How to get rid of the U2 album you never wanted on your iPhone

From my experience, there are only two types of U2 people: those who love them and those who hate them. I’m the last one, so it’s a damn shame that Apple just added the new U2 album Songs of Innocence to my iCloud. If you found it creepy that U2 appears on your iPhone or in iTunes, don’t worry I’ve found a few ways to deal with it.

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How to get the U2 album out of my iTunes media library

Of course, it was very nice of Apple to give their customers a copy of the new U2 album, but the present was too obtrusive: the company just added it to each user’s iTunes library without asking whether they wanted it or not. Turns out a lot of people didn’t want. Over the past couple of days, quite a few Macowood readers have asked me to blog about how to remove or at least hide this album, and I’m happy to comply with their request.

If you’re not using iTunes Match, hiding a new U2 album is easy: go to your iTunes settings, go to the Store tab, and uncheck the “Show iTunes purchases in the Cloud” option. After that, Songs of Innocence will disappear from your track list along with other tracks available for download from the Apple cloud.

For iOS devices will need to perform a similar procedure, only the sacred switch is in the app Settings Music Show All Music.

However, this option will not suit everyone. So Kirk McElhearn, longtime iTunes Guy columnist at Macworld magazine, suggests applying “spot sanctions” and hiding just this album. Please note that this method does not work on iOS-gadgets.

To do this, start iTunes and go to the iTunes Store. On the main page of the store in the “Quick Links” section, find the link “Purchased” and in the “Music” section select the allegedly purchased album. It should be at the top of the list or somewhere nearby. Hover over the cover and click on the cross, after which the album will disappear from the list of recent purchases and from the iTunes library.

There is a separate item in your iTunes account settings that allows you to re-show hidden albums, singles, mobile apps, and other previously purchased items.

There are a few more important points. First, you can hide your previous purchases, but you can’t delete them completely, because you will always be considered the formal “owner” of that content. Even if you never asked for it. Second, even if the U2 album is lost from your iPhone, Bono will still remain in it

Songs of Innocence” got to all iTunes Store accounts for free, but not everyone who owns an “apple” gadget was happy about such a gift. The gift takes the right place for another in the memory, but not everyone is a fan of Bono.

On the contrary, it could have been a huge scandal, because music lovers all over the world want to listen to what they choose. As it turned out, everything was already decided for users, which allowed them to feel total disrespect for their customers.

And this album, which many have already called ill-fated, has taken a firm place in the media library of devices. The most interesting thing is that it was not deleted at all, even by those of the users who knew the features of iOS. Attempts to do this manually also failed. But to the credit of Apple developers, they did not ignore the complaints of their customers. It is the “apple” removal methods that are the only correct ones that will allow you to remove the collection that has made a lot of noise.

The easiest way to remove a melody from iPhone

Don’t like the song. delete it from your iPhone in a few actions:

Go to the built-in Music app.

Find the track you want to delete in the list.

Swipe (slide your finger) from right to left on the name of the song. A red “Delete” button will appear.

Press “Delete” button, and the song will be erased from iPhone memory.

Note that you won’t be able to delete songs that are hosted in your iCloud account, but not stored in your device’s memory, in this way.

The described method is suitable if the user wants to erase one or a couple of songs. However, if the owner of the gadget has embarked on a “global cleaning” of memory, it is more appropriate to apply other options.

The easiest way to remove an application

If you only need to delete one app, there is the easiest way for you:

This is the easiest way, which is good for deleting a single app

How to delete several applications

To delete several applications, there is another, no less simple, but comprehensive way:

This method is good for removing several applications at once, because you do not have to hold your finger on each of them

How to uninstall an application if you can’t find it

The third method of removal will come in handy for those who want to delete an app, but can’t find it in the desktop clutter:

A list of all installed applications is stored in Settings

How to remove an app from the desktop on iOS

The fourth method of removal only appeared with the release of iOS 14 and, purely technically, can not be considered a removal, because the application itself does not disappear from memory, disappearing only from the desktop.

An app that has been hidden from the desktop will still remain in the App Library

  • From the drop-down menu, click “Remove” “Remove from Desktop.”
  • Swipe the desktops to the right to the end. the app removed from the desktop will be there.

How to completely uninstall apps through iTunes?

It is also possible to erase applications from the iPhone via iTunes, even if it is not the most convenient and fastest way. Here’s how to proceed:

Connect your gadget to your PC via USB cable or Wi-Fi and launch iTunes.

Select the connected device in the sidebar on the left. If the panel is not present, you can bring it up by pressing CTRLS.

On the device management screen, select the “Programs” tab.

You can delete your account in one of two ways. First way: find an unwanted program in the list and press “Delete”.

The second way: scroll through the home screens, select the one with the unwanted application and left-click on the screen twice. Then just click on the “cross” above the unwanted application.

Press “Apply”, and after synchronization the program will be deleted from iPhone.

Delete created iPhone albums on iPhone directly

In addition to third-party software, you can also use the built-in delete functions from the Photos app.

Attention This way, all the albums created will be deleted from the iPhone, but the built-in albums on the iPhone cannot be deleted. over, the photos in the album will not be deleted.

Not deleting apps from iPhone iOS 14

As usual, most users did not look into it and, wanting to keep Telegram on their iPhones, disabled app deletion. And apparently forgot about it. When the hype about Telegram being banned from the App Store died down, few people thought to put it all back.

Where this leads to? It’s simple. users can’t delete apps on their devices. In our Telegram chat room, people complain every day (and more than once) that their apps won’t uninstall.

Channel admins had to answer every user with this problem

Part 2. How to back up and delete podcasts from your iPhone

In most cases, you can’t confirm any important podcasts if you need to delete podcasts on your iPhone to free up more space. As for the case, MobieTrans can back up and transfer more than 21 iPhone / iPad / iPod data. You can also stream iPhone podcast episodes, delete files and manage them with ease.

  • 1. Transferring podcast episodes from iPhone to your computer or other iOS devices.
  • 2. Preview and delete selected podcast episodes on iPhone.
  • 3. Import podcast files and playlists from your iPhone directly into your iTunes library.
  • 4. Edit podcast episodes, such as deleting, renaming, creating a playlist, and more.

Step 1. Download and install MobieTrans

Just download and install the latest version of this powerful iPhone podcast transmission. Then connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Once you run the program, it will be able to detect all the podcast episodes on your iPhone.

If you have downloaded podcasts in iTunes with your iPhone, you can also find podcasts with this software.

Step 2. Delete podcast episodes on your iPhone

Select the “Music” option on the left menu, and then you will easily find the “Podcasts” option. Select and check unnecessary podcasts, you can click “Delete” to remove podcasts on iPhone.

Note: You can find the file size, time and release data. When you need to delete podcast episodes from your iPhone of a certain size, you can easily manage podcasts in the program. In addition, you can also add files to the playlist or add some Комментарии и мнения владельцев for video podcasts.

Step 3. Transferring podcasts from iPhone to computer

How To Remove & Delete U2 Album From iPhone

Of course, if you don’t have time to check all the files, you can just copy all the podcasts from your iPhone first. Click “Import / Export” to export all iPhone podcast releases to your computer. Then you can delete all podcasts from your iPhone. Here you can also learn how to transfer Apple Music from iPhone to iPhone.