Turning off T9 on Asus

This procedure is similar to the previous one. In general, the process of disabling the auto-typing function on phones from Asus is as follows:

  • Launch device settings and open the “Language and input” section.
  • Click on the line AOSP. This is the ASUS System Keyboard.
  • Click on the gear icon located at the top of the touchscreen.
  • Next, you need to tap on the section “Substitution options”. On some models of smartphones, this item may be called “Auto-typing” or “Automatic word correction”.
  • A window will be displayed in front of the user, in which there are three lines: “Always”, “Offer”, “Activation at discretion”, “Never offer”. In this case, you will need to select the last option and click on “Ok”.

How to disable T9 on Android. step by step instructions

On many Android devices, you can enable T9 mode, which allows you to predict the words and expressions that the user is typing on the keyboard. However, under some circumstances, this function is useless, so the smartphone user needs to turn it off. How to remove T9 on Android will be discussed in this article.

Disabling T9 on Xiaomi

You can complete the task using the following algorithm:

How to Turn off Autocorrect on SAMSUNG Device

  • Open the gadget options menu by clicking on the gear icon on its desktop.
  • Click on the “Language and input” section, thereby going to it.
  • In the options window, you need to find the “Current operating system keyboard” tab. After going to this item, you need to make sure that the virtual keyboard Gboard is used on the smartphone.
  • Return to the previous menu and click on Gboard, going to the mode settings.
  • After completing the previous action, a window will open with adjustments that you can change at your own discretion. Here the user should be interested in the line with the title “Text correction”.
  • In this section, there is no such name as T9. To turn off the mode, you need to move the sliders near the items “Suggestion of options”, “Show words”, “Hints of names” in the inactive position.

After completing the above procedures, the T9 mode on Xiaomi will turn off. You can verify this by typing in any application.

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The appearance of the Gbroad keyboard on smartphones that operate on the Android operating system

Remove T9 on Huawei

This procedure can be carried out by performing simple actions:

  • In the same way, open the phone settings menu and click on the line “Language and input”.
  • In the window that appears on the display, click on “SwiftKey Keyboard”. This is the standard keyboard, which is usually installed by default on all mobile phones from the Huawei developer.
  • Tap on the “Aa” symbol, which will be on the display after starting the menu.
  • At this stage, the user needs to click on the symbol responsible for entering and filling in words. As a rule, it is called that.
  • A menu with adjustments for this mode will open. Here you need to select the line “Autocorrection” and deactivate the function by moving the slider to the right.

T9 deactivation procedure on Huawei smartphones

Note! Modes similar to T9 can be left on on Huawei phones.

How to remove T9 on Android Samsung

The last smartphone model on this list, which is no less important to consider. Disabling the automatic spelling of words and phrases on these devices is divided into several stages:

  • Launch the main settings window by clicking on the corresponding icon on the gadget’s desktop.
  • Click on the line “General settings”.
  • In this tab, the item “Language and input” is hidden, which must be opened to perform the further process.
  • From this menu you need to go to the parameter “On-screen keyboard”.
  • In the presented list of keyboards, select the system keyboard from Samsung.
  • Then the touchscreen will display a list of keyboard options that you can turn on and off. Among them is the T9 mode. The user will need to deactivate it by moving the slider opposite this parameter to the left.

Important! Before disconnecting T9, it is recommended to clear the cache on your Android device.

Above details let you understand how to enable T9 on Android Samsung.

Deactivating automatic word filling on smartphones from Samsung developer

How to disable T9 on Android

There are several common ways to understand how to clear T9 on Android. Each of them is effective under certain circumstances. Further information will be presented, thanks to which it will be possible to understand how to cancel T9 on Android.

Important! When disabling this mode, you must follow certain rules in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

How to disable T9 on different Android devices

The principle of disabling this mode will differ depending on the phone model. Next, we will consider the procedure for turning off T9 on the most popular brands of smartphones.

The process of deactivating the T9 mode on phones from Xiaomi

Why and when to disable T9 mode on Android

There are several reasons why you have to disable this feature:

  • incorrect prediction of words. On earlier versions of Android OS, this mode is ineffective. In this case, the user constantly has to correct the added words, since T9 predicts them incorrectly;
  • there is no need for such an addition. Some people do not need T9 because they are afraid of making mistakes when writing texts or messages. It is easier to write a word in full than to entrust it to the automatic dialing mode;
  • the smartphone has weak technical characteristics. For such devices, T9 mode is disabled by default, since it consumes certain system resources. As practice shows, if you activate this function on phones with a small amount of RAM, then in the process of writing messages there will be crashes and freezes.

Adjustments to the “Language and input” item in the smartphone settings on OS Android

What functions can be adjusted additionally:

  • Remove T9 on Android by moving the slider to inactive mode. This option is not available in all smartphones, so the function will not be available to everyone.
  • Turn off word substitution options. After that, the system will not offer autocorrect, nor will it correct the word without your knowledge.
  • Word suggestions based on already typed text. The option is very similar to the previous one, therefore, it is best to disable such services as a “package”.
  • Autocorrection will help save time on entering words, of course, if this is the right decision. Typically, text is inserted after hitting a period or space on the virtual keyboard.
  • Personalization of prompts is just that case of a self-learning system that remembers your most frequently used words and offers them to you among the first options.
  • Capitalization is automatic. This will make the text more literate and correct, but there is always not enough time and patience to increase the font. After activating this function, the system itself will do it for you.
  • Automatic punctuation is a handy service, but it also has blunders. If you do not plan to type text “sheets” every day, it is better to do without it.
  • The Obscene word filter is a handy but relatively infrequently used category of keyboard settings.

Disabling the T9 function does not always solve all the user’s problems. It is wiser to first make sure of your own literacy, and also be sure to re-read the typed messages. This will help you avoid awkward situations and just plain spelling mistakes. That is why the included T9 is not always bad, because random flaws in the letter can always be attributed to the tricks of this program.

The already familiar system of automatic spelling checker. T9, was originally created to facilitate the entry of text messages. Its creators programmed the ability to correct words according to the rules of grammar, but in return we got a lot of reasons for smiles and even a few awkward situations. To avoid such moments, an unnecessary function can be disabled. How to disable T9 on Android Huawei, Samsung and other popular smartphones on the Android platform, this information will tell you.

How to disable or enable T9 on a Droid.

Modern phones are equipped with such a useful function as predicting text when entering characters in different programs. messengers, social networks, Internet browsers, notebooks, etc. the hapless T9 is activated or deactivated.

It would seem, what can be useful for turning off such a smart mechanism, which not only corrects incorrectly written words, but also predicts them, which allows you to write text many times faster? But everything is not as rosy as it seems: the fact is that only commonly used words are entered into the dictionary used by T9, without deviations of argot or dialectical, not to mention professional definitions and abbreviations. And if your speech does not resemble the literary language, most likely, you have more than once come across a situation where autocorrection makes an incomprehensible set of words out of your sentence.

How to turn on T9

It is logical that “Auto-correction” is turned on in the same way as it is turned off. you just need to move the slider to the active position. The main question is different: is it worth enabling this feature and, if so, why?

In fact, T9 is not as useless as users think, it can learn. If you set up, for example, abbreviations for those cumbersome terms that you have to constantly use due to the debt of work, this will help to significantly save time on correspondence.

You can teach “Auto-Correction” new words like this:

In the subsection “Keyboard” find the block “Abbreviations” and click on “New abbreviation”.

In the “Phrase” and “Abbreviation” fields, write down the full cumbersome phrase and its truncated variation (for example, an abbreviation), respectively.

Try to write an SMS. make an abbreviation in the message body.

“Autocorrection” suggests using an expanded version of the phrase. Press Space and the abbreviation will immediately be replaced by the full phrase.

Disable via system settings

You can disable the program using the system settings as follows. First you need to find the “Language and Input” tab, all tasks will be performed there. This item is located in the device settings. On phones, the location of the tab may differ, but most often it is in the “System” or “Additional” blocks (the icon looks like this. “”).

After the item “Language and input” is found, you need to go into it and find the “Keyboard and input methods” block. There should be a “Virtual Keyboard” tab in it, if available, open it. It may not appear, then the input device that is being used will be visible in the block. You need to click on the “gear” next to the keyboard, go to the “Fixes” option, activate the “Never offer” option. After the current procedures, restart WhatsApp.

Removing T9 on iOS

IPhones do not have the T9 function. it was available on old-style phones equipped with a limited set of buttons, with which it was possible to dial combinations of symbols, numbers and letters. Modern smartphones have an auto-correction mode, which is still called T9.

If the user does not like this variant of the set of words, it is disabled. The procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes, regardless of the smartphone model. To perform it, the actions should be as follows:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Go to the section designated as “Basic”.
  • Scroll down the page, find the “Keyboard” subsection and go into it.
  • To disable the “Auto-Correction” option, move the slider to the inactive state.
  • The reverse procedure is carried out if necessary.

In messengers

Sometimes messengers offer their own settings for keyboards, thereby imposing an autocorrect function. This can happen in well-known communication applications such as Viber or WhatsApp.

Typically, applications follow the system settings or the parameters in the keyboard. In order to quickly disable T9 in Viber or WhatsApp:

  • Click on any field where you can write text.
  • In the keyboard that opens, find the line with the autocorrect options, where there should be an application / settings icon or an arrow to the right.
  • This icon will open the keyboard quick settings, where there may be an option to disable word prediction. In our case, there was no such option, so it is worth referring to the system configuration or the capabilities of the application itself.

This situation may not arise for everyone, because, nevertheless, third-party programs, such as WhatsApp or Viber, do not have access to system elements. This method is also suitable for the social network. as well as any other applications for correspondence.

Delete T9 on Android

You can remove T9 along with the default keyboard set by the developers. To do this, go to “Settings” and look for the item “Applications” there. A list of programs installed on Android opens. Among them, we find the keyboard that is used, click on it. Now we press one of three: “Delete”, “Stop”, “Disable”.

In order for the typing ability to be preserved, before deleting, you need to download any other keyboard from the market (Play Market, AppStore).

Possible problems

When, after the update, T9 does not work on Samsung or the dictionary disappears with a suggestion to insert the next word, the problem is solved:

  • reactivation and setting of the mode;
  • resetting the smartphone to the factory state for new system updates to take effect.

How to enable and disable T9

To turn T9 on or off on Samsung Galaxy A6, A10, A20, A50, A51, A71 and Galaxy J2, J3, J5, J6 series, do the following:

  • go to the “Settings” of the smartphone;
  • scroll down the page until you find General Settings. Tap them with your finger;
  • in the “Language and Time” category, go to “Language and Input”;
  • a list will open in which select “Virtual keyboard”;
  • from above, open the item “Samsung Keyboard”;
  • next to “T9” you can enable or disable T9 on Samsung by tapping on the switch opposite.

If you cannot find the location of the above item, use the search bar. click on the magnifying glass icon in the main settings menu. Then enter “Language and input”.

Alternatively, how to enable T9 on your Samsung phone:

  • click on the text input form (search bar in settings / browser, messenger dialog box);
  • the keyboard appears. In the lower left or upper right corner, tap on the gear icon;
  • turn on T9 by clicking on the switch opposite the function.

On Android, when you decide to install a third-party keyboard, the mode will be inactive or you will have to use its analog built into the application.

  • start typing “When” in the dialing line;
  • 3 variants of the word spelling should appear at the top of the keyboard panel;
  • if you enter a word in full, you will be prompted to insert the next phrase.

T9 on Samsung: how to turn on, turn off, set up automatic error correction

Samsung’s T9 mode is a predictive typing system. If you connect it, when typing a message, the user will be offered words for forming sentences, auto-correction of errors will work. Explain how to set up, disable enable T9 on Samsung.

T9 settings on Samsung

To make the mode more convenient / productive, return to the window where it was activated and examine the available settings:

  • AutoCorrect automatically changes letters in a word if it is misspelled;
  • Text Labels creates labels for frequently used phrases, which are then used when writing text;
  • Auto Spell Check underlines misspelled expressions. If the latter are not in the dictionary, it is required to indicate the languages ​​of the check;
  • “Automatic use of capital letters”. a capital letter will be put at the beginning of each sentence;
  • “Spaces automatically”. a space will be inserted after adding a word;
  • “Automatic punctuation”. double tap on the space will allow you to put a period, comma, semicolon;
  • “Swipe control” includes typing words using a swipe to spell.

Settings help remove annoying auto-typing features like correcting mistakes or highlighting misspelled words.

T9 on smartphones from the South Korean giant is an easy-to-use text input system that saves time by suggesting the use of frequently used words. The accuracy of the suggested phrases grows with the expansion of the built-in dictionary.

On Samsung

Owners of Samsung smartphones can also use the accessibility features of the Android OS for the convenience of fast typing. How to disable T9 on Android Samsung can be found from the previous algorithm, except that for some models the section names will vary.

How to turn off predictive text of samsung keyboard Android

On Xiaomi

Most Xiaomi smartphones are equipped with a keyboard with a built-in Qwerty-layout function, which not only makes it easier to enter information, but also automatically checks the spelling. There is no need for T9, so this function is not displayed in the default settings. How to disable t9 on Android Xiaomi, if autocorrect still occurs, you can navigate by the proposed algorithm.

On asus

Based on the proposed algorithm, you can also figure out on your own how to disable T9 on Android asus. The names of the sections responsible for autocorrect are also slightly different. Usually, in the category of keyboard settings, you need to select the item “Analytical input”, and then look for the category “Autocorrection”.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Interesting: on many models of asus smartphones and tablets there is no option to turn off the automatic replacement of typed text. At the same time, adjusting the settings of the used messenger can be an easy solution to control the situation. To do this, just hold down a blank line for a short time to enter text. The settings menu appears, in which we select the appropriate items for disabling the replacement.

Typically, you need to do the following:

  • In the settings section, find the keyboard menu. It can be called differently.
  • In the settings options, select the autocorrect function. It can also have several names: “Smart text input”, “Input options” or, of course, “T9”.
  • It is necessary to press the activation button, move the slider to the side of cancellation, or in any suggested way refuse to use this option.

Typically, a smartphone has a standard version of the keyboard according to the type of device model. If your gadget has several input options at once (for example, the Samsung and Google keyboard), you need to select the mode of the necessary settings, either in all types of control at once, or only in the active one. The definition of keyboard settings can be found in the same section (“Language and data input”), where the active program will be by default.

On Huawei

The main hint on how to remove T9 on Android Huawei is to look for the Predictive Input setting category. In fact, this is no longer T9, but the ability to automatically guess the word. In huawei smartphones, this option is most often called somehow unusual, but the menu prompts will help you figure out the settings.

On a tablet

Typing on a tablet is usually less problematic. You can install different types of keyboards on the device, and it is also easier to see your own mistakes. However, the autocorrect function is also annoying for owners of tablet computers, so if necessary, it can also be turned off.