Reset iPhone / iPhone Passcode Using iTunes

Unlocking iPhone (iPhone screen) using iTunes is the most common method. It is suitable for those users who previously synchronized with iTunes and, accordingly, a backup copy of the data has been saved on the computer, which can be used to solve the problem with blocking.

The instruction is very simple, and if you have already been familiar with managing iTunes, then there should be no problems:

  • connect iPhone to computer via USB cable;
  • open the connected device in iTunes and click the “Restore iPhone” button.

Everything is done automatically, you do not need to confirm anything on your phone or computer.

How does blocking work?

The meaning of the protective function is simple. to make the device useless in the wrong hands. The owner includes a password in the smartphone settings, and no one else will have access to user files. The nuance is that after entering a certain number of incorrect passwords, the phone is completely locked. And even the owner himself will not be able to enter the digital code. Often, similar situations occur with children who like to play with their parents’ smartphones. Restarting the problem will not solve the problem; for each incorrect password entry, the counter increases until the next attempt. Therefore, simple waiting will not solve the problem, you will have to look for alternative options for bypassing the device lock.

Removing Activation Lock

The “Find iPhone” option has already been equipped with a new feature from the seventh software. iCloud Activation Lock. It automatically turns on when setting the first option and makes life much more difficult for users who have purchased an unlocked smartphone. Each time you activate this option, the smartphone will ask for the Apple ID and password.

Basically, the problem of removing Activation Lock affects users who have purchased a mobile gadget from Apple with their hands. It is known that resetting the settings, activating through other programs or resetting the settings in this case will not help in any way. And bypassing the lock is necessary to activate iCloud and start using your device normally.

Of course, you should never save money by buying such an expensive gadget unofficially, as you can run into fakes. It can be noted that when buying an iPhone from your hands, in order not to suffer with unlocking it, you need to check the full range of the device.

In order to remove the binding of the iPhone to the Apple ID of the previous owner, if, after all, the phone was purchased not unlocked, you need to follow certain recommendations that are associated with contacting Support:

Unlocking with iTunes

To restore access to a smartphone, you need to have a personal computer and iTunes, which is part of the software for Apple gadgets, at hand. Yes, it was created for storing and playing music tracks, but it is extremely useful for unlocking a smartphone.

  • Connect the locked smartphone to the computer in the firmware reinstallation and update mode. To do this, simply hold down the Power Off button and the Home button at the same time for ten seconds. If iPhone 7 iOS 11 and higher: after connecting to iTunes, turn off the iPhone, then hold down the power button for 3 seconds, without releasing the power button, press the volume down button, hold them together for 10 seconds, then release the power button and hold the volume down button for another 5 seconds ;
  • So, after this time, the smartphone will start to reboot, and then turn on in a special mode. This can be easily understood. the Apple logo and the iTunes icon will be displayed on the screen;
  • After all the actions have been completed in iTunes, a window will appear in which you need to select one of the items;
  • It should be borne in mind that this action will delete all data that was stored on the mobile device. But immediately after that, access to it will be restored;
  • As soon as this is done, a dialog box will appear on the screen. click on the “Restore” item.

How to unblock via iCloud

Removing a lock from an iPhone through the iCloud service is a method similar to the previous one, but with a slightly different algorithm. This path is suitable only for those users who have enabled the “Find iPhone” function while using a mobile device. Without it, it remains only to return to the previous method and try it.

If the option was connected, then everything turns out to be even simpler. In an Internet browser open on a computer, just go to the iCloud service page and log in using your data. After that, you will need to use the search function for a mobile gadget, and the system will almost instantly detect it. After that, the item “Erase iPhone” will appear, which will unlock the system. Again, all data, photos and other information will be erased from the smartphone’s memory.

How To Unlock Iphone 5

important than the question “How to unlock iPhone 5?” maybe just “Why is iPhone 5 locked?”. There are three main reasons for this. In other words, “locked” means three different states of the phone. Search engines give out a mountain of information on unblocking requests. However, the sites on the first pages of Yandex and Google only partially reveal the topic. We hope this article is a complete guide for you.

  • The user has forgotten the numeric password for the device;
  • The phone is locked for a mobile operator;
  • ICloud mode activated.

Recovery through security questions

On the same page, when choosing a password recovery method, the system offers to answer security questions. This method is suitable in cases where there is no access to the additional mailbox. Select the item “Answer security questions”. a window with forms will open, where you will have to enter answers. Questions are asked by the user when registering an account, so it is recommended to indicate what is difficult to forget. the names of pets, car brands, street names or the names of relatives. If the owner answers the questions correctly, instructions for recovering an Apple ID will open.

Recovery via email

If the owner has access to the linked e-mail, then it will not be difficult to restore the Apple account. To do this, open the Apple ID page in any browser. The authorization form provides a link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” Find the item “Password reset“. In the window that opens, the owner will be offered several options for resetting the password, to receive an email, select the appropriate option. Wait for the letter, and then follow the instructions in it. If the email has not arrived, please check the correctness of the specified address or request to resend the email.

Factory reset from iTunes phone

All settings and all data will be erased completely, but after rebooting you will get back control of your smartphone.

Launch iTunes on your computer. Turn on your iPhone as follows:

On iPhone 8 and up: Press the volume up button and release, volume down and release, then hold down the power button and turn off the device. Keep the power button pressed and connect iPhone to PC.

On iPhone 7: Hold down the volume down and power button and turn off the smartphone without releasing the power button connect the iPhone to the PC.

On iPhone 6s and below: Hold the Home and Power button and turn off without releasing the Power button connect to PC.

Reset or remove forgotten password on ANY iPhone/iPad or iPod (2020)

Select the “Recovery Mode”. The device will reboot, clearing all data and resetting passwords.

Via iTunes from a backup to iTunes

If you have previously synced iPhone with iTunes and made a backup, then resetting your password will be easy using this method. With it, all your files and contacts will remain on your smartphone.

Launch iTunes on your computer, connect your smartphone and wait until it is detected in the program and synchronized. If this does not happen, then select the device manually and do the synchronization yourself.

In the “Backups” section, click the “Recover from a copy” button and specify it. After completion of the process. access to the phone will be returned.

Resetting the password via iCloud

We will erase all data from the phone and the password itself. The main thing is that the function. the iPhone locator is turned on in the smartphone itself and there is an Internet connection

How to unlock iphone when forgot password

Go to the address., click on your phone icon on the map or in the device menu at the top. Three options will appear, we need. “Erase iPhone”.

Everything stored on the iPhone will be erased, and you can set it up again or restore it from an iCloud backup, if any.

If you forgot your Apple ID and / or password from it

Go to the address.!page=signin. Click on the link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” Enter your Apple ID, if you don’t remember it, then use the link to find it.

reset, iphone, forgot, passcode

Then follow the instructions, you will be asked to enter your mobile number, the answer to the security question, or you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password.

How to reset the password counter

It does not always work, so be careful, as it was already written above, after 10 attempts the device will be locked forever.

To reset the counter, simply connect iPhone to PC, launch iTunes and sync.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password

Smartphones and tablets from Apple are among the most secure and secure devices, the system always asks the user to come up with a complex password to unlock.

And, it is not always possible to remember it, especially during the initial setup of the device. Therefore, the problem often arises. the iPhone is locked, how to unlock it so that it is desirable that all the data remains on it.

From the past, you already know how to clear the cache on an iPhone. Today we will look at how to unlock iPhone from the phone itself and through iTunes.

Important! Do not enter the wrong password many times, after the tenth attempt, the iPhone or iPad will simply be locked forever and it will be almost impossible to unlock it.

If there is no access to mail, the phone was not tied to Apple ID

We’ll have to talk to Apple tech support. Go to the address., write to them what happened, attach proof that the iPhone is really yours. preferably a purchase receipt. Others may ask.

You will definitely be answered and most likely they will reset your login information, so that you can log in.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your lock screen password

Important! You can unlock iPhone if you do not remember the PIN code only by resetting all phone data and provided that you know the data from Apple ID. In other cases, this cannot be done.

Always sync your phone data with iCloud, it can help out in the most unexpected situation like this one. Even if everything has to be reset to factory settings. the data is quickly synchronized, and you won’t even feel the loss.

How to unlock your iPhone if you forgot your password?

Hello friends! Not so long ago I bought my own wife an iPhone 7, but she is a forgetful lady and there was a problem: how to unlock the iPhone if I forgot the password? At that moment, I realized what the next topic of my article would be.

Despite the fact that most iPhone models have finger scanners, almost everyone continues to use digital passwords out of habit. There are also owners of phone models 4 and 4s, which do not have a built-in fingerprint scanner. Plus there is the possibility of glitches in the scanner. This is precisely why thousands of people are still faced with the problem of a forgotten password.

1.1. Using iTunes with prior sync

If the owner forgot the password on the iPhone, this is the recommended method. The foresight in the recovery business is extremely important and if it is lucky for you to have a backup copy of the data, no problems should appear.
For this method, the computer on which the device was previously synchronized is useful.

Using a USB cable, connect the phone to the PC and wait until it appears in the list of devices.

Open iTunes. If at this step the phone starts asking for a password again, try to connect it to another PC or use the recovery mode. As a last resort, you will have to postpone the question of how to unlock the iPhone and return the passcode first. Learn more about it in method 4. Do not forget to check if you have the latest version of the program, if you need to update the program here.

Now you need to wait, some time iTunes will sync the data. This process can take several hours, but it’s worth it if you need the data.

When iTunes says sync is complete, select “Recover Data from iTunes Backup”. Implementing backups is the easiest thing to do if you forget your iPhone password.

The program will show a list of your devices (if there are several) and backups with their creation date and size. Creation date and size determine how much information remains on the iPhone, configurations made since the last backup will also be reset. Therefore, choose the most recent backup.

If it is not fortunate for you to have a pre-made backup copy of the phone or the data is not necessary for you, read the article below and choose another method.

1.2. How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

This method only works if you have the Find iPhone function set up and activated. If you are still asking a question about how to get your iPhone password back, use any of the other 5 methods.

First of all, you need to follow the link from any device, no matter whether it is a phone or a computer.
2. If before this you did not log into the website and did not save your password, at this step you will need to enter your Apple ID profile information. If you forgot your account password, go to the last section of the article on how to reset your iPhone password for Apple ID.
3. At the top of the screen, you will see a list of All Devices. Click on it and select the device you need, if there are several.

Click “Erase (device name)”, this way you will erase all phone data, along with its password.

The phone is now available to you. You can return it from an iTunes or iCloud backup, or set it up again as if you just bought it.

Important! Even if the service is activated, but at the same time access to Wi-Fi or the mobile web is disabled on the phone, this method will not work.

Without a web connection, most of the methods on how to hack iPhone passwords will not work.

1.5. By installing the latest firmware

This method is reliable and works for the vast majority of users, but asks for the selection and download of firmware, which weighs 1-2 Gigabytes.

Attention! Carefully choose the source for downloading the firmware. If there is a virus inside it, it can completely break your iPhone. You won’t be able to figure out how to unlock it. Do not ignore the warnings of the antivirus program and do not download files with the extension.exe

Using a computer, find and download the firmware for your iPhone model with the.IPSW extension. This extension is the same for all models. For example, almost all official firmware can be found here.

Enter Explorer and move the firmware file to the folder at C: Documents and Settings username you are using Application DataApple ComputeriTunesiPhone Software Updates.

Now connect your device to PC via USB cable and enter iTunes. Go to your phone section (if you have multiple devices). Each model will have a full technical name and you just find your.

Press CTRL and “Restore iPhone”. You will see the opportunity to select the firmware file that you downloaded. Click on it and click “Open”.

Now it remains to be expected. Eventually, the password will be reset along with your data.

1.6. Using a special program (only after jailbreak)

Attention! At the moment the program works only on 64-bit systems.

reset, iphone, forgot, passcode

Download the program on the website and install it on your computer.

Connect your device to PC via USB cable. after a while the program will recognize it.

Open the program window and press the “SemiRestore” button. You will see the process of clearing devices from data and password in the form of a green bar. Wait, mobile might restart.

When the runner “crawls” to the end, you can use the phone again.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password: 6 ways

After the tenth test, the beloved iPhone is locked forever. The company is trying to very much protect the owners of the phone from data hacking, so it is quite difficult to return the password, but there is such an opportunity. In this article for us, we will give as many as 6 methods of how to unlock an iPhone if you forgot your password.

Important! If you have not done any synchronization of your data before attempting to reset, all of them will be lost.

1.4. Using recovery mode

This method will work even if you have never synced with iTunes or turned on the function to find your iPhone. When using it, both the device data and its password will be deleted.

Connect iPhone via USB to any PC and open iTunes.

After that, you need to hold down two buttons at once: “Sleep” and “Home”. Keep them for a long time, even when the device starts to reboot. For you, you need to wait for the recovery mode window. On iPhone 7 and 7s, hold down two buttons: Sleep and Volume Down. Hold them just as long.

You will be offered to return or update your phone. Select recovery. The device can exit the recovery mode, if the process is delayed, then repeat all steps again 3-4 times.

At the end of the recovery, the password will be reset.


If none of the above options worked, the user who forgot the password can unlock the iPhone by flashing the device. To do this, you need to download the appropriate firmware (IPSW file), select the “Restore iPhone” option in iTunes and specify the downloaded file as source. Upon completion, the owner will receive an unlocked phone with the latest firmware; in order not to lose data, it is recommended to sync the iPhone with the computer before the main procedure.

Reset counter

When the number of password attempts has been exceeded, and the iPhone owner does not want to admit that he forgot the code, and wants to make efforts further, it makes sense to reset the counter. As in the previous case, the iPhone or iPad must be connected to the global network. otherwise, this method will not give any results. To reset the attempt counter, you just need to connect your iPhone to iTunes using the previously described method. Immediately after synchronization, the value will reset to zero. and the user will have several more opportunities to boast of memory.

Important: the iPhone counter is not reset to zero by a simple reboot. no matter how many on / off cycles are performed, the owner who has forgotten the password and wants to unlock the phone using a “civilized” method will have to use synchronization.

Recovery mode

If the iPhone or iPad is locked, there is no desire to guess the password, and to lose all data. even more so, a user with access to iTunes can try to unlock the device in the following way:

  • Connect, as described in the first method, the phone to the program.
  • Hold down, depending on the version of the operating system, the buttons “Sleep” and “Home” or “Sleep” and “Decrease the volume” and do not release them until the iPhone, after rebooting, enters the Recovery mode.
  • Choose to restore iPhone or iPad and wait for the process to complete.

As a result, the password will be reset, and access to the phone will be restored in full.

ICloud service

When the iPhone or iPad is locked, the owner does not have a special need for the data stored on it, and the “Find iPhone” option is enabled in the “Icloud” online service, you can use this option. it is quite simple and requires, like the previous one, a computer connected to the Internet and a USB cable. The user will be able to reset the password that he forgot, but all files will be lost, and there will be no way to undo the deletion.

To unlock your iPhone using iCloud, you need to:

  • Follow the link and log in to your personal account. If you have lost your login information, you will have to look for ways to recover your Apple ID password. otherwise you will not be able to remove the lock using this method.
  • Go to the “All devices” list and select the iPhone or iPad on which you want to disable the code request.
  • Find the “Erase” button and click on it. the action will destroy all information stored on the phone, including password settings.

Now the user can either set up the iPhone again, or, by logging into iTunes, restore data from the last backup.

Important: even if the computer and iPhone are connected using a USB cable, without an Internet connection enabled on the device, it will not be possible to remove the restriction on entry using this method.


Synchronization via the iTunes application makes it possible to clear the memory on the iPhone without losing data: they all remain on the computer. Using the same option, using the previous saved version, you can unlock the iPhone if it is locked and the password is safely forgotten.

Important: if no data was backed up in iTunes before locking, you will be able to unlock your iPhone or iPad, but all user data stored on your phone will be irretrievably lost.

That is why it is recommended to synchronize regularly. at least once a week. The process does not take much time and does not require any tension from the owner, but in case of trouble, you can unlock the phone in just a couple of minutes.

All you need to unlock an iPhone or iPad using iTunes is a phone or tablet, a personal computer with the program installed and a USB cable through which the devices interact.

To unlock your iPhone if you’ve forgotten your password, you need to:

  • Launch “iTunes” and, if necessary, log into your account. By entering an email address and code, the user will have access to previously synced files.
  • Connect your phone with a cable. If the computer does not see the iPhone, it is worth trying to unplug the cord and plug it in again. usually the problem is related to a poor connection or loose contacts.
  • Wait for iTunes to “recognize” the phone. At this stage, the user may face the same restriction: if the connected iPhone or iPad still asks for a password, you need to leave attempts to throw off the access code in this way and go to the next.
  • If the iPhone does not try to lock, you should start the synchronization and wait until the process is complete. it can take up to several hours, depending on the amount of memory and the speed of data exchange.
  • Now, to unlock your iPhone if you forgot your password, you need to click on the “Restore data from backup” button. If there are several saved options, you should select the newest one from the previous setting or changing the access code.
  • As a result, the user will receive an iPhone or iPad with somewhat outdated data. but the device can still be used, and it is recommended that the newly set password, in order to avoid new problems, be written down on paper and stored in a safe place.

Important: do not attempt to “hack” the iPhone with your own hands using any third-party programs that promise a 100% result.

What to do if you forgot your iPhone password?

An Apple fan who already knows how to synchronize an iPhone with a computer and knows how to create an account in the “cloud” should not relax: surprises from the manufacturer await at every step, and the most unpleasant of them is the inability to access the device if you forgot your password. Solving the problem without making an effort will not work. but the loss of time can be minimized. The five easiest ways to unlock iPhone are listed below.

Summing up

There are five simple ways to unlock your iPhone if you forget your password. The user can start synchronization, completely clear the data, reset the counter of incorrect attempts, go to recovery mode or download a new firmware. all options are absolutely safe for the device. If none of them fit, you should contact the service center.