What to do if the printer does not print from the computer, but puts it in line and writes “Error

When trying to print something from the computer, the document falls into the queue. And already from there begins to be read by a printing device, after which printed sheets of paper are obtained at the output.

In a normal situation, after sending a print assignment, the printer starts the mechanisms within a few seconds and begins to transfer the information to paper. But sometimes for some reason the printer puts in line, but does not print. The task freezes, the seal does not start, and the document error occurs in the queue.

Lack of printing when finding a document in the queue may be for various reasons. The problem is relevant for all stamps of printers: HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Kyocera and others. It occurs on all operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10 and even the old version of XP.

Check the availability and correct connection

The most banal reason, if the printer refuses to print, is the lack of communication between the computer and the printing technique.

Connection can be physical life (wired using a USB cable) or wireless (Wi-Fi connection through a router). In the first case, check the connection cord. There should be no visible damage, severe excesses. If the printer is connected via Wi-Fi, you must verify a stable signal.

In both cases, in the menu of the “Device and Printers” panel menu, the device must be active. If the printer icon is muddy, there are any preventive icons nearby, then there are problems.

Sometimes the most stupid situation happens. The user simply forgets to turn on the printer. Or the device goes into sleep mode and cannot get out of it itself. Then you need to click the power button on the apparatus case and try to start the seal again.

The cancellation button

There is always a button on the printer case or multifunctional device, the direct purpose of which is to stop printing. Indicated by a cross, a triangle in a circle, in the word “stop”, “cancellation” or “stop” depending on the manufacturer and model of printing equipment. If the panel is in English, then the button will subscribe to “Cancel”, “Stop”, “Clear” or there will be one letter “C”.

When the seal is already launched, just click the button and the printout process will be canceled. Depending on the size of the task for a stop, it may take some time.

The button is definitely on the Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung, Kyocera and other printers models.

A slightly different situation with Brother printers, in which there is only a GO button (start).

remove, print, line, printer, problem

In this case, in order to cancel the printing, the “GO” should be squeezed for 4 seconds until the Ready and Error indicators are blossomed. And if you need to refuse all tasks received on the apparatus, then after the start of flashing the bulbs, you should click “GO” once. Indicators will blink while cancellation.

The described method through the button is the most correct and cannot in any way violate the operation of the printer or computer from which the task was given.

Will it turn out to be canceled on a computer

Before familiarizing all the following methods, it is worth understanding that it will not be possible to cancel the completely hit on the printing device from the computer. When the process starts, the current task can only be canceled on the printer. Therefore, use a method with a button.

But when the task is still in line, but it has not yet begun to be printed, you can refuse to print from the computer any method below. This is especially true when many documents were sent to the press. Then part of the tasks can be easily removed from the queue.

Cleaning the queue

When a command is submitted for printing, the document is immediately placed in the buffer and is located in the equipment “View Printing Establishment” window. If you get to the desired window, you will get to remove everything or one specific document from the line, thereby stop the seal.

To perform the operation, you will have to use the computer.

In the latter case, if the points are inactive, then in the free area of ​​the windows press the PKM and select “Open the rights of the administrator”, and then try to clean again.

If after the start of printing there is no icon in the tray, then you can go into the equipment in another way:

The instruction works for Windows 10 and earlier versions of the operating system.

Canceling the program

Make a cancellation allows for printing software. So, when you set up printing parameters, and then start the process, a small dialog box must appear, where the cancellation button will be. It can disappear too fast, so be careful.

Stopping printing service and cleaning the folder on the computer

“Windows” when printing creates files in which it stores information about print tasks. Stop the printer so that it does not print, you can if you delete the system files of the print. But for this, you first need to turn off the service that is responsible for printing.

Shutdown through the command line

Run the line through the Start menu in one of the standard folders or write down the “CMD” command in the “Perform” window (Winr).

Next, you should alternately perform a set of four teams. The process will fulfill the same task as manual deleting SPL and ShD files.

In the following order, enter the following commands, and after each be sure to press Enter:

When copying commands, do not forget to remove the dividing signs (point and point with a comma) at the end.

According to the instructions in the previous section of the material, you can open the directory on the computer and make sure that it is completely empty.

Cancel the queue “BAT”

To cancel the hanging tasks for the printout, it is not necessary to interfere in the computer file system and open system tools to work with the seal.

You can use the file below. Launch the file on behalf of the administrator and the printing of the following tasks will be canceled.

Forced cleaning the Printing line | 2 ways

Hello friends, today I decided to write an article about a fairly common problem. The problem is related to when the print queue in Windows operating systems freezes. This problem prevents you from sending new documents on the press, therefore, here I will sign several ways how to clean the print queue.

The first method

So, the seal queue is usually cleaned through the “Device and Printers” window. To get there, you need to go to the control panel, then to “Equipment and Sound”, and then in “Devices and Prinaters”.

You need to click on the with the right mouse button on the problem print and select the “View Printing Establishment” item. In the window that opens, we click on the Printer menu and in the resulting context menu, select “Clean the Print Queue”. All erroneous queues, as well as completed should be cleaned.

It happens that the documents are not removed from the print line. This means that, most likely, they are blocked, either a system or a printer driver. Such documents can only be cleaned with reloading, both a computer and a printer. If you cannot do this, then you can force them to remove them from the line.

Important! If you use a compulsory completion, then this will clear all the lines on all printers, keep it in mind, especially if this is carried out in some company.

I want to say that when the document is sent to print, then two files are created in a certain place of the system: one has a ShD extension. there are print settings, and the second file with the expansion of SPL. in which there are data for printing. These data are on the system disk along the System32SPoolPrinters path.

Now we need to remove all the contents of the Printers folder, which will remove the queues in print. We will consider this in the following method.

The second method. Cleaning the print line through the command line

To complete this task, we need to run the command line on behalf of the administrator, and then execute these commands in order:

  • Net Stop Spooler
  • DEL %Systemroot %System32SpoolPrinters.ShD /F /S /Q
  • DEL %Systemroot %System32SpoolPrinters.SPL /F /S /Q
  • Net Start Spooler

This set of commands first stops the press service, then deleys all files with extension.SPL and.ShD and Printers folders, and then start the printing service again.

If you did not manage to enter the commands of the command, then you can try download this file and execute it on behalf of the administrator. This is the same set of teams, only in the Bat file.

Important! It happens that the script may not work, in this case you need to check whether the C: WindowsSystem32SPoolPrinters catalog really is in the printer settings. To do this, go to the “Devices and Printers”, then click on the printer and at the top of the window select the “Property Server Properties”, in the window opened, we move into “additional parameters” and there we see the path.

Usually there is the path that we are considering, but, if not so, we will have to correct it in the script.

This technique that we have considered works on all versions of Windows. Starting with seven and ending with a dozen. If you have questions, we write in a comment, you can also write to us through the group.

remove, print, line, printer, problem

How to remove documents from the stage for printing

Remove the queue through printer properties

To zero the entire list of printing materials, click on the point “Printer”. “Clean the Printing Establishment”.

If a lot of documents are sent in line and you need to cancel the seal of the specific, then select it and through the context menu make cancellation.

In Windows 10, the function can be used in the parameter window.

Icon in the system tray

Open the line of the line allows the printer icon on the taskbar.

Forced cleaning

If you can’t cancel the line through the device menu, it is necessary to reset the tasks forcibly. In this case, the list is cleaned on all devices connected to the network. This technique applies to individual HP models, Canon.

Restarting the press service

  • Click “Start”.
  • Select “Control Panel”. On Windows 10, start entering the name in the search, which is located near the Start menu.
  • Go to the “System and Security” section. “Administration”.
  • Select “Computer Management”.
  • In the list that opens, find the item “Service and Applications”.
  • Click on the “Print Manager”.
  • Click “restart”.

For Windows 7, 8 and 10, quick access to “Services” is possible through the “Perform” window, which is launched by a combination of Winr buttons.

Enter the Services command.MSC. The clearance of the dispatcher will occur after pressing the “Restored” key.

Cleaning the Printers temporary folder

Documents for further processing create two temporary archives.

Automatic stack cleaning with unstable data occurs when the equipment is turned off or reloaded. If the queue is not cleaned, the archives must be cleaned manually in the system folder C: WindowsSystem32spoolPrinters.

When trying to delete, there may be a notification that the file is already used.

Then stop the print manager. Delete files and run the service.

After deleting data from the folder, you cannot restore them back. Information will appear in line only when repeated transmission to the printer.

Removing the line through the command line

The method is used if the list in the dispatcher is not deleted by previous methods. To enter the Windows 7 line, it is necessary to reveal the “Standard” through the “Start” through the “Start”. The “command line” is selected in the drop.down menu. For 8 and 10 versions of the OS in the search, enter the CMD command.

Management is made on behalf of the admin:

  • Net Stop Spooler. stop printing;
  • DEL %Systemroot %System32SpoolPrinters.ShD/F/S/Q. removal of the archive with settings;
  • DEL %Systemroot %System32SpoolPrinters.SPL/F/S/Q. deleting files with displayed information;
  • Net Start Spooler. Launch of the dispatcher.

If the teams did not work, check the equipment settings. Find out the current data saving address and edit the code for yourself.

Creation and launch.BAT file

The method is used for system failures and allows you to instantly remove the existing line.

  • Open a new notebook file.
  • We keep an empty workpiece in the format “Name_fila.Bat “.
  • We prescribe the text of the removal.ShD.SPL archives (written in the previous paragraph).
  • Save the file.

As soon as you need to remove the documents from the queue, we click twice according to the created file.

Run only on behalf of the administrator.

Canon IP2770. Lines on Print Problem Solve Simple Tricks

How to clean the print line on the printer

Sometimes, during the operation of the printer, there are problems with the seal, namely, in the printer’s memory, the page of the pages, which was sent during the previous print, usually happens when working with a network printer. In this case, sending a new task to the printer becomes impossible.

This problem is solved by removing the existing line. The removal procedure will also help if you just need to cancel the running task for printing. There are several ways to remove.In the simplest case, it is enough to press the cancellation key on the printer itself. Usually, after this, the queue for printing is dumped automatically.

If the standard method does not work, try to restart the printer. Turn off the printer and after a while turn it on again.

The reality of printing can be tried to cancel through the computer.Open the “control panel” (in the “Start” menu, select the corresponding item) and select “Printers and Faxes” item. In the window that opens, select the printer, in the context menu, click the “Open” item. A list of documents sent for printing will appear. Select the desired document and cancel it by selecting the “Cancel” item in the context menu. If you need to delete the entire line, open the Printer menu and click on the “Clean Printing Establishment” item.

Finally, you can write a special file that will perform all the necessary work itself.Open the program “Notepad”. Enter the following text Stop Spoolerdel %Systemroot %System32SpoolPrinters.Shddel %Systemroot %System32SpoolPrinters.Splnet Start Spooler, keep under the name Deljobs.CMD, after indicating the type “All files”.Now start this file with a double click. The script window will open, upon completion of work, it will automatically close.

In some cases, printer users are not sure that the print queue is filled with unnecessary documents, so they are in no hurry to clean the list of tasks. In such situations, you should initially look at what documents are in the Printing Print, and only then decide on the appropriateness of its cleaning. To look at the printer print queue in Windows 10, follow the following actions in series:

  • Make sure the printer is connected to the PC, then press the start on the computer;
  • Select the menu items in series parameters, devices, printers and scanners;
  • Find the required printer in the list of connected devices and click “Open line”.

If the list that has opened is clogged with unnecessary documents, then you can remove the print line on the printer and send documents for printing again. If the list is only the necessary files, then you do not need to change anything. If there are extra materials (but most of the tasks requires fulfillment), then it is enough to cancel the irrelevant tasks (the option “cancel” in the context menu of a particular task). If there are too many unnecessary materials (or there are doubts about the appropriateness of printing of specific files), that is, it makes sense to completely cancel the print queue, and then manually start the process of printing the necessary documents again.

The names of the menu items may differ from those indicated due to the features of specific (especially unofficially modified) versions of Windows. If you do not find accurate coincidences, then choose the items similar in names. With a high probability, this will help to achieve the desired result.

How to clean the print queue in Windows 10?

The process of cleaning the print line is not difficult. over, it is possible to perform this task in different ways. Next, we will consider the easiest methods for achieving the goal that do not require users of any preparation or high level of ownership of PC and office equipment.

How to remove the print line on the printer through the printer properties?

This is the fastest option. For cleaning, you need to go into the printer properties and select the “Clean Printing Establishment” function. You can do this with two methods. The first we have already described in the instructions attached above “How to look at the Printer Printing Council”. The second looks as follows:

  • Go to the control panel (if you do not find the appropriate label, then just enter the mentioned phrase into the Windows search line next to the start button), and then go to the menu to view devices and printers;
  • Find the desired printer in the list, go to its context menu (click on the name of the PKM), select viewing the print line;
  • In the control line (located in the upper part of the window opened), click on the printer (the extreme left button) and select the “Clean Print” option.

If there is an icon of the printer used in the tray, then the solution can be simplified. It will be enough to go into the printer’s properties by pressing the corresponding icon, and then remove the print queue on the printer already known to you.

How to remove the print queue on the printer through the service of the press dispatcher?

If the first method did not give a result, then you should try to remove the turn for printing using the shutdown and subsequent launch of the service dispatcher. The list of required actions looks like this:

  • Turn on the control panel and go to the administration section;
  • In the list of available options, click on the line;
  • In the new window, find the string of print dispatcher, click on it PKM and select “Stop”.

Next, you will need to find the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers \ (you can do this through a computer or any file manager to choose a user) and manually delete all the data from this folder. Then it remains only to return to the previous window and activate the operation of the print manager again (for this it is enough to press on the corresponding line of the PKM and select the “Launch” option). An alternative option for using this method is presented in the video at the end of the article.

Please note that the use of this method will drop the print queue on all connected printers, so first complete the seal on those devices where there are no problems with the queue, and only then use the presented method.

The standard cleaning method

First, it is worth using the usual method, which is provided by the Windows operating system itself. No need to interfere in system settings and files.

Through the icon in the system tray

When the seal is launched, the printer icon will be in the trial of the taskbar (right lower corner).

If one printer is connected, you can press the printing device on the icon twice, after which the equipment “View the Printing Establishment” will appear. But when there are several printers on the computer, click by editing the mouse button and select the desired apparatus.

If you need to completely remove the queue, then call the Printer menu and select the corresponding item to drop the entire line.

When it is required to cancel the printing of documents in line selectively, click on the file of the right mouse key and use the “cancel” option.

It is also available not to complete the file deletion, but a temporary stop with the possibility of resuming printouts at any convenient time. To do this, use the point “suspend”.

And when you need to continue printing, click on the point of the same name.

Through the Windows Inte Week

Rarely, but it may not be that the icon will not be displayed. Then you can open the equipment in other ways that depend on the version of the system.

For all versions of Windows

On the keyboard, click the “Windowsr” buttons combination.

A complete list of connected periphery will be displayed in the window that opens. Find the printer icon, from which you should remove the documents from the queue, and make the right click of the mouse on it. In the pop.up menu, select the cleaning point.

Next, through the point “Printer” or the context menu of the empty area of ​​the window, select the cleaning option.

How to clean in Windows 10

You can clean the working way for all system issues described by the section earlier. You can also always get to the queue through the sections of the system specially designed for this.

To clean the printer print queue in Windows 10, click on the “Start” and open the “Parameters” section. The latter is first marked with a gear icon, and then a full name appears when the mouse cursor appears.

Select “Printers and Scanners” on the left, click on the necessary model of printing equipment. After that, the corresponding button will appear, after the click on which you can look at the queue.

Then use the section “Printer” to complete the cleaning.

Instructions for Windows 7

To clean the task window, you should get to the end of the “device and printers” via “start”.

After act standardly through the printing apparatus icon, opening the menu by pressing the PKM.

remove, print, line, printer, problem

Restarting the press service

Sometimes the error of the queue is associated with the incorrect work of the printing service. It is required to open the equipment of the “service” and make a restart.

After, try to remove the queue and generally check the printer, if problems arose earlier with the seal.

Removing queue files

When printing office equipment in “Windows”, depth files are created. If the task is not removed from the line in the usual way, then you can use the radical solution with the removal of print files.

First, you should stop the service, since when trying to delete it will issue a message that files are used. According to the instructions above, go to the “Service” and make a stop.

Then open the system section of the hard drive on the computer. Next, open the “Printers” folder along the path “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers”. Two files with extensions will be located inside “.ShD “and”.SPL “.

Select the file and delete. After, look, if the list of tasks has been cleaned.

Do not forget to return the service to a working state.

Through the command line

The line with the rights of the administrator should be launched.

  • Net Stop Spooler to turn off the dispatcher;
  • Del %Systemroot %\ System32 \ spool \ printers \.ShD/F/S/Q;
  • Del %Systemroot %\ System32 \ spool \ printers \.SPL/F/S/Q;
  • Net Start Spooler to start service.

The second and third teams are designed to get rid of ShD and SPL files.

Extension file “.Bat “

The previous option can be performed without prescribing a bunch of commands. It is enough to download the file that, when starting to independently perform the cleaning process.

This is very convenient when emergency cleansing is required. You can place the file on the desktop and, if necessary, quickly start it.

How to delete a document from a queue to print

There are times when when sending a certain number of documents for printing one or more of them fall into the list erroneously. Fortunately, it is absolutely not necessary to spend paper on unnecessary texts or images, because an extra document can simply be removed from the queue for printing.

To remove the document from the Printing line, through the Start menu, call the Printer and Faxes window. If you have only one printer installed, select it. If several, select the one you sent the document. Click on the desired icon with the left mouse button or click on it with the right mouse button and in the drop.down menu, select the “Open” command. A new dialog box with the name of your printer will open.

In the window that opens, select the document that you want to remove from the line for printing, with the left mouse button. In the top line of the menu, select the “Document” item. In the drop.down menu, select the “cancel” command, wait until the dedicated document disappears from the list, close the window, pressing the ge of X in the upper right corner of the window.

To delete all documents from the press, from the printer point, select the “Clean Print” command and confirm the action. If you have a network printer, and you sent a printed document from another computer (and not from the one to which the printer is connected), you can delete the document from the line for printing only from the computer to which the printer is connected.

To temporarily suspend the seal, in the upper line of the window menu with the name of your printer, select the “Document” item and the “suspend” command. The same can be done from the “Printers and Faxes” window: click on the icon of the desired printer with the right button, in the drop.down menu, select the “Suspend” command. To then return the printer to working condition, set the command “Resume Print”.

So that the printer does not temporarily print the documents, click on the icon from the “Printers and Faxes” window with the right button and in the drop.down menu, click on the “Purchased Seal” line. The description of the printer state will change with the “ready” to “not connected”. To restore its original state, select the “Use Printer in Operational Mode” in the drop.down menu ”.

How to remove a print queue

It often happens that they sent many documents for printing, and nothing is printed from the printer. This is especially true when printing in a local network or when printing on a network printer, which is in another office. Immediately the question arises, what to do? If your organization has a special employee, the so.called system administrator, then, of course, it is better to call him. But if it is not or such a problem happened at your home, then read this article and “repair” your computer yourself.

Click the “Cancel” button located on the printer itself or in the dialog box that appears on the screen. This method is the easiest, but it does not always help. And not all printers have the opportunity to cancel printing. If this method solves your problem, then other methods do not need to be used.

If the above method did not help or the “cancel” button is not on your printer, then try to turn off the printer power. The power is disconnected by a special tolerance, button, etc.D., It depends on the specific printer model. In some models of printers, this procedure leads to the cleansing of the print line. If this method solves your problem, then other methods do not need to be used.

Depending on the settings of your Windows XP operating system, the Start menu may differ. You can open the “control panel” in two ways:- Start. Settings. Printers and faxes. This method is used if your menu is configured in a standard way.- Start. Printers and faxes. This method is used when the menu is not classic, and in it all points are located in two columns.

In the “Start” menu, select “Expand” and enter the “Control Printers” command, and click OK.

In the newly opened window, you need to find the printer icon. This icon will contain the name of your printer, as it is called in the operating system. Next, click on this icon with the right mouse button, and select the “Open” command.

In the window that appears, you need to find the column “Document”, and choose the task that you want to cancel. Click with the right mouse button, on this task, and select the commands from the list of “Cancel”.

If you want to completely clean the print queue, t.e. Delete all print tasks, then from the Printer menu you need to select the command “Clean the Print Queue”.

The printer print line is not removed. Forced cleaning

If the printer printing queue in Windows is not removed with regular means, then the print queue can be cleaned forcibly. You can do this manually or through the command line by writing a BAT file. The second option is preferable for system administrators since they often have to face the problem of cleaning the print queue.

Epson L805 Line Printing Solve | Print quality problem

A longer way to clean the print queue compared to the second, but understandable to ordinary user.

We open the equipment of the “Service” The fastest way to open “Services”: click the combination of Winr keys and dial the Services command.MSC.

Alternative Way in Windows7: Start / Management / Administration / Service.

In the equipment we find the “Print Manager” service and click “Stop”

Clean the files of the print queue.Go to the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers folder and delete all files from it.

Return to the equipment of the service and launch the “press dispatcher”.

four.We check the print line.After starting the “print manager” you can check the print queue. It should be empty.

Thumbs on “The Printer Printing Queue is not removed. Forced cleaning

Oleg, this cannot be. As you can see, I performed all the actions on Windows7. Perhaps you have this folder hidden. You can try to copy from the site the Directory C: \ Wydows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers, insert into the address line of the conductor and press Enter. Or configure Windows to show hidden and system folders.

You have a typo on the way in Windows Word. Wiondows

Thanks for your method and your hint. It helped me a lot.

And thank you for the method. Helped on Windows 10

The Printers folder is empty, but the file weighs in line. What to do?

After you cleaned the folder, you must definitely restart the print manager in the services. If something does not work out with the services, then try to restart the computer.

Greetings! This is still a manual solution to the problem. And there is an understanding of the causes of this phenomenon ? What causes this problem?

Hello! There can be a lot of reasons starting from the applied level (incorrect work of the program or viruses) and ending with physical. On the physical level, USB printers are most often affected by this problem. On USB-intenses of old PCs and printers, diet with all the ensuing food may occur.

Hello! Please tell me, after pressing the launch of the service, I gave out some kind of mistake and now “start” and “stop” are not active, what to do?

Hello. I had to copy a mistake to understand the reasons. Try to restart the computer. When loading, the service starts itself.

Rebooted several times, nothing changed, I had to turn off the laptop. And the next day I went in, all the “buttons” are active, restarted, now everything works. Already printed all the documents! Thank you very much! To your answer, I turned (on advice) to a computer scientist, said you need to stop Windows.