How to set an alarm on iPhone?

You can access the iPhone alarm clock in 4 ways at once:

    Click on the “Clock” application icon, which is located by default on the first desktop. Make a swipe from top to bottom on the screen and drive the query “clock” into the search bar. Call the control panel with a swipe from bottom to top and click on the icon with the timer image.
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Another, 4th way, how to set an iPhone alarm is through the Siri voice assistant. The user needs to launch Siri by long pressing the “Home” button, then say something like “Wake me up tomorrow at 7:30”.

Once inside the “Clock” application, you need to proceed as follows:

Go to the “Alarm” tab.

Click on “” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Scrolling the drums, set the time. hour and minute when the alarm should sound.

Adjust alarm settings. There are 4 parameters in total:

    “To repeat”. The user can choose which days of the week the alarm will ring and which will not. This setting is useful if you want to set different trigger times on weekdays and weekends. “Label” (or “Title”). Thanks to this setting, the user will be able to assign a name to the alarm clock. “Sound”. In the “Sound” section, you can choose an alarm melody. there are more than 30 preset options. Signal repetition. If this toggle switch is activated, the alarm will work again 9 minutes after the first signal.

After setting the settings, click “Save”.

How to change background/ wallpaper iPhone X

The new alarm will be added to the general list of iPhone alarms.

In addition, a characteristic icon will appear next to the battery indicator.

To temporarily turn off the alarm, just move its slider in the Clock application to an inactive position. If you want to delete the alarm completely, you should click on “Change” in the upper left corner, then click on the red circle with a minus.

Adjusting the alarm volume

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to adjust the volume of the alarm clock alone on the iPhone. At the same time, the volume of the ringtone and notifications will change. A user who does not want to jump up in bed from fright in the morning should turn the iPhone down at night, and after waking up, set the sound to maximum again so as not to miss an important call. Unfortunately, it will not work to automate this process.

You can change the alarm volume using the “” and “-” buttons located on the left side of the iPhone, as well as through the “Settings” of the gadget. In the “Settings” you need to go to the “Sound” section. there will be a volume scale.

By moving the slider back and forth, you can adjust the sound level.

It is worth paying attention to the “Change with buttons” toggle switch, which is located just below the scale. If you deactivate this toggle switch, you will no longer be able to adjust the iPhone volume using the physical buttons.

Is it possible to turn off the sound on the alarm clock altogether?

The user is able to adjust the iPhone so that the alarm goes off without sound. leaving only a vibration signal. To do this, at the stage of setting the alarm clock in the “Sound” section, scroll the screen to the very end and put a daw in front of “Not selected”.

In the same section there is a submenu “Vibration”, in which you can set one of the existing vibration patterns or create your own.

Users of iOS 7 and earlier versions of the “operating system” are deprived of the ability to adjust the vibration pattern of the alarm clock.

How to change the alarm ringtone on iPhone?

In addition to the built-in melodies, you can also set a song to the iPhone alarm clock. To do this, at the stage of setting the alarm clock, you need to go to the “Sound” section and click on the item “Select a song”.

You will find yourself in the “Music” application. Find the song in the catalog that you would like to hear in the morning, and click on the “plus” button located opposite it.

Now buying ringtones for Apple devices is not the most popular solution. There are tons of simple tools to make your own iPhone alarm ringtone.

Alarm clock on iPhone: how to set up if there are other options

The built-in alarm clock of the iPhone is capable of boasting not only simplicity, but also customization flexibility. However, its functionality is small. this makes users go to the AppStore in search of alternative applications.

The days of mechanical alarm clocks, annoying with their shrill ringing, are over. Now a person has the opportunity to experience the first hectic minutes of a new day to a favorite melody that pours from the speaker of an equally beloved iPhone.

You will learn how to set an alarm clock on an Apple device and set a different melody instead of the annoying Marimba by reading this article to the end.

How to Change the Background in Zoom 15 Free Images for Zoom

This is a small tutorial to help you change the background in Zoom easily. If you are not yet familiar with this program, then there is a great opportunity to do it. Because this service is gaining great popularity during the quarantine period.

Right now, we are forced to stay at home in quarantine. But this is not a reason for sadness and depression. You can communicate with your relatives, acquaintances, as well as organize meetings with friends on the Internet. The famous Zoom platform can help you with this.

Despite privacy concerns, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have recently downloaded and started using the widespread application.

During quarantine, many companies transferred employees to remote access. To stay connected, teams use video calling services. Of course, one of the most popular is Zoom. And the more people choose to self-isolate and telecommute, the more questions arise about online platforms that help make work easier.

How to change the background of Zoom in a mobile app

You can easily change the virtual background of Zoom on your mobile device. But remember that you can only change the background in Zoom on powerful devices. For example, for iOS, these are models older than iPhone 8.

To create a virtual background in Zoom on a mobile device, you need to install the Zoom mobile app, launch it, and log in. Then you can select a virtual background. This can be done either before joining the conference (at the stage of choosing the settings), or after joining the conference.

To select a virtual background after joining the conference, click Details. Select “Virtual Background” from the drop-down menu. Here you can select an existing background or add your own by clicking on the plus and choosing the corresponding image from the gallery of your mobile device.

How to change the background in Zoom on Mac

The MacBook has a unique design that is not typical of standard laptops. It has a high price tag, high performance, and a pre-installed OS X operating system. The MacBook’s own vector of development is focused more on creativity and work than on games. These are quite powerful laptops that many people use.

So the logical question is, how do I change the background in Zoom on my Mac? It’s a pretty easy task, especially if this isn’t your first time using a Zoom background image.

To change the background on Mac, do the following:

  • Download Zoom or launch the program if you have one on your MacBook.
  • Log in to your personal account and click the “Settings” button.
  • There you will see the “Virtual Background” tab.
  • In this tab you can find enough virtual backgrounds for Zoom.
  • To choose one of them, just click on the desired image and confirm your choice.
  • After confirmation, the visual background will change automatically.

As you can imagine, the Zoom virtual background is very useful. Also, changing background on Mac. very simple task.

What is Zoom?

Zoom. This is a service that allows you to organize online conferences between users who are located in different parts of a city, country or planet. With Zoom, you can set up a virtual meeting with other people via video, audio, or both. You can join a video conference via a webcam on your computer, phone or tablet. It is a tool that specializes in video conferencing, online meeting. It is designed to make it easy for you to connect with all your colleagues at the same time.

The service has many advantages over its competitors. Firstly, there are ample opportunities in the free version. Secondly, the presence of Zoom on all platforms, from computers to smartphones.

All you need to do to get started with ZOOM is go through a simple registration process and install ZOOM on your computer or mobile device for free.

Zoom has a number of interesting features that can be useful. For example, the background replacement function.

How to change the background in Zoom for Windows users

This is another question that many Zoom users are interested in. Some people even panic when they think that changing virtual background images is only available on Apple devices. Basically, the algorithm for changing the background in Zoom for Windows is the same as for MacBook. So, to change the virtual background, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Zoom.
  • Click on the arrow below (next to the video enable icon) and then select “Select virtual background”.
  • Click on the “Virtual Background” tab and on the right you will see a menu where you can choose from the standard background options.

That’s all! Virtual background for video conferencing changed!

How to change wallpaper in WhatsApp

You can quickly and easily change the background in WhatsApp in the chat settings of the messenger. It can always be returned to the standard one and configured individually for different contacts.

In WhatsApp, there are several ways to change the wallpaper on your PC and smartphone:

  • standard. installed by default after installation;
  • color selection. solid fill without patterns and pictures;
  • download from gallery. selection of photos, pictures, wallpapers from what is on the phone;
  • selection of themes from special applications. whole catalogs with a large selection of themes that need to be downloaded to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

All options for installing wallpaper work in the messenger itself and do not depend on the operating system. They are the same for Android and iPhone. Only a few details differ. In the computer version, this function has some limitations.

You can use special applications, for example, WhatsApp Wallpaper, to choose a beautiful wallpaper for a chat. After installation, the backgrounds from it will be available in the messenger. When changing the design, you will need to click on the name of the application.

How to change the background in WhatsApp

In the WhatsApp application, you can choose different designs using standard themes and your own images. This feature is available in different versions on Android, iOS and Windows. There are simple instructions on how to change the background in “WhatsApp” on your smartphone and computer.

On “Android”

The procedure for changing the design on Android devices:

  • Launch the application, go to the “Menu” section by clicking on the icon in the form of three dots.
  • Go to “Chat settings”.
  • Click on “Wallpaper” and select from “Gallery”, “Library”.
  • Go to the desired image and click “Install”.

How to set individual wallpaper for a contact

Setting an individual background for a contact assumes the same steps as when changing a picture for individual chats. If you change the image not in the application menu, but in the dialog itself, it will not change in other conversations.

In the web version

In the computer version of the messenger, it is possible to change only the general background for all dialogs. The function of setting an individual image of the chat will appear soon.

You can set a new background in the web version of the application as follows:

  • Launch the application, click on the call icon at the top.
  • Select “Settings”, then go to “Wallpaper”.
  • Click on the desired image.

You cannot upload your photos and pictures in the PC version.

On iPhone

How to change the screensaver in “Watsap” on iPhone devices:

  • Launch the “WhatsApp” application.
  • Go to the “Settings” item, select “Chats and calls”.
  • Click on “Chat Wallpaper”.
  • Choose from the offered options “Library” (from standard), “Photos” (your photos and pictures from your phone) or “Solid” (one-color).
  • Press “Install” on the screen of the desired wallpaper.

In the section “Chat wallpaper” you can reset the settings to the default.

How to change the wallpaper on iPhone

The updated screen saver on the iPhone is installed using the “Settings” menu item. It is necessary to select the sub-item “Wallpaper” in it. In this section, both a screensaver for the desktop and a picture for the gadget’s lock screen are installed.

The phone comes with factory settings, that is, with a preset ringtone, volume, applications and desktop pictures. The default iPhone wallpaper can be easily changed to any other image. The only peculiarity of iPhones is that they do not provide the ability to save information to a separate drive, that is, you cannot connect a flash card to the iPhone.

How to change the desktop and lock screen saver on iPhone:

  • In the “Settings” menu, select the “Wallpaper and brightness” item, in it go to the “Wallpaper selection” section.
  • Choose

    How to change the default wallpaper picture to your own

    There are several ways to change the desktop background on the iPhone:

    IOS also uses Apple’s dynamic splash screen. It is located both through the browser (it is better to use the Safari browser), and in specialized applications for finding pictures for the display. There are also standard dynamic screensavers, they can be found in the settings menu.

    When placing an image on the display, the mode of displaying it on the screen is selected, it can be “Screensaver” or “Perspective”. When choosing the second effect, the screensaver will move relative to the inscriptions on the screen when the position of the device in space.

    How to change the wallpaper on iPhone

    IPhone screensavers are called wallpapers. These are pictures that are displayed in the background of application icons and system labels. You can install them both for the device unlock screen and for the desktop. There are several ways to change your iPhone wallpaper. You can do this both through the phone settings and with the help of special applications available for download.

    Where to download new iPhone wallpapers

    A large number of iPhone wallpapers can be downloaded for free. They are available both through a global search and with the help of special programs for iOS, which offer a good selection of high quality images for the screen saver. There are several such applications, they are available in the AppStore. Examples:

    • Retina Wallpapers HD,
    • Backgrounds,
    • Kuvva Wallpapers.

    The difference between these programs is that they immediately offer images of the desired resolution and quality that look good on a Retina display. The content of these applications is often updated, so the screen saver on the iPhone can also be changed periodically.

    There are special bots of the Telegram messenger that can quickly find high-quality images on any request.

    The iCloud cloud service has the ability to save pictures uploaded to it on the iPhone to Photo Stream. From there, it’s easy to set them as your screen wallpaper.

    How to change the background in WhatsApp: fresh instructions

    Read below how to change the background on WhatsApp. Follow our instructions and chat your color, picture or photo on iPhone, Android. Change the screen in all chats and find out if it can be set in individual messages and correspondence.

    Change WhatsApp Background on Android: Methods

    Let’s dot the i right away: there is no concept of a background in WhatsApp. Use the term “wallpaper” instead of this word, then you will quickly figure out how to make a background in WhatsApp. You can make communication more enjoyable with colors, photos or drawings. After all, a colored screen looks much more attractive than a boring gray.

    Exclusive! Whatsapp dark theme. how to enable? Read the link.

    First, let’s take a look at how to change the background in WhatsApp on Android. There are several options for the operation.

    Instruction 1. Through the settings of the messenger:

    • Go to WhatsApp.
    • Click on the menu (three dots above and on the right).

    Choose how you would like to change the background in WhatsApp. You can make it default by tapping the appropriate option. Or download a package of wallpapers from the messenger itself by clicking on “Library”. You can make the fill with a solid color, there are 27 shades to choose from.

    If you decide to put a photo on the background on WhatsApp, choose the word “Gallery”. After that mark the picture or picture from the memory of your phone. You can refuse to decorate the screen altogether, for this there is a position “No wallpaper”.

    The main thing, having made your choice, do not forget to save it. At the bottom of the screen on the right, click on the “Install” button.

    Instruction 2. How to change the background in WhatsApp, acting in the chat:

    • Open the app.
    • Go to any chat.
    • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open the menu.
    • Click on “Wallpaper” to select a picture or color. You will have the same choice as in the first instruction.

    If two options are not enough, try another way, how to change the background in WhatsApp. Download the additional application. For Android, look for its Play Market:

    How to Remove Background from Images in Photoshop. iPhone & Android

    Also see the author’s selection of pictures for WhatsApp, download with 1 button.

    Change WhatsApp Background on iPhone. 3 Ways That Work

    If you have an iOS operating system on your device, changing your WhatsApp wallpaper is just as easy. You can apply any methods, as for Android, but there are minor differences.

    Let’s take a look at how to change the background in WhatsApp on iPhone in the application settings:

    • Opening the messenger.
    • Go to the settings (the “gear” icon or the word “more” at the bottom)
    • Selecting the chat section.
  • The possibilities will be the same: take a standard wallpaper, something from the “Library” of the messenger, from the memory of your iPhone, by clicking on “Photo”, make a solid color fill or select the default.
  • Let’s save our choice.
  • The second way to change the wallpaper is to act through a chat:

    • You should go to the “Chats” tab (search below).
    • Then in some dialog, press and hold it until a menu appears.
    • Select the option “Wallpaper”.
    • Then everything, as in the previous instructions, set the background you like and save.

    Now you can easily change the background in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android using one of the instructions above. But there is another popular question, how to change the background in messages in WhatsApp. Is it possible to set a different wallpaper for each chat or even a separate message? Unfortunately, this feature does not yet exist in WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter where you change the background: in the settings or in the chat. the changes will affect the entire correspondence. So if you want to separate work and friendly chats by color, it won’t work. But WhatsApp is working on it. See all settings on Android Whatsapp in another review.

    How to make a white background (remove / change) on a photo in iPhone in the PhotoRoom app

    Today, the field of mobile photography is developing at an unprecedented pace. The capabilities of cameras are being improved and improved, including through software tools. There are also applications that can easily implement certain tasks, for example, automatically remove the background from a photo right on the iPhone.

    In this article, we will tell you about the French startup PhotoRoom, which specializes in the development of mobile software for removing and editing backgrounds.

    The company’s co-founder and CEO Mathieu Ruif says:

    “The idea for this project was formed while I was working at GoPro. I often needed to manually remove the background from images. And when the designer was not in the office, I wasted a lot of time doing it by hand. “.

    It turned out that many people were looking for a simple application that would allow them to edit a photo from the gallery as quickly as possible and work with it further.

    How to remove the background (make it white) from a photo in the PhotoRoom app on iPhone or iPad?

    Download the PhotoRoom app (link at the end of the article).

    Open the application and press the “” button to select a photo.

    PhotoRoom recognizes the main object in the photo (it can be not only a person, but also objects) and removes the background with high quality. PhotoRoom uses machine learning models to identify objects in a photograph. And the overall vision of the project goes beyond just removing the background.

    Select (if necessary) a suitable template from the list of proposed.

    How To Erase/Change Background Photos (PNG) On iPhone & iPad

    Add caption, another photo, animation effects, apply filters or use color correction tools. Although the app relies heavily on templates, you can customize the images by adding objects, moving them around, adding some shadows, and editing elements individually. Image composition is 100% user-dependent.

    After you finish setting up a photo, you can save it on your device, open it in another application, or publish it on social networks.

    PhotoRoom will appeal to all selfie lovers, and will also prove to be very useful to people selling clothes and other items on e-commerce sites.

    replace, background, iphone

    And if you are a professional who uses the program regularly, you can purchase a subscription. It costs 499 rubles a month or 2 850 rubles a year. In-app purchase will remove the watermark and unlock additional features.

    Like VSCO, Darkroom, PicsArt, Filmic Pro and Halide, PhotoRoom belongs to a group of prosumer apps that handle photo and video editing in a variety of ways. The generation of users who grew up using visual social media tools are now pushing the boundaries of these apps. they look simple when you first use them, but they also offer a ton of possibilities when you get to know them better. Apps like these prove smartphones can be great computers, not content consumption tools.

    How to make dark Instagram theme on iPhone?

    How to make Instagram black is a question that owners of social network accounts may face. To replace the background on the device, you do not have to perform complex actions and waste time. The operation is easy. The main thing is to follow the instructions presented in the article. If you strictly follow the listed recommendations, you can independently install and remove the dark background on the phone and on the social network, in particular.

    How to enable dark theme on Instagram iPhone?

    To carry out such manipulations on a smartphone, when deciding how to make a dark theme in Instagram on an iPhone, you should follow clear instructions. It consists in performing the following actions:

    • In the settings you need to find the item Brightness-screen.
    • Here are two miniature displays with examples of what the black and light version looks like.
    • A suitable version is selected by pressing a special button.

    Other methods can be used if necessary. You need to open a tab with settings management. After that, the button is pressed and held, which is responsible for changing the lighting level. Then a special window opens. In it, you should activate the option responsible for making the background dark.

    Skilled users operate through a separate button. To do this, you need to open the section with settings and updates. The desired switch is added to the main controls. If you act according to the established instructions, a dark mode will appear on Instagram.

    Features of Instagram dark theme on iPhone

    Before describing in detail the order of how to change the background, it is recommended to consider the features of the option and its advantages. Among the main distinguishing factors, it should be noted:

    • Stylish desktop appearance;
    • Providing a comfortable brightness for the eyes;
    • Reduced consumption of built-in charging.

    The listed positive aspects of using the product attract users. Phone owners are increasingly making the decision to switch to this mode.

    The instructions to follow depend on which OS the smartphone is running on. In any case, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort. It is worth examining the procedure. Thanks to this, the desired can be achieved without the use of third-party applications and browser extensions.

    Summing up

    It’s easy enough to set your desired dark background on instagram. There are many ways to get this. If you are holding not an iPhone, but a smartphone running on Android OS, you can proceed in approximately the same ways. As a result, it will turn out to change and enable the available darkened background not only on the smartphone’s desktop, but in each installed application.

    How to change the background of an iPhone or iPad

    Having picked up a new device from Apple, many users immediately try to figure out how to change the background of an iPhone or iPad.

    Wallpaper on the lock screen or “Home” expresses the individuality of the owner and makes the gadget a little more attractive. Therefore, the desire to change the background is not surprising. Fortunately, Apple experts also understand this, so iOS has convenient tools for changing the wallpaper.

    Diagnostics is FREE. 7 (812) 953-94-11, 7 (921) 984-75-12 (Kamennoostrovsky prospect, 42, Petrogradskaya metro station)

    Loading an image

    Before you replace the default background for your Apple device, you need to select a picture. Perhaps you will like the images that you find in standard wallpapers, or you may want to put a photo of a loved one on the screen. But we will look at a more complex option, in which you need to download wallpaper to your device from a third-party source.

    There are two main ways to add an image to iPhone memory:

    • Go to the Internet from the gadget and save the picture you like.
    • Download the image to your computer, and then transfer it through iTunes.

    It is clear that taking into account the proliferation of wireless networks and the number of free Wi-Fi points, it is much easier to go online from the iPhone / iPad and just save the picture in memory. But we are not looking for easy ways, therefore:

    • Download the photo to your computer.
    • Connect Apple device and launch iTunes.
    • Select your device and open the “Photos” section.
    • Check the box “Sync photos from” and specify the folder on your computer where the images you like are stored.

    Highlight the files you want to sync and click Apply. All selected pictures will be in the device memory.

    Change iPhone / iPad background

    When the necessary images are loaded into the iPhone / iPad memory, you can proceed to the next step. replacing the standard wallpaper with new images. Prior to the release of iOS 4.0, only the background of the lock screen could be changed. But for more than 5 years, iPhone and iPad owners have been able to change both the background screen and the lock screen.

    • Open device settings.
    • Go to the “Wallpaper and brightness” section. Click on the item “Wallpaper selection”.
  • Select the album that contains the image you want to put on the background.
  • Highlight the picture you like and click “Install”. You will be prompted for the installation location. lock screen, home screen, both screens.
  • Indicate where you want to put the selected wallpaper. If you don’t like the way the image looks, you can replace it at any time by following the same steps as for the initial background change.

    Free consultation! Free diagnostics! Warranty for work!

    How to change the background on an iPhone photo

    Sometimes you get so cool in the picture, alas, the back background is not sufficiently developed. Either strangers, or a mess, periodically unnecessary objects fall into the frame. Next, we will become How to search for conversations in VK

    Now you understand how to change the background on a photo on your phone, iPhone and Android for free through the application. Create extraordinary compositions for your own Instagram and delight your own followers. Let your photos get many likes.

    iPhone is a highly functional device that can do a lot of useful tasks. But all this is made possible thanks to third-party applications distributed in the App Store. In particular, below we will look at what tools you can use to superimpose one photo on another.

    Overlaying one image on top of another using an iPhone

    If you love doing photo editing on iPhone, you have probably seen examples of work where one picture is superimposed on top of another. You can achieve a similar effect using photo editing applications.


    Pixlr app is a powerful and high quality photo editor with a huge set of image processing tools. In particular, it can be used to combine two photos into one.

    • Download Pixlr to your iPhone, launch it and click on the “Photos” button. The screen will display the iPhone library, from which you will need to select the first picture.

    When the photo is open in the editor, select the button in the lower left corner to open the tools.

    The second image will be superimposed on top of the first. Using dots, you can adjust its position and scale.

    In the lower part of the window, various filters are provided, with the help of which both the color of the pictures and their transparency are changed. You can also adjust the transparency of the image manually. for this, there is a slider at the bottom, which should be moved to the desired position until the desired effect is achieved.

    When editing is complete, select the checkmark in the lower right corner, and then tap on the “Finish” button.


    The next program is a full-fledged photo editor with a social network function. That is why you need to go through a small registration process here. However, this tool provides many more options for gluing two images than Pixlr.

      Install and launch PicsArt. If you do not have an account in this service, enter your email address and click on the “Create an Account” button or use the integration with social networks. If the profile was created earlier, select the “Login” item below.

    As soon as your profile opens on the screen, you can start creating the image. To do this, select the plus sign in the lower central part. The image library will open on the screen, in which you will need to select the first picture.

    The photo will open in the editor. Then select the “Add photo” button.

    When the second picture is overlaid, adjust its position and scale. Then the most interesting thing begins: at the bottom of the window there are tools that allow you to achieve interesting effects when gluing a picture (filters, transparency settings, blending, etc.). We want to erase unnecessary fragments from the second picture, so select the eraser icon at the top of the window.

    In the new window, using the eraser, erase all unnecessary. Pinch the image for greater precision, and adjust the opacity, size and sharpness of the brush using the slider at the bottom of the window.

    Once the desired effect is achieved, select the checkmark icon in the upper right corner.

    Once you’re done editing, select the “Apply” button and then click “Next”.

    To share your finished photo on PicsArt, click on Submit and then complete the post by clicking on Done.

    The picture will appear on your PicsArt profile. To export to the smartphone’s memory, open it, and then tap in the upper right corner on the icon with three dots.

    An additional menu will appear on the screen, in which it remains to select the “Load” item. Done!

    This is not a complete list of applications that allow you to superimpose one photo on another. the article contains only the most successful solutions.

    Thank the author, share the article on social networks.

    Sometimes you come out so beautifully in the picture, but the rear view spoils everything. Strangers flicker in the frame, a mess, or unnecessary objects that spoil the frame.

    In this material, we will try to tell you as quickly and easily as possible about how to replace the background background in a photo using the Snapseed application.

    With Snapseed, you can change the background of photos on your Android device. Before you start working with the application, you need to select the desired picture as a background, so that the resulting image looks natural.

    The software is completely free and you can download it from our website using the main download link.

    How to change the background to

    We select the necessary photo for processing.

  • If the selected background is square in size, then the main photo must also be cropped. To do this, follow the path: “Tools”. “Crop”.
  • Then open “Tools”. “Double Exposure”.
  • Click on the square with the symbol on the lower taskbar and select an image for the background. When it is added to the application, the two image layers will be translucent.
  • Click on the droplet symbol in the toolbar, and edit the location of the two photos, while it is noticeable.
  • Set the “Opacity” to the extreme parameters.

    Click on the top panel on the double layer with an arrow and select “View changes”.

    Then click on the indicator “Double Exposure” and then “Edit”. The most basic image should launch (a person or an object, whichever you choose).

    Then click on the “Mask” (eye) and carefully paint over the area around the contour with your finger. The entire area will turn light red.

  • If you have climbed over the edges of the contour and rubbed it a little, then just set the “Double Exposure” value to 0 and finish painting part of the object.
  • At the end of painting, click on the checkmark and save the picture.
  • After the steps taken, you will know how to easily change the background in a photo on an Android smartphone and tablet for free using the Snapseed utility. Create original pictures for your social networks and delight your friends and followers. Let your photos get many likes.

    How to reduce photo size on iPhone using third-party apps

    IPhones have a built-in photo editor. with it, you can, for example, crop a picture and apply a filter to it, however, you will not be able to change the resolution of any photo. Therefore, users have to resort to using additional utilities. One of the most popular programs to reduce photo size is Resizer. You can download the free version of this utility here.

    The main advantage of Resizer is simplicity. The developers did not think about how to create another multi-editor, and equipped the application with only the most basic functions. How to change photo resolution on iPhone via Resizer?

    Open the app. you will see the simplest interface possible.

    Click on the plus button and go to the “Camera Roll”.

    Next, select the photo you want to convert.

    On the next screen, you will see tools for working with images. You will need the “Resize” tool.

    Set the required photo resolution. The width and height remain proportional, so it is enough to change just one of these parameters. the second will be adjusted automatically.

    Below you will find ready-made templates for common resolutions. you can use them.

    Click on the “Done” button. this is how you complete the work on the image.

    Next, you need to save the corrected image to the iPhone memory. Click the down arrow button.

    Click on “Save Image”.

    The following message will notify that the work has been completed:

    Now you can use the Photo Investigator program to make sure that the picture has really changed its parameters.

    In addition to Resizer, there are other utilities in the AppStore that can reduce

    How to find out the metadata of a photo on an iPhone?

    The user of the “apple” technology does not have the opportunity to view the metadata of the photos taken on the iPhone. at least with the help of the smartphone’s own means. There is no analogue of the “Properties” menu (Windows) on iOS. To find out what the resolution and weight of the image are, you have to indulge in tricks or download additional software.

    We learn meta-data through third-party software

    Another way to get information about a photo is to use the Photo Investigator app from the AppStore (you can download it here). The program is very simple, but at the same time extremely effective. you need to use it like this:

    Press the button indicated by the red arrow with the caption “Choose Photo”.

    In the “Camera Roll” section, find the desired photo and click on it.

    A list of meta-data will open, where you can view such characteristics as file size (“File Size”. in the example 50.5 Kb) and image resolution (“Pixel Height” and “Pixel Width”).

    The subsection “Tiff” contains information about when the picture was taken.

    Photo Investigator allows you to not only view the metadata of a photo, but also send it by email and even erase it altogether. To perform these actions, the buttons “Share” and “Metadata”.

    To view the metadata of photos, the following programs are also suitable:

    Finally, the third way to find out about the size of the photo and the date when it was taken is to connect the iPhone to the computer, go to the folder with the pictures and go to the “Properties” menu.

    It is very important to determine how much the images weigh before changing their resolution. Photos on the iPhone come out in different sizes. operations with those that take up little space will not allow you to increase the amount of free memory significantly.

    Find out the size of the photo via mail

    You can get information about the weight of the image through the built-in tool “Mail”. You need to act like this:

    Go to the “Photos” application and select a picture that is of interest to you.

    Click the Share button located in the lower left corner.

    Click on “Next” and in the menu that appears, select “Mail”.

    Fill in the “To” field (you can choose any mailbox. you won’t have to send a letter) and click “Send”.

    Then confirm that you want to send an email with an empty subject.

    It is necessary to pay attention to the field “Actual”. here is the real size of the photo.

    How to reduce photo size and resolution on iPhone?

    Users of Apple gadgets often suffer from a lack of free memory on their devices. What to do in such a situation? The first thought that comes to mind is to “clean” your media library and photo album and get rid of unnecessary files. However, parting with photos can be difficult. many of them remind of important events.

    There is also a less obvious solution: to reduce the size of photographs. all the same, when viewing an album on a small screen of the gadget, the difference will not be noticeable. By reducing the size of the photo, you can not only free up memory on the device, but also reduce traffic costs when publishing images on the Internet.

    Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have a built-in tool that would allow you to recognize metadata and change the parameters of images. You can view the weight of the image through the “Mail” mail, but this method is rather long and complicated.

    Users wishing to reduce the size of a photo in order to increase the amount of free memory should download a special Resizer utility from the AppStore, which makes adjusting an image a matter of “five minutes”. For a quick check of meta-data, Photo Investigator is suitable. a program with which no mail is needed!