How to unsubscribe from the application through the settings of iPhone or iPad

You can also unsubscribe unnecessary subscriptions through the settings of the device itself, not the app store.

  • Open the “Settings” program and click your name at the beginning of the list (go to the menu with your Apple ID).
  • Go to “Subscriptions”. Here you will see a list of all paid applications and services is the same as in the AppStore settings.
  • Go to the desired application and unsubscribe as described above.

How to cancel subscriptions on iTunes

With each time Apple and other companies expand the number of services working on subscriptions. For example, take Apple Music. For a low monthly fee, you or your family can get unlimited access to your iTunes music collection, listening to new albums online or downloading your favorites to your device for offline listening. If you decide to cancel some subscriptions to Apple services, you can do this through the iTunes program, which is installed on your computer, or through your mobile device.

iTunes Software

For those who prefer to perform all actions from the computer, this variant of solving the problem will do.

Settings in the iPhone or iPad

The easiest way to control all your subscriptions is directly from your device. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a smartphone or tablet, unsubscribing is the same.

Uninstalling an app from your smartphone is not unsubscribing from it. Because of this mistaken belief, many users are faced with a situation where a program or game was erased from the phone long ago, but the funds for it are written off over a long period.

Some developers don’t send warning messages about automatic deductions after expiration of a paid period. It is done not only for the purpose of additional earnings, but also because of a heavy workload. Letters may not come after you finish your paid subscription period.

How to Delete iPhone Subscriptions (Cancel/remove)

Even if you completely cancel your subscription, the app will still be available for the period you paid for. It is important to pay attention to an e-mail you have received. Always with any change in your Apple ID, an email is sent to the email address listed in your account, detailing the actions taken. If you do not receive this letter, it means that something went wrong. If this happens it is better to check the subscription list again after a day or two.

    First of all, you need to go to the Settings section of your gadget.

From then on, your subscription will be deactivated, which means that spontaneous debits from your card will not be made.

How to cancel iOS subscriptions that charge your card

During WWDC 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company paid app developers a total of 70 billion for the year. One of them, Johnny Lin, was curious about where this enormous amount of money was coming from.

This huge jump surprised me, because I didn’t notice that I and my friends started spending more money on apps last year. Where does this income come from?? I opened the App Store to look at the highest-grossing apps.

Lin took a look at the most profitable apps in the digital store and found some rather suspicious ones. They included subscriptions that users unknowingly took out when they installed the app. For example, one VPN service was charging a person about 125 a week.

This is why it is very useful to check your subscriptions periodically.

How to unsubscribe from the App Store on your iPhone and iPad

The very first mistake that users most often fall for (and I was also “screwed” the first time) is that the subscription and the app itself are not directly related. Here’s the deal:

If you delete a game or program from your iPhone or iPad, the subscription is still active.

So, the motto “no app, no charge” does not work in this case at all. And to remove the subscription downloaded from the App Store you will need to perform additional steps.

Instructions for iOS 12 and newer

  • In your iPhone or iPad settings, find “iTunes Store and Apple Store”.
  • Open the ID information View Apple ID. You will need a password.
  • Go to “Subscriptions” and already here we disable what we need.

Instructions for iOS 13 and “older”

Subscriptions got a little closer in iOS 13:

  • Open the settings at the very top to see the name of your account (Apple ID). Click!
  • And here are our “favorite” subscriptions. Go in, look, analyze, delete.

After cancellation of a subscription, everything should turn off (at the end of the paid period) automatically and without any additional action on your part.

Seemingly nothing complicated, but many people forget about it and lose money.

How to unsubscribe from the AppStore via iPhone, iPad, or iTunes

It’s easy enough to view existing paid subscriptions on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Information about all your subscriptions is stored in the Apple ID, and you can view it in the “Settings” menu.

Go to Settings, and then find “iTunes and App Store”. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your Apple ID: click on it, and then select “View Apple ID”. Using the Touch ID scanner, log in, and then you’ll have access to your account settings.

Tap on “Subscriptions” and it will open a list of all your iPhone and iPad subscriptions. (If you don’t see this item displayed, it means that your account doesn’t have any subscriptions made through iOS. At the end of the article there is an instruction for just such cases).

You have subscribed to an App Store app you don’t want on your iPhone or iPad or to some music and now you want to unsubscribe? Fortunately, all you have to do is go to the appropriate settings section on your iPhone. In the same section, you can easily disable subscriptions to iCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, and many other services. We’ll show you how to do it.

Where to find active subscriptions on iOS

  • To unsubscribe from a deleted app, go to the App Store;
  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner;
  • Go to the “Manage Subscriptions” tab;
  • Find the service you want to unsubscribe from and tap on it;
  • In the window that opens, tap on the red “Unsubscribe” button and confirm the action.

But beware, even if you cancel a subscription, it is usually active until the trial or the paid period expires. So do not worry if you have canceled your subscription, but paid access to the service is still available. Subscription will expire at the next billing date. It will be listed in the “Unsubscribe” notification window that appears when you press “Unsubscribe”.

Subscription format is convenient both for users and for those who provide paid content. If you have already canceled it, it will still be on the list. And this list is often very long. Since we also connect other interesting services. But disconnected subscriptions will only get in the way.

Your subscription will be completely deleted on your iPhone automatically as soon as it expires. You will not be able to remove its name manually. Check to see if the Unsubscribe button has disappeared. If you do, it will no longer be valid (after the current activity expires).

Page with subscriptions in iPhone

Important to know: if you delete an app on your iPhone or iPad in which you have subscribed to any content, the subscription will not be cancelled. Go back to the first section in this article and read how to cancel correctly.

This option takes the least amount of time. So, let’s get started:

remove, subscriptions, iphone
  • Select the App Store on your smartphone and click the account icon;
  • Go to “Manage Subscriptions“. here you will see the entire list of options;
  • After that, click on “Active” and select the subscriptions that are no longer relevant to you and click “Unsubscribe”.

Note: after canceling the paid options, you will still be able to fully use the app until the end of the paid period.

How to turn off subscriptions on your iPhone

How to remove subscription on iPhone (iOS 12 version.1.3 and below) to the paid services:

  • From the menu, go through the options one by one: Settings. Your name on the iTunes Store and App Store.
  • Click on your account and in the window that appears click on View Apple ID. The program will ask you to confirm your identity by entering a password or face scan.
  • In the new tab, go to subscriptions, where you’ll see them all listed. They are divided into active and passive. Select the one you want to cancel (it must be valid). From the options offered, select “Unsubscribe”. Proceed in the same way if you want to unsubscribe from the app during the trial period when you are not yet charged for it.
remove, subscriptions, iphone

Important! If you cancel your subscription, it will still be valid for a certain amount of time and you will be able to use it. But it will not be charged again next month.

For iPhone and iPad users of iOS 12.1.4 and up, unsubscribing from burdensome paid subscriptions is even easier. It is enough to activate the App Store utility by clicking on the picture of your personal profile. Then you need to select the item for managing subscriptions.

Immediately a page will open with a list of active subscriptions, for which Apple regularly withdraws money from the account. The user only needs to select the one he does not need and cancel.

You can delete or cancel movie viewings through the ivi app through your device settings. To do this, follow steps: iTunes store, App Store. your ID (usually email) View Apple ID. Manage. In the popup subscriptions click on ivi.They move the slider, and then give their consent to disconnect.

Help! iCloud Drive pin is not showing up in the general list of things the user is subscribed to. Control this app separately: Apple ID Settings. iCloud. Manage Storage. Change Plan.

Subscriptions to Apple Music

Apple Music provides legal access to hundreds of thousands of music tracks by domestic and international artists. After paying the subscription fee, the user can listen to and download music to his/her device, and be among the first to learn about the new songs and albums during the time the service is active.

The easiest way to disable music services is in the application itself:

  • Open Music on your iPhone, and browse your account information in the upper-right corner.
  • Select “Manage Subscription”.
  • Press Cancel at the bottom of the screen.

In the first months after registering a new account, you can use Apple Music for free, by activating a trial period. During this period, you won’t be charged for access to content, so it’s not necessary to unsubscribe from such a useful service right away. It is better to cancel the service a few days before the end of the trial period, otherwise you will have to pay for the next month of use.