Configuring Privacy and Content Restrictions

Be sure to select a password that is different from the one used to unlock your device. To change the passcode on your child’s device, go to Settings Screen Time [your child’s name]. Then tap Change Screen Time Passcode or Turn Off Screen Time Passcode and authenticate your changes with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.

If you forget your previous iOS restriction passcode or your Screen Time passcode, delete all data from your device and set it as new to remove the passcode. When restoring the device, the old password is not deleted.

Game Center restrictions

To restrict what Game Center can do, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings menu and select the Screen Time function.
  • Click on “Privacy and Content Restrictions” and then “Content Restrictions”.
  • Scroll down to Game Center and select the settings you want.

You can restrict the following Game Center features.

  • Multiplayer Games: Eliminate the ability to play with multiple players.
  • Add Friends: Prevent the ability to add friends to Game Center.
  • Screen Recorder: Eliminate the ability to record screen images and sound.

How to set age control on iPhone and iPad?

Go to the Settings menu. The main

remove, iphone

Select Restrictions

Click the Enable restrictions button and enter the password. The password must be entered every time you change these settings or turn off restrictions, so be careful not to forget it. If the password is lost, access to the restrictions can be obtained only after restoring the original settings.

Scroll down to the Allowed Content section and go to Age Limit

Check the box on the required region

After that, the age limit set in your region will automatically apply. To disable it, you need to do the same operation, but you will need to uncheck the Age requirement menu.

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Use the Privacy & Content Restrictions option for Screen Time to block or restrict access to certain apps and features on your child’s device. You can also set restrictions on inappropriate content, purchases, downloads, and privacy in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch settings.

Restricting Siri to Search the Web

To restrict what Siri can do, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings menu and select the Screen Time function.
  • Click on “Privacy and Content Restrictions” and then “Content Restrictions”.
  • Scroll down to Siri and select the settings you want.

You can restrict the following Siri features.

  • Search content on the Internet: prevent Siri from searching the Internet.
  • Profanity: Prevent Siri from displaying profanity.

Blocking content from the Internet

iOS can automatically filter website content to restrict access to adult content in Safari and apps on your device. You can also add specific websites to the Allowed or Blocked list, or grant access to only allowed websites. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings Screen Time.
  • Tap Privacy & Content Restrictions and then enter your Screen Time password.
  • Click on Content Restrictions and then Web Content.
  • Select the option “Unlimited Access”, “Limit Adult Sites” or “Allowed Websites Only”.

Fixing Green Spots and Lens Flare in Snapseed @RoryTucker

Depending on the access granted, you may need to add certain information, such as the website address that you want to block.

Ability to change privacy settings

The privacy settings on your device allow you to control how programs access information or hardware components stored on your device. For example, you can let a social media program request permission to use your camera to take and upload pictures.

To allow changing privacy settings, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings menu and select the Screen Time function.
  • Click on Privacy & Content Restrictions. Enter a password if required.
  • Click on “Privacy” and select the settings to which you want to deny access.

Here are some settings and options that you can deny access.

  • Location Services: Prevent programs and websites from accessing your location.
  • Contacts: prevent programs from accessing your contacts.
  • Calendars: prevent apps from accessing your calendar.
  • Reminders: prevent programs from accessing your reminders.
  • Photos: prevent programs from accessing your photos.
  • Share your whereabouts: Prevent Messages and Find My Friends from accessing your whereabouts.
  • Bluetooth Sharing: Prevent devices and programs from transferring data over Bluetooth.
  • Microphone: Prevent programs from accessing your microphone.
  • Speech Recognition: Prevent programs from accessing Speech Recognition and Dictation features.
  • Ads: Prevent changing ad-related settings.
  • Media & Apple Music: Prevent apps from accessing your photos, videos, or music library.

How to turn off Instagram statistics on your phone and close your profile

People who no longer need to analyze data ask how to remove statistics on Instagram. Statistics show important information. How many views the publication has received. The number of saves. User reach and engagement. In order to disable it, you need to switch the profile to normal.

How to remove statistics on Instagram: basic ways

Instagram allows you to choose your profile view. There are three types of accounts available. For personal use, business and copyright accounts, specially designed with the needs of writers in mind. Statistics are available only on the last two types of pages. Therefore, the main and only way to disable statistics is to convert the profile to a personal type. Whether it is advisable to remove the audience control option is up to everyone. To do this:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Select app settings.
  • Open the accounts tab.
  • There, scroll down to the bottom and see the jump keys.

Step by step you can see how to turn off Instagram statistics in the screenshots

On Android

We have already figured out that canceling statistics requires changing the profile to a personal type. It is not necessary to hide information. It is enough to select the settings in the lower right corner of the application. Then go to the privacy tab. Going down we come across the column “account confidentiality”. We click the slider on the closed account. Done. your blog is closed.

How to cancel Instagram statistics and close your phone account

Statistical data are available subject to open access to the profile of unauthorized people. Sometimes it becomes necessary to prohibit everyone from viewing the profile. Keep in mind that business and author profiles are initially public. It `s naturally. The idea of ​​the photo network administrators is such that the promotion is as fast and convenient as possible. Sly smm specialists do the following.

They throw as a lure the beginning of a video that can interest the audience. A person watching the video stumbles upon the lack of an ending. To view it, you are invited to go to your account and subscribe to it. The page, of course, will be closed. This is done to force signing and increase the number of followers. Until you wait for approval from the public for the introduction, you will already forget what you watched. On this and the calculation, “maybe someone, let him stay.” Is this fair to users? Not really, but it works. So, let’s take a look at how to restrict the access of unnecessary people on different platforms.

On iPhone

iOS was originally adapted for the photo application. Therefore, all new items and chips are tested on them. When fans of the network had the opportunity to restrict access, everyone rushed to check the update en masse. Only then did all the pros and cons of such a page become visible. If you are a secretive person using an iPhone, then limiting your views is easy. In iPhones, the system is no different from the “green man”. You need to go to the list of configurable parameters and close the page. Screenshots of step-by-step actions have been added for clarity.

How to remove mirroring (flip a photo) on iPhone

Apple continues to improve the iPhone operating system with each update, adding more features to make everyday functions more convenient. This time, the changes were made to the photographs. Now iPhone users do not need to edit pictures with computer editors. Simple actions. turning, mirroring. are available right in the device. It is enough to dig a little inside the photo settings to understand, for example, how to remove mirror reflection on the iPhone.

Mirroring with Enlight Photofox

Unfortunately, the built-in iOS tools are sometimes not enough for such a simple operation. We’ll have to use third-party software from the AppStore. The Application Catalog contains Enlight Photofox. Install it on the iPhone. To do this, click on the “Download” button, and then confirm the fact of installation either with a fingerprint on the scanner, or by entering the password from the Apple ID account.

We launch the program and wait until all functions are fully loaded. The Enlight app will ask for permission to access the photo gallery. Click “Allow”.

From the list of pictures we are looking for the one that needs to be mirrored, we tap on it. After opening the photo with the editor, at the bottom, select the “Tools” tab, and in it, click the “Canvas” icon. Three options will be available to change the picture:

  • Flip horizontally (first icon).
  • Flip vertically. If you want the program to turn the photo from top to bottom.
  • Change the aspect ratio of a photo.

After clicking on the button labeled “Horiz.” the picture is instantly displayed 180 degrees. To expand the photo and save the changes in the “Gallery”, you must click on the checkmark at the top right.

Save the mirror image to your Camera Roll

On social networks, non-standard images, with some twist, attract the most attention. You don’t have to be a master of photo editors to make a picture look unusual, just add simple effects. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to turn off the mirroring of selfies of the front camera, but you can use applications to “rotate” the photo.

The reason for the specular reflection of photos

How to turn off mirroring on iPhone? Many owners of modern mobile devices believe that the reason for this deviation from reality is an initial programming error, or a so-called bug.

Users often want to remove reflections

However, this is actually a deliberate marketing ploy by Apple. The company was guided by the conclusions of psychologists that a person perceives his image in a mirror better than his true appearance. Therefore, this manner of displaying photos creates the illusion of perfect quality and makes minor shooting defects less noticeable.

In most cases, there are no problems. In amateur photographs, people do not feel the difference between a mirror image and a real picture. However, problems can arise if:

  • you need to photograph a hieroglyphic script (for example, Japanese or Chinese);
  • you need to capture a plan of an apartment, area or land plot;
  • a professional photographer is not satisfied with the arrangement of things and accessories in space. the surroundings for shooting;
  • the person being filmed has an asymmetrical face, chest, or overall figure.

Note! To make the picture look natural, you need to remove the mirror effect. This can be done using special computer programs developed for this purpose. They can be downloaded to a mobile device and run, and then follow the prompts.

Apple pays great attention to the quality of photos on iPhones

How to remove mirroring on iPhone. step by step guide

Experienced iPhone users know that by default, all images are mirrored. This usually doesn’t bother people. However, if you need to capture any text, graphic plan or set of symbols, difficulties can arise. There are several ways to remove this feature. For this, special applications are used.

How to solve the problem

Not all users know how to remove mirroring on iPhone. In most cases, people do not even think about the presence or absence of such an effect, because they simply do not notice it. For high-quality image correction, you need to go to the front mode. He is responsible for the appearance of selfies taken by the user of a mobile device. Next, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Go to the menu, which will be highlighted in the upper left corner.
  • Select the option called “Camera”.
  • See if the green indicator is on. If it is on, then the mirror is on. As a rule, this is configured by default for all models.
  • Disable unwanted feature.

It should be borne in mind that for some models of modern gadgets this function cannot be removed, since it is initially configured by the manufacturer without the possibility of correction. Usually this feature is indicated in the technical characteristics of the model. The way out is simple. don’t buy phones with built-in mirroring effect.

Sometimes there are situations when, on the contrary, you need to get a picture in a mirror image, and the iPhone takes photos as objects look in reality. In this case, you can do the same manipulations, only the green indicator will need to be turned on.

Note! With the help of additional programs, you can correct other defects in photographs. User-friendly interface makes it easy to understand the functions.

Application use

Users often ask how to make a non-DSLR camera on an iPhone using other apps. Also, people are interested in how to remove mirror reflection on the front camera of the iPhone. This question is easy to answer.

You can simply display the image on your computer and then edit it using any version of Photoshop. However, modern technologies make it possible to perform this manipulation directly in a mobile phone using a variety of applications. One of them is Snapseed. To remove the unwanted effect and make the images perceived as naturally as possible, you must:

  • Download the mobile version of the corresponding program free of charge.
  • Run it following the prompts.
  • The application will ask if the gallery can be accessed. A positive answer must be given.
  • Next, you need to scroll to the selected photo.
  • Select “Flip”.
  • Select the “Tools” tab, which will appear at the bottom of the display.
  • Find an icon representing two arrows pointing in the opposite direction and separated by a vertical dashed axis.

Next, the user must click on the checkbox at the bottom of the screen to save the edited version of the photo without the mirror effect.

Also, beginners and experienced users often use the Flipper mobile application for this purpose. Working in it, you can not only remove the mirror, but also create such an effect, if initially it was absent. Also, the functionality of the program allows you to supplement the picture with original stickers, text, apply a variety of light and color filters. Here you can take new photos and immediately change them to your liking.

Note! The application is suitable for those who like to take interesting photos and have a creative approach to this business.

It is known that an inverted picture, which reflects the world in a mirror, can have a negative impact on the human psyche. This is especially true for children of primary school age who are still developing the correct perception of the world around them. Therefore, if a mobile device is purchased for a child, it is best to turn off the mirror function right away. Also, the habit of constantly looking at the world in a mirror image in childhood can lead to fatigue and visual disturbances.

If you need professional correction of photographs, it is better, if possible, to upload the photo to a computer, because all defects are much more clearly visible on the large display. Mobile applications are enough to work with amateur photos.

The user decides which program to choose to remove the mirror effect.

Important! You shouldn’t download questionable paid apps in order not to infect your phone with a virus. If it is difficult to find the program you need on the Internet, you can contact the communication salon for advice.

How to turn off mirroring on the front camera on iPhone

Not everyone knows how to turn off mirror image on the front camera on iPhone. For some models (expensive ones), you can use the built-in iOS tools. If this is not enough, you should go to the AppStore to select the desired application. Next, you should proceed in this way:

  • Choose from the catalog Enlight Photofox. a special program for processing photos taken with the front camera.
  • Select the “Download” option by clicking on the corresponding button. The installation of the application to your mobile device will begin. To confirm the installation, you need to enter a password from your account or scan a fingerprint.
  • Wait for full download.
  • The request “Allow access to the gallery” should be answered positively.
  • Open the desired picture in the photo editor.
  • On the front toolbar, select the Canvas tab.

Then you can display the photo on the iPhone in any direction, using the program prompts. Please note that all subsequent images will still be mirrored. Each individual photo will need to be edited again and removed specular using the above algorithm.

Note! If necessary, the image can be enlarged by clicking on the plus sign. You can also remove other defects.

Apple cares about its customers, and with each new version of the iPhone, it increases the arsenal of tools needed to process amateur photos. Now, in order to get a high quality image and turn off mirroring, it is not at all necessary to transfer the image to a computer. It is enough to go to the gallery and process the picture using the built-in options. This approach helps to create original photographs and collages, spending a minimum of time and effort.

Statistics say that about 70% of all iPhone users have nothing against mirroring and, accordingly, do not seek to remove it. However, if such a picture still causes psychological or visual discomfort, you can easily restore natural perception using modern technical means of digital image processing.

Any iPhone owner can remove reflections in the front camera

Turning off the mirror effect on iPhone is easy. The main thing is to carefully read the step-by-step guide for using a particular application. Then, if necessary, this effect can be easily restored. Correcting photos on modern phones has long turned from a complex business into a pleasant entertainment.

Enabling Screen Time

Now you can get a report at any time on how you use your device, programs and websites.

If it’s your child’s device, you can set up Screen Time and set options right on their device, or do it from yours using Family Sharing. You can then use Family Sharing to view reports and change settings right from your device.

In Screen Time, you can also create a custom password to protect your settings so that only you can extend the time or make changes. Be sure to select a password that is different from the one used to unlock your device. To change the password on your child’s device, select Settings Screen Time [your child’s name]. Then tap Change Screen Time Passcode or Turn Off Screen Time Passcode and authenticate your changes with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.

If you forget the restriction passcode or Screen Time passcode you set in a previous version of iOS, wipe your device and set it up as new to remove the passcode. When restoring device data from a backup, the password is not deleted.

If you didn’t know, then you can easily and easily remove Screen Time limits for applications and entire categories in order to use them for as long as you like, or set up a new, more accurate limit.

As a reminder, Screen Time is a new feature in iOS 12 that allows you to set time limits for using specific apps or entire categories. This function is very useful if you want to spend less time, for example, on social networks, or want to limit the time that your child spends on his smartphone.

Below we will show you how to remove previously set application limits. The method will be the same for iPhone and iPad.

Disable Restricted Mode on iPhone in iOS 11 and Below.

Restricted Mode is marked as Restricted in the Settings app in iOS 11. You can take the following steps to turn it off.

How To Delete iOS Update On iPhone!

Turn on your iPhone and open the Settings app.

Click General and then select Restrictions. Here you can find the “Disable Restrictions” option. Click on it and enter the passcode to disable restrictions on iPhone.

Professional way to disable restrictions on iPhone

In the usual ways described above, you can easily turn off restrictions on iPhone. But in this case, you will be asked to enter the restriction password. What if you forget your password? How to disable restricted mode without password?

Here, we highly recommend a professional iPhone Eraser to help you remove iPhone restrictions. It has the ability to remove all settings including restrictions from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Remove Restricted Mode on iPhone.
  • Clean all data and settings from your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) constantly and thoroughly.
  • Eraser various data from multiple iOS devices at the same time.
  • Securely erase all your data beyond recovery.
  • Suggest three levels of erasing to choose from.
  • Works well with all iOS devices, including the latest iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR.

Double click the download button above to quickly install and run iPhone Eraser on your computer. Connect your iPhone or iPad to it via a USB cable. It will automatically detect and recognize your iOS device.

Note: If your iPhone cannot be found the first time, you can select the “Device is connected but cannot be found” option to get a connection solution.

There are three erasure levels: low, medium and high. You can choose one based on your needs. Here you are encouraged to use the High Level. But before doing that, you need to back up your iPhone data first in case of any useful iOS data loss.

After selecting the erase level, click the Start button to remove the restrictions on your iPhone or iPad. When the process is complete, your iPhone will return to a completely new state and there will be no restrictions.

Delete Calendar Virus Events on iPhone and iPad

How to remove the Screen Time limit

  • Confirm that you want to remove the limit by clicking Remove Limit again.
  • Repeat the steps for the rest of the limits you want to remove, or just close Settings.

After you remove the limit for an application or category, you can use them for an unlimited amount of time as before.

For example, if you previously set a limit on the use of social networks, then after removing it, you can use it Instagram, Snapchat, etc. as much time as you want per day.

Of course, you can turn off Screen Time completely, but you will not receive weekly reports that many users like so much.

As a reminder, the Screen Time feature is available in iOS 12 and newer.

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Restricted Mode on iPhone is a useful feature that allows you to manage and restrict certain apps, content, and functions. This is also known as the Parental Control Function.With this function, you can easily create a passcode so that no one else, especially children, can do something inappropriate.

The Restrictions section of the Settings app lets you restrict certain apps, device features (such as uninstalling apps), privacy settings, content types and ratings, cellular data usage, and more. You can easily enable iPhone or iPad restrictions. But do you know how to turn off restricted mode on iPhone even without password?

How to disable restricted mode

  • How to Disable Restricted Mode on iPhone (General Ways)
  • Professional way to disable restrictions on iPhone
  • How to enable restrictions for iPhone and iPad

How to remove time limit on iPhone

With Screen Time, you can access real-time reports showing how much time you spend using your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and set limits on those times.

Screen Time lets you see how much time you and your kids are spending in apps, websites, and other resources. This way you can make smarter decisions about how to use your devices and set limits as needed. Learn how to turn on Screen Time, view reports, set limits, and manage your child’s device.

In which application can you mirror the photo?

As you may have guessed, there is an app for that. Free Adobe Photoshop Express gives you the ability to flip selfies with the click of a button, along with many other editing features. On the image selection screen, tap the photo you want to flip.

How to remove mirroring on the front camera on iPhone?

Remove specular reflection in the image.

  • Go to “Photo Albums” on iPhone.
  • Select the photo in which you want to remove the reflection and click “Edit”.
  • Select Crop tool → Flip Horizontal.

How to remove mirroring on the front camera on Android?

To do this, launch the Camera application and switch to the front module. Then open the settings. for this, click on the gears icon in the upper right corner. Among the settings, find the item “Mirroring” and turn off the corresponding toggle switch.

How to mirror image on iPhone?

Can’t mirror a table, chart or image gallery.

  • Tap an item to select it, then tap.
  • Tap Arrange, then tap Flip Vertically or Flip Horizontally. If you don’t see these options, swipe up from the bottom of the controls.

What is in-camera mirroring?

Many modern smartphones have a pre-installed function that can cause all of your images to be mirrored. In other words, we are talking about the fact that the pictures will be turned upside down, which can make them difficult to perceive.

How to flip a camera in a story?

The camera can be switched from normal to front and back by double-tapping the screen or by clicking on the circle of arrows at the bottom right. To take a photo, you need to click once on the white button at the bottom center of the screen. To take a video, you need to press and hold the same button.

How to flip the camera on iPhone during video?

Click the camera icon in the upper left corner to go to the story screen. If you are an iPhone user, hold the camera icon normally and start recording video. To flip the camera, double-tap anywhere on the screen with the other hand while holding the camera icon.

Installing and trusting an Enterprise app manually on iPhone

When a person first opens a corporate program that was manually installed, he will receive a notification message stating that its developer is not trusted on this device, which means it may be malware. The message can be ignored, but then the program will fail to start.

In order to turn off the notification, you need to go to the “Device Management”

There is a way out of the situation. to close the notification window and add the developer company to the list of trusted persons on this iPhone or iPad. For this:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the device.
  • Select the “General” section and the “Profiles and Device Management” subsection (on older operating systems, just “Device Management”).
  • Under the item “Enterprise application” you can see the developer profile.
  • It is necessary to click on the name of the developer and in the window that opens, select the parameter “Trust”. This will help establish trust in the company or studio and will allow you to download, install and launch products that have been developed by it.

Important! The developer will remain “trusted” on the device until the “Uninstall the program” is performed, which will entail the erasure of all applications of this developer.

What does untrustworthy enterprise developer on iPhone mean

In fact, such a message is not an error. This is a notification, and it does not in any way affect the basic functions of the operating system, or its additional components. The full text of the message reads: “An untrustworthy corporate developer has not been identified as trustworthy on this iPhone. Until this developer is designated as reliable, its corporate software cannot be used. “.

Error on iOS9 “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”

In addition to programs not approved for sale and installation, the files may contain viruses and other malicious programs. This cannot be ruled out. You should never open access to photos, videos, music and other data to a program that is not installed from an official source.

In the case when the operating system blocks the installation of an application from a third-party source, but it still needs to be installed, the message will have to be removed. If the error “The developer has not been designated as reliable on this iPhone” appears, and what to do with it is described in detail in the following sections.

Adding the company to the trusted ones will help to correct the error.

It’s one thing when an app asks for a phone number to register, send notifications, and other actions. And it is completely different, when the software, without having time to install, already requires you to enter personal information about yourself or other people, and also asks for a bank card number or other confidential data.

How to mark an app as Trusted on an iPhone

Now is the time to figure out how to designate a trusted developer on iPhone. App reliability designation is the same as developer reliability designation.

The application to which you need to grant trust will be automatically highlighted in the appropriate window

If you indicate trust in the application, then the manufacturer will also receive it and, as a result, all its other products that can be installed and used on this iPhone or iPad gadget. This assumes that adding a program to the trusted list is the same action as confirming the reliability of the software vendor.

Therefore, the method described above will do. If the user is faced with a similar notification, then he must accept it and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the main menu screen of your iPhone and find the “Settings” icon in the form of a gear.
  • Click on it and select from all configurations the item “Basic”. It’s directly next to the gear icon on the first page of the settings menu.
  • Select the sub-item “Profiles and device management” (in some versions of the operating system it may be called “Device management”).
  • Select the name of the developer in the list of corporate applications.
  • Click on the “Trust this developer” button and confirm your action.

Apple wants users to download software only from ApStore

Important! The sub-item “Profiles and device management” will not appear in the settings until the user first encounters the problem “Unreliable corporate developer”.

How to get rid of the “untrustworthy corporate developer” message on iPhone

The question of how to make the application reliable on the iPhone is still pending. In order for programs from unofficial sources to be able to safely install, you need to remove the notification, that is, completely rid yourself of its appearance. There are two ways to do this:

  • uninstall a program that the operating system considers rejected;
  • add the developer to the “trusted”.

The first method is the simplest and does not need to be explained. The program is simply removed and a replacement is looked for. This does not always suit users, so you should go to the second method.

  • Turn on the phone and go to its main menu.
  • Select the item “Settings” and the section “Basic”.
  • Find the “Device Management” option.
  • After opening, you will immediately see a list of corporate programs that are installed on the device.
  • Select the program that needs to be added to this list and click on the “Trust (Program Name)”.

After these steps, the developer and all his applications will become trusted, and the operating system of the iPhone or iPad will not “swear” at their installation.

Disable the message in the smartphone configurations

What restrictions are imposed on an untrustworthy corporate developer on iPhone

The limitation is essentially one. the inability to run the program of such a manufacturer of digital products and use it. It is also the most essential. A person simply will not be able to use the provided functionality or an old and stable version of an application that he needs due to the technical features of his device.

Important! This includes the inability to update the operating system to work with new versions of applications, errors and crashes in new software assemblies, and so on.

Third-party program may be infected

Thus, it was sorted out what an unreliable iOS developer is, which can be disabled through the settings menu. The question of how to designate a reliable developer on the iPhone is solved with the help of one function, which allows not only to remove the notification, but also to remove the trust status from the development object.