

    The note! Make sure you know your Google username and password. You may need to use them to use your Xperia ™ device after restoring.

    You can reset the screen lock using a USB cable, a computer and the software recovery function in the Xperia ™ Companion app.

    The note! The software repair feature replaces the software on your device. All personal data stored on your device will be lost. Content on the external SD card is not deleted. Xperia ™ devices must have a minimum charge level of 80% before you can perform a software restore.

    Computer: If not already installed, download and install the Xperia Companion app from.

    Open the Xperia Companion app.

    In section ” Xperia Management “ click “Software recovery “.

    Follow the instructions on the screen, but do not connect your Xperia device to your computer until you are instructed to follow the five-step instructions in the Xperia Companion window.

    If you forget your screen lock PIN, password, or pattern, or otherwise cannot unlock the screen, reset the screen lock on your Xperia ™ device. Before doing this, carefully read the requirements and results of each reset method.

    Use my Xperia service to reset screen lock.

    Result. Content on the device will not be deleted.

    Requirements. This reset method requires the my Xperia service to be activated on the device. To verify that the my Xperia service is activated on your device, go to myxperia.sonymobile.com and sign in with the Google ™ account you set up on your device. This method also requires an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network).

    Using Xperia Service to Reset Screen Lock

    The note! Make sure you know your Google ™ username and password. You may need to use them to use your Xperia ™ device after a reset.

    Use the Xperia service to reset the screen lock. All content on your Xperia device is retained after you reset your device’s screen lock. The note! This method is not available on devices running Android 7.0 and higher.

    This reset method requires you to have previously enabled my Xperia service on your Xperia device. The Xperia device must also have an active internet connection (Wi-Fi® or mobile network).

    Unlock Sony Xperia Password with Factory Reset

    How to Unlock Sony Xperia Phone? If you choose to reset the device to factory settings, then for sure the password or pattern can be removed from the screen, but at the same time all data will be completely destroyed on your device. Therefore, use this method with careful thought of its implications.

  • Turn off your Sony Xperia and reboot it by pressing the Home “Power” “Volume” buttons and the recovery mode should be activated.
  • Use volume buttons as arrows and select Factory Reset / Wipe Data from options.
  • Press the Home button to select your option and wait until the phone is successfully reinstalled.
  • Now you can access your Sony device without any key or screen lock.
  • As you can see, unlocking the Sony Xperia screen is pretty simple. However, this method has the following disadvantages:

    • This method will completely destroy all documents, files and privacy settings from your phone.
    • It is not recommended if you have sensitive information on your smartphone that you cannot afford to delete.

    Use the Google site and the “Find my device” option

    For most Android phones and tablets, the built-in smartphone search service is best. Once you are logged into your Google profile, you are able to use any computer or other device to access the service available to every Android user.

    As counterintuitive as it sounds, start by tapping the Lock button as soon as Find My Device displays its location. If the service has problems finding your device, press the update button next to the name of the smartphone several times, and it should establish a connection within 5 attempts (if your phone is compatible with this option).

    After clicking the “Lock” option, the service will offer to write down a new password to replace the forgotten key, PIN-code or access code. Enter the new value twice to confirm your choice and then click Lock. It may then take you up to 5 minutes to change your password, but when done, you will be able to enter new information to unlock your device.

    What methods can be used?

    Locking your phone like this can be really annoying, so experts have provided solutions to this problem. Below are some options on how to unlock Sony Xperia if you forgot your password. They include the following methods:

    • Using factory settings.
    • Bypassing “Sony” Screen Lock Password with Google Profile.
    • Unlocking the screen by removing the Android password.
    • Through the option “Find my device”.
    • Using the ADB service.
    • Using Safe Mode.
    • By causing the password interface to crash.

    The second way to bypass the pattern in a Sony phone while preserving your data

    In Sony Xperia, it is easy to get around to remove the pattern with a code. To do this, the first step is to select an emergency call.

    Then we type the code. ### (works on all Sony iksperiya). after that the service menu will appear, in which select Service tests.

    Then we find / select NFC. NFC Diag Test, we wait until the test is over and click on the “Home” button

    You should now be on the desktop of your Sony phone. There is no point in describing what to do next.

    NOTE: on some Sony Xperia Z, if the code above may not work, then try another. ###, after that the phone will reboot.

    Exceptions in our life are common. they are also possible here. Therefore, if the method did not turn out to be effective, we go further.

    The first way to unlock the pattern in your Sony phone if you forgot it. without losing data

    After you have read this section, go to, there is a link to go to a special Google service (I will transfer it here later. I don’t want to be distracted now).

    However, there is a lot of useful information with pictures about removing the pattern on Android.

    For the method described here, you need: have an Internet connected to your phone and remember the password for entering your Gmail email.

    In the absence of the Internet. the problem can be easily eliminated. even when it is locked with a graphic key (in most cases, the Internet is already there and nothing needs to be done).

    If you don’t remember your Gmail login details, they are also restored. By the way, I started something wrong, the method on the link above is applicable to unlocking via a computer, but if you haven’t forgotten the credentials, you can remove the pattern directly in the Sony Xperia phone or another of this manufacturer.

    To do this, type the wrong pattern 5 times. Next, you will see something like this button “Lost model?” Smatphone press the “Home” button or forgot, after clicking on “Home” (it is possible that you will get a slightly different message).

    Now you will need to enter your email address and password. Then click “Login”, after which you can change the pattern, and then turn it off altogether, if desired.

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