Can Huawei change the battery?

You can always replace. Pay attention to the type of battery: Removable or not. Removable battery replacement algorithm: remove the lid, take out one, put another, put on the lid. And this is one of the reasons why Huawei is better than Xiaomi. Failure will require a neat dismissal of a smartphone with disconnecting.

This problem faces many users. Fast charge loss, charging problems, disconnecting the phone. these are the symptoms of a faulty battery. There are a number of reasons that can lead to a damage of the device battery. Regardless of the cause, the most effective way to troubleshoot will be the replacement of the battery to the new.

Battery I bought on Aliexpress, here is the link to this battery. At the time of writing, he cost 389. The seller sent the parcel four days after ordering. The order was very strangely sent by Magolai “Magolia”, while in Mongolia herself was 15 days and for 4 days from Yekaterinburg to Eagle. In the amount it turned out for almost a month, but it is worth it.

On the picture on the right native battery from Huawei, which was on the phone, and As you can see, they are completely identical. The most important thing. Marking matches. Battery model (marking). HB444199EBc. Looking down to say. The battery is fully working, was charged by 50%, adequately charged and discharged, in general behaved in the same way as when buying Huawei Honor 4C. And maybe it is a native battery?

Instructions for reducing power consumption

So, if the Honor phone battery, Huawei does not hold charge, then you can help the following recommendations:

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    Go to the settings menu and make a transition through “Security and Privacy”. “Location Data” in “Dop.settings”. In the list find “Search Wi-Fi networks” and deactivate this functionality. Of course, if it is not required for you on an ongoing basis.

Advantages of contacting service

Engineers are familiar with the peculiarities of this line of models: Honor, Mate, Nova, Y, G, P. Repair work is carried out on special equipment: from replacing battery, dynamics, other elements to ultrasonic cleaning from rust. The official warranty for repairs is up to 3 years inclusive.

Service Huawei Works throughout Russia in more than 19 cities. How much other types of debugging are in the price list. Didn’t find the necessary item. Leave the online application or call the phone. Managers will consult themselves, help make an order.

I was looking for where at an affordable price restore Huawei smartphones- contact.

Pros of work with our workshop

Come at ul. Mosseeka, D. 6/8, Cabinet We carry out a share. When submitting an application, a 10% discount is activated on the replacement of the Huawei battery and other services. To appeal, fill out the form on the site or call the phone number 7 (495) 150-29-71.

Quality of batteries.

Service Center establishes real original batteries manufactured by Huawei. Supply of Huawei Centers Service / In the warehouse of the service center, there are almost all models of batteries for Huawei mobile phones.

Akb Huawei Mate 10 Lite (Orig HB356687ECW) HB356687ECW
Akb Huawei Nova (Orig HB386280ECW Capacity 3020 mAh) HB386280ECW
Akb Huawei P Smart Z (Orig HB446486ECW) HB446486ECW
Akb Huawei P10 (Orig HB386280ECW Capacity 3200 mAh) or Akb Huawei Nova HB386280ECW
AKB HUAWEI P10 Plus (Honor 8x Orig HB386590ECW) HB386590ECW
AKB HUAWEI P30 (Orig HB436380ECW) HB436380ECW
Akb Huawei P30 Pro Orig HB486486ECW HB486486ECW
Akb Huawei P40 Lite (Orig HB486586ECW) HB486586ECW
AKB HUAWEI Y7 2017 HB406689ECW HB406689ECW
AKB MATE 10 / MATE 10 PRO / MATE 20 / MATE 20 PRO / P20 PRO / HB436486ECW HB436486ECW
Akb MediaPad M3 (Orig HB2899C0ECW) HB2899C0ECW
Akb MediaPad M5 (Orig HB299418ECW) HB299418ECW
Akb MediaPad T3 (AGS-L09 HB3080G1EBW) HB3080G1EBW
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Name Service Diagnostics Free Screen Replacement from 1490 ₽ Replacing matrix from 1690 ₽ Replacing display from 1090 ₽ Replacing Touchscreen from 1090 ₽ Replacing the sensor from 1090 ₽ Replacing buttons from 990 ₽ Replacing Glass from 990 ₽ Firmware from 790 ₽ Replacing charging connector from 790 ₽ Replacing the speaker from 690 ₽ Microphone replacement from 690 ₽ Camera replacement from 690 ₽ Battery replacement from 490 ₽ Replacing loops from 790 ₽ Replacing the back cover from 1490

The exact price of the battery replacement on the phone Huawei will be known after the diagnosis, specify the cost and availability of details by phone. These are not a public offer, and may differ because of the various quality of components and currencies at the time of repair.

Visual inspection

The first thing to pay attention to is the appearance of rust on metal contacts. Also here may appear green or white. This suggests that inside the battery, irreversible changes began, and it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The second feature is a protrusion of one of the parties, which is noticeably naked eye. Also when trying to rotate on a flat solid surface, the battery should be tightly lying. That is, the battery should not turn into children’s Yula and rotate for a long time. If she swept at least a bit, it will be easy to rotate.

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If you have at least one of these signs, the battery should urgently replace, as it will be just dangerous to use this phone.

How much is the battery replacement on the phone in this case? If you just need to remove one battery and replace it with another, then the procedure can be held at home yourself. Nothing complicated in it.

But if the battery is unknown and you never had a case with such, then contact the service center better. When attempts to independently separate the battery from the board, you can accidentally damage the miniature elements of the phone, and it will stop working. In addition, and open the case of a modern smartphone without damaging it, not so simple, if there is no such experience.

Yes, and the procedure for replacing the service is not so expensive, and it is also held in any of them.

Absorbent substance or rice

Rice or substance that absorbs water. a more effective method to remove moisture particles from the device. To begin with, we remove the abundance of liquid with a towel, we scare thoroughly. All drops cannot be removed by this method, so it is recommended to leave the phone in the bowl with rice. This cereal requires a lot of fluid, so in a few hours it will take the rest of the remaining moisture.