Rename the printer in Windows 10

When installing the Windows 10 printer, will give him a default name. His name by default is usually determined by the supplier and includes the name of the manufacturer and the model. If you are not satisfied with the name of your printer by default, these are a few methods that you can use to rename it.

To rename the printer, you must enter the system with the administrator account. You can use the control, settings or PowerShell panel. Let’s look at these methods.

Let’s start with the settings. Settings are a universal application included in Windows 10. It is created to replace the classic control panel for both users with a touch screen and for users of desktop computers with a mouse and keyboard. It consists of several pages that present new parameters for setting up Windows 10, as well as some old parameters inherited from the classic control panel. In each issue, Windows 10 receives more and more classic options transformed into a modern page in the “Settings” application. At some point, Microsoft can completely remove the classic control panel.

To rename the printer in Windows 10. Follow the following actions.

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Go to the “Devices” section. “Printers and scanners”.
  • On the panel, the printer, which you want to rename, and then press the control button.
  • On the next page, click the Printer Printer Link.
  • In the printer properties dialog box, enter a new name on the General tab.
  • Click “Apply”, then click “OK”.

Note. If you have a button to change the properties on the tab of the common dialog box Printer Printer. Click it. This will open an additional dialog box in which you can rename the printer. Cm. The next picture of the screen.

If you are trying to rename the common printer, you will be invited to confirm the operation. Renaming a common printer will lead to a break in all existing connections to it, so other network users will not be able to get access to it until they add it again to their “Printers” folder.

Rename the printer using the control panel

  • Open the classic application “Control Panel”.
  • Go to the equipment control panel and device sound and printers.
  • Click with your right mouse printer you want to rename, and in the context menu, select the printer properties.
  • In the printer’s Dialog box, enter a new name on the General tab.
  • Click “Apply”, then click “OK”.
  • Cm. Notes related to the “Settings” application above.
  • Open PowerShell on behalf of the administrator. Tip: You can add the context “Open PowerShell on behalf of the administrator” menu.
  • Enter or copy and insert the next command:

The team will print a table with your printers and their total access status.

Renaming the printer in Windows 10

When the printer is added to the Windows operating system, it is automatically assigned a default name. This is usually not a problem if you are going to add only one printer. Problems begin to intensify as the printers are added. In business conditions, this riddle becomes a reality. In order to avoid confusion for themselves and others who can use them, it would be better to rename printers.

There are several ways to rename printers in Windows 10.

Using the “Settings” application

To rename all the currently installed printers in your Windows 10 system through Windows settings:

  • Click the left mouse button in the “Start” menu Windows.
  • In the menu, click on the settings icon (screw).
  • You can also click on the Windows “Start” icon and select “Settings” in the menu to achieve the same result.
  • Win i is also a viable option as a combination of keys for direct opening the settings.
  • In the “Settings” window, select “Devices”.
  • From the window “Device” go to the “Printers and Scanners” section.
  • On the right you will see a list of already installed printers and scanners.
  • Scroll the list of printers and click on the one you want to change your name.
  • Click the “Management” button.
  • This window will display all the parameters that you have for this printer.
  • In the menu on the left, select the printer properties.
  • A new window for the selected printer will appear.
  • Stay (or go) to the “General” tab.
  • There will be a text field that displays the current name of the printer. Click inside this field, delete the current name and enter the preferred name for the printer.
  • Here you can also add a description and location of the printer so that it is easier for you (or colleagues) to choose a printer corresponding to their needs.
  • As soon as the name is selected and introduced, you can press the OK button in the bottom of the window.
  • When changing the name of the printer on the network, you will be invited to confirm before you can complete the process.
  • Other users who use this printer will have to re.add the printer to their computers after changing the name.
  • You may have to close and open all the running applications again before the new name of the printer is indicated in them.
  • After updating the data in the list of devices, the new printer name should be displayed anywhere where it is usually displayed.

The “Settings” application is supplied with the simplest version of Windows 10. This is a universal application created to replace the classical option of control panel both for users of the touch screen and for a standard keyboard and mouse.

How to rename the printer in Windows 10

When the printer is added to Windows 10, he is given the default name. For example, the name of the manufacturer, such as Brother or Canon, followed by the number of the model of this particular device. Because of this, confusion may occur if you have several printers in one network. If you have only one printer, you can assign him a name that will be easier for you to find out.

If you have several of them, one printer can be useful for printing images, and the other is better suited for printing documents. This can help rename your printers in Windows 10 with other names such as “photo printer” and “printer for documents”. This can help relieve headache when finding out which one to choose later. In addition, this can help your family choose printers if these printers have simplified names.

There are several ways to rename the printer in Windows 10. You can use Windows 10 settings or control panel.

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Let’s go to Windows settings to start the process of renaming your printer (OV) in Windows 10.

  • You will see a text area in which the printer name is located at the top of the window. Just click in this area and enter what you want your printer to be marked on your computer with Windows 10.

Now you can see that the new name you gave your printer is saved on this printer. Now you can easily access the printer and be sure that you have chosen the one that is suitable for your print task.

Let’s see how you can use the control panel instead of Windows settings to rename your printer.

In the search bar on the Windows Passage Panel, enter the “control panel”. Select open the control panel under the icon.

Then select “Devices and Printers”.

  • Now you will see devices, multimedia devices and printers. The listed devices may differ, but this is what you will see in this installation Windows 10. Go to the Printer area and select the printer that you want to rename.

Now the new name that you chose for the printer will be displayed, and that’s it, everything is ready.

Renaming the printer in Windows 10. a simple and painless process. Despite the fact that there are several steps, we hope that this leadership was useful for you.

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How to rename the printer in Windows 10

Printers are difficult to set up, and the setting process does not imply a prime.convenient name for the printer. For home printers this is not a problem. Most houses have only one printer, and you are going to print on the one that is connected to your system or network. With printers at the workplace the situation is different. You may have more than one. If it is difficult for you to track connected printers, you should rename the printer and give it a more understandable name that will help you identify it.

Rename the printer

To rename the printer, it must be connected to your system. It can be connected by network or via wire. The name changes in the printer properties. You can get access to it from the “Settings” application or from the control panel.

Open the “Settings” application, go to the “Devices” settings group and select “Printers and Scanner”. You will see a list of all connected printers. Select the printer you want to rename, and under it you will see the “Management” button. You will get on the screen of the printer settings. Scroll down and select the parameter “Printer properties”.

If you prefer the control panel, and not the “Settings” application, open the conductor and insert the following into the address line.

Scroll down to the section of the printers and click with the right mouse button printer that you want to rename. In the context menu, select the printer properties.

In the printer properties window, go to the General tab. The very first field on this tab is available for editing, and it is here that you set the name of the printer. Click inside this field and enter a clear name for your printer. There is a model section in this properties window, therefore, if you ever need information about the model for your printer, it will not be lost after a simple renaming. At the end, click OK, and the name will be updated.

This change is performed for each system. When you change the name of the printer, you change it only in your system. Everyone else who connects to the printer through another laptop / desktop computer will still see the printer name by default. This change does not require administrator rights, so we assume that the network administrator has no way to change the name back to the default name.

If you do this for printers that you use at work, give them a name convenient for the workplace.

4] change the name of the printer using the command line

The command line also helps to rename the printer using two simple teams. In the first team you can see the names of all available printers. The second team uses the VBS script to rename the printer.

At the first stage, you need to run the command line on behalf of the administrator.

After that, open the list of printers using this command:

Now you know the name of the printer that you want to rename. Go to the second step.

Follow the next command to rename your printer:

Just add a new name and the existing name of your printer to the team, and it will rename this printer.

Here’s how you can rename the printer in Windows 10.

All options and steps are quite simple. Use any option that you like and change the printer name by default to your choice of your choice.

How to rename the printer in Windows 10

In this post we showed you four ways to change the name of the printer:

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The settings application contains a separate page for printers and scanners. You can access this page, and then move on to renaming the printer.

To rename the printer using the “Settings” application:

  • Open the “Settings” application using Win I fast key
  • Access to the device menu
  • Choose the Printer and Scanners page.
  • On the right you will see a list of available printers and scanners.
  • Select the desired printer and press the “Management” button.
  • In the “Device Management” section, use the “Printer Printer” parameter.

The “Properties” window of this printer with the “General” tab will open.

Now you can enter any name you want, and apply and save the changes using the OK button.

2] Rename the printer name using the control panel.

To rename the printer using the control panel:

  • Type control panel in the Windows search field and click Enter.
  • In the control panel, change the viewing of the mode to small icons or large icons.
  • Select the “Device and Printers” parameter.
  • All installed printers will be visible to you.
  • Click the printer mouse with the right button and select the printer property parameter.

In the properties of the printer, the box will open with a common tab. In the name field, enter the desired name and save it.

The name of your printer will be successfully changed.

How to rename a network printer in Windows 7?

This question is similar to how you rename the printer device in Windows 7 64 bits. Except that the answers do not work there, and I will provide more information.

This is a home network, not a domain. I configured Brother HL-5170DN. This is a network printer connected directly to the Ethernet concentrator. I can connect to it using Windows 7, but the default Windows 7 uses the name “Binary_p1 on the BRN37415F”, which is not very useful. And I can’t change the name.

It operates on several machines with Windows XP and Vista, and I can change the name on these machines.

In Windows 7 Printer properties:

  • I see the name “binary_p1” on the “General” tab. I can choose the text, but I can’t change it. The field is not shaded, but I can’t enter anything into it.
  • On the Porta tab, all control elements are not available (disconnected). The selected port is called “\\ Brn_37415F \ BINARY_P1”, and it is described as “Render Supplier on the Client side”, and the printer field is indicated “Binary_p1”.
  • On the Safety tab, I see that my account has permission “Management of this printer”.

If I choose the “Property Properties”. I can choose a port and click “Configure the port”. But I will have a dialog box with the message “an error has occurred during the port setting. This parameter is not supported “.

I found many forums where people ask the same question, but do not get an answer.

Update: no more gifts, but I’m still looking for a solution to this problem.

How did you add this printer? You added it as a network or local? If on the network try adding it as a local printer, and when you get to the ports, create a new port, select TCP / IP and

@Kyle: I added a printer as a network printer. The printer uses DHCP, so from time to time the IP address changes. I did not find a way to give him a fixed IP address with my Netgear router. I used to do this with my old Linksys.

@EDUSYSADMIN: I’m not sure that I understand your question. Printer (Brother HL-5170DN) has a built-in print server. I just connect the Ethernet port to the router.

Here is a way to do this in Windows 7 and 8.1 for printers is not based on IP:

  • Add the printer
  • Add a local printer (not network)
  • Create a new port (local port, not TCP / IP)
  • Enter the port name (\ server \ printer syntax)

Follow the rest of the steps (you probably have to manually choose the printer driver, this is easy to find if you have already connected the network printer by viewing its properties).

@Adrianmcarthy in your post it seems that \ Brn_37415F \ BINARY_P1 that he is quite adult, but I do not remember that it was by hearing. Presumably adding it as an ordinary network printer will allow you to see this, because you can check the printer to find out what is its server address.

Stop the press service Net Stop Spooler

Find the printer in the registry in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CURRENTROLSET \ CONTROL \ PRINTERS \ DEVICE network PRICE PRIENers usually have a key, which starts with a comma, for example, http: // 555, NameofPrinter

Be new with the desired name of the printer. Change: “NAME” value in DEVICE to the NEW value “Printername” in Device \ DSSPOOLER to the NEW “UnCNAME” value in. DEVICE \ DSSPOler to. \\ Computername \\\ New finally. Rename registry printers Key to Device to New

Restore the printer service: Net Start Spooler

It looked most promising, however, when I tried to try it, the section “Print” was not in “Currentversion”, I also tried the Wow6432Node branch.

The default name of my IPP printer was “Gateway-USB-PRINTER” in Windows 7, I could not change it using the Windows Inte Week. Solution based on “PRNCNFG.VBS “, it also did not work, it ended with a mistake 0x80041002 (not found). Modification of the registry, as described in this answer. The only thing that worked.

This solution worked for me when simple methods did not work, such as editing the name directly in the “Printer Printer” window.

I just did it on my installation Windows 7.

Go to the “Devices and Printers” section. Click the Printer with the right mouse button, which you want to change, select the “Printer properties”, not the properties or print parameters. Change the name in the upper field. Hit, ok when done.

In my case, the text in the upper field is not edited. I can choose this, but I can’t change it. You are an example not a network printer. I think this is a key difference.

Thanks to. It worked for me. Rinse both clicks with the right mouse button and rename the file, but the text field in the “Properties” window could be edited. In addition, my printer is a network printer, not local.

You cannot rename the network printer in Windows XP, VISTA or 7 (I’m not sure about others). The only way to rename this to rename it on the server, but this will violate the existing configuration.

How to rename http network printer name on Windows 10?

However, there is a bypass: you can compare the LPT port with a network printer, and then install it as a local printer.

To compare the port of the LPT, use the next command line with the rights of the administrator:

Replace the “x” with the LPT port that you want to use, for example, 2 (if your motherboard does not have an LPT port, you can also use 1).

Then just install the printer, as if it were a local printer connected to the port of LPT you specified.

In fact, I can rename the printer on XP and Vista. Just not Windows 7. There is no separate print server as such. The server is built right into the printer.

The Net USE team worked, and I was able to install the printer as a local printer on LPT1. Unfortunately, the print on it receives the general status of “Error. Print “in line and nothing is printed.

How to rename the printer device in Windows 7 64 bits

I’m trying to rename the printer device and do not see how to do it. It was easy in XP?

It took a few minutes to understand why I could not set the name of the printer. When you click with the right mouse button on the printer (in the control panel. Equipment and sound. Devices and printers), two similar parameters appear: “Printer properties” (in the middle of the options by click by the right mouse button) and “Properties” (in the bottom). Just make sure that you have chosen the “Printer properties”.

The easiest way. Click with the right mouse button on the device, open the “printer properties” and enter the name that you prefer in the upper part of the dialog box.

Click OK, it should disappear very quickly, and then reappear with the right (new) name for you.

@ Adrian mccarthy, it’s strange. It seems to me that everything is in order here. It is a local printer or a network printer that you are trying to change?

@Adrian check if you click the “Printer properties” or do as me and press the “properties” in the lower part of the menu caused by the right mouse button

I had the same problem with the not editing field. It is very important to know the difference that Darin indicated.

Yes, as Darin and Thomas said, this is the option of the “Printer properties”, not the “properties” below. I.Imgur.COM/EWNCBP.PNG

How to Rename Printer Name in Windows 10

None of the above two answers worked for me. The selection of the properties of the printer gave me a dialog box only for reading.

Instead, I had to click the printer twice to “open” it. Then many buttons / icons appear, one of which is called “configure the printer”. This causes the correct dialog box of the printer properties

It was for the printer Samsung ML-1910. I could not find a way to rename Samsung ML-1630W

Please make sure that “to rename the printer, you must have permission to control the printer”.

I had a scanner named “Brother MFC-8440 # 2”, so after reinstalling it was supposed to save some outdated settings. The printer was called “Brother MFC-8440”. So I used regedit.EXE for editing registry. I used the “Find” function to search for my multifunctional device named “MFC-8440”, and where I saw. I renamed it and deleted 3 extra characters. I thought that if everything goes wrong, I just reinstall the device and, perhaps, I will get # 3. To my relief, the scanner no longer carries the suffix # 2. Hooray! You can always create the image of your main hard drive before trying to do it.

If all decisions related to the graphic integration are failing (which rarely happens, but happens), get this script: PRNCNFG.vbs. Command line

and use the command line for renaming

“Refers to: Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista”. Do you see Windows 7 on this list?

Rename the printer in the control panel

Open the “control panel”: one of the ways. in the search bar or in the “execute” menu (execute Winr keys) enter the Control command and press the Enter key.

Go to “Devices and Printers”.

Click on the printer that needs to be renamed with the right mouse key and select the “Printer Printer”.

In the “General” tab in the upper field, change the printer name to the right one and click “OK”.

If the printer “General” will highlight the window warning that after renaming it, you will need to re.configure the connection from other computers. If you agree, click “Yes”.

If you want, close the device and printers window.

Rename the printer in PowerShell

one.Open the PowerShell on behalf of the administrator: one of the ways. in the search line write PowerShell, click on the found tool on the tool and select “Stop on behalf of the administrator”.

Enter the Get-Printer command | Format-List Name and press the Enter key. Remember the name of the printer you want to rename.

Rename the printer with the Rename-Printer command.NAME “Printer name”.NewName “New name of the printer” (words highlighted by red need to be replaced with your own). For example, I want to rename the printer named Canon on Canon4400, to do this, I need to enter the Rename-Printer command.NAME “Canon”.NewName “Canon4400” and press the Enter key.

For today everything, if you know other ways. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! Happiness to you