Split View on iPad, or how multitasking on Apple tablets works

The IPAD multi.speed mode, called Split View, was first implemented with the release of iOS 9. During this time, Apple developers several times changed the principle of its work. About how it works now, we will talk in this material.

With the release of the iPados 15, users have not received a serious long.awaited update for the iPad, which was assigned so many hopes. After all, the Apple tablet actually had neither applications nor the multi.sizes of the desktop class of devices. Fortunately, the multitasking iPad in the new iPados 15 was still improved.

Multivativity on iPad

When you launch any application on the iPad C iPados 15 (or a newer version), you will notice that at the top there is a button in the form of three points. Pressing on this element provides access to the multitasking menu.

As soon as you press this new button of the menu of multitasking, you will see three more buttons.

Pressing each activates the following function (from left to right):

Window for the full screen

Application window, which is launched by default in full screen mode. As an example above. the Safari application window for the full screen.

Split View

Split View are, in fact, two applications opened at the same time, each of which by default occupies half the screen. You can change the size of the applications by dragging the slider between them. Split View on iPad allows you to fully work (view content, copy links, text and images between windows) on the Apple tablet with two applications at the same time. As examples below. two windows of the Safari and Safari Notes.

Slide Over

In Slide Over mode, one application is displayed in a small floating window that can be dragged to the left or right edge of the screen. As an example below. the Safari application window on the entire screen, on top of which there is a floating window of the photo.

How to use gestures of multitasking on iPad under the control of iOS 12

Everyone knows that the click on the “home” button sends to the home screen, regardless of which part of the iOS is the user. Preparing to abandon this button in future versions of the tablet, to return to the home screen, Apple provided a special gesture.

remove, separation, ipad, screen, other

Instead of pressing the button home, now you can use the swipe up from the lower edge of the screen.

Return to the home screen (curtail the application)

In order to close the application used and return to the home screen, draw a finger from the lower edge of the screen to the upper until the application decreases, it will close and you will find yourself on the home screen.

Method 3

The latter method provides for the separation of the working space with a window open to a full screen.

    one. Expand one of the windows in a full.screen mode using a green key, or using the CMD Ctrl F key combination. 2. Open the Mission Control any of the convenient ways. 3. Capture the second window and pull it to the desktop with a window running in full.screen mode, positioning it on the left or right.

Features of Split View

Appearing in OS X 10.11 EL Capitan mode Split View, or due to the fact that the operating system is in the Stage Stage Stage, or at the request of Apple programmers themselves has a number of specific features and problems.

Firstly, Split View does not work for two applications developed not by Apple itself. For example, you cannot open two browsers from third.party developers. Secondly, the use of the method described in this instructions is not possible with every application. So, with iTunes, the transition to the Split View mode is not yet possible.

Thirdly, Split View does not work on all Mac computers. Perhaps the situation is temporary and after the official release of El Capitan Split View will be available to all owners of Apple’s laptops and computers.

How to get rid of a separated screen on the iPad (divided screen)

Sometimes on the iPad screen can be displayed two windows of applications nearby. It is called Split View and looks like this.

If you want to turn off the separated screen mode (getting rid of one of the windows), place your finger in the center of the black line of the section and drag it with constant average speed to the right edge of the screen

As you are approaching the edge of the screen, the applications will be blurred, and instead you will see two windows with applications icons. Keep moving your finger right.

How to turn off Split Screen and Multitasking on an iPad (for iOS 13 and 14)

Closer to the very edge of the screen, the black partition between the two windows will begin to expand (this visually means that you are going to “break” Split View). Continue to move your finger until you reach the edge of the screen.

Once on the edge of the screen, release your finger, and the Split View mode should disappear.

If you want to turn off the separation of the screen in the settings so that it does not display, you can disable multitasking on your iPad.

Learn more about the separation of the screen / multitasking or completely turn it off

The functions of multitasking on the iPad can be quite convenient and powerful if you master them. Due to the nuances of the involved gestures, they really need patience and practice to make the right choice.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use the iPad as a single-assembly device or accidentally constantly open the additional windows of applications, you can easily turn off the divided viewing and slide in the settings.

How to disable multitasking on iPados 13 or newer

First start the “Settings” application. Its badge looks like a set of gears and is by default on the first page of your desktop.

In the “Settings” section, find the “main screen and the docking station” in the left column and click on it.

Find “multitasking” on the right side of the screen and select it.

You will see a list of multitasking options with switches next to them. Here’s what they do:

Allow several applications: this parameter turns on or disconnects the division of viewing and slide, which allows two applications to be displayed on the screen at the same time.Picture in the picture: This parameter includes or disconnects the possibility of playing a video in the corner of the screen when using other applications.Gestures: this parameter turns on or disconnects gestures of multitasking, such as the launch of the application switch with one finger up from the lower part of the screen, switching applications using four fingers and return to the main screen from the application upside down from the bottom of the screen.

remove, separation, ipad, screen, other

To completely turn off multitasking, press all three switches to turn off them.

Some people leave the gesture switch on (which simplifies switching between applications) and turn off the other two parameters. It depends on personal preferences.

And now everything is ready. There will no longer be random launch of multitasking on iPad!

How to disable multitasking in earlier iOS versions

If you use iOS 9. iOS 12, you can disable multitasking by performing the following actions. The settings that control multi.sizes are located in another place than in the example indicated above.

First start the “Settings” application. Go to the general multitasking (in iOS 11 and 12, this is called “multitasking and docking station”). Find the switches “Allow the use of several applications”, “Constant Video Video” and “gestures” and tap each of them to turn off these functions.

Before iOS 9, the iPad operating system was not supplied with the functions of Split View and Slide Over.

This is it! Satch more comfortably, relax and enjoy one.screen iPad.

What tablets support iPados

▪️ iPad mini 4 ▪️ iPad mini 5 ▪️ iPad Air 2 ▪️ iPad Air (3rd generation of 2019 release) ▪️ iPad 2017 (5th generation) ▪️ iPad 2018 (6th generation) ▪️ iPad 2019-10.2 ″ (7th generation) ▪️ iPad Pro 9.7 ″ ▪️ iPad Pro 10.5 ″ ▪️ iPad Pro 11 ″ ▪️ iPad Pro 12.9 ″

This mode is designed to launch one application (secondary) on top of another (basic). The main application works in the usual full-screen mode with a typical ratio of the parties for the iPad, and the second in the form of a small preview.

How to enable: activate the settings switch. the screen home. multitasking. picture in the picture.

In which applications it works:

remove, separation, ipad, screen, other

Most often, a window with a reproduced video can act as a secondary application. Sometimes the picture mode in the picture is supported by third.party players or instant messengers with the possibility of a video news.

The ability to place the application window on top of another program is, for example, in the native client of Facetime and the popular Nplayer video player.

Cupertinists provide a set of API to embed a chip into the application, but not all developers are in a hurry to add such an option to their programs.

How to use a picture in the picture:

We launch any application with support for the picture in the picture (there is no full list of programs, read the description of your favorite applications in the App Store).

While watching the video, click on the icon of the video of the video. Depending on the player used, it can be both near the reproduction control buttons, and it is only available in full screen mode.

After fixing the window from the video, you can close the application and open another program.

The window with the roller can be mixed at the corners of the screen, change the size (reducing and spreading two fingers) and hide over the side faces of the display.

Similarly, you can view videos on most sites that use HTML-compatible players using the Safari browser.

Useful features of the mode picture in the picture:

▸ Using a special button, you can return at any time from the reinforced window to its application or complete the work in this mode.

▸ To view the video from YouTube in the picture mode in the picture, you need to open a video in the Safari browser and go to the viewing window from it.

In addition, you can use the paid CornerTube application, with its help you can go to the picture mode in the picture from the official client of the service through the menu to share.

Slide Over multitasking mode

This mode is also designed to arrange one application (secondary) on top of another (basic). The main program, as in the previous case, will also work in full screen, and the secondary will start on the side of the screen in mode, as on iPhone.

How to enable: activate the chip in the settings menu. the screen home. multitasking. resolve several applications.

remove, separation, ipad, screen, other

In which applications it works:

In this mode, only applications can be launched, which have a version for the iPhone or a special narrow intensity mode. Full.screen programs that are designed only for iPad or games will not be possible to launch in Slide Over.

Slide Over support has all standard and most third.party applications from the App Store. The exception is mainly games and programs without a portrait orientation of the integration.

How to use Slide Over:

We launch any application that will be the main.

With a swipe from the bottom of the screen, we call the dock-panel.

We select the application that we want to launch in the Slide Over mode and pull the ego from the dock onto the screen.

We release the icon and the program will open in the window on top of the main one at the right or left boundary of the screen.

It will not work to change the size of the window with the program, you can only move between the parties of the display or hide behind the side border. Moving is carried out beyond the upper panel.

Useful chips of the Slide Over mode:

▸ After opening the application in Slide Over mode, it can be hidden outside the side boundary of the screen. In order to return the window with the program after that, you can make a swipe from the screen of the screen to the center.

▸ For quick switching between programs in Slide Over, gestures similar to gestures are multitasking on iPhone C Face ID. The side swipe below switches the programs, and the swipe from the lower boundary of the window up activates the application switch.

With such switching, only previously added application added to the Slide Over. You can add a new program already in a familiar way, and remove from this menu with a swipe up in switching mode.

How to divide the screen into iPhone

The built.in screen separation function is not yet available in the iPhone, but you can separate the screen using any of the available applications. Read this article to the end to find out how you can simultaneously see two applications on the screen of your iPhone using an application.

The screen separation function divides the screen into two parts for the simultaneous launch of two applications and saving time. This function shares the phone screen and allows you to download any two applications to view and use them. However, you cannot use the function of separating the screen into iOS, since such an option is not available to users in iOS settings. And if you still want to know how to divide the screen into iPhone X, 11, 12 or 13, you will need to install a third.party application, for example, “Separation of the screen. double window”. If you want to know more about the screen separation function provided by Apple for MacOS or iPad, you can visit their Apple support for separating the screen.

Should the cellular data be turned on or off for a separated screen?

This does not matter, since cell data does not affect the operation of the screen separation function. But if you need an Internet connection to use a specific application, active in a separated screen, your device should be included in mobile data or Wi-Fi.

You can divide the screen into iPhone, but using a third.party application. There is no built.in function “picture in the picture” in iOS, which would allow you to separate the iPhone screen from there. Follow further steps to find out how to do it.

Open the App Store app on your iPhone.

Click on the search badge in the lower right corner.

Enter the “divided screen. double window” in the search bar and tap it in the search results.

Install the Split Screen. Dual Window application on your iPhone.

Open the installed application and run any applications in the windows of the application browser with their web versions.

How to delete a divided screen on iPad?

Open two applications one next to the other can be extremely useful. This is especially convenient when you conduct research, work on a presentation or write a project, since it minimizes the laborious process of a constant transition there and back.

After you finish and you do not need an additional look, you can easily turn off the separated screen on your iPad. You can return to one.shaped mode by performing the following actions:

  • Decide which application you want to close, and tap the divider (black fishing line for a trimmer between two applications).
  • Drag it to the left or right edge of the screen, depending on which application you want to close. If you want to remove the tab on the left, move the strip to the left and vice versa.
  • Remove your finger from the separator when the application disappears.

After you run a finger to the edge of the screen and get rid of an unnecessary tab, another application will unfold in a full.screen mode.

Make sure that you do not run a finger on the screen too fast, but run a finger to the edge. Otherwise, the tab that you wanted to close will be above another window. this type of viewing is called Slide Over. We will show you how to remove it in the next section.

How to get rid of a small floating window on the iPad (Slide Over)?

If you want to view several applications at the same time, Slide Over is a great way to do this. Slide Over refers to small window panels that lead the cursor to other applications in full screen mode. They can be arranged either on the left or right side of the iPad screen, depending on in which direction you move them from the Dock panel. You can create as many Slide Over panels as you want.

If you want to get rid of small windows or if you planned to remove applications with a separated screen, and instead they were converted to the Slide Over window, that’s how to get rid of it:

  • Press and hold the Slide Over control panel. tab.
  • Slowly drag it to the edge of the screen (not to the end).
  • Stop dragging when the tab expands. This means that you again use a divided viewing.
  • Holding the separator, draw a finger to the edge of the screen.

Что вы сделали, так это вернули вкладку в режим разделенного просмотра, а затем удалили ее, как и любую другую вкладку с разделенным экраном.

  • If you just want to hide the slide temporarily on top of the tabs, place your finger on the top of the tab and move it to the side.
  • The direction of your gesture should depend on the position of the tab. if it is on the right side of the screen, draw to the right.
  • On the other hand, if it is on the left side of the screen, press and hold the tab and carefully move it. To the left.
  • If you want to look again, touch the edges of the screen (where it has disappeared) and draw a finger in the opposite direction. The Slide Over tab will immediately appear on the side of the screen, and you can view it again.

Multitasking on iPad: how to open two tabs in Safari at the same time

The iOS 10 operating system does not have so many new functions for iPad. Nevertheless, one of them is the ability to open two tabs in the Safari browser at the same time using the Split View mode.

Recall that the multitasking modes Split View and Slide Over for iPad tablets appeared with the release of iOS 9. As you know, Split View allows you to simultaneously open two applications on one screen. True, before the iOS 10 release on the iPad, it was impossible to simultaneously open two documents in one program. Below we will tell you how to open two tabs in the Safari browser with Split View on any iPad supported.

In order for the mode to work, you need to activate multitasking. To do this, go to the settings. Basic. Multitasking.

On the iPad, multitasking allows you to switch between applications using gestures, use two programs at the same time, respond to messages while watching videos and much more.

Which devices are supported

Split View can be used on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4. Slide Over operates on the iPad Pro, iPad Air and later models, as well as on the iPad mini 2 and later models. Both modes work both for third.party applications where this function is provided, and for “relatives” (“safari”, “notes”, “photo”, “calendar”, etc.).

There are two ways to simultaneously open two pages in Safari on iPad. The first of them is to choose an appropriate option in the pop.up menu of the browser, and the other involves dragging the tab. Take into account that Split View can only be used in horizontal mode.

How to simultaneously view two web pages in Split View using the menu option

Run the browser on the iPad, press and hold the button (“New tab”), and then in the menu opened, select “Open in Split View”. If you use an external keyboard, just at the same time press the key in the key (⌘) and n.

In Split View mode, in essence, two separate browsers with their tabs, navigation buttons and a Smart-VISKA field opens. Select one of the Safari windows, click on the SMART LOCK FELE and Enter the keyword or site name. You can also choose the desired resource from bookmarks.

Select the remaining Safari window and download another page.

Having done all the steps described above, you can work simultaneously with two pages on the iPad screen. You can move the dividing strip between two applications, increasing one window and decreasing the other.

Multitasking Gestures on the iPad with iOS 5

Tip: Click and hold the URL or link to call the context menu and select the “Open in Split View” option, then the page open in one window will also open in another. This is very convenient if you, for example, want to open a site from the search results, without leaving the page itself.

How to simultaneously view two web pages in Split View mode by dragging

If you already have one or more tabs, just drag it to the left or right edge of the screen. In this case, the Split View mode is activated instantly.