Method N3. Scheduled on / off

There is another clever way to turn off your Huawei (Honor). For example, if a mechanical button is broken, you can use the smartphone’s scheduled on / off function. The system has such a function and to configure it, we do the following:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the item “Management”.
  • Here we see the item “Scheduled on / off”.
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  • We activate the function and set the desired day and time.

If the “Power” button is damaged. do not forget to adjust the power-on time.

How to turn off Huawei and Honor phone

How to turn off Huawei and Honor phone? It would seem that the question is quite simple. But what if the smartphone does not respond to taps and is simply frozen? Let’s look at all the possible shutdown methods, starting from the standard one, ending with calling the Recovery menu.

Standard shutdown

  • Press and hold the Power / Lock key for 3-5 seconds until the menu appears.
  • The Shutdown / Restart menu opens. Choose what you need and you’re done.

Forced shutdown

If the shutdown menu is not called up or the touchscreen does not respond to pressing, the first method will not work. When the smartphone freezes, you can try to make a forced reboot. This is done simply:

  • Press and hold the Power / Lock key.
  • We keep it clamped for more than 10 seconds.
  • We release only after turning off the display. the smartphone must reboot.

Method N4. Discharging or removing the battery

If there is no damage to the power key, and the system stupidly does not respond to pressing and hangs “tightly”. wait until the smartphone is completely discharged. A more radical way is to remove the battery, but this option is only suitable for old smartphones. In new devices, the battery is non-removable and it is very difficult to pull it out on your own.

Some also advise to reboot through the Recovery menu. There is an item Reboot system now, but you can only switch to this mode from a disabled smartphone, so it does not suit us.

How to restart an Honor phone

In the normal mode of operation, restarting the phone is a simple action that does not cause difficulties even for a novice user. To do this, it is enough to hold the power button for five seconds to turn off the device, which has managed to freeze, after which you can turn it back on. When it hangs, it just doesn’t work to turn off the gadget: in this case, as a rule, it does not respond to touching the screen with a finger or pressing buttons. This tutorial will show you how to restart Honor if it freezes and what to do if the buttons don’t work.

How to restart phone without buttons

The easiest way to restart your phone without pressing the power button is to de-energize it, that is, disconnect the battery. In the case of Honor 6, everything is simple: the battery in this model is removable, so you just need to remove the back cover, pull out the battery for a few seconds and put it back in. With all other Honor or Huawei models, things are a little more complicated.

On models 7a, 7c and 9 Lite, the back cover must be carefully tucked away with a thin durable metal object (for example, a nail file), sliding along the groove so that a small gap forms between the front panel and the back cover. There are no screw connections here, so by slightly separating the cover, you can remove it without applying significant force.

On models 8, 8x and 10 Pro, the procedure is complicated by the presence of a sealant between the front panel and the back cover. To melt it a little, you need to warm up the phone for 5-10 minutes. Then proceed as described above.

Important! In no case do not heat the device in the microwave. neither the smartphone nor the microwave oven will work anymore.!

From a non-removable battery, power is supplied to the motherboard through a ribbon cable, which is attached with a special clip. It is necessary to carefully remove the “dad” and the slot using tweezers to turn off the device. By inserting the connector back, you can turn on the phone.

How to restart a smartphone using the buttons

In some versions of Android, to reboot, even if the phone freezes “tightly”, it helps to hold down the power button for 15-20 seconds. If this method does not work, hold down the power key and the volume rocker (the or button, depending on the version of the operating system). As a rule, at least one of the methods restarts the phone.

And so that your device does not freeze regularly, do not overload it with applications that it does not meet the system requirements of, and keep a reserve of free internal memory at least 10% of its volume.

How to restart Huawei Honor 10 Lite phone if it freezes

Until a few years ago, almost all Android smartphones were equipped with collapsible cases. In the event of system failures, device owners could perform a quick reboot by removing the battery for a couple of seconds. Today, it is impossible to solve such a radical problem. the design of the gadgets will not allow access to the battery. To figure out how to reboot a Huawei Honor 10 Lite phone if it freezes, it will turn out without much difficulty. the developers of the popular operating system have provided several ways.

How to hard reset Honor 10 Lite

  • errors in the work of the graphical shell or when updating the OS;
  • excessive filling of the internal memory of the device;
  • crashes when updating software or firmware;
  • sudden changes in ambient temperature;
  • mechanical damage.

In many situations, rebooting helps the smartphone to recover. If the freezes are permanent, then you will have to resort to more serious measures.

Supporting solutions

Things are much more serious when your favorite gadget does not fully respond to the power button. There is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for this. Representatives of manufacturers and service centers advise you to try one of the following ways to rescue a frozen phone:

  • Incoming call. you should ask someone to call the problem smartphone. If the display shows an incoming call, then you need to quickly call the restart menu by holding down the power button.
  • If the power button does not work, then wait until the gadget is discharged. A complete power outage in this case will interrupt the processes that caused the failures. You can check if the problem is solved by charging the phone a little and turning it on.
  • Some smartphones are equipped with a Reset service button, which activates an instant restart immediately after pressing. It is present, in particular, on some models from Sony and HTC, and is located next to the USB-connector (not to be confused with the hole for the microphone) or in the place for installing the SIM-card slot. It should be pressed gently using a thin needle or toothpick.

If you manage to bring the device to its senses, it is recommended to manually check the list of recently installed software and remove the questionable one. It is also worth running a regular antivirus and following the recommendations of the operating system. In case of constant freezes, you can try restoring to factory settings or contacting a service center.

Reboot Huawei Honor 10 Lite with buttons

Android provides an emergency forced reboot option, which is performed the same way on almost all existing smartphones. The option can be activated using the following hotkey combination:

  • Hold down the power (unlock) and volume up buttons.
  • After the display turns off and the phone vibrates. release.

If the option with the volume up button did not give a result, then you should reboot using a decrease. Of course, this approach is relevant if the mechanical keys are working properly.

Startup problems

The next method is relevant for such a problem. the smartphone freezes when turned on. This manifests itself in the form of a loading screen, which does not disappear anywhere for too long. Usually, the device can be turned off by simply holding down the corresponding button. The situation can be resolved as follows:

  • Put the smartphone on charge in order to eliminate the problem of a sudden shutdown due to a dead battery.
  • Call the Recovery menu in the following way: on the turned off device, hold down the power and “volume up” buttons until vibration.
  • After a couple of seconds, the menu required to reboot will appear on the display. You must select the item “Reboot system now”. Within a couple of minutes, the smartphone should be fully loaded in normal mode.

If the system has not experienced serious failures, then a reboot using Recovery will be quick and safe. However, you can also face a complete failure of the operating system. The problem can be resolved, but you will have to donate files located in the internal memory (everything that is saved on the MicroSD will remain in its place).

So, if the phone hangs on the splash screen when turned on, then restoring to factory settings will help to deal with the situation. This can be done following the instructions for accessing Recovery, noted above, however, select the item “Wipe data / factory reset” in the menu. Since the Recovery may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, recovery may be hidden behind the “Wipe data” or “Advanced wipe” items. After a couple of minutes, the gadget will turn on and offer system configuration, which users usually perform after purchase. If such drastic methods do not work, that the only way out is to visit a service center.

Standard reboot

Everything is simple here: press the shutdown key and hold it for about 1-3 seconds.

A small menu appears on the screen. In it you need to select the “Restart” item.

The smartphone will restart automatically.

Honor 10 lite Hard reset (Удаление пароля) андроид 10

How to restart Huawei / Honor phone?

Ask yourself a question. how often do you reboot your smartphone? And you can hardly remember the last time you did it. Let’s say more. many do not even know how the touch device reboots. And if this is not necessary, then why know this information? Alas, sometimes you still need to restart your smartphone. How to do it in the case of Huawei or Honor?

How to restart Huawei / Honor phone if it freezes?

If your Honor or Huawei smartphone freezes and does not turn off, the screen does not respond to taps, you need to use another reboot method. Which?

Press the power button and hold it for about 10 seconds (note the screenshot above. it is indicated at the bottom of the screen) until the display goes out.

The smartphone will restart normally.

If for some reason this does not work, you can try the following combination: increase the shutdown sound keys.

Or. keys to decrease the shutdown sound.

And if one of the last two methods helped you, that is, when you press and hold these keys, the screen goes out, immediately remove your finger from the buttons so as not to load an additional mode (recovery, for example).

Honor 10 Lite Hard reset / Pattern lock

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How to restart your phone

There are two main methods of how to reboot the phone Honor 9s, 20 Lite, 8, 8a, 9, 9a. 8s, 20 pro and other models: with or without buttons. Below we will consider each of the methods in more detail.


The web often raises the question of how to reboot the Honor phone if it freezes, without the power button, for example, if it breaks down, or if there are other malfunctions of the device. In this case, special applications from Google Play will come in handy (if your model has one). Let’s highlight several options:

  • Shutdown is a software that allows you to restart Honor 7a or other Android devices. The program does not require the installation of ROOT rights, which allows you to control your smartphone from the desktop without hacking.
  • Reboot Manager is a program that is available only on devices with ROOT rights. Also note that the software may not work correctly on some devices.
  • Fast Reboot Pro is a program with which you can force restart Honor and even schedule this process at certain intervals.

Regardless of the program, the principle of use is simple. It is enough to install the application, after which you can use its buttons to restart Honor and perform other actions.

How to restart Honor if it is unresponsive

How to restart Honor? Do this through the menu by long pressing the “Power” button with the selection of the desired item, or use an alternative method. removing the battery or a special program from the Play Store. Below we will consider each of the methods in more detail. In the end, let’s talk about why you need to reboot your smartphone at all.

Removing the battery

The easiest way is to hard reset your Honor phone by removing the battery for a while. Here you need to take into account the subtleties of this work for different models of smartphones. Do the following:

  • The simplest in Honor 6, because it has a removable battery. To dismantle it, it is enough to remove the cover, take out the power source and after 10-12 seconds return it to its place.
  • For models 7a, 7c and 9 Lite, the situation is more complicated. In this case, pry off the back cover with a sharp object, and then draw it around the perimeter to obtain a small gap. There are no additional mounts here, so you can easily remove the cover and restart Honor.
  • On devices 8, 8x and 10 Pro, as well as a number of other models, it is more difficult to dismantle the rear end. The reason is the presence of a sealant on which the cover is fixed. To remove, heat the back for 5-10 minutes, then follow the instructions above.

Please note that from the non-removable power supply, the voltage goes to the board through a special loop. It must be removed with tweezers or a sharp object to turn off the device.

Using buttons

The most common method to reboot Honor is through the built-in menu. Go through the following steps:

  • Press and hold the “Power” button.
  • Wait for the menu to appear.
  • Select the “Restart” button on it.
  • Wait for restart.

If this method did not work, the question is how to force restart Honor 10 Lite or other smartphones. Do the following:

  • Hold the “Power” button for 10-12 seconds.
  • Wait until the display turns off and the smartphone restarts.

If the forced restart of Honor didn’t work for some reason, try a different combination. Alternatively, use the key combination “volume up and power” or “volume down and off”. If this method helped, and you managed to restart Honor, immediately remove your finger so as not to bring up the recovery menu.

No buttons

There are situations when the keys do not work for some reason. In this case, the question arises of how to completely reset Honor 7c in the blind if it freezes. Use two methods. special program or battery removal. Let’s consider each of the options.

Why restart your Honor smartphone

With this in mind, the question arises in what cases it may be necessary to restart the smartphone. Experts recommend doing the work once a week. In addition, an unscheduled restart may be required in the following cases:

  • errors during work;
  • refusal to operate any option;
  • freezing of the device and the impossibility of performing any action;
  • difficulties with connecting the Internet;
  • malfunctions of any module;
  • accumulation of errors during operation and more.

Periodic restart not only eliminates errors, but also extends battery life, ensures smoother device operation and avoids malfunctioning. There are many discussions about the extension of the battery life. But this rule actually works. If you restart Honor, unnecessary processes are closed and do not allow the battery to drain.

Knowing how to reboot your Honor phone can get it back to working order and get rid of many errors. If the buttons do not work for some reason, restarting is possible with the help of special programs or by dreamed of the battery. In the case of non-removable batteries, be careful not to damage the ribbon cable.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience of how you managed to restart Honor in the presence of device malfunctions. Tell us what methods you used to solve the problem with or without buttons.