Hikvision Camera Activation via SADP Tools.

To do this, download and install the application.

After launching, we find our NOT activated camera with a status. Inactive, mark it, come up with and enter a password (at least 8 characters, numbers and letters), confirm the password and press. Activate.

Next, we are offered to answer security questions to recover the password in case of loss.

Or enter suites with which you can recover your password.

You can fill in these fields or leave it blank and click. Cancel.

As you can see, the camera changed its status from Inactive to Active and fields for changing network settings became available to us.

We need to enter the network settings according to our local network (IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway) or check Enable DHCP to get automatic settings.

Enter the password that we set when activating the camera and click. Modify.

This completes the activation of the camera through the SADP Tools utility.

How to activate Hikvision IP camera via SADP Tools and IVMS-4200

There are two main methods to activate a Hikvision IP camera:

Let’s start with the self-GoProst and popular first option:

Hikvision IP camera activation via IVMS-4200 software

To do this, download and Install the Hikvision IVMS-4200 application.

Read more about installing the application here.

Next, in the main window of the program, go to. Device management.

Click. Online devices.

As you can see below, a list of Hikvision devices is displayed that are in our local network.

In our case, this is only one camera DS-2CD1021-I with the status of not active.

The inactive status tells us that the camera has been reset to factory settings and requires Activation and network settings.

We mark our camera and click. Activation.

We come up with a password for our camera and enter it twice.

We also note. Enable the Hik-Connect service and enter the same password twice.

Click Yes and Yes again.

As you can see, the camera has changed its status to. Actively

Next, we need to configure the network settings of the camera, for this, in the Operation column, click on the planet icon

Here we have two options:

  • Enter the data yourself, if you know them
  • Set automatic settings. DHCP

You can select for quick setup. DHCP,

In the Password field. Enter our newly created password on the camera and click. Yes

Then we press. Refresh and see that our IP addresses have changed.

(Now you can go to the network settings again and uncheck the DHCP box. By the same token, we Fix the IP address and It will not change after the camera is rebooted)

Now you can add our camera to your live view application.

How to do this can be found in the article. How to connect a Hikvision surveillance camera

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, write to chat or call our technical support.

Hikvision camera full reset

On Hikvision cameras, the reset button is usually located next to the memory card slot. You can easily find it even without any directions as it is a push-type button.

Step by step to restore the factory settings of the Hikvision camera:

  • Disconnect camera power;
  • Press and hold the reset button;
  • Connect the camera to a power source;
  • Hold the reset button for 15 seconds
  • Release the reset button.

After resetting the camera, you need to use the SAPD tool or web browser to re-configure it as it will lose all previous configuration.

Hikvision cameras with hard reset button

Hikvision cameras with reset button include the R6 family, G1 family and the new EasyIP 3.0. Just make sure you use some of THESE models.

How to reset an IP camera to factory settings

The need to reset the IP camera settings occurs in two cases:

  • You need to reset your password because you forgot or lost it.
  • After reconfiguring the camera, it works in an abnormal mode or simply does not turn on and at the same time you DO NOT have the opportunity to enter the camera control interface to correct the situation

The following are two options for resetting the IP camera

  • Factory reset with dedicated button
  • Reset settings on cameras that do not have a dedicated button

With the introduction of the reset button

How To Reset Hikvision Camera To Factory Settings

There are several ways to reset the settings, and they may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The easiest way is to press the secret reset button. In most cases, the location of such a button is indicated in the instruction manual of your IP camera.

The picture below is a snapshot of the yoosee camera instruction, where the location of the reset button hole is indicated. In this case, the camera settings are reset using a special tool that comes with the camera.

For more information on resetting the settings on yoosee cameras, see the instructions for setting up PTZ Wi-Fi cameras.

The reset button can be located in a small hole in the camera body or inside the camera without access from outside. In this case, to access the reset button, you must open the camera body. Also, in some cases, the reset button is located in the bundle of wires leaving the camera. This option is usually found in street cameras.

If your camera has such a button, then in order to reset its settings, you must connect the camera power and wait until it is fully turned on. Next, you press and hold the reset button for a few seconds, after which the camera reboots with factory settings.

No reset button

If your camera does not have such a button, then the settings are reset using the special GoPro software.

Such a need periodically arises in the IP cameras of the HiQ, Vesta, SVplus brands and many others that work with the XMEYE cloud service.

To reset the IP camera settings Connect it to the local network of your computer or directly to the network interface of the computer and turn on the power.

Next, you need to install the software.

For xmeye IP cameras download. resetuser.ZIP.

For second models, ask for the appropriate software from the manufacturer, dealer or supplier of your camera.

Unpack the downloaded file and run ResetUser.Exe. In the window that appears, enter the IP addresses of your camera and click execute. Reset procedure Will take some time.

Then the camera settings will be reset. You can enter the camera control interface using a standard login and password (for xmeye cameras, login is admin, password is empty)

Resetting Hikvision Camera Via Web Browser

If you do not have direct access to the camera, simply use your web browser to open the IP camera menu and look for restoring the default settings:

Navigate to: Maintenance Default Configuration Restore.

You can restore all camera settings, but keep the IP addresses used by the camera.

This is a great idea, especially if you are working remotely and do NOT want to lose access to your IP camera when restoring to factory defaults.

Update the firmware to the latest version

After resetting the Hikvision camera, it is recommended to update it to the latest firmware available on the manufacturer’s website.

There are some security issues associated with older firmware that can cause a hacker to break into your camera even without using a password. You can find more information on this issue in the article: How to hack a Hikvision camera.

How to reset a Hikvision camera with a button

Almost every camera has a reset button. But it’s not always clear what these buttons do, how long they need to be pressed, what settings they actually restore, etc.

Reset button locations

There are several locations for the reset button shown below. For added protection, some reset buttons can be located under the dome. For easy access, some reset buttons are located on the outside of the camera. Open spaces are noticeably less secure than others as they allow the camera to be dropped rather than disrupting it, which can disable it.

Reset procedure

Press and hold the reset button, turn on the camera, continue to hold it for at least 10 seconds.

Procera will allow you to restore default settings, including IP addresses, port number, etc.

Press and hold the RESET button for 3 seconds while the camera is working. The camera will reboot and reset to default settings.

Reset IP cameras to factory settings. Rvi camera reset to factory settings. Related Articles

In case you have any problem with your Hikvision camera, below are the links that can help you.

  • Hikvision Error Code 8200 (Solved).
  • Hikvision error code 153 (how to fix)
  • Hikvision Error Code 17 (Solved)
  • Reconnect. HCNetSDK.Dll Error Code [91] (Solved)
  • Hikvision “Please click here to download and install the plugin” resolved

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How to view the archive

To view the archive, go to the Main menu Playback. The archive playback screen will open; you can return from it by right-clicking anywhere on the screen. To start viewing the desired event, select the viewed cameras in the upper right part of the screen (by default, all are selected), select the date of the event in the lower right part of the screen (by default, the current date is selected), select the time on the scale at the bottom of the screen (by default, the most earliest on the specified date).

The timeline is divided into 24 hours, and it is inconvenient to search for specific events on it, especially if the difference between them is counted in minutes. To detail the time scale, you need to click the “Zoom In” button located at the bottom of the screen, here is the time scale, below the calendar. Moisture detail. Press it again. You can cancel detailing using the button “Zoom Out” located in the same place.

How to change the recording resolution

The image is recorded in FullHD resolution, that is, 1920 by 1080 pixels, with a frequency of 12 frames per second, which is quite enough for security surveillance. BLC-O2MP20DIR-H4 cameras can shoot at a higher frame rate, but for this you have to switch to a lower resolution, for example HD, that is, 1280 by 720 pixels, but in this mode the archive depth will decrease. In the Main menu Recording configuration. Parameters, select the number of the configured camera from the drop-down list in the Camera field, and then in the Resolution field select a convenient resolution from the drop-down list.

How to write an archive to a removable USB drive

You can start recording a certain part of the archive to a removable USB drive in the Main menu Backup. Copy of the recording schedule. Here you need to select the channels (cameras) of interest and determine the time period, and then click “Search”.

The Search Results screen will display all events that match the specified criteria. We tick off the events of interest and click “Export”.

In the backup window that opens, direct recording to the medium is performed. The media is physically inserted into the USB connector on the back of the DVR. If the registrar was able to identify the carrier, its name will appear in the Device name field. To start recording, click the Reserve button. Copy. In case of problems with the media, it is recommended to first transfer important data from it and format it using the Format button.

Setting up the Hikvision recorder, as part of the Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME kit

Continuation of the review:

This article shows in detail how to configure the most common functions of the DS-7104HQHI-F1 / N digital recorder, which is part of the Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME 4-camera surveillance kit. Hikvision devices have a unified settings menu, so, following this manual, you can configure other DVR models from this GoPro manufacturer.

Working with the kit, as a rule, is limited to the interaction of the user with the registrar. The graphical user interface is completely Russified and contains a classic set of settings that has become an unspoken standard for all digital recorders.

How to view the system event log

Every event, every action performed by the user is recorded in the system log. In the Main menu section of the system maintenance Log information, you can search for events by type and time.

All events matching the search criteria are shown in a list.

Clicked on the desired event, you can view the detailed information.

How to create accounts

In the basic settings, the registrar has only one account. the Administrator, who has the right to make any changes to the settings. If necessary, it is possible to create new accounts with full or limited rights. To do this, press the “Add” button in the Main menu System configuration User. In the window that opens, you must specify the username, password, access rights.

If you used an administrator account to configure the user registrar, and after that it became necessary to lock the settings menu, go to the Disable main menu section and click the “Lock” button. Also, after exiting the Main menu in the image viewing mode, the menu is automatically locked after a while.

How to manage recording manually

At any time, the user can enable image recording, and not depend on the recording schedule settings. The Main menu section Manually allows you to understand: which of the channels is recording manually, and which is recording according to the schedule, as well as enable and disable these modes.

How to set up motion recording at the desired hours

When working with the factory settings, the archive is recorded continuously. In order to increase the depth of the archive storage, as well as to facilitate the search for events in the archive, it is rational to switch to recording by a motion sensor. To do this, go to the Main menu section Record configuration Schedule.

In the center of the screen you can see the schedule of the recording modes for the week, where the week is divided into days, and the days, in turn, into hours. By default, the graph is all blue, which means continuous recording. Selecting motion recording (green), mark the hours during which motion recording will be carried out. Hold down the left mouse button on the chart, you can drag the frame together to mark the desired range, or the entire chart. Do not forget to Do all the manIPulations with the schedule for each camera!

How to set up surveillance cameras

In the Main Menu OSD Cameras Control section, you can configure the overlay of text on the image, such as: channel number, time and date, as well as messages in recording and the presence of motion in the frame. Settings such as brightness, contrast and others can be found in the Main menu section Camera management Image.

To manage the settings of the motion detection in the frame, go to the Main menu Camera Control Motion. Here you can adjust the sensitivity of the detector and assign blind spots for each individual camera.

Section Main menu Camera control Mask allows you to hide part of the image with black frames.

Resetting GoPro to Factory Settings

How to factory reset your GoPro camera?

One of the widespread and most effective troubleshooting steps on GoPro cameras is to factory reset. Resetting user preferences can help if:

  • There are problems when connecting the HDMI cable. the image is NOT transferred to the output device.
  • There is a delay between user actions and camera response.
  • Any other problem exists and the user wants to make sure it is NOT due to the camera software.

This guide will help you restore factory settings for the following models:

  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
  • Fusion
  • HERO4 Black / Silver
  • HERO5 Session
  • HERO Session
  • HERO3 Black / Silver
  • HERO3 Black (v.03.00) / Silver / White

Please note that you will NOT be able to reset your Wi-Fi username and password using this guide (except for HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session). If you want to reset your Wi-Fi name and password, we recommend referring to the following article. It’s also good to know that restoring to factory settings will not delete all footage from your microSD card.

HERO6 Black and HERO5 Black

Reset to default settings:

  • Turn on the camera and finger down on the home screen.
  • Click “Options” Camera default settings reset.

This option allows you to reset all user settings except date / time, name / password, language and format

Factory reset:

  • Turn on the camera and swIPe down on the touchscreen.
  • Click “Options” Restore factory settings reset.

This option allows you to reset all custom settings, including date / time and your camera name / password. In addition, the device will be unlinked from the registered GoPro Plus account. If you plan to sell GoPro, please select this option.

GoPro Fusion

  • Press the Mode button to turn on the camera;
  • Press the Mode button several times until the setting menu icon is displayed. Press the shutter button to enter the settings;
  • Press the shutter button 5 times to display the Options submenu;
  • Press the Mode button several times, set the selection bar to the “Reset to factory settings” option. Press the shutter button to select;
  • Press the Mode button, set the selection bar to “Reset”. Press the shutter button to select.

HERO5 Session

  • With the camera off, press the Menu button to turn on the camera status screen.
  • Press the Menu button repeatedly to go to the Exit menu.
  • Press and hold the Shutter button for 8 seconds.
  • Press the Menu button to move to Yes, then press the Shutter button to select.

The process is identical to restoring factory settings on HERO6 and HERO5 Black: all settings will be reset and the camera is unlinked from the registered GoPro Plus account.

HERO Session

In Setup mode, select Camera Reset. This setting does not affect the date / time, username, and wireless password settings. Factory reset is available when the camera is connected to the GoPro Remote or the GoPro App.


  • Press the Mode button several times until the gear icon appears on the screen.
  • Press the Shutter button to enter settings.
  • Press the Mode button a few times, set the selection bar to Reset Cam.
  • Press the Shutter button to select.
  • Press the Mode button, set the selection bar to the Reset parameter.
  • Press the Shutter button to select. The camera will restart
  • GoPro will be reset to factory settings after reboot.

HERO3 Black and HERO3

  • Press the shutter button and do not release it.
  • While holding the shutter button, press the camera power button. The device will restart.
  • After reboot, the camera will be reset to factory settings.


Manually update the camera (HERO, HERO, HEROLCD). To do this, you need to follow the link, click “Update your camera manually” and follow the instructions.

HERO3 Silver / White

If you have any problems restoring the settings, please contact the technical support department, write to us in the chat or call 8 495 481 4953 for Moscow or 8 800 777 1753 for the regions (the call is free). We will try to help you.