How to remove Safe Mode on Samsung phone

With the help of a secure mode, you can check how the phone works. He may need when Android constantly hires, slows down and so on. So what is a safe mode, why it is needed and how to enable it or disable it?

Some may have come across him, but did not understand what it was. It can be observed on the phone screen.

Safe mode is a phone system operation that allows you to block applications, but it starts the system.

At the same time, the phone is operational and can be used according to its direct intended purpose. And those applications that were installed by the user during the safe mode will be disconnected. This is a good way to check the performance of android. If, in safe mode there are no failures and it works without brakes, then it is worth thinking which installed application so affects the functionality and delete it.


This is something like Windows on a computer. If you enable Windows in safe mode, only system programs will work.

How to get out of a safe mode on samsung?

To turn off the secure mode on Samsung with the Android 2 operating system.3 And below, we need to turn off and turn on the smartphone again. If suddenly, after that, a safe mode remains on the screen, then do the following: 1) Turn off the phone 2) Turn on the phone 3) After the samsung lettering screen appears, press and hold the menu key until the end of the download.

To get out of the safe mode on Samsung with Android 4 operating system.0 and above you just need to turn off and enable smartphone. If after that the smartphone did not come out of the secure mode and the inscription safe mode remains on the screen, then do the following: 1) Turn off the phone. 2) Turn on the phone. 3) After the Samsung inscription appears on the display, press and hold the volume key up while the phone does not fully turn on.

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Information about “Safe Mode” found on the official Samsung website at Samsung.COM / RU / Support / SKP / FAQ / 1055476.

Ways to enable secure regime

Conduct the transition to SAFE MODE can also independently, with several ways that depend not as much on the OS version, how many from the manufacturer of the mobile device.

Using the service menu

The most popular method. To call the service menu, you just need to press the power button and hold it down for 5 seconds.

After the service menu appears, you do not release the button for a few more seconds until the proposal appears to log in to the safe mode. After confirming the OS will reboot without third-party applications. But delete them, clean the smartphone, change the settings the opportunity will remain.

For smartphones Honor, ZTE, HUAWEI

Here the first way is not applicable. The start of Android in safe mode is carried out on these devices as follows:

  • Turn off the gadget (press the POWER button when the service menu is highlighted. select “Turn off”);
  • Touch the volume level button;
  • enable smartphone;
  • After appearing on the display, the phone manufacturer logo release the button;
  • After that, the device must go to secure mode.

ADVICE. If the board did not work, try to hold the volume button not immediately before turning on the gadget, and after the screen saver.

For samsung smartphones, meizu

These brands have android starts in safe mode in a special algorithm:

  • Turn off your smartphone;
  • turn it on, after the screensaver appears, clamp the sound volume adjustment key up to the reduction (sometimes you can simultaneously clamp the power button);
  • The phone should log in to Safe Mode.

After diagnosing the device, identify problems and eliminate them, you can turn off the secure mode, for which simply perform the standard reboot.

ATTENTION. On some smartphones (for example, individual Honor models) manipulation with buttons no effect do not give. To restart the Android phone in safe mode, you have to connect it to the computer, after setting a special Hisuite utility.

How to remove the application in safe mode

  • Turn on the security mode as described in the first paragraph.
  • Go to the “Applications” menu. “installed”.
  • Select the desired application

If the inscription “Safe Mode” on the screen disappeared, it means it is disabled already. Just dropped all the subject settings, wallpapers, badges and all others. need to re-put everything. I tried many times until I understood what it was. Perhaps you also, look at the lack of inscriptions “Safe Mode”

I can’t disable secure mode all overdowed the sound decrease button

I have a problem here I can’t turn off the safe mode through the fact that I do not work a button for reducing the sound in the service

I have the same case like ELSA # 89, when you hit the button stuck inside, well, it’s actually clear what you need to go to the location, but there are such masters who do everything in a way there is a way to disable secure mode not from the buttons

What to do if the volume jamps the volume button. Constantly turns on in safe mode. Samsung S4 mini

I don’t robget me samsung galaxy a3 but the paperless mode does not turn off how to disable it please tell me

How to disable secure mode I just watched the TV and I had a finger on the screen and I went to Smart Manager and pressed on security and so I had a safe mode I had a phone J3 6 2016 please help me

I got rebooted and how Samsung’s inscription appeared

I have a tablet asus, a safe mode appeared, I tried all the ways that you advise, even resetting the settings to factory, has lost a lot of information, but the safe mode remains.I’m in despair, what else needs to be done to remove it?May still advise?

Umenia Samsung Galax S7 Edge, Ne Znaiu Kak Nu Maiom Teefono Vkluchilas Bezapasnii Rejim in Ne Smatria Vashix Instruqcia Ne Mog Atkluchit Pajalusta Pmagite

I have samsung s6 edge, it fell on the volume button and since then the safe mode is enabled. What to do.

I have samsung j3, I removed safe mode in this way: 1.Turn off the phone 2. Includes back 3. How Galaxy J3 appears, press the “Recent Application” command button with any finger (to the left of the “Exit” button) and hold until the phone is full.

It’s again the menu came out but the buffers of the Congue do not understand please please be very grateful for you urgently

Uraaa came out of a secure regime. I have a phone Z3 disabled the phone when the Samsung inscription appears, it pressed to the left touch button (where recent applications shows) and the phone turned on without a secure mode. Those who suffer do exactly.

Samsung GT-N5100 does not go out of the secure mode, the button to reduce the volume does not work / still exits Warning!! A CUSTOM OS CAN CAUSE CRITICAL PROBLEMS IN PHONE AND INSTALLED APPLICATIONS. what to do? It seems that I tried everything

Help pliz, a safe mode turned on on Samsung J6 what to do, nothing helps. Help plz

How to disable secure mode if you do not work the reduction buttons and sound ? And even the home button also does not work? How to be? Is it possible in this case to disable secure mode?

Tatiana, try cleaning the phone to some antivirus program. For example Dr.Web. She also and advertising virus applications must remove.

Hello. How on samsung s9. Remove advertising.After calling the picture appears with advertising. Remove applications.which can cause it.Safe mode included. (((

Samsung S6, helped to hold the middle button on the Samsung inscription and keep to power on (not up / down buttons, but a large touch on the screen!!)

guys I have samsung j5. helped 15 times. Just listen to trying anything, everything. Then I corrected the pulp button to remove the volume, pulled the battery. turned on and there will be two samsung inscriptions and only when there is a second inscription simply samsung you need to press the remove volume key until the phone is turned on, then it will turn off myself, but this is the rules and only then turn on again. FUH. I’m shocked.what is it with samsungi then.

Hello SAMSUNG J2 SAMSUNG In the screen, a safe mode is written, I can’t disable even the sensor does not listen to help please

Volume Reduction Button on Samsung J7.Help get out of the secure mode please

Sound control key to the bottom does not work only upwards as in such a lift to remove secure mode on Samsung J3

Phone A5 2017, Safe Mode helped to remove the hold of the central bottom button (under the screen) when you turn on the phone. Thanks.

Hello. If you want to exit a secure mode, it does not matter which phone model “1-Turn off the phone 2 Press the ON button or lumberjack. or or middle key. You enter the firmware menu. 1 Find.-WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET. And wait somewhere 10-20 minutes. No security code will not ask not a safe mode will not. Before the procedure, rip the files from the phone to the USB flash drive or other device because after the firmware, the Uvas will not remain on the bodies.

Hello. I have samsung g531, in other words, Grand Prime. The fact is that I gave to repair (the charging socket and the power button were not good) the master fixed, but the security mode turned on. Volume button does not help. And the reboot is also not talking about. How to be?

Hi all. Help someone who can, my smartphone Galaxy J5 2016 fell into the water, disassembled the battery SIM card and t.D. and waited until he dry. Now turns on but on a blue background requires some kind of security code. The fact is that I do not know what kind of code.

Refresh page with reviews Posted by: Syuara 21-07-2019 15 hour. 22 min.Message: When a reboot has pressed the volume up button up the volume down did not help the Samung Table 3 (Tablet of the Child) Posted by: Aida 20-02-2017 17 hours. 48 min.Message: Two days could not get out of a safe mode on the tablet, thank you very much!

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Safe mode on samsung

Safe mode on the Android phone is a special mode of operation of the device in which most of the most installed applications are launched. When loading the device in a safe mode, only the Android operating system itself and pre-installed applications that have been available from the factory are launched.

Safe mode is designed as a diagnostic tool. It helps solve problems with applications, network connections, autonomous time and many others. For example, it can be used to verify that it interferes with the operation of the device with a network, installed applications or this system problem. If in safe mode the problem is not observed, then most likely the reason in third-party applications.

On samsung phones, a safe mode is included as follows:

  • Turn off the phone in the usual way (power button. turn off);
  • Press and hold the power buttons and reduce volume;
  • When the SAMSUNG logo appears, release the power button;
  • Continue to hold the volume button until the phone is full;

After performing this procedure, your phone must start in safe mode.

How to remove or disable secure mode on Android

Start with how to turn off the safe mode on Android, because it is exactly the most difficulties. There are several ways that allow you to remove safe mode on Android.

  • Way Disconnect the battery for 30 seconds, then set back and try download Android device in normal mode.
  • Method Restart the device and check the “Home” button while turning on and hold it until the device is fully downloaded.
  • Method Restart the device and check the volume button and hold it until the device is fully loaded.
  • Method Restart the device and check the volume button and hold it until the device is fully downloaded.


Of course, before applying various complex and long methods, it will correctly use the easiest way to disable the security mode. The reboot of the smartphone can solve almost any question, including deactivation of the security regime.

First you need to find the latest installed program on the phone, which caused the device to go to the security mode and delete it before rebooting.

After performing the above action, the security mode will no longer disturb you.

Ways out of the secure mode in the Android system

The device transition to safe mode Even in the case of its automatic inclusion is not a critical situation, but is provided, rather as a preventive measure and a method for bypassing problem and malicious applications. Therefore, in most cases, these ways to exit the secure mode in Android will help you:

  • Turning off via the notification panel is available in cases where the operation of the secure mode is displayed and the press allows you to return the device to normal operation;
  • Standard reboot of the smartphone if it supports such a function, or shutdown and subsequent power on using the housing buttons can help display a gadget from a secure mode;

There is another way to exit a secure mode: Disable your smartphone in the standard way.

In devices based on the Android operating system, there is a so-called secure mode in which all applications that you downloaded and installed independently. System applications in this mode work.

Safe mode is required in order to, for example, check the performance of your touch phone without third-party applications or to remove a viral application.

It often happens that users upload a safe regime by chance that it is really possible. And the question arises. how to turn off the safe mode? In this case, we will tell you what to do on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

So, the safe mode is enabled, as the corresponding inscription in the bottom of the desktop.

To reboot in normal mode, you need to call the notification panel, which can be done by spending your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom (the so-called swipe).

You will see the notification panel, and in it the inscription “Safe Mode is turned on”. Click on this inscription.

To disable secure mode, you will be prompted to overload the device. Click on the button and wait for the restart.

The device will be loaded as usual.

There is another way to exit a secure mode: Disable your smartphone in the standard way.

Then turn on the device by clicking on the switch key and when Samsung Galaxy appears, release it, press and hold the sound increase button of about 5 seconds. this should be enough, but if something does not work out, hold longer.

Here you can find answers to all these questions. Learn how to access the hidden Android 9.0 Pie as well as named safe mode.

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How to enter safe mode on samsung galaxy a30? How to open Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A30? How to get out of the Saamsung Galaxy A30? How to upload Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A30?

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