How to remove whatsapp on Android completely from the phone

The removal of the Vatsap may be needed in different cases. for example, you need to release a place on the device, it is required to reinstall the messenger to activate some functions, or you simply decided for some time to refuse to use for personal reasons for some time.

To remove whatsapp completely from the phone on Android, it is not enough to move the icon to the basket. this action you simply remove the label from the desktop, the application itself remains on the device. On Android smartphones, this can be done in three ways: through the desktop, through the Play Market, as well as using Android settings.

Staffing means Whatsapp

Deleting single and group messages is somewhat different from each other. To remove a single chat, you need:

To remove group chat, you need to do the following:

  • On the screen to select and hold the desired chat;
  • Select “Exit” in the opened menu;
  • Hold down to hold on this chat;
  • Select “Delete”.

To remove fully history, you need:

Deleting archives manually

If the archive is wound in the external repository. google-disk or icloud, you will need to carry out water to these services and delete the corresponding files. If the saving is organized on the SD card or internal memory of the device, then you need to go to the / SDCard / WhatsApp / Databases folder and delete all files contained there. If the archive has not been saved on the SD card, the transition will be in the folder: WhatsApp / Databases. This may be useful if, for example, you need to make a complete reinstalling of WhatsApp or clear the device’s memory from a too inflated archive.

Working with Program Program, we sometimes need to clear it from unnecessary information. So, from our article you can learn how to delete an archive in WhatsApp, as well as how to erase unnecessary messages from the phone’s memory.

If you have, for some reason, a desire to cleanse the archive in Vatsaya, then make it quite simple. You can delete unnecessary messages directly through the application, and you can delete the archive in the wrap, working with the device memory and the SD card.

It must be remembered that it is impossible to restore remote data again, except in cases where they were subjected to backup to the device or cloud storage.

To find out where whatsapp messages are stored, read another article.

Features for smartphones of different firms

Different smartphone manufacturers often implement additional features in their gadgets, which can be an obstacle to the distance.

Some smartphones use their own cloud storage, in which some data are synchronized, including contacts. If autosynchronization is enabled, the contact can be saved there even after a full update of the smartphone and reboot.

For example, for the brand Xiaomi is a cloud of Xiaomi Cloud, and for Samsung. Samsung Cloud. Similar functions exist in modern phones and other brands.

Using Samsung Cloud for WhatsApp

WhatsApp auto storage setting

You can customize yourself which files will be saved, and which no. This can be done in the phone menu. Select the tab “Data and Devices” and activate data savings. If you remove all ticks in the “Auto-loading of the media”, then the files will not be automatically saved on the device.

How often is it worth cleaning the messenger? It depends on how actively you use whatsapp. Active users are worth erase all unnecessary information about once a month.

How to Clean Cloud Store ICloud from WhatsApp messages

If whatsapp is installed on the Apple phone, most likely in the icloud cloud stored the correspondence archives. They are stored there regularly and automatically, the default WhatsApp has such a setting. They also better remove.

To do this, in the Messenger menu, select Settings. ICLOUD. Storage. WhatsApp Messenger and click the “Delete All” button.

I used whatsapp and did not know the grief until I started to add me to various “business” chats, where there are a lot of users. Added me to the chats, and then it started.

First caused inconvenience and discomfort at work and at home annoying permanent messages. Well, it is clear, the people communicate.

I decided to quickly enter this question, going into the chat and turning on the regime “Do not disturb”.

And after, after some time, the WhatsApp program has grown to large amounts of memory in the iPhone almost 1 gigabyte!

Yes so that the camera has already written. they say not enough memory to make a photo or record a video.

Well, I went to the iPhone memory storage and quickly checked that most of all occupies the place, after the gallery in second place was Whatsapp.

Go to and see what the most occupies memory in the iPhone and iPad can be passing in:

And we look at the list, “Who” from us and how much takes the most memory.

Then I do not think about the program itself, because I was in a hurry to make a photo, yes, and the “Clear Saved Program data” buttons, I did not see, going even deeper from the storage point for one point.

I removed whatsapp, and I put this messenger later when I cleaned photos.

At first I was already upset that the story of the messages was not preserved, but they later loaded.

The second time that this messenger rose again, I puzzled how to set up WhatsApp so that it does not automatically load everything in a row with chat correspondence, but only checked if I want it, and about a miracle! There are such settings!

And we turn off alternately in the “Startup of Media” section All Points:

Choosing that the powerload of the media will be: “Never”.

remove, whatsapp, phone, delete, messages, archive

Now all items “Off”, well, and excellent.

And so, with autoload settings dealt with, now we will understand with cleaning already automatically loaded media.

As it turned out, this is also present in the settings 🙂

remove, whatsapp, phone, delete, messages, archive

Let’s go down below, and we see the item “Storage”

We go to the WhatsApp repository, and we see sorted chats by volume occupied in the memory of the smartphone. At the top. the most voracious chat, occupies 166 MB

Most of the memory photo, video and voice messages.

Choose what we want to clean, in this case I chose Clear photos, video, GIF, and documents, and click “Clear”

Now we have all the chat messages, and only multimedia are cleared in these chats.

We can also clean similar chats in WhatsApp.

We check in the phone settings in the iPhone storage, WhatsApp began to take an order of magnitude less memory. 222MB, against 438 MB, which were previously. Let me remind you that even earlier this messenger occupied 1GB, and after removing it and the reverse installation, it increased by 438 MB in a few days.

I also want to introduce you to another item settings Whatsapp– automatic saving photo and video into a photo film (your video-video camera album on the iPhone), as well as how to turn it off.

And turn off the “Save to the film”

And finally, if you suddenly delete the WhatsApp program to clean the place loaded by it, make sure that all chat rooms are already archived, but of course you need to save the history of all correspondence in WhatsApp.

To do this, go even deeper on one point in “Copy”

And. As you can see, by default, a backup copy of all chats is created weekly.

Click “Create a copy” waiting. And then you already delete and install whatsapp, if necessary.

PS. All risks and responsibility for the safety of your data you take on.

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It is possible that the most cumbersome and most of the place in the memory of our smartphone the application can be called whatsapp. After all, every day we get hundreds of megabytes of new photos and videos that we are sent to chat rooms and groups our friends and acquaintances.

To solve this unpleasant problem in WhatsApp there is a special function that allows you to delete unnecessary data that takes a lot of space in memory.

How to remove whatsapp with iPhone

    Delete the application from the iPhone is even easier, clamp the application icon and keep all the icons will not get treated, as in the picture below:

You do not want to use this messenger more and want to clear all the information about yourself, follow the instructions:

  • In order to erase all your data go to “Settings”
  • Section “Account”

Just on this instruction today removed Vasap. After the update on the smartphone began to fly out. Deleted, put a new. problem solved.

And I did not fly whatsapp, but I could not send anyone anyone. I am tugodum, and I did not immediately reach me that you can simply reinstall the application. I wanted to write in technical support?

All data is deleted when you delete the icon just! The whole story of messages with iPhone is also deleted!!Create backups if you are the road to Istria messages! Thanks! I listened. Lost everything. Nonsense crazy here is written.

Help!! When I activate WhatsApp I want me to make the activation code every time. I just first encounter.And now, when I delete every time and again activate, just so with the number I immediately go to whatsapp. how to make the activation code each time.

Please tell me if the company was removed, and then recalled on the room, which was, there may be a message that you were sent?When I deleted otcup

Guys. If Watzap was. deleted just an application (not account) then.what will happen to the account. t.e can he after the expiration of any time to remove?

No, then someone with the same SIM card can receive the messages that you were sent until the application was deleted) I had it

How to remove whatsapp from the phone

Many users are wondering if it is possible to completely remove from the WhatsApp messenger, not only to delete the application, but also delete the phone number, conversations and other personal information from the WhatsApp servers.

Well, for this we have to delete our WhatsApp account using the settings of the application itself. After that, after 90 days, the data will disappear, including the information that WhatsApp is divided from

Fully removing WhatsApp, we will lose the message history, come out of all groups, and a backup of Google disk or iCloud will disappear. View profile, name and status will be deleted.

This process is irrelevant if we register with the same number again, everything will be as if it was never before in Whatsapp. Now let’s see how to completely remove from whatsapp:

  • In the WhatsApp application on the main screen (Chat Tabs) click on the icon with three vertical points on the right to open the menu.
  • Select “Settings” in the drop-down menu.
  • In the settings we will choose the “Account”, the first appeared section.
  • Then go down to find the “Delete Account” item at the end of the list of options.
  • We will see a list of warnings about loss of history and removing from all WhatsApp groups, in addition to the possibility of changing the number instead of full removal of the account.
  • As an additional security measure, we will need to confirm the mobile phone number associated with WhatsApp. Then you must check the correctness of the country’s prefix and click “Delete Account”.
  • The last step requires us to indicate the reason why we want to completely remove from whatsapp. We can simply select “Other” and click “Delete Account” again to complete the process.

After these simple actions, your WhatsApp account will be deleted. Full removal of data usually takes up to three months. It is also worth noting that during this time your data will not be available to you.

How to delete your number from whatsapp

IMPORTANT: Removing an account in WhatsApp is made forever and with all the data, which are tied to it. These include all correspondence, media file sharing, voice messages, groups, channels, etc.D. Restore account after removal is impossible. Therefore, if you assume that you can return to the use of the messenger, probably better to leave it.

Account is deleted forever with all data

New WhatsApp functions will allow you to easily send video and hide chats

As far as I understand, now the goal of many Whatsapp users is to transition to another messenger. Therefore, they are interested, is it possible to postpone the correspondence from whatsapp in Telegram. So the answer to this question, unfortunately, is negative. There are several reasons for this:

  • The use of different encryption algorithms;
  • Different methods of storage of user chats;
  • Possible absence of another user in Telegram;
  • Different servers providing services;
  • Personal failure of Whatsapp Paul Durov.

Deleting WhatsApp on Android

We describe the process of complete deletion of an account, if for some reason you decided to get rid of whatsapp.

To do this, you must first delete the account, but only then wash the program from the smartphone. If you just remove the application files from the memory device, then your account will remain untouched. All your contacts will see you in our lists, but think that you just don’t get in touch for a long time.

To remove an account on your phone with android, you need to do the following:

  • Open the Messenger menu, taping on the icon with three dots, which is at the top of the screen.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Open account “Account”.
  • Tap “Delete Account”. In this place you will be shown a warning that this action is irreversibly. It will delete not only an account, but also the entire history of messages, all backup copies from Google Drive, and you will be excluded from all groups in which we consisted.
  • At the bottom of the window you will need to enter the phone number to which this account was registered.
  • This number will come to the removal code that you enter in response to the request. After that, the removal process will be launched. You will be divided in the WhatsApp client, and you will only have to remove the program with the staff of Android.