Design, technical characteristics

The reader should be warned: in this article, you will not see mesmerizing footage shot in the stratosphere. There will be no wrecked cars or broken limbs here. Exotic ways of attaching a GoPro to anything is also left to the discretion of the owners of such cameras. We will focus on studying the technical features of the device: control, shooting modes, methods of processing the resulting video. Everything that is not covered in the user manual or on the product web page.

How To Reset GoPro HERO3 WIFI Password (Easy and Fast) GoPro

Traditionally, the GoPro Hero camcorder comes in several variations, or, if you translate “edition” literally, editions. They differ not only in completeness. Before buying, it is recommended to carefully study the characteristics of each “edition”. this can be done on the official GoPro website.

But everything is much simpler for us: the camera, kindly provided for testing, belongs to the “older” version. GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

The camera comes with a serious set of accessories (looking ahead, we note that even such a collection will probably not be enough for the embodiment of all ideas):

  • several mounts, including a platform
  • waterproof case
  • replaceable back cover for the case (not sealed, with holes for better sound recording)
  • radio remote control with charging cable
  • Mini-USB to USB cable
  • paper instruction in Russian

The camera concept remains the same as in the first versions. The design. yes, it has changed slightly. The battery has ceased to resemble a telephone battery, now it has the shape of a brick. Of course, the old batteries will no longer work with the new camera.

The supplied battery allows continuous recording for 95 minutes at 1280 × 720 50p with Wi-Fi turned off. Wireless communication takes up a lot of energy, the battery is literally depleted before our eyes. Without knowing this, the author, getting ready to shoot and having charged the camera, did not pay attention to the blinking blue indicator, and arrived to the place of shooting with an almost discharged battery. It turns out that it is not enough to turn off the camera. you also need to make sure that Wi-Fi is also turned off: the wireless adapter in the camera is turned on and off separately.

The body of the device, as usual, is made of impact-resistant plastic. On one of the ends there is a Wi-Fi on / off button, on which the corresponding pictogram is applied.

The camera screen still has no backlight. this is a serious drawback. And, just like in previous versions, navigation through the menu is carried out with two buttons. This way of controlling the parameters cannot be called comfortable; however, this is a matter of habit. It is enough to work closely with the camera for a week in order to change, for example, the recording mode, with your eyes closed, focusing on the sound signals and the number of clicks. But, we repeat, for a beginner, such an unobvious way of control may seem inconvenient and antediluvian.

Service interfaces of the camera are covered with a removable cap: Micro-HDMI, Mini-USB, and a slot for a microSD memory card (up to 64 GB).

The control panel screen is also not backlit; in active mode, this screen completely copies the screen of the camera itself, repeating all the set parameters and icons. All devices exchange information over the same Wi-Fi. The remote control works stably, the maximum distance at which the camera is able to receive a control signal and transmit information can be 200 meters in line of sight.

To recharge the remote control, a special cleverly shaped connector is used; charging is carried out from a USB port or from a similar adapter. During charging, pull out the metal eyelet from the remote control, for which the remote control is designed to be attached, in order to avoid losing it.

But how do you measure the resolution of a given camera? Our existing test chart, printed on A3 paper, is not suitable for this. The fact is that the lens of the camera in question has a fixed focal length. Simply put, objects located a meter from the lens to infinity will be in focus; objects that are closer than a meter will come out of the focus area, blur.

What’s the way out? A huge-oh-ohm test chart, of course! True, it is quite expensive to print (and place) such. In addition, it does not make much sense: after all, the main areas of the table, by which you can quite accurately determine the resolution of the camera, fit on only six A4 sheets (the entire table could have a width of 3 meters).

To print the required six sheets, we split the “virtual” table into sheets. After that, only the desired area was printed. in the following figure it is highlighted in color.

After gluing the resulting sheets and placing them on a vertical surface (wall), we thought about it. Dilemma: How far away should you shoot? After all, it is required not only to remove this object. The main thing here is to maintain the desired proportions. One could use a simple calculation, but alas. the optical distortions introduced by the camera lens are so strong that the usual geometry is not suitable here. There is only one way out. sequential shooting made from different distances from the table will help us. Armed with a tape measure and choosing a step of five centimeters, we made the necessary shooting, making several dozen takes.

Now it is enough to combine in a graphic editor the freeze frames obtained from each take with the image of the table itself in the original and select the most suitable frame, where the key objects of interest to us in the table will coincide with the original ones in location and size. Done!

The shooting was carried out, of course, in 4K 3840 × 2160 mode. This mode was chosen because the aspect ratio in it is the standard 16: 9. exactly the same as in the test chart. The calculation showed that the actual resolution of the camera reaches 2800 × 1600. This is wow! I remember Carlson with his sincere surprise: “Such a big housewife. in such a small box?” What is this processor inside our camera that allows you to encode a picture with a similar resolution? Come on, heating up like an internal combustion engine? Let’s measure this parameter too.

This photo was taken half an hour after the start of 720p recording, while the camera was in a room with a temperature of 24 ° C. As practice has shown, you can avoid reaching a critical temperature by abandoning the use of Wi-Fi and providing the device with the maximum possible ventilation. That is, shooting in the heat with a camera placed in a sealed box threatens to overheat with the subsequent disconnection of the device. this aspect is covered in detail in the user manual. One thing pleases: due to the presence of a thermal sensor in the chamber, you should not be afraid of the device breakdown due to overheating.

But back to the resolution. So, 2800 × 1600. These numbers are pretty damn similar to the resolution you get when shooting in 2.7K mode. Conclusion: to get the maximum video detail and at the same time avoid unnecessary waste of disk space, you can use one of the 2.7K modes: 2.7K (2716 × 1524, 16: 9) or 2.7K Cinema (2716 × 1440, 17: 9). over, the frame rate of such a video is already close to normal: 25 or 24 fps.

You can clearly visualize the difference in the detail of each of the recording modes using the following clip:

The huge number of shooting modes available in the camera in question forces their description to be displayed in a separate table. all parameters cannot be accommodated in the main table of technical characteristics. Here you can also download freeze frames and original clips shot in the specified modes.

Mode Video resolution fps (PAL) Codec, parameters Viewing angle Protune Download
4K Cinema 4096 × 2160, 17: 9 12 AVC High@L5.1
50 Mbps
Wide Yes frame, video
4K 3840 × 2160, 16: 9 12.5 AVC High@L5.1
45 Mbps
Wide Yes frame, video
2.7K Cinema 2704 × 1440, 17: 9 25 AVC High@L5.0
45 Mbps
Wide Yes frame, video
2.7K 2704 × 1524, 16: 9 24 AVC High@L5.0
45 Mbps
Wide Yes frame, video
1440p 1920 × 1440, 4: 3 48 AVC High@L5.0
32 Mbps
Wide Yes frame, video
25 Yes frame, video
24 Yes frame, video
1080p 1920 × 1080, 16: 9 fifty AVC High@L4.2
32 Mbps
Yes frame, video
48 AVC High@L4.2
32 Mbps
Yes frame, video
25 AVC High@L4.1
20 Mbps
Yes frame, video
24 AVC High@L4.1
32 Mbps
Yes frame, video
960p 1280 × 960, 4: 3 one hundred AVC High@L4.2
32 Mbps
Wide Yes frame, video
48 AVC High@L4.1
32 Mbps
Not frame, video
720p 1280 × 720, 16: 9 one hundred AVC High@L4.2
32 Mbps
Yes frame, video
fifty AVC High@L4.1
20 Mbps
Not frame, video
WVGA 848 × 480, 16: 9 240 AVC High@L4.2
32 Mbps
Wide Not frame, video

Here it is necessary to decipher what the column with the name “Protune” means. This shooting mode is activated in a separate item of Capture Settings, and there is a choice between automatic white balance, manual white balance (3000 K, 5500 K and 6500 K) and shooting in Cam RAW mode. The latter mode, apparently, allows you to get the picture as it is, without software color processing. We will deal with this Protune feature a little later.

You can also conclude from the table that some shooting modes allow the use of different frame rates. It is hardly necessary to convince the reader to always use the highest possible frame rate, especially when shooting fast-moving objects. And since we are considering an action camera, only such shooting is supposed.

Another burning question concerns the corners. Those that are now for some reason not indicated in degrees, but have a more understandable designation: Wide (Ultra-wide), Medium (Medium) and Narrow (Narrow). Let’s try. clearly, of course. to see and evaluate the difference in the angles of view of the lens. As you can see from the above table, not every recording mode allows you to change the angle. Just two: 1080p and 720p. In general, these formats are the most popular today, so in the future we will start shooting in the older one, 1080p. With the highest possible frame rate, of course.

The prepared scene is a semicircle outlined around the tripod on which the camera is mounted (for convenience, a monitor with HDMI input was used in conjunction with the camera). Along the semicircle there are plates with numbers. these are degrees (the measurements were made with an error of 2-5 °, which does not interfere with determining the width of the angle of view more or less accurately).

What’s the verdict? It looks like in Wide mode the camera has a 150 ° angle of view, in Medium mode this angle reaches 110 °, and in Narrow mode it narrows down to 80 °. The most preferable is the medium mode, Medium. And the field of view is wide enough to cover the main scene, and at the same time, geometric distortion does not hurt the eye as much as in the maximum Wide mode.

By the way, about distortions. How do I fix them? The answer is unlikely to please: it is difficult to overcome this distortion. However, it is possible. For example, in Photoshop. Don’t be surprised, this program works well with video (Video Processing in Adobe Photoshop: Part 1, Part 2). There is also a way to correct distortion using open source software: the Barrel Distortion filter for VirtualDub. Unfortunately, in both cases, the video will have to be re-encoded or repackaged before processing into a format that is understood by the corresponding programs (Photoshop and VirtualDub).

However, you can do without preliminary re-encoding or writing AVISynth scripts. So, in After Effects there are several ways to partially overcome distortion, here is one of them:

As we have already seen, the camera in question has a rather big MOS-matrix. In this regard, it is quite reasonable to expect an eerie rolling shutter from her. We will check this too, we will remove the passing vehicles in different modes.

If there is a rolling shutter, then it is so weak that it does not attract attention even in the maximum 4K mode. Not every camera is capable of this.

WVGA mode also promises a lot of benefits. Recall: shooting in this mode is carried out at a frequency of as much as 240 frames per second. Slowing down such a video by 10 times, you can get a result that is rare in terms of effectiveness. Let the following scenes be quite commonplace, but the potential of such a shooting is not difficult to understand.

Now, as planned, let’s take a look at the Protune shooting mode. The manufacturer promises that the video shot in this mode lends itself much better to color correction. let’s make a preliminary conclusion that the Protune mode allows you to shoot with an increased dynamic range. To confirm this theory, we will conduct another experiment: we will shoot a contrasting scene.

What is the technical difference between these modes? Does the camera in Protune mode manage to encode video with a higher bit rate? No, in reality everything turns out to be much simpler. The files differ only in bitrate (with Protune enabled, it is one and a half times higher) and GoP length (Group of Pictures, 15 frames in normal mode and 8 frames in Protune mode). Below is the keyframe rate in both cutscenes.

As for color correction, it is not just possible, but necessary. The reader has already noticed that the camera is noticeably “yellow”. In any scene, wherever and in whatever conditions it was filmed, a yellowish bloom is clearly visible. The lens coating may be to blame for this. Be that as it may, but getting rid of yellowness is simply necessary. It’s easy to do in any video editor.

Due to the presence of the loop recording mode in the camera, the device can be used as a car DVR. True, in order to simultaneously shoot video and recharge the camera, a box with open interface holes is needed. after all, the camera itself does not have any fixtures for mounting, it can be attached to anything only under one condition: when it is in the box.

Having considered these videos and still frames, we can say with confidence: in terms of detail, none of the existing car DVRs can be compared with this video camera.

Time-lapse photography is only possible in photo mode: the camera is capable of creating photos of a user-specified size at the following intervals: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds. Thanks to this mode, it is possible to get a rather beautiful video sequence by combining photos in a video editor.

A lucky chance made it possible to test the camera in question in underwater photography. Of course, in an artificial reservoir. The result is quite expected: flawless operation in all modes and, most importantly, the almost complete disappearance of distortion. In principle, it is understandable: water is an excellent corrective lens.

The camera’s photographic ability is worthy of respect, but only in terms of excellent detail. Among the shortcomings. of course, the wrong geometry and the absence of the small depth of field and, accordingly, the “bokeh”, so beloved by many photographers (or those who consider themselves to be a photographer).

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

But let us leave bureaucratic obstacles to those who, by the nature of their activities, are called upon to overcome them. After all, there is a much more interesting reason for the article:


The software built into the camera on an external monitor looks much more convenient and logical than on the screen of the camera itself. If not for one thing: navigation through the menu is possible only in one direction. forward. There is one hell of a button missing that would allow you to go back instead of scrolling through the menu over and over again with the risk of missing again.

The camera’s wireless adapter creates an access point with a specific name when you turn on the GoPro App mode. To control the camera using a smartphone or tablet, you need to install the GoPro App on your smartphone (there are versions for both iOS and Android), connect the device to the specified point and launch the installed application.

It is a pity, but this application did not really work on our existing Android devices. Three different devices were tested: a smartphone, a tablet and a media player running Android 4.0. The connection was established, the application was launched, but it did not go further than this: despite the seemingly confident connection and even the appearance of a video stream in the viewing window, the application stops working after a few seconds, displaying a message on the screen about the need to check Wi-Fi for correct connection. Why check it, if the camera even manages to display the picture. it is not clear. We hope this flaw will be eliminated soon.

No matter how much we would like to evaluate the work of the application in the version for iOS, we do not have such a device in the foreseeable environment.

Forgot Wi-Fi password on GoPro, how to reset?

GoPro is a popular camera with incredible features. GoPro uses the GoPro App to sync GoPro videos between the camera and external devices such as laptop, smartphones, etc. To share your story captured with a GoPro camera on social media, you need to prepare a bunch of GoPro videos first. GoPro videos must be edited and then converted into a stunning video or image before they can be posted on social media. To create a complete work from your videos, you need to first transfer files from your GoPro camera to external devices such as smartphones or desktop computer via GoPro Wi-Fi on Wi-Fi enabled GoPro cameras.

GoPro creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot that you can use to connect the camera to external devices such as mobile devices and laptops, import files and preview live streams from external devices. When you connect your devices from the GoPro App to the GoPro Wi-Fi network, you can check the preview and transfer files directly from the camera to your mobile device. To start the process, you first need to connect your GoPro camera to devices such as smartphones or laptops.

Resetting your GoPro Wi-Fi password is pretty simple. The instructions differ depending on your camera model. In this article, we summarize the procedures for resetting your GoPro Wi-Fi password depending on your camera model.

  • Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO7 Black, Silver White
  • Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO6 Black / HERO5 Black / Hero (2018)
  • Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO5 Session
  • Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO4 Silver Black
  • Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro Hero / HERO4 Session

GoPro Wi-Fi has a default password and you can change the Wi-Fi password for security shortly after registration. However, there may be times when you do not remember the Wi-Fi password and this makes it worse when your GoPro Wi-Fi login is no longer stored on devices. The Wi-Fi system, which is an important part of the camera for pairing the camera with external devices for file transfer, the only way to fix this problem is to reset the Wi-Fi password on the GoPro.

1] Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO7

Resetting your GoPro Wi-Fi password is pretty simple. The instructions differ depending on your camera model. In this article, we summarize the procedures for resetting your GoPro Wi-Fi password depending on your camera model.

Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO7 Black, Silver White
Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO6 Black / HERO5 Black / Hero (2018)
Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO5 Session
Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO4 Silver Black
Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro Hero / HERO4 Session
GoPro Wi-Fi has a default password and you can change the Wi-Fi password for security shortly after registration. However, there may be times when you do not remember the Wi-Fi password and this makes it worse when your GoPro Wi-Fi login is no longer stored on devices. The Wi-Fi system, which is an important part of the camera for pairing the camera with external devices for file transfer, the only way to fix this problem is to reset the Wi-Fi password on the GoPro.

1] Reset Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO7 Black, Silver and White

  • On your camera, swipe down on the home screen
  • Go to Preferences and select Connections
  • Now click on Reset Connections.

The GoPro will then create a new password. You can also change the camera name while pairing with the GoPro app after reset.

2] Reset Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO6 Black / HERO5 Black / Hero (2018)

  • On your camera, swipe down on the home screen
  • Go to connection and select Reset connections
  • Now click on the reset button

The GoPro will then create a new password. You can also change the camera name while pairing with the GoPro app after reset.

3] Resetting the Wi-Fi password on a GoPro HERO5 session

  • Turn off the camera and press the menu button to turn on the status screen.
  • Press the Menu button continuously until the Connection Settings option appears.
  • Press the shutter button to select connection settings
  • Now constantly press the “Menu” button until the option “Reset Connections” appears.
  • Press the shutter button to select Reset Connections
  • Press the menu button to select Yes
  • Press the shutter button to select Yes
  • The GoPro will then create a new password.

It’s worth noting that the steps above will reset your camera to factory settings.

4] Reset Wi-Fi Password on GoPro HERO4 Silver Black

  • On your camera, press and hold the settings button until you see the WI-FI Mode options.
  • Hold the setting button and simultaneously press the power / mode button on the front of the camera.
  • Release the Power / Mode Button.
  • In the “Reset Wi-Fi Settings” option, click “Reset”.

The GoPro will then create a new password. You can also change the camera name while pairing with the GoPro app after reset.

5] Resetting Wi-Fi Password on GoPro Hero / HERO4 Session

  • Turn on the camera and pair the camera with the GoPro app on your device.
  • Launch the GoPro app on your device and go to Settings.
  • Select camera information and click on option name

Now enter the new camera name and password. When setting a new camera name and new password, make sure it contains at least eight characters. The new password and name must not contain any special characters or non-English characters. When creating a new username or password, limit the characters 0… 9, A….Z, a… z, ”-”, “@” or “_” and do not reuse the factory password.

Update for February 2021:

We now recommend using this tool for your error. In addition, this tool fixes common computer errors, protects you from file loss, malware, hardware failures, and optimizes your PC for maximum performance. You can quickly fix problems with your PC and prevent other programs from appearing with this software:

  • Download PC Repair Optimizer Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista. Microsoft Gold Certified).
  • Click “Start Scan” to find Windows registry problems that may be causing PC problems.
  • Click “Fix All” to fix all problems.

HERO7 black, silver and white

This applies to all three HERO7 models: Black, Silver, and White. With these cameras, you can not only create your own WLAN password or assign a user-defined network name. Both are generated automatically.

To reset your HERO7 WLAN password, use the Back Screen menu to access it:

Settings Connections Connections Connections Connections Reset Connections

They will then be asked to confirm and reset and a quick sequential restart will be performed.

  • Press the Mode (Page) button to turn on the camera.
  • Press the Mode button several times until the setting icon (key) appears; press the shutter button (front) to enter the settings.
  • Press the shutter button three times to bring up the connection settings.
  • Press the Mode button several times until “RESET” is highlighted, then press the shutter button to select.
  • Press the mode button to highlight RESET, then press the shutter button to confirm and reset the camera connections.

Reset WI-FI password from GoPro

Resetting your Black Edition password is pretty easy. Just follow the instructions below.

  • From the GoPro main menu, pull down and tap Login.
  • Click on “Reset Connections”.
  • Your GoPro will now set a new password.
  • Make sure your camera is off.
  • Press the menu key to access the status screen.
  • Go to “Connection settings” by pressing the “Menu” button several times.
  • Go to “Connection settings” by pressing the shutter button.
  • Press the “Menu” button until “Reset Connections” is displayed.
  • Select “Reset Connections” by pressing the shutter button.
  • Press the Menu button to select Yes and press the Shutter button to select it.
  • A confirmation is displayed that the WI-FI was successfully reset. Use the default setting.

Please note that this operation will reset your camera to factory settings.

How To: Reset GoPro Wi-Fi Password

Are you desperate to connect to GoPro’s Wi-Fi network to check your images or stream live camera feed? I think almost everyone with a GoPro has had the inconvenience of forgetting their WI-FI password to connect to the GoPro app.

This is usually a quick reset and you are ready to go. But there was a lot of gnashing of teeth this time because the refresh and reset process did not work smoothly. Look for the microSD to SD card adapter retainer. see below!

Reset GoPro HERO WIFI Password. For those who failed to do so

Given the pain and suffering, we thought we would find a quick way to update your GoPro Hero WI-FI camera password without going through the entire firmware update process.

Set your GoPro camera name and password.

You should see two files on your SD card: “” and “update.11.txt” in the UPDATE folder (HERO3) or in the root folder (Hero3). If not, then you are mistaken somewhere, so check the steps described in the section above.

  • Open the file in a text editor. In Windows, just right click and select Open With, then select Notepad or similar.
  • Change the ssid field “GoProHero3” so that your camera will be called as you wish.
    Change the password field from “Password” to a new password.
    For instance:
  • Click Save. Do not press Enter or type unnecessary characters, except for the above changes.
  • Insert the SD card back into the camera and the update will continue with your new settings.

The GoPro app is now officially amazing. Quikstories magically syncs your GoPro sequences and automatically turns them into a fantastic video ready to share your story on social media. To get started with this phenomenon, you must find the default GoPro WI-FI password and connect the GoPro to your mobile.

CCNA, Web Developer, PC Troubleshooter

I am a computer enthusiast and IT practitioner. I have years of experience in the field of computer programming, troubleshooting and equipment repair. I am specialized in web development and database design. I also have CCNA certification for network design and troubleshooting.

How to reset Wi-Fi password on GoPro Hero 3 instructions for version 4

Once you connect via Wi-Fi to a GoPro from your smartphone and forget to save the data, you can get into an unpleasant situation when you reconnect. Especially if the name and password in the camera settings have been changed. How to reset Wi-Fi password on GoPro Hero 3 then? There are several ways.

Through camera settings

Unfortunately, this method only works with GoPro Hero 4 and above. The third generation does not support this option, so it is recommended to use the first two methods of the article to reset Wi-Fi data.

To restore default Wi-Fi settings:

  • Open device settings.
  • Go to the “Reset CAM” section.
  • Click “Reset Wi-Fi”.
  • Done, you can use the default parameters.

Official way

If the camera is not paired with the smartphone app for the first time, you need to update the Wi-Fi access data for the camera:

  • Go to the pages for Hero3 or Hero3. focusing on your own model.
  • Click “Update manually”.
  • On the page, enter the serial number and e-mail, and also agree with all the points on data collection and the license agreement.
  • Click on “Wi-Fi Update Only”, then click on “Next Step”.
  • In a new window, enter personalized data to access the Wi-Fi module.
  • Follow the steps below to complete the wireless update process by following the instructions in the software.

Fast way

If you make changes to the configuration files on the device, you can reset the forgotten password to the default. To do this, download the archive to your computer for your camera model:

  • GoPro Hero 3 (all editions).
  • GoPro Hero 3 Black.
  • GoPro Hero 3 Silver.

Next, connect the GoPro to a PC or install an SD card from it into the card reader:

  • Unpack the zip file you need.
  • Copy the contents of the archive to the root folder of the SD card:
  • For Hero 3, only paste the files into the root folder.
  • For Hero 3, paste the UPDATE folder with the contents to the root folder of the SD card. The UPDATE folder is required, otherwise it will not work.
  • Disconnect the camera from the PC, wait for it to turn off.
  • Turn on the camera. You will see the update process. After it turns off again.
  • Activate your GoPro. You can now connect to a wireless network from a smartphone with factory authorization data.
  • Default access point data:

    • Name– GoProHero.
    • Wi-Fi Password. GoProhero

    If the standard data does not suit you, you can register your own. Before loading files into the device memory, open the file “” and edit the following lines: “ssid”. “GoProHero”, “password”. “GoProhero”.

    The easiest way is described in the following

    Pairing the device with a smartphone

    The GoPro App allows you to control and watch recordings from the camera remotely. To set up camera interaction via a smartphone or tablet:

    • Install the GoPro App on your smartphone.
    • Press the “Mode” button to activate the camera.
    • Press the “Wi-Fi” button twice and “Shutter” once to enter the menu.
    • Press the Mode button again to go to GoPro App and press Shutter again to activate.
    • Now from your smartphone, open the Wi-Fi search, find the network that starts with “GoPro-BP-” and log in to it by entering the standard password “GoProhero”.
    • Enter other data for the access point, if they were changed earlier.
    • Done. Launch the GoPro App and control the camera, preview, play content and prepare it for publication on the web.

    GoPro Hero 3 didn’t think about resetting Wi-Fi settings to factory defaults. But in the next generation of the camera, this flaw was eliminated. For this version, there are only two options for resetting the wireless network settings: via the website and using the update configuration files with the specified default network data.

    Reset local account password in Windows 10 built-in tools

    In the latest versions of Windows 10, resetting your local account password is easier than it used to be. Now, when installing Windows 10, you ask three security questions that allow you to change your password at any time if you have forgotten it (but this option is not always possible to use).

    • After entering the password incorrectly, the “Reset password” item will appear under the input field, click it.
    • Indicate the answers to security questions.
    • Set a new Windows 10 password and confirm it.

    After that, the password will be changed and you will be automatically logged into the system (provided the correct answers to the questions). If you did not ask security questions (in this case, you may be informed that this operation requires removable media) or do not know the answers to them, use the following method.

    If you need this information due to the fact that the Windows 10 password that you set for some reason does not work, I recommend that you first try to enter it with Caps Lock on and off, in the Russian and English layouts. this may help. If the text description of the steps seems complicated, there is also a video instruction in the section about resetting the password of a local account in which everything is clearly shown.

    The second option to reset the Windows 10 password (with the command line already running, as described above)

    To use this method, you must have Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise installed on your computer. Enter the command net user Administrator / active: yes (for the English or manual version of Windows 10, use Administrator instead of Administrator).

    Either immediately after the successful execution of the command, or after restarting the computer, you will have a user choice, select the activated administrator account and log in under it without a password.

    After logging in (the first logon takes some time), right-click on “Start” and select “Computer Management”. And in it. Local Users. Users.

    Right-click on the username for which you want to reset the password and select the “Set password” menu item. Read the warning carefully and click “Continue”.

    Then set a new password for the account. It is worth noting that this method fully works only for local Windows 10 accounts. For a Microsoft account, you must use the first method, or, if this is not possible, logging in as an administrator (as just described), create a new computer user.

    Finally, if you used the second method to reset your password, I recommend returning everything to its original form. Disable the built-in administrator entry using the command line: net user Administrator / active: no

    And also delete the utilman.exe file from the System32 folder, and then rename the utilman2.exe file to utilman.exe (if this cannot be done inside Windows 10, then, as well as initially, you will have to enter the recovery mode and perform these actions in the command line (as shown in the video above). Done, now your system is in its original form, and you have access to it.

    Reset Windows 10 password without programs

    To begin with, about two ways to reset Windows 10 password without third-party programs (only for a local account). In both cases, you will need a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10, not necessarily with the same version of the system that is installed on your computer.

    The first method consists of the following steps:

    • Boot from a bootable Windows 10 flash drive (Ways to make a bootable Windows 10 flash drive will have to be performed somewhere on another computer), then in the installer press the ShiftF10 keys (Shift Fn F10 on some laptops). Command Prompt will open.
    • In the command line, type regedit and press Enter.
    • The Registry Editor will open. In it, in the left pane, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and then from the menu select “File”. “Load Hive”.
    • Specify the path to the file C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ SYSTEM (in some cases the letter of the system drive may differ from the usual C, but the required letter can be easily identified by the contents of the drive).
    • Set a name (any) for the loaded hive.
    • Open the downloaded registry key (will be under the given name in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE), and in it the Setup subkey.
    • On the right side of the Registry Editor, double-click on the CmdLine parameter and set the value to cmd.exe
    • Change the value of the SetupType parameter to 2 in the same way.
    • In the left part of the Registry Editor, select the section whose name you specified in the 5th step, then select “File”. “Unload Hive”, confirm unloading.
    • Close Registry Editor, Command Prompt, Setup and reboot your computer from your hard drive.
    • When the system boots, the command prompt will open automatically. In it, enter the net user command to view the list of users.
    • Enter the command to set a new password for the desired user. If the username contains spaces, enclose it in quotation marks. If you want to remove the password, enter two quotation marks in a row (no space between them) instead of the new password. I strongly advise against typing a password in Cyrillic.
    • At a command prompt, type regedit and navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ Setup registry key
    • Remove the value from the CmdLine parameter and set the SetupType value to 0.
    • Close Registry Editor and Command Prompt.

    As a result, you will be taken to the login screen, and the password for the user will be changed to the one you need or deleted.

    Reset Microsoft account password online

    If you are using a Microsoft account, and a computer on which you cannot log in is connected to the Internet (or you can connect from the lock screen by clicking on the connection icon), then a simple password reset on the official website is fine for you. At the same time, you can follow the described steps to change the password from any other computer or even from your phone.

    • First of all, go to the page, on which select one of the items, for example, “I forgot my password”.
    • After that, enter your email address (it can also be a phone number) and verification characters, and then follow the instructions to restore access to your Microsoft account.
    • Provided that you have access to the email or phone to which the account is linked, the process will not be complicated.
    • As a result, you will have to connect to the Internet on the lock screen (using the connect button at the bottom right) and enter a new password.

    If you do not have the ability to change your Microsoft account password online, you can proceed as follows: go to the instructions on how to reset the password without programs, follow all steps up to and including 10, and then create a new local user in the command line, give him rights administrator and log in as this user, a separate instruction will help with this: How to create a Windows 10 user.

    Changing the password for a user using the built-in Administrator account

    To use this method, you will need one of the following: Live CD with the ability to download and access the computer’s file system, a recovery disk (flash drive) or a Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7 distribution kit. I will demonstrate the use of the latter option. that is, resetting the password using the tools Windows recovery on an installation flash drive. Important note: in recent versions of Windows 10, the following method may not work.

    The first step is to boot from one of the specified drives. After loading and the screen for selecting the installation language appears, press the Shift F10 keys. this will bring up a command line. If nothing like this appears, you can on the installation screen, after selecting the language, select the item “System Restore” at the bottom left, then go to Troubleshooting. Advanced options. Command line.

    In the command line, enter the commands in order (after entering, press Enter):

    • diskpart
    • list volume

    You will see a list of partitions on your hard drive. Remember the letter of the partition (it can be determined by the size) on which Windows 10 is installed (it may not be C at the moment, when starting the command line from the installer). Enter the Exit command and press Enter. In my case, this is drive C, and I will use this letter in the commands that should be entered next:

    • move c: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe c: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman2.exe
    • copy c: \ Windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe c: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe
    • If everything went well, enter the wpeutil reboot command to reboot the computer (you can also reboot in another way). Boot from your system drive this time, not from a bootable flash drive or disk.

    Note: if you did not use the installation disk, but something else, then your task, using the command line, as described above or by other means, is to make a copy of cmd.exe in the System32 folder and rename this copy to utilman.exe.

    After loading, in the password entry window, click on the “Accessibility” icon at the bottom right. Windows 10 Command Prompt will open.

    At the command prompt, type net user username new password and press Enter. If the username consists of multiple words, use quotation marks. If you do not know the username, use the net users command to view a list of Windows 10 usernames. After changing the password, you can immediately log in with the new password.

    GoPro Hero 3 (Protune 2.0) What’s New

    So, with the new firmware release for GoPro Hero 3, it became possible to customize the Protune video modes in more detail. This is partially described on the official Cineform blog, but with your permission, I decided not to make a translation, but to understand the new capabilities of your GoPro Hero 3 BE with the accompanying field testing of all the newly made settings.

    If you haven’t updated your camera for a long time, then it’s time to do it. over, now the camera can be updated using a phone or tablet via WI-FI.

    To enable Protune, select Capture settings from the camera menu.

    Pressing the Mode button will take you to Protune mode.

    But now, when Protune is selected, it is offered not only to turn on / off, but also to reset (Reset) the Protune settings to default. This is due to the new settings that we can change to our taste.

    Next, an asterisk marks the default settings (if you turn on Protune). Field tests were conducted in this way: only the tested setting was changed, and the rest remained set by default.

    White balance

    Let’s dig a little better to understand why this setting is needed. So, if you look at a white sheet of paper lying on your table, then dim the light and look at it again, then for you it will still remain white, despite the fact that when the light is dimmed in the room, all objects become clearly dimmer or darker. Our eye can automatically adapt to the situation and regardless of the weather, we understand which colors of which color.

    Thus, white balance is how the camera “sees” white, and therefore all other colors in the photo.

    Accordingly, a digital camera, like our eye, can adapt to the surrounding conditions. this is the Auto mode. It works well enough, but the manual white balance control puts you in control of the color wheel of your recordings. What the standard setting of any camera looks like in terms of illumination:

    GoPro has the following settings:

    • Auto. auto mode. Works adequately enough.
    • 3000K. warm, soft light: sunrise / sunset, indoor.
    • 5500K. for light with a cool tint: daytime, fluorescent lamps.
    • 6500K. cold light: for example, in cloudy weather.
    • CAM RAW is the mode in which the camera records the maximum amount of data. Those. does not process the received signal (no white balance correction). This is necessary to make the video as flexible as possible for color adjustment at the post-production stage.

    Now let’s look at a live example of how white balance works.

    ISO (Light sensitivity)

    ISO allows you to get brighter footage when there is a lack of light, but noise is the price to pay. Because The size of the GoPro’s sensor is just tiny: 4000 x 3000 pixels, so it can’t store that much light. But ISO adjusts the sensitivity of the camera in the dark and tries to find a middle ground between the brightness of the frames and the amount of noise. The higher the ISO, the brighter and more detailed the footage will be, but the price to pay for this, as I said, will be noise. The lower the ISO, the darker the video, but less noise. ISO does not affect shutter speed!

    • 6400. Brighter video in low light, but more noise. For cameras with firmware up to HD3.11.02.00, this setting is the standard for Protune mode enabled.
    • 1600. Moderately bright footage with moderate amount of noise.
    • 400. Darker video, but minimal noise.

    ISO 6400


    This setting sets the degree of sharpness for your video. High parameters should be set if you do not plan to work with sharpness in the post-production stage. If you are planning, it is better to set the minimum value.

    • High. High definition video. This is actually the same level of sharpness as shooting without Protune.
    • Medium. Medium level of sharpness.
    • Low. The minimum level of sharpness, provides ample opportunities for editing in postproduction.

    By the way: for HERO3 Black Edition cameras with firmware versions up to HD3.11.02.00, with Protune enabled, the sharpness level was always set to Low. And of course it couldn’t be changed. Now, when Protune is on, the default is High.

    Color correction

    With this option you can customize the color profile of the video.

    GoPro Color. Same color settings as when Protune is off. Those. with this mode on, you get the same color picture as with off Protune (i.e. not faded), but at the same time you can adjust other settings for yourself (for example, sharpness or white balance). Useful setting if you want to avoid color grading in post production.

    Flat is a neutral profile. The picture looks faded, but at the same time it becomes convenient for subsequent color correction, where you can easily adjust the image to any color / style. If you are not going to bother with color correction, then it is better to use the previous GoPro Color setting (although on the other hand, in GoPro Studio there are a lot of different pre-configured color profiles that can be turned on in one click).

    By the way: for HERO3 Black Edition with firmware up to HD3.11.02.00, the only color setting with Protune enabled was the Flat profile.

    In fact, there are only three main settings that significantly affect the resulting video material: aperture (depth of field), shutter speed (blur) and ISO sensitivity (noise). Skillful use of them will allow you to get incredible shots.

    So we get the “exposure triangle”.

    Each of the parameters affects exposure in a different way:

    • ISO speed: controls the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to the amount of light
    • Aperture: controls the area through which light enters the camera
    • Shutter speed: controls the duration of the exposure

    So, it turns out that it remains to adjust these 3 settings to the situation and get excellent shots. But the aperture value in GoPro is constant. F2.8, the maximum that can be done is to reduce the sharpness of the frames (described below), and then programmatically make the depth of field in Adobe After Effects.


    Exposure affects the brightness of the video. Setting the shutter speed allows you to compensate for the lack of light (indoors) or vice versa to cut off excess light (a clear winter day).

    The setting changes from 2 to 2, with a step of 0.5:

    • 2.0
    • 1.5
    • 1.0
    • 0.5
    • 0.0
    • -0.5
    • -1.0
    • -1.5
    • -2.0

    By the way: the shutter speed changes within the set ISO level setting. If the brightness has already come close to the set ISO level, then increasing the shutter speed will have no effect on the video.

    For testing, I took only extreme settings: 2, 0.2. But for each parameter I made 3 tests: a dark room, a light window and a kettle on the street.

    Excerpt 2. Dark room. Exposure 0. Dark room. Excerpt. 2. A dark room.

    Excerpt 2. Light window. Exposure 0. Light window. Excerpt. 2. Light window.

    Excerpt 2. Teapot. Exposure 0. Teapot. Excerpt. 2. Kettle.

    I was pleased with the tests performed. GoPro Hero 3 has expanded its arsenal of settings, and we have even more options for capturing great shots!

    When reposting, please provide a link to the original article, thanks!

    P.S. Thanks to Kirill for the dacha provided for the tests!

    Standard Wi-Fi Password for GoPro Hero3 Cameras

    Your GoPro Hero3 camera’s default Wi-Fi password is GoProhero You can change the Wi-Fi name and password during the firmware update. If at the time of changing the username and password, the latest firmware is already installed, you need to flash the camera again.

    Who wants to reset the camera settings. look on YouTube, there are detailed instructions without registering the camera on the official website, they work!

    How to transfer videos from GoPro to your phone?

    Hello Maria.
    To transfer video from the camera to your phone, you need to go to the gallery in the GoPro app, select the desired photo or video, find the Download section and select the required quality. That’s it, after that the file will be downloaded to your phone.

    I don’t know the GoPro password. How can you find out?

    reset, password, gopro, hero

    With the GoPro App, the GoPro Hero3 camera does not want to connect using the standard password, it writes the wrong one. I never changed my password.

    In the latest firmware versions, the camera does not allow using the GoProhero password and offers to create a network name and a wi-fi password. Therefore, in all incomprehensible cases related to the connection of the camera and the application, we recommend updating the firmware along with the wi-fi parameters.

    Hello! and not a magician will connect an unjustified remote control to the GoPro 3. ?

    You need to turn on the Wi-Fi module and select the pair tab there, and then select WI-FI Rc

    Hello! I am trying to connect the camera to the application, but firstly, the camera does not have the “GoPro app” mode, and secondly, the phone does not see Wi-Fi. What to do?

    Hello Elina.
    GoPro App. application for smartphone / tablet. Wi-fi is enabled in the Hero4 camera settings. “RC App”. How to connect the camera to the application is shown in this video

    Hello Vlad.
    You cannot find out the password. Can only be changed via the GoPro App or via partial firmware.

    Hello Mikhail, the firmware can be changed in several ways: 1. Using the GoPro App for your phone or tablet. 2.Using GoPro Studio PC software. 3. Via the web interface at Instructions for updating your camera can be found here:

    Hello. I took GoPro Hero3 from my brother, my iPhone 5 does not see Wi-Fi from the camera 🙁 I tried to change the password according to your recommendations, but the fact is that I do not have an adapter for a microcard, so I cannot complete the changes.And the camera needs to be set up now. there are still options, how to do this? the camera rebooted, the phone too. maybe I’m doing something wrong?

    Hello Katerina. Instead of an adapter, you can use the camera itself. After flashing, do not forget to format the memory card.

    Hello Anya. Reset your password through the GoPro official website To do this, you need to enter the serial number of the camera and your e-mail. By clicking the Next Step button, the service will prompt you to update the firmware and Wi-Fi settings, or you can simply update the W-Fi settings and create a new password and camera name

    I connected the camera to a smartphone with a standard password, everything went well. The smartphone has changed, I can not connect to the new one, what if I did not change the password from the standard one, but it does not fit?

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