Several ways to extract a SIM card from Apple devices

There may be several reasons for this. Below we list them from more common to rare.

  • System Failure in Tablet. This can happen due to an incorrectly installed update or without obvious reasons. “Treated” usually rebooting the device.
  • SIM card issued. Check it easy. insert it into another tablet or in any smartphone. If it does not work there, you need to go to the communication salon and write an application for reissue SIM.
  • SIM card is inserted into the tablet incorrectly. Pull out the chip, check the pattern on the device case or on the slot plug and insert it back.
  • Contacts chip polluted. It is not always determined visually. the card may seem clean. Try to wipe it with a soft cloth or napkin.

If your tablet does not see SIM card, do not despair, try to execute instructions for eliminating this problem from another article on our website.

We remind you that the holes of the slots located on the surface of the case should always be tightly closed with plugs or side trays.

We live in a mobile era. Manufacturers did not remain aside, and equipped their products with a slot under SIM card. It is worth noting that not all firms and models have placed similar slots on their “tablets”. Now it is often possible to meet on the street of a person talking on the “Tablet”. But many who first bought a similar gadget, came across a problem, how to insert Sims to the Android iOS and Windows tablet.

Easy, it would seem, the task can turn into a serious problem. Even worse if SIM stuck in the slot or failed, and it fails to be removed. Let’s try to figure out how to insert and pull out sims quickly and without problems.

The article will help the owners of the tablet computers of the following brands including Chinese: Sony, Pipo, Onda, Irbis, Samsung, Huawei, Digma, Chuwi, Teclast, Cube, FNF, Colorfly, Ainol, Ramos, Vido, Prestigio, Lenovo, Digma, NO- NAME, based on Android; as well as Dell, Asus, HP, Microsoft, Acer on OC Windows. Actual and for technology on iOS (iPad Pro, Mini).

With the help of a clip, buttons or stationery buttons

Using a clip, buttons or a stationery button for those who have no clips for pushing the SIM card at hand, the stationery paper clip is the best substitute. Just bend one of her ends, and everything is ready! But, make sure you use a clip, thin enough so that it closes into the tray hole. Gently press up not to damage the smartphone.

As an alternative, you can use the drawing button, but they are usually solid, to fit in most trays for the SIM card. I managed to open the iPhone XS, and did not work out Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Honor View 20.

Outdoor slot, with plug and non-retractable tray

This transitional option is here to get to the slot, no longer need to remove the panel covering it, but the tray for the SIM card in the design has not yet included.

How to insert SIM card into the Samsung tablet or another device of a similar design:

  • We are looking for a housing and move the slot slot cap. Depending on the brand and model of the tablet, it can be on the right or left of his rib, or on the upper end.
  • Insert the SIM card into the socket, having previously turned it according to the drawing / wrinkle on the plug.
  • Card cut into the device body. you can help a little nail or thin flat object.
  • Return the plug in place.

By the way, some models of Lenovo tablets under a plug is not a regular nest, but with a retractable tray. The side of his little convex and it is easy for him to grasp. Chip in this tray on Prestigio is placed according to the drawing on the plug.

Want to choose the tablet 4G correctly. read our article with an overview of the most top models!

How to pull the SIM card from such a nest

The instruction given above, how to insert sims into the tablet, it seemed a familiar to you, and a guess arose in my head, how to pull the card.

Yes, there really works the same principle that is used for SD cards in cameras and laptops:

  • Clean the plug. As you can see, SIM card “sits” in the nest deep and grab it to pull out will not work.
  • Press something flat and hard on the visible edge card. Slightly, so that the plate is a little more went to the housing. And immediately release.
  • The edge of the chip moves a couple of millimeters beyond the housing. We do with your fingers for this edge and pull out the card out.

Please note: to move the plug should be carefully, it is impossible to pull it towards. “Leg”, which the plug is attached to the body, is made from a thin piece of silicone and can break away.

Under the lid on the back of the case

Actual for Digma, Explay tablets, as well as the only way to insert Sims into the IBIS tablet. even in the 2018 model.

Not the entire back cover is removed here, as was done in old models of smartphones and phones, but only its part is a narrow panel on the upper or lower edge of the housing side.

  • Turn the tablet back to yourself. We look where the removable panel is.
  • We seem to the panel for a special groove, carefully pull it on yourself and remove from the case.
  • Put the card in the slot. How correctly (which side) insert the SIM card into the tablet, you can consider in a special picture. it must be removed next to the slot or right on it.
  • Return the panel to place.
  • We turn on the tablet and proceed to its use.

The same instruction will suit to insert the SIM card in the tablet Prestigio.

For Lenovo Yoga

To insert Sims to the Lenovo Yoga tablet, you also need to remove a special panel. However, it is located on the left (as if we looked at the root of the book) and disassembled differently.

  • Turn the tablet rear surface to yourself. Convex, rounded edge from himself.
  • On the panel (cover), closing slots, there is an oval button. Click on it.
  • Throw down the cover.
  • The right buttons have another lid. plastic rectangle. Pick up his nail and remove.
  • Expand the SIM card as painted on plastic above the slot. Insert it into the nest and completely push inside. Should hear a light click.
  • Return to the place the second (inner) cover, and then snap the first, outdoor.

We are not accustomed to using the tablet, and most often use the phone. read another article about how to insert SIM card in the iPhone or, for example, in Samsung!

To remove the SIM card from such a jack, use the instructions below, from the subsection “how to pull out”.

Please note: the cover that is removed to insert sims into the Digma tablet, captures the entire top end of the device and the space where the chamber’s eye is including. The panel itself is soft and easily separated from the housing.

remove, card, tablet, installing

Depending on the size

When cell phones only appeared in the lives of ordinary people, all SIM cards looked equally. Standard SIM card. MINI. had a size of 25 to 15 millimeters and could be successfully inserted into any mobile phone. But the year passed.

Manufacturers decided to optimize the space in their devices. The discoverer was Apple.

It is on their iPhone 4S that a slot under the microsite in 2010 appeared. A little later, the 5 series Ayphones began produced under Nano Sim. It is worth noting that all products where Internet 3G, LTE and mobile communications are provided. Including iPad, equipped with trays.

On the Android apparatus there are combined connectors with MicroSD, we recommend contacting the instructions to not be mistaken.

Manufacturers actively implement ESIM technology. essentially a virtual sim card that does not have physical media. In Russia, has not yet received a scene due to legislation, but all his time.


When changing gadgets or buying a new tablet, it is often necessary to trim the SIM card so that it goes to fit into the new slot. Such a service can be in the store when buying a technique. You can do it yourself, you need a template for this. Read more in this article.

The picture below shows how to reduce MINI to Micro.

Use adapter

In cases where the card needs to be increasing, use a special adapter. It is worth noting that today all mobile operators produce cards immediately in three versions. It looks like a standard Micro SIM. It, in turn, must be carefully divided into Mini and Micro. The remaining pieces of plastic should not throw out. They will serve if the adapter from one format on the other.

Side outdoor slot with retractable tray

This option is found in the most modern models of tablets. We act just like in the case of a smartphone:

  • We are looking for a facet tray with slots on the housing.
  • Insert a complete key into my deepening on the side (or something like it), slightly pressed and immediately let go.
  • Face tray slightly promoted outside the housing. Capture it with two fingers and pull out (completely) out.
  • In the slot on the tray we put a SIM card.
  • Riding the tray in the nest until the side is equal to the surface of the case.

How to install a conventional SIM card in a micro-SIM and Nano-SIM slot

The universality of SIM-cards is that despite various parameters of the plastic shell, the geometric dimensions of the chip itself do not change. Therefore, fans of experiments with equipment, you can adjust the sizes under the requirements of the device slots yourself. For this, you will need conventional sharp scissors and stencils.

How to insert a conventional SIM card in a tablet with micro SIM

If in stock SIM new sample, then according to the peopling, the microariant is squeezed out. When there is no finished solution, pruning is carried out using scissors:

  • The desired stencil is selected.
  • Placed area trimming.
  • Excess plastic is carefully removed.
  • The edges are cleaned.
  • Conducted performance testing of an updated SIM card in the device.

How to put a conventional SIM card in the tablet with Nano-SIM

If a new SIM card is used, then you need to select the desired type of peopling and simply squeeze it under the desired nano-size.

If there is a SIM of an old sample without a peopulation, you will have to trim on your own. This procedure is more responsible, as it will have to work very close to the working contacts of the chip. For this:

  • It is better to find a stencil on the Internet or make yourself (rectangle 12 by 5 mm with a beveled edge).
  • The circuit of the cut is placed with orientation.
  • Extensively cuts off extra plastic.
  • Since nano-sims are 15% thinner, the layer of plastic from the back side is polished by sandpaper.
  • All edges are cleaned, you can wipe the chip from pollution.
  • The element is inserted into the tablet. If there are problems with the installation, dimensions are adjusted.

SIM Card Views

Development of technology is a rapid pace. Now the market contains devices that work with different formats. Before you start installing this element, you will have to understand which size is suitable for a specific device.

Before installing SIM cards in the tablet, you need to decide on the required size. Information about this is in the accompanying device documentation.

Currently, three types of simes are common from cellular operators:

  • Mini or standard size. 2.5-1.1 cm. the most traditional option, usually suitable for already non-new and budget tablet models. Element thickness 0.76 mm;
  • Micro size. 1.5-1.2 cm. average, which is used mainly by 2010-2015 release. Element thickness 0.76 mm;
  • Nano. 1.2-0.5 cm. This option uses the vast majority of modern gadgets, including tablets. Element thickness 0.68 mm.

Mobile communication salons can give a duplicate of the desired size upon request of the client. This service is free.

Previously, practice was distributed when sims under the desired size users “customized” on their own, cutting off unnecessary plastic scissors. It was especially true when nano-sim cards were more expensive. Now it’s easier to order a card with factory pevering to eliminate the risk of chip damage.

remove, card, tablet, installing

In cases where a smaller chip is available, universal adapters that are sold separately.

Modern SIMs have pureration under 3 standard sizes. The user remains only to choose the desired and gently squeeze plastic. In addition, the size can then be adjusted by setting back elements by type “Matryoshka”.

Several ways to extract a SIM card from Apple devices

SIM slots in each phone are different. Somewhere there are auxiliary elements to extract SIM, and somewhere to do it is quite difficult. However, the owners of uneasy smartphones have already learned how to be managed with them with the help of girlfriend.

In the iPhone you will not find the familiar socket for SIM card, as in android. The manufacturer even applies a special clip to the set, the key to open the slot, which is most often, on the side (iPhone 5). However, it can happen that in the key set will not be. The first generations of Eplofones were produced in general without a similar auxiliary instrument, such as iPhone S. Let’s look at what the paper clip is to extract the SIM card, and how to pull out the sim card from the iPhone 4 (5,6) and how to insert SIM card into the phone.

How to open a SIM card slot?

If it is incorrectly used, it is possible to apply serious damage, then the problem will be more serious than just “how to get a sim card from the iPhone”. Therefore, before you understand how to open a slot with a paper clip and how to remove SIM, try to find a special device that should go complete with a smartphone. Remove the factory box, maybe he stayed there unnoticed when you unpack the phone.

When you found the key, follow the following strategy:

  • Turn off the device. To do this, you need to click on the power button, which is located at the top of the iPhone, and hold it for a while. On the display you will see the inscription: “Turn off”. You must fly a finger on the inscription from left to right, and the device will turn off.
  • Be sure to turn off the device before removing SIM. If you do this in the on, over time the phone will begin to bite and hang, since you create a system failure to work like.
  • After completing the work, find the side, or on top (depends on the generation iPhone) Six Cart connector.
  • On the slot there is a small hole. You need to insert a special key into this hole, and the SIM card jack can be easily removed. Ready!

What to do if the SIM card is stuck

It often happens that the sim card is stuck in the iPhone 6 and does not open the slot to the end. If this happened, you should not despair and immediately carry the device to the service center. This problem can be solved by home.

So, how can SIM be stuck. You insert the key, open the slot, try to pull the socket along with SIM, but it does not come out, because she, for example, beats and creates an obstacle. How to extract SIM card?

Fix problems

To correct malfunctions, you will need a thin but hard plastic film. You can find this right in the iPhone box (cords are wrapped in it).

  • Give the device from the box.
  • Cut out a piece of small size from it so that there is a sharp angle.
  • Wake up a plate with a sharp angle in an outdoor tray for SIM cards until it gives a card.
  • Hold the record and nest, pull on yourself and pull out the tray, we yourself understand how to install a SIM card.

Reward SIM Stationery Clip

If the kit still did not have the key. Or you randomly lost it, do not be upset. This tool is quite efficient and safe for the phone to replace the ordinary stationery clip.

To get a card by this stationery subject, follow these steps:

  • Take paper clips and straighten one end.
  • Find the SIM slot on the iPhone and the hole next to it.
  • Gently impose the close of the clips right into the hole and slightly push. It is impossible to use gross power, otherwise you can just break the phone.
  • When pressed, the socket opens automatically. Now you can pull it on yourself and pull out, or insert SIM in the iPhone, if the slot was empty. If you are wondering how to insert Nano SIM correctly, you can just cut it out of usually SIM cards. In general, almost all SIM is now made with carvings for micro and nano, that is, there is a frame from which you simply extrude.

Several items that can be used if there is no stationery clip

You did not have at home at hand of the stationery clips, and the key for the iPhone is lost? Not trouble, do not panic and run to the store for paper clips. You can use other items as an alternative. Here are the most common of them:

  • Bracket for stapler. It can also be found in notebooks or notebooks, as the manufacturers fastens them sheets.
  • Needle. Needle for the iPhone can be dangerous in negligence. The main thing is not to use too thin needles, there is a risk that they will bend inside the phone and break, leaving one end in the hole. It is convenient to use an English pin (needle with tip).
  • Toothpick. Despite the fact that the device is wooden, it can help you no worse clips. The main thing is not to break the tip and do not leave it inside the hole.

This is how it can be easily and just insert sims in the iPhone and without a key, if you decide to change SIM, or just remove the card tray. Showing a fantasy, you can solve any problems with your smartphone, but do not overdo the device for detriment.