How to remove sleep mode from alarm clock on iphone?

Open the Clock application and select the Sleep Mode tab. In the “Schedule” section, click “Waste to sleep” or “Awakening”. In the upper right corner, turn on or off the “Schedule” function.

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Click digital well-being and parental monitoring night mode.
  • Disable the Dark Screen option in the night mode.

Emergency call on iPhone

Apple takes care of its users. this is a fact. Apple Watch features that have recently appeared “Digital Heritage” and contact in case of an emergency. everything is fully implemented as cool as possible and convenient.

Useful function, but sometimes scares novice users

And in the iPhone there is an emergency call function that scares those who have not come across it to it: it is activated by long pressing the power button and one of the volume buttons. But it’s not terribly, but what happens when in the middle of the nights by chance you pushing the power button five times in a row: the siren frightens the siren, and you do not understand what happened. When you press the iPhone makes an emergency call. it is better to turn off to not scare anyone.

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How to Disable Background Update Content on iOS

Disable the background update of content to prevent premature discharge

If you encountered a similar problem, you can try to temporarily solve it by disconnecting the background update of the content.

  • Go to “Settings”. “battery” and check which applications spend the most charges in the background;
  • Then return to the “Settings”, scroll the list of available parameters to tabs with applications, find and disconnect the “Content Update” from it;
  • If you need to disable the background update of content from all applications, go to “Main”. “Content Update” and turn off this mechanism.

After making these simple manipulations of the application will not be able to update content in the background, even subject to Wi-Fi in the home network. It should save a pretty part of the battery resource and thereby extend the battery life of the iPhone, preventing premature discharge. Perhaps this method is quite conditional because, no matter how cool, limits you to using your smartphone, but at the moment there is no other way to eliminate the failure.

What is needed and how the sleep mode function works on the iPhone

In order to care about the health of its users, starting with iOS 10 Apple implemented in the mobile OS useful option. You can find it on the tab of the same name in the system application clock. Sleep mode reminds the user about when you need to fall asleep if he wants to sleep.

To configure the Apple application, suggests a number of simple questions: how many hours you need to sleep when you need to get up on what days of the week and t.P.

Other settings are available. whether it is necessary to send a reminder that soon it is necessary to go to bed, the sound of the melody.

When activating the signal to the wake, a graphical display of the time that the user spends on sleep. Statistics on SUN Available through HealthKit, data is synchronized with the health application.

Apple reminds you to go on time (at least until 12 o’clock in the morning) and at the same time. the key to good sleep and good health.

Sleep mode by transferring the corresponding switch to the off position.

How to remove tips on the iPhone?

To disable the continuous collection of information about your location and geolocation prompts, simply switch the appropriate toggle switch to the “Disable” state. Now you will save not only the battery charge of your gadget, but also stop reporting information about your location in Apple.

  • Touch the “View” parameter in the lower right corner, then tap “Cycle tracking”.
  • Scroll down and tap “Parameters”.
  • To enable or disable the parameter, touch it.

Use mode “don’t disturb

The first way to set up your iPhone so that it can be better filled. This use the famous “Do not disturb”. With the help of which you will not be distracted both before bedtime and overnight until the morning hour. that you have programmed waking up. “Do not disturb” mode consists of pausing notifications you get to your device, so how we will tell you later, you can set certain contacts from which you will receive some notifications intended for urgent cases. To configure this mode, all you need to do is open the “Settings” application and click “Do not disturb”.

Install your schedule

One of the most important aspects that must be considered when configuring the “Do not disturb” mode is the schedule for which you want to apply it. Obviously, you can also choose to activate manually however, considering that the availability of the schedule will help you execute this “duty” and set a small sleep mode.

To program your schedule, all you need to do is activate the “on schedule” option. Once you do this, you can choose the time to which your iPhone will automatically activate this mode. In the same way, you can also activate the “Darken Blocked Screen” option, which drupt the blocked screen.

Allow certain contacts to call you

Another option to take into account. This is the ability to solve certain contacts to call you and that you will receive a notice of this call on the iPhone. This, together with the “Repeated calls” option, is very important because it ensures that if contact calls you due to an emergency, iPhone will notify you about this call, as well as on a regular basis.

To allow calls from certain contacts, all you need to do is click “Allow calls from” and select the option that you like more. On the other hand, if you want the contact to which you not allowed to call you, when you use the “Do not disturb” mode, could contact you in case of an emergency, you just need to activate the “Repeated calls” option with which if The same person calls you twice in less than three minutes, the second call will not be disabled.

Why the alarm clock calls, which is not

Our reader has a small problem that brings a lot of hassle: alarm clock calls every morning at 8:15, but there is simply no included alarm clocks. It seems that this is the most real mystic, especially asking: Reminds the film “Surk Day”. In fact, the whole guilt application “Sleep” in iOS, about whose benefits are not known.

The “Sleep” application is located in the Annex “Alarm clock” (for iOS 13 and older), and in the following versions it moved to Health. This lies the problem: many when you first start the iPhone click on it, exposing random settings. It looks like that.

All wine can be a dream function in iOS

Disable a sudden alarm clock that is not, very easy.

  • Go to Health;
  • Select the Sleep tab;
  • Scroll down. you will see “your schedule”;
  • Click “Full Schedule and Parameters”;
  • Top Disconnect the Schedule Schedule.

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The an alarm clock itself turns on the iPhone

If sleep mode you never turned on, that is, a few more ways to turn off the alarm clock that is not. Here are some ways.

  • Sometimes a sudden awakening can be associated with fast teams that interact with alarm clock. Those thoroughly check them out or delete to turn off the sudden alarm. Spear. Many of them are able to launch relaxing music before bedtime, which is important.
  • Many users do not include a standard alarm clock in the iPhone using third-party applications and with time forgetting about them. View everything that is in any way related to the “Clock” category or “Alarm clocks”. you exactly activate the beep.
  • If an alarm clock is calling in the iPhone, which is not, it is worth checking the music application. For example, you can enable alarm clock (and timer), you can even in the Radio Record application. at the specified time you will wake music from the selected online radio station.

Even the most ordinary music application can wake you ahead of time

Congratulations! Now you will definitely sleep as it should.

What about sleeping regime in iOS 14?

Since Apple has released iOS 14, there were many users who reported the activation of the sleep mode without configuring it. In sleep iPhone mode, the “Do not disturb” mode is activated and, in addition, the device lock screen is simplified, which is really annoying, because from now on you stop receiving notifications on your device and, in addition, if you want to unlock the screen is somewhat more expensive than usual.

But this would make sense if the user had been to those who set up in their work schedules, that sleep mode is activated every day for minutes set by them, however, this “failure” occurs with users who did not activate sleep mode at any time and especially the schedule of sleep.

The reason why this happens is that by default in sleep settings iPhone Health APP has a value that is activated, and therefore every night at the same time it causes the iPhone to move into this sleep mode and, therefore, stop receiving Notifications and simplifies your locked screen. In addition, the method of his deactivation can be said that he is somewhat hidden, because any user will understand that if they were not set free schedule, they would not have to activate this mode. Fortunately, below we will tell you how to disable this sleep mode so that it does not activate again if you do not want it.

How to configure “Do not disturb” mode on Mac

Open the system settings on your mas.

Click on the notice item.

Select the menu in the left column do not disturb and place the “tick” opposite the inscription include the “Do not disturb” function. Specify the right time.

Adjust additional options. When you do not disturb the function, you can:

  • a) Allow all calls or
  • b) Allow only repeated calls (Mac will miss a call if the subscriber calls you the second time for three minutes).

To disable the “Do not disturb” function, manually click on the notification center icon in the status bar,

And then, scroll up until the switch appears with the appropriate inscription.

Ready! Mode “Do not disturb” configured on your mas. Now the computer at the specified time will block all incoming notifications. even when Mas is in sleep mode or in image output mode on a large screen.

P.S. Small Lifehak: To suspend receiving notifications until midnight the current day, press and hold the ⌥OPTION key, and then click on the notification center icon in the status bar. She will immediately be painted in gray, which means: notifications (temporary) are disabled.