How to reset password for Hikvision equipment? How to reset password for Hikvision equipment?

Those who use HikVision video surveillance equipment sometimes face the need to reset the password of the DVR or video cameras.

To do this, you must perform a number of actions. First, install the latest version of SADP software from the link https://arsenalvideo.By/tekhpodderzhka/programmnoe-obespechenie/ in the “Hikvision Software” section.

After opening SADP, the program will scan your local network and display a list of found cameras and recorders. After that, you need to check the box next to the camera or recorder, the password of which should be reset and click on the link “Forgot Password”.

After that, a window will open, the appearance of which depends on the firmware version installed in the device. If firmware: cameras 5.2.0 and below; registrar 3.0.9 and below, then:

If the firmware is: cameras 5.3.0 and higher; registrar 3.0.10 and higher, then:

Thus, if the firmware is: cameras 5.2.0 and below; Registrar 3.0.9 and below, you need to Get “Security Code”. To do this, you need to send the following data to support@arsenalvideo.By:

Full serial number of the camera (For example: DS72xxABCD XY / SN123456789ABCD123456789ABCD) Value of the “Start time” field (For example: 20140522 1:11 PM), which can be found in the right part of the tab, Full name of the contact person Contact phone name of the organization (if any)

You can also simply check the box next to the required devices and press the Export button, and then send the resulting spreadsheet file to support@arsenalvideo.By instead of the first two items.

In a reply letter, you will receive a Security code for the device

If the firmware is: cameras 5.3.0 and higher; Registrar 3.0.10 and higher, then you must press the “Export” button, and select the folder to save the special file (For example: DS2CD2042WDI20150818BBWRXXXXXXXXX 201511130935.Xml)

This file and a photo of the device label (with a QR code) must be sent to support@arsenalvideo.By in the letter also indicate:

Full name of the contact person Contact phone name of the organization (if any)

The reply email will contain a reset file (For example: 20151113021208.Xml)


The reset file and the reset code are valid only during the current day, the settings and the archive of the device will NOT change.

Possible problems

SADP DOES NOT find camera

If the SADP utility does not see the device, then follow the link: download and install the winpcap network scanner, then restart your computer and try to open SADP again, after that, it should start correctly searching for all devices

If All devices are detected normally, but only a specific one is not visible, there are either connection problems or with the camera firmware. It is recommended to flash the device using TFTP

When exporting an xml file for sending, the “Get key Error” window appears

Try: Reinstall the software; Disable anti-virus software and firewalls; Reboot the device; restart PC

If these steps DO NOT help, try repeating the operation on another PC.

That’s all you need to know to change your password for HikVision video surveillance equipment.

Password reset on Hikvision DVR

Resetting the password on the DVR or any other Hikvision network device is possible using a personal computer connected to the same local computer network and the free SADP software. This instruction is valid for program version 3.0.0 or higher. Look for the installer on the disc that comes with Hikvision equipment or on the Internet.

Start the SADP program. Immediately after launch, the program will search for network-connected Hikvision devices and display them all in a list. You can repeat the search using the Refresh button in the upper right part of the window. In the picture below, the program detected 1 device: the DS-7104HQFI-F1 / N recorder. If SADP cannot find the device, make sure that the network connection is correct.

Mark the required recorder in the list with a tick. Open the dropdown side menu on the right side of the program window. The Device Serial No.: line shows the serial number of the device. You will need it later, but for simplicity, you can copy it to the clipboard right now. In the lower right corner of the program window there is a Forgot Password button. Click it to bring up the password reset window.

Click the Export button located at the top of the window. With its help, the SADP program generates the information necessary for password reset and saves it to a file.

Select the folder on your computer where the file will be saved.

File saved successfully.

Send the generated file to your manager’s e-mail, and in the text of the letter indicate the serial number of the device.

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Service center engineers generate the appropriate file, depending on their download, from 5 minutes to several hours. During this time, the recorder must be turned on. If it reboots. The procedure will have to start over. The corresponding file will be sent to your email.

In the same window, switch the mode of operation with Input Key to Import File. Click on the folder symbol to specify the path to the corresponding file.

Select the file sent to you in response.

Now the line displays the path and file name.

Enter your password twice. Use only Latin letters and numbers. If you enter the password in Russian / Ukrainian. The procedure will have to start over. Click Confirm. Password updated.