Your iPhone is a brick without a password from Apple ID. This is what everyone needs to know about him

Millions of iPhone users even now, in 2020, negligently belong to the password from Apple ID on their iPhone. At the AIBICOV service center, we were told that people who were “lost” by the password come to them in crowds, they were completely hacked, since the Apple ID password was at the level of “Masha2020ivanova”. Few people are still aware that the Apple ID password is the most important thing that can be on the iPhone. Considering that for many iPhone people with photos, contacts and documents. this is their whole life, it turns out that the password from Apple ID is the most important thing in life? We can say so.

This article talked about what options for restoring the successfully forgotten password from Apple ID, how do not “break” the password, gave advice when buying iPhone and shared other useful tips.

Restore the password from Apple ID

The solution to the problem voiced in the heading of the article is a procedure that in most cases can be quite complicated, and in some even an unsuccessful. It is much easier to restore the password from Apple ID using the iTunes program, but through any other device from Apple. iPhone, iPad, IPOD or Mac, and it can be either personally to yours (but still not someone else’s, the powerful) User. But first things first.


In fact, the restoration of the password from Apple ID will not be performed on iTunes, but in the browser, but to start this procedure will still be required through the branded program.

    Launch iTunes, click on the “Account” tab and select “Enter”.

iPhone, iPad, iPod, mac

The procedure for restoring the password from Apple ID through iTunes and the browser, which is the topic of our article today, cannot be called convenient and even more guaranteed effective. This problem is solved much easier if you have access to the Apple’s mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or a computer or laptop working under the control of MacOS, and it does not matter whether it belongs to you or someone else. The “Locator” function, which was previously called “find the iPhone”, and if this does not help, will need to contact the technical support service will help. In more detail about each of the indicated methods, you can learn from the article submitted below the article.

reset, apple, forgot, password

Password recovery in case of Apple ID lock

If you have not lost the password from the Apple account, but you can’t get access to it due to blocking, you need to act several differently from the algorithms discussed above. However, speaking in general terms, it comes down to the same methods. password restoring, using an apple tree, previously related to the account, and, in the most extreme case, contacting Support. We also wrote about all this in a separate material.

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View the forgotten password and/or Apple ID

In some cases, when the password from the account was forgotten or lost, it cannot be restored, but simply to find out without the reset procedure that we mean above the methods we are considering above. There is a considerable share of probability that it was saved in a browser on a computer. If the problem is not at all in the password, but in Apple ID (forgotten or lost, it doesn’t matter), it can also be viewed, for example, in the App Store, iTunes Store, iPhone settings, the locator or ITUNES program for PC. About how each of the possible options for viewing such an important information is implemented is described in the following instructions.

Password recovery via Apple Affairs

If your Apple ID is entered on your Apple device, but you do not remember the password from it to, for example, download the application to the gadget, open the password restoration window as follows:

    Launch App Store. In the “selection” tab, go down to the very end of the page and click on the point “Apple id: [your_Adress_Electron_do]”.

Restore the password on the iOS device

Step 1 Go to the settings. iCloud.

Step 2 Enter the email address and click “Forgot the Apple ID or Password”, then you will also have two options. Perform the above exact steps to restore Apple ID.

Frequently asked questions about iPhone, iCloud and Apple ID

Is it realistic to drop the password from Apple ID? Restoring the account is real, even if you forgot the password and the login from Apple ID. how? Read our material. It is voluminous and reveals all methods. It will help in the most difficult cases when it would seem, I forgot the password from Apple ID and everything is lost.

What to do if I forgot the Apple ID password? If yours are your account or there is access to your other smartphones, then you can do it through the official website of Apple.

What to do if I forgot Apple id? Recall. Or ask Apple help. It is important to know the name, name of the owner and have access to e.mail.

How to find out the password from Apple ID? Try to request help through the official website of Apple if you have evidence that Apple ID is your.

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Is it possible to untie the iPhone from Apple ID? Quite. Passfab iPhone Unlocker utility to help.

How to restore Apple ID password through e.mail?

In order to use this method, you must have access to email by which your Apple ID is registered. The password in this case can be restored in a matter of minutes.

if you forgot your Apple ID password (Reset password)Latest methode.(2022) Apple Id

Find the link “Separate the password” and click on it

Select the “Authentication” item by e-mail and indicate the mailing address to which the Apple ID account was registered

Open the letter that came to your mail and in its body click on the link that allows you to drop the current password and install a new

It often happens that users cannot access e.mail, on which a letter awaits the instructions for restoring a password. The reason is most often banal. the password to the mailbox was also forgotten. In such cases, it is necessary to answer the control questions specified during the registration of Apple ID. software

Delete the Apple ID account from the iPhone, the password of which could not be restored, can be using software. In the example, then we will use the 4ukey product from Tenorshare, which allows us to solve not only the problem of interest to us, but also remove the passwords of the screen lock and screen time.

  • Download the program at the link specified above, install it and run it.
  • Use the “Unlock Apple ID” in the main window.

Note: if the phone is not recognized by the program, click on the link “device connected but not recognized” located in its right corner. Follow all the proposed recommendations, then repeat the previous actions.

“Locator” disconnected

Tenorshare 4ukey software in automatic mode will unlock the iPhone, while your personal data will not be deleted.

The procedure will not take much time. After the notification shown below appears, click on the “complete” button, close the program and turn off the phone from PC.

“Locator” included

In the case when the indicated function is active, the further algorithm of action is determined by the IOS version.

To delete the account, you will need to reset iPhone settings. Instructions on how to do this will appear in the 4ukey integration, we will additionally duplicate it.

    Without disconnecting the phone from the computer, open its “Settings” and go to the “Basic” section.

The necessary conditions for deleting an account on old iPhones using the software in question is the availability of the shuttle password on the screen of the screen and two.factor authentication. If these functions are inactive, first you need to configure them.

    Run the iPhone “settings” and go to the “Touch ID and Code-Parol” section.

Upon completion of this procedure, the Apple ID account will be removed from the device. Consistently use the points “Unlock using the password” and “Use the device password”, then enter the password from the lock screen that was installed and used earlier. 4ukey window can be closed by pressing the “Fully” button.

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Frequently asked questions about the search for an Apple ID password

Can you find the Apple ID password without changing it?

Yes. You can answer control questions or specify a specific email address associated with your Apple id. This is an official way to find the lost Apple ID without change.

Reset password on a Mac (No Apple ID)

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID and password?

If you buy a used iPhone, but you can’t contact the previous owner, you can start Fonelab iOS Unlocker to completely delete the existing Apple ID account from your iOS device.

Where to find the Apple ID account page?

Click the Apple icon on the Mac computer. In the opening list, select System Settings. Select your iCloud account on the side panel. You can get data for entering Apple ICLOUD. Or you can go to the App Store and select “View my account” in the “Store” opening list.

Is Apple’s recording recording?

If you cannot provide enough information about the Apple ID account for resetting the Apple ID password, you can seek help restoring Apple account. However, for security reasons, the APPLE ID password reset takes several days or even more.

Can you find your Apple ID password on another Apple iOS device?

Yes. You can reset the Apple ID password on your friend or family member. Download Apple Support application to this iOS device. Select “Passwords and Security” in the section “Topic”. Click “Reset the Apple ID password”, and then “start”. Later, select another Apple ID. Enter the current Apple ID that you use. Press “Next” and follow the instructions on the screen to find the forgotten password Apple ID. As for iOS 9 users, you can use the Find My iPhone application instead.

That’s all to find the Apple ID password on Apple Mac OS X and iOS devices. It’s okay if you forgot your Apple ID password, you can still unlock your Apple ID account without password. To get rid of a two.stage verification, control questions and related e.mail, you can start Fonelab iOS Unlocker to find and reset the Apple ID password. If you still have questions about removing the Apple ID password, you can contact us.

Fonelab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, delete the Apple ID or its password, remove the screen time or restriction password in seconds.