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If you decide to get rid of your old iPhone, be sure to delete all information. Hard reset will help with this. In the article we will tell you how to make a Hard Reset on iPhone 6, we will analyze the main methods.

Each Apple phone model has its own data cleansing algorithm. The new versions use the keys for changing the volume, as well as turning on / off the phone. Full cleaning is slightly different on 6th models. About this in the next paragraph.

Restoring iPhone with Home

First, put the gadget in full shutdown mode. Then follow the instructions.

  • Hold the Home key.
  • Use Lighting to connect the iPhone to the computer, “Home” should remain clamped.
  • You will see the iTunes icon on the display. Your device is plunged into recovery mode.
  • Launch iTunes and click “Restore iPhone”.

How to solve the problem through iTunes if you forgot your password

ITunes is considered to be one of the most multifunctional devices for Apple, which helps to quickly and easily restore a locked iPhone. But it is enough just to enter the wrong code several times in a row or use the biometric scanner incorrectly for the phone to go out completely. Therefore, in such situations, it always makes sense in a PC with iTunes installed on it.

At the same time, for the recovery itself through the application, the following step-by-step algorithm of actions is provided:

  • Connect the smartphone to the PC via the supplied cable.
  • Try to force restart the gadget by quickly pressing the plus and minus of the volume control (relevant for models “8”, “8 Plus” and older). If you use earlier versions, such as “6s”, then it makes sense to simultaneously hold down two keys at once. “Home” and “Power / Volume”. But the activation of an extinct iPhone in almost all devices is carried out in the same way, or to be more precise, by pressing and holding the side controller for a long time.
  • If the iPhone has been restored to its senses, then you should select the restore option and synchronize, along the way agreeing to save the previously made backup file copies in the device’s memory.

At the final stage, the phone is reconfigured, after which it will not hurt to write out the saved code and password in some notebook or diary, so that one not very fine day the user does not have to restore this data again.

5 Working Ways to Factory Reset iPhone

To protect products, Apple is increasingly improving the security system of manufactured devices. IDs, passwords, security questions, touch IDs and more are generated. But sometimes there is a need to reset the iPhone to factory settings by deleting all data (accounts, photos, videos, music, documents, biometrics).

It is necessary to carry out this operation if:

  • you prepare it for sale;
  • there is a malfunction of the operating system;
  • technical problems;
  • loss of a smartphone;
  • buying someone else’s iPhone.

Reset iPhone data

Remember to create a backup before starting the reset. This way you won’t lose your photos, videos and contacts after a data reset.

  • Open iPhone settings and select “General”.
  • Item “Reset” and then select “Erase content and settings”.

After restarting the gadget, it will have factory settings.

Stripping methods

Hard reset iPhone 6 with the “Home” and “Power” buttons is quick. The function allows you to bring the phone out of a frozen state. First, let’s analyze the restoration of the gadget using “Home”.

Method three, without iTunes (the device turns on)

You can also do a factory reset on the iPhone itself if you don’t have a computer. But this can be done only if the device turns on.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the device menu in the “Settings” “General” “Reset”.
  • Click “Erase Content and Settings”.
  • Enter your device password or Apple ID password to confirm.

Then wait for the settings to be erased. The device will be returned to factory condition.

If your iPhone turns on, we recommend that you back up your data before resetting.

Read more about iPhone:

How to reset iPhone to factory settings or make it work like new

One of my acquaintances is convinced that slowing down his iPhone 4S is part of Apple’s conspiracy. However, I disagree with this. Yes, Apple has released iOS updates that may have been a step in the wrong direction, such as with Apple Maps.

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And here’s what I suggest. First and foremost, be sure to take the time to get rid of unwieldy apps that you never use. To do this, go to Settings. Basic. Statistics and look at the list of applications installed on your iPhone. You will see that all applications are arranged in decreasing order of the total size borrowed on the device, which makes it easier to find and detect “serious violators of iPhone cleanliness”. I’m sure you will be surprised.

reset, iphone, factory, settings

I was equally surprised to find several gigabytes of podcasts stored on my phone. It turned out that my subscriptions were set to “never delete old episodes” and they just accumulated over months of use.

Games are another major source of clogging up your device. In fact, games are huge files and instead of uninstalling applications when we no longer need them, we usually try to hide them in a dedicated folder. This is why viewing the Statistics section is sometimes very useful. As soon as you find problematic applications, feel free to remove them. You can always download them again if you really need them. Also, if you find that the Photos application is high enough on the list, it means that it is time to back up your photos and transfer them to your computer.

reset, iphone, factory, settings

Now, if you restart your phone at this stage, you will already see significant improvements. However, there are a few more points that you should also pay attention to.

ATTENTION. The following is NOT permitted on a jailbroken iPhone. If you do not know about the presence of a jailbreak on your device, then try to find the Cydia application among the icons. If you have Cydia, it means there is a jailbreak.

Try resetting your system settings. This may sound scary, but don’t worry, this process won’t delete your content from your phone or disrupt the order of your carefully distributed apps. Go to Settings. Basic. Reset and select the topmost option “Reset All Settings”. If you want to delete all content on the device and return the iPhone to factory settings, click “Delete All Content and Settings”. Next, two warnings will appear to make sure you agree with the changes. After that, your phone will reboot and become as good as new.

So, these were some tips to improve the performance of your iPhone. Good work!

Be sure to check out our iFaq section, where you will find many secrets and useful instructions for iOS and OS X.

Hard reset the system “Hard reset”

A forced reboot can be done by hand, the main thing is to follow the instructions.

  • Hold down the Home and Power key.
  • After the appearance of “Yabloko”, the buttons can be released.
  • The process of complete cleaning of the device from personal information, photos and other files will begin.

Quit all services

Before restarting the gadget, exit all services and applications (log out):

  • Messengers (. Instagram, Viber and others)
  • iMessage and Face Time. to avoid problems with SMS delivery and communication in the future;
  • iCloud, iTunes, App Store. to restrict access to user personal information, saved documents, photos and videos, configurations, accounts.

Reset iPhone data

Remember to create a backup before starting the reset. This way you will not lose your photos, videos and contacts after a data reset.

  • Open iPhone settings and select “General”.
  • Item “Reset” and then select “Erase content and settings”.

After restarting the gadget, it will have factory settings.

Backing up your data

A backup copy of information allows you to quickly transfer it to a new device if you need a Hard Reset iPhone 6 S. The following steps will help you:

  • Go to iCloud settings on your device.
  • Click on “Backup”.
  • Slide the toggle switch for “Back up to iCloud”.

If you want to create a copy using iTunes, then follow these steps:

  • Turn on iTunes and connect the device to your computer using Lighting.
  • Once the iPhone is detected, go to the sync page.
  • Select iCloud. Optionally, you can create a password that will protect your personal information.
  • Confirm to start copying and wait.

IPhone is buggy? How to Factory Reset Your Apple iPhone or iPad

There are several reasons why you might want to factory reset your Apple iPhone or iPad, but not everyone knows how to do it safely. Before you go into the settings menu and hit erase, there are some things you need to be sure of. Factory reset cannot be canceled, so it’s important to get it right the first time!

Hard reset iPhone 6 with buttons

Hard Reset iPhone 6 with buttons will allow you to restore the device, return it to factory settings.

How to back up your data before you reset iPhone

There are two ways to back up your iPhone or iPad. via iCloud or iTunes, or on the iOS device itself. Both methods are pretty straightforward, and Apple iOS makes it pretty intuitive. Just follow the steps below to make a backup on your device.

  • Go to the iCloud menu on your device, it’s in the Settings section of iCloud, and then click Backup.
  • You will be able to see when the last backup was. Apple devices do this regularly when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Click “Back up now” to make an up-to-date backup of your data.
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To back up using iCloud to iTunes from PC or Mac, follow these steps.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac using a USB cable.
  • Click on the iPhone or iPad icon in iTunes and follow the onscreen instructions to back up.

How to reset your Google Home Smart speaker to factory settings?

Hold the mute button on a simple Google Home Smart speaker for 15 seconds. If you have a Google Home Mini, then you need to hold down the reset button under the power cable for the same 15 seconds. For Google Home Max, hold the reset button next to the power cable on the back for 12 seconds. Finally, on Google Nest Hub, you need to hold down the volume up and down buttons for 10 seconds.

How to Factory Reset iPhone or iPad

Resetting your iPhone or iPad to factory settings is a good way to fix problems and if you want to sell it or give it away.

In solving problems, resetting can be quite effective if your device is frozen or suffers from problems that you cannot determine.

Modern electronic devices are very complex and can glitch from time to time.

Resetting can fix random issues that cause the device to freeze on a loop, become sluggish, or otherwise degrade performance.

If you want to completely reset your device, then you need to take a few steps, first of all, make sure you have a backup.

If not, you can use iCloud or iTunes to create. For iCloud, go to Settings iCloud Backup and make sure the feature is turned on.

To use iTunes, you need to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using the charging cable.

Once you’re sure you’ve backed up your iPad or iPhone, you’re ready to perform a factory reset.

To perform a reset, go to Settings General Reset, then select Erase Content and Settings. After entering the password, if you have set it, a warning window will appear.

You will need to enter your Apple ID password to confirm the action, and then return to the initial settings, which you saw when you first used the device.

How to Hard Reset iPhone 7 Series

The hard reset process is slightly different for the iPhone 7 series. This is because the Home button is no longer a real button on these models. It is now a 3D Touch Panel. As a result, Apple changed how these models can be dumped.

Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Password [2020]

On iPhone Series 7, all steps are the same as above, except that you do not hold down the Home button.

Instead, you must simultaneously hold the Volume Down button and the Sleep button (sleep / wake).

The restart and hard reset instructions in this article work with the following models:

  • Restore to Factory Settings: If you want to wipe all data from your iPhone and start from scratch (this can fix some tough bugs, and also good if you’re going to sell your iPhone), try a Factory Restore.
  • Recovery mode. If your iPhone is stuck in a restart loop or can’t get past the Apple logo during startup, try iPhone recovery mode.
  • DFU Mode: When trying to downgrade your iOS or jailbreak your phone, you will need DFU mode (Disk Firmware Update).

Method one. hard reset directly from iPhone

  • Go to settings.
  • Click “General”.
  • Scroll to the very bottom and hit “Reset”.
  • Click “Erase All Content and Settings”.
  • Click Remove iPhone. iTunes (download it here) will start restoring your phone to its original state.
  • When the process is complete, your iPhone will reboot and you will be presented with a “Slide to Setup” welcome screen, such as when you turned on your iPhone for the first time.

How to properly reset iPhone. hard and soft and for all iOS versions

Even though it sounds scary, there may come a time when you need to reset your iPhone.

Just before we continue, it’s important to know that you can perform two different types of reset operations:

A soft reset is a simple reboot. This is useful when some of the applications are not responding as expected. It is also necessary if your phone cannot get important functions to work, for example, turning off the phone by pressing and holding the “Sleep / Wake” button.

Hard reset. completely erases all information on the phone, restoring it back to its factory state. This is usually useful if you plan to sell your phone or just want to start from scratch.

The steps listed below are based on iOS 7.1.1, but they apply to previous versions of iOS as well, with minor UI differences. Performing a soft reset is pretty straightforward.

  • Just press and hold both the Power and Home buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.
  • You can release both buttons after the Apple logo appears.
  • Your phone will go through the normal startup process.
  • You will be returned to your home screen.

I mentioned this above, but it’s worth mentioning again that a hard reset will completely delete all content from your iPhone.

Therefore, if you still have any contacts, photos or anything that you want to back up, please do so before following the steps below.

How to hard reset a Sonos Smart speaker?

The manufacturer does not recommend hard resetting a Smart speaker unless you are selling the device. Selling? Then unplug the speaker from the network, then reconnect, but with the Connect button held down, until the light blinks.

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proven options to reset iPhone settings

“Reset” on iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 4s, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and so on has many variations: basic reset, hard reset, hard reset, deleting all content, or restoring from a backup.

In this post, we will consider all the values. Make sure you know what type of reset you need before proceeding.

A basic reset solves many problems, but not all. In some cases. for example, when the phone is completely frozen and does not respond to pressing the Sleep / Wake button. you will need to reboot, which is called a hard reset.

A hard reset restarts the phone and refreshes the memory where apps are running (don’t worry, it doesn’t delete your data). you’ll have to start from scratch.

Most of the time, you won’t need a hard reset, but when you do, follow these steps:

  • With the phone screen facing you, simultaneously hold the Sleep / Wake button and the Home button in the lower center.
  • When the power off slider appears, do not release the buttons. Keep both of them until you see the screen go black.
  • Wait for the Apple logo to appear.
  • When this happens, you can let go. iPhone resets itself.

Via iTunes (device turns on)

If your iPhone is not severely damaged and can turn on, and you have a USB cable and a computer or laptop with iTunes installed, do the following:

  • Launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Under Settings [your name] iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. If iTunes requires you to enter a password or make this computer trusted, follow the instructions of the program.
  • When the device is displayed in the program, select it in the panel on the left.
  • On the Overview tab, click the Restore iPhone button.
    reset, iphone, factory, settings
  • In the pop-up window, click “Restore” again to confirm.

After that, the device will be cleared of your data and returned to factory settings, and the current version of iOS will be installed.

Using third-party software

You can use specialized programs to reset iPhone. They are done literally by pressing a few buttons. One of such programs. Tenorshare ReiBoot. It not only resets the settings, but updates the entire firmware. this is important if the smartphone has any “glitches”. Before starting work, ReiBoot needs to be installed on your computer, and then you need to connect the iPhone to the PC with a cable (preferably the original Apple Lightning. Then everything is quite simple.

Run the program and find the item “Reset device”.

reset, iphone, factory, settings

Select the Factory Reset option. The developers of the program advise you to make a backup copy of the device in advance, but this is not necessary.

How To Factory Reset iPhone 6 / Wipe / Format Before Selling

reset, iphone, factory, settings

The program will download the firmware for your device and offer to install it. The process will take a few minutes, since the amount of data is quite large (5 GB).

How to Factory Reset iPhone: 3 Ways for Different Occasions

reset, iphone, factory, settings

Keep a quick cheat sheet on how to factory reset iPhone. with and without iTunes.

For a number of reasons, you may need to reset your iPhone to factory settings. In Apple’s terminology, this is called “restoring iPhone”, that is, returning the original settings and setting up the smartphone as new. Read below for three ways to do this.

Via iTunes (device does not turn on)

If the iPhone is no longer able to start on its own, you will again need a computer with iTunes and a USB cable. To reset the settings, follow the instructions:

  • Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes.
  • Under Settings [your name] iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone.
  • On the connected device, make a forced restart:
  • IPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the power button until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Hold them until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • IPhone 6s and earlier: Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Hold them until the recovery mode screen appears. In all three cases, it looks like this:
    reset, iphone, factory, settings
  • A pop-up window appears in iTunes asking you to restore or update your device. Click “Restore”.
    reset, iphone, factory, settings
  • In this case, the iPhone settings will also be reset to factory settings, and the current version of the operating system will be “uploaded” to the device.

    Without iTunes (device turns on)

    You can also do a factory reset on the iPhone itself if you don’t have a computer. But this can be done only if the device turns on.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    • Go to the device menu in the “Settings” “General” “Reset”.
    • Click “Erase Content and Settings”.
    • Enter your device password or Apple ID password to confirm.

    reset, iphone, factory, settings

    Then wait for the settings to be erased. The device will be returned to factory condition.

    If your iPhone turns on, we recommend that you back up your data to Apple cloud or external storage before resetting.

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