Remove a password using Find My iPhone

If Find My iPhone is set up on an iOS device. you can use iCloud to erase and restore it. This is if you forgot the password on the iPhone, but did not forget the Apple ID password 🙂 In this case, all data from the iPhone will be deleted.

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Go to “Find iPhone”, and click the “All devices” drop-down list at the top of the browser window.
  • Select the device you want to erase.
  • Click Erase to erase your device and reset your iPhone password.

Now you can either restore the device from a backup or set up the device as new.

Remove the password if syncing with iTunes was carried out.

If your device was previously synced with iTunes, you can restore it. This is the most painless way, all data will remain on the device.

  • Connect the device to the computer with which you synchronized.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Wait while iTunes syncs your device and creates a backup.
  • When the synchronization is complete and the backup has been created, click the Restore menu item.
  • When the setup screen opens while restoring your iOS device, tap Restore from iTunes Copy.
  • Then select your device in iTunes. Look at the creation date and size of each backup and choose the one that suits you best.

Forgot your iphone password. 3 Ways to Remove Passcode from iPhone

With whom it does not happen. We put a password on the iPhone and forgot which one. Or the device has been in the box for a while. One way or another, it is better to always know what measures need to be taken in such a situation.

What to do if you forgot your iPhone password? In this article, we will consider all the available options for removing the password from the Lock Screen device. Do not unblock your ID, please contact Support Apple for this issue.

If the password on the iPhone is entered incorrectly 6 times, the device is locked for a minute, if after that you enter the wrong password again number of times, it will be locked for number of minutes, etc. In short, the more you try to pick it up, the longer you will have to wait. Also, if you have enabled the “Erase data” function, then experimenting with the selection of a combination is strictly prohibited. This feature erases all iPhone data if the password is entered incorrectly 10 times. To enable it you need to: go to the settings. password. opposite the “erase data” field, switch the slider to on.

There are three ways to recover your device if you forgot your iPhone password, so.

Removing a password using recovery mode

If you’ve never synched with iTunes or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud, you’ll need to use Recovery Mode to restore your device. If you forgot your iphone password, then this method always works. This will erase the password and all data from the device.

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes.
  • After connecting the device, perform a forced restart:
  • Press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons at the same time.
  • Do not release the buttons when you see the Apple logo. wait for the recovery mode screen.
  • When prompted to perform a restore or update, select “Restore”.
  • ITunes will begin downloading the software for your device.

  • Wait for the process to finish. After that, the device can be configured and used.
  • Forgot iPhone restrictions passcode? 2 ways to remove this code!

    Hello everyone! Recently, an interesting situation happened to me. in order to respond to a comment, I needed to rummage through the settings of my iPhone and see if it was possible to set restrictions on a certain program in iOS. As usual, I open “Settings. General. Restrictions”, run into the sign “Enter the restriction passcode” and understand that

    I just don’t remember these four numbers!

    Of course, in the end everything ended well, but a similar situation made me think about this If even I, a person constantly poking around in the iPhone and iPad, somehow managed to forget the restrictions password, then what can we say about an ordinary user who uses this setting once a year, and even then on major holidays?

    Most likely, many will not even remember the fact that they put this code at all. Not to mention some numbers there. And now what i can do? So go without access to all the settings? Of course not. There are two ways to solve this problem. Go!

    By the way, remember. there is no “factory”, “factory”, “standard” password. The code is set by the user himself when opening the restrictions settings for the first time.

    Remove password completely

    There is only one way to delete the code without knowing it. by restoring the firmware. There is nothing difficult about this:

    • Connect iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed.
    • Click restore.

    But no. This method has very big disadvantages:

    • Yes, you get rid of password restrictions. But absolutely all information will also be deleted from the device.!
    • Thinking of restoring data from a backup? Here, too, has its own “troubles”. After all, if the copy was created at the moment when the code was already installed, then when it is restored, the restrictions password will be returned to the device.

    In general, the method is working, but not very convenient. there are too many reservations when using it. Fortunately, there are other options

    Find out the code

    Yes it is possible. And most importantly, we don’t even need to strain our memory and remember a forgotten password. A special program will do everything for us!

    This very program “pulls” the code from the backup. Accordingly, the computer must have at least one copy that includes the restriction password. If you don’t have one yet, just create it right now through iTunes.

    • Follow the link and download the latest current version for your operating system.
    • We launch the program and after a few seconds we see the required four digits.

    Victory! It remains only to remember them and never forget 🙂 And finally, a few questions and answers:

    • Is it a safe program. can it be used at all? Can. Especially considering the fact that it is openly posted on GitHub (the world’s largest resource for hosting IT projects and their joint development).
    • What versions of iOS does it work with? I have tested it working on iOS 10, 11 and 12. everything is fine. However, judging by the description, absolutely any firmware version is supported starting from iOS 7 (inclusive).

    As you can see, everything is very simple, multifunctional and safe. Nothing complicated! However, if something does not work out for you or if you have any questions, be sure to write in the comments, we will try to figure it out together and find a solution.!

    Updated! I completely forgot one very important thing when using PinFinder. Since the password is “pulled” from the backup, you need to remember this. this very backup should not be encrypted. Otherwise PinFinder will swear and give an error. How do I remove encryption? It’s simple. connect the iPhone, launch iTunes and uncheck the corresponding menu item.

    However, at the moment this setting (encryption) is no longer relevant, since

    Updated 2! To be honest, I did not even expect such attention to my modest blog, but the author of the program (Gareth Watts) unsubscribed in the comments (for which he thanks a lot!) And said that a new version of PinFinder 1.6.0 has been released. Support for encrypted backups is declared. now it is not necessary to disable encryption in iTunes in order to find out the iPhone restrictions password. Just super!

    Updated 3! A new version of the program has been released. PinFinder 1.7.1. What’s new? There is support for iOS 12. now you can find out the “Screen Time Passcode” (formerly “Restrictions”) without any problems. Hurrah. True, in iOS 12 Apple slightly revised its security policy and now the Screen Time passcode can only be retrieved from an encrypted backup. Remember this and be careful!

    Contacting Support

    If you are unable to regain access to your account, then the only option left for you to enter Icloud is to contact Support.

    • To get started, go to “”.
    • Enter your account details here.
    • The system will give you all the matches.
    • Then go to “”.
    • Request the restoration of access to your account, while you should indicate as much information about it as possible.
    • If you are asked to send a photo with a box from the device or a passport. take it and send it; you may also be asked to answer additional questions about your account.

    If you manage to prove to the support staff that you are the real owner of the account, they will allow you to change your password to a new one.

    Two-step verification

    What to do if you forgot your Icloud password on an older iPhone? As mentioned earlier, two-step verification is a method exclusively for older devices. It used to be used instead of 2FA.

    For this method, how to unlock iCloud, if you forgot your password, you will need a recovery key. If it is also lost, then you can only create a new ID. If you have it, then let’s get down to business.

    • We repeat the first four steps from the instructions with e-mail.
    • Instead of sending instructions by mail, we select the request to enter the recovery key.
    • Specify a trusted device.
    • It should receive a code very quickly.
    • Enter it on the site.

    Access to your vault will be restored as soon as you come up with a new password.

    Forgot iCloud password on iPhone: what to do

    In today’s article, you will find step-by-step instructions on what to do if you forgot your iCloud password on your iPhone. 5 ways to recover your password: by email, security question, two-step verification, two-factor authentication, and support. But first things first.

    Surely each of you has forgotten your password at least once in your life. Today, with all the abundance of social networks, services and a variety of site formats, you have to keep a lot of data in your head. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of it is sometimes “lost”

    Fortunately for us, the developers of the iCloud cloud service have prudently took care of this possibility and introduced as many as five ways to restore access to your storage. In this article, we will talk about what to do if you forgot your Icloud password on your iPhone.

    What to do if you forgot your Icloud password on your iPhone, all options

    As already mentioned, there are five ways to find out the password from Iclaud if you forgot it. You can:

    • use your email to reset your password;
    • go through the reset procedure for control questions;
    • use two-step verification (only for older devices);
    • use two-factor authentication (only for new devices);
    • contact support.

    The latter option is needed in case the problem cannot be solved on its own. Next, we will look at all of the above methods separately.

    Two-factor authentication

    Another convenient option for how to correctly set a new password and reset Icloud, if you forgot the old one, is to use two-factor authentication. However, you will be able to do this only if this procedure has already been installed in your account.

    If so, then on your smartphone you need to open the application on a trusted device and go to the personal section in the settings, and then open the “Security” subsection and start recovery. All that is required of you further is to follow the system prompts and enter the code at the right time.

    On older systems, you can also reset your password using two-factor authentication, but here this is done through the “Account” section in iCloud.

    If you have selected a Mac as a trusted device, then you will need to do the following:

    • First, open system preferences.
    • There you need to open the section “iCloud” and go to the subsection “Accounts”.
    • If after that the system asks you to log in, select the option “Data lost”.
    • Then select “Reset” from the menu.

    How to reset your password using email

    The easiest way to restore Icloud if you forgot your password is to use the email linked to your account. This option is suitable for users of any device; If you have forgotten the password from Icloud on iPhone 6th, 7th, 8th or X, then this is what you need. The procedure can be performed even through a computer.

    • Enter the browser.
    • In its address bar, write the address “”.
    • On the page that opens, enter your Apple
    • Select the “Reset” option.
    • Then, when the system offers you several recovery options to choose from, select “Via E-mail”.
    • Then click “Continue”.
    • Open the email address you provided before.
    • There should be a letter from the service, open it and follow the specified link; if not, check the “Spam” folder; if it is not there either. return to the previous page and select the option “Send the letter again” there.
    • A page will open in front of you, where you need to enter a new password.

    All that remains for you after that is to enter the cloud using the new data. Another reset letter will be sent to you, you do not need to reply to it, you can simply delete.

    How to access iCloud by answering security questions

    If for some reason you do not have access to the email associated with your iCloud account, then you can enable reset by security questions.

    To use this option, you need to repeat the first four steps from the previous instructions, and then select the second option to restore access.

    In this case, you will need to answer two security questions. You asked these questions and the answers to them yourself during registration. In addition, you will be asked to indicate your date of birth (the one that is indicated on your profile).

    If you enter everything correctly, you will see a form for resetting the old password and creating a new one. After that, just go to your account with the new data.

    Ditching the cloud

    If you still can’t recover your password, then you will have to completely stop using iCloud. The only thing you need to know is how to delete Icloud if you forgot your login information and how to unlink it from all other accounts so that there will be no problems in the future. This is done through the settings of the service on the device, where you need to disable data synchronization. You will only have to leave the “Find iPhone” service, as you will not be able to leave Icloud if you forgot your password.

    After you say goodbye to this service, you should not reset the device or reflash it, because after that you need login information or use two-factor protection to unlock the device.

    Now you know what to do if you forgot your Icloud password on your iPhone. The developers have provided several options for restoring access at once, but some of them will require preliminary preparation from you. Don’t tempt fate and enable 2FA as soon as possible and link your work email address to your account.

    Thank you for your interest in the article “What to do if you forgot your Aiklaud password on iPhone”. If you find it helpful, please do the following:

    • Share with your friends using the social media button
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    How to reset password on iPhone 11/11 pro / 11 pro max?

    recently, new models of the iPhone line were presented to the world, and now many users have purchased them, immediately setting all kinds of passwords to protect their own data. But given that we have passwords everywhere: from the phone screen to bank cards, it happens that the password is forgotten, and then the owners of iPhones are looking for help on the Web: “How to bypass iPhone activation lock?”, “Forgot Apple ID password, how to unlock account on the iPhone? “,” Tell me how to hack the password on the iPhone! “. There is no need to guess. after the sixth wrong attempt, the iPhone is blocked for 1/5/15/60 minutes, and after the tenth it is completely blocked. But there really is a solution! We present to you the top 3 ways that will help you get out of these situations as a winner. So, how to remove passcode from iPhone 11/11 pro / 11 pro max if forgot passcode?

    Next, we suggest that you consider each method in as much detail as possible in order to analyze all the pros and cons of using one or another option and ultimately decide which method is best for you to use to reset your iPhone password. If the method you have chosen does not help solve the problem, we recommend that you do not give up trying, but use the remaining two methods.

    How to Unlock iPhone 11 via iTunes

    iTunes is well known to all users of Apple products. This program is used to synchronize iPhone with a computer, to create backups of the device, as well as to restore the phone to factory settings. And in this situation, you can also use iTunes, or rather, its function of resetting all settings, coupled with the subsequent restoration of data from a backup. If you are wondering how to remove screen lock on iPhone using iTunes, use the step-by-step instructions below. Before starting work, make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your PC, update it if necessary, and only then start unlocking your phone.

    Connect your iPhone with a USB cable to the computer that you previously synchronized with. Launch iTunes on PC.

    After completing the process of syncing your device with iTunes and creating a backup of the locked device, go to the left pane of the program window. Here select the “Overview” section.

    On the right side of the program window, select the “Restore iPhone” option. Please note that this will reset all settings to factory settings and delete the files on the phone.

    After that, an additional request will appear to confirm the restoration of the iPhone. To confirm your decision, click on the “Restore” button again. Wait until the process is complete, after which the latest version of the system will be installed on the iPhone, and all personal data will be erased.

    To recover files, go to the “Browse” section again and select the “Recover from iTunes copy” option on the right side of the window. Browse the list of available backups and select the latest by date. After that, wait for a while to finish setting up your iPhone. Now you can set a new password on it.

    remove, password, iphone, forgot

    This method is convenient because users do not need to download additional software to reset the phone to factory settings, because iTunes is already installed for every iPhone user. At the same time, it is the users of Apple products who know that errors can occur in the operation of this program that disrupt the functioning of the entire process. However, it makes good sense to use a program already at hand as a first attempt. If you want to initially limit yourself to only one attempt, we recommend that you start with the use of specialized software developed specifically for unlocking the iPhone.

    How to Unlock iPhone 11 via iCloud

    There is also a third effective way to unlock your phone. If you forget your iPhone 11 passcode, you can also remove it using Find My iPhone. To do this, you can use any device: a computer, the phone itself or a tablet. of your choice, but a prerequisite is the connection of this device to the Internet. To learn how to remove password from iPhone using iCloud service, follow the steps below.

    Open a browser on a device connected to the Internet and go to the official page of the iCloud service. Enter your Apple ID and password in the blank line.

    In the new window, select the “Find iPhone” option. At the top of the screen, click on the All Devices button. Expand the drop-down list of available devices (if there are several of them) and select the iPhone from which you want to remove the password.

    After selecting the desired device, select the “Erase” option to start the process of deleting data on it, including the forgotten lock password.

    After completing the process, you can, as in the two previous cases, either set up the phone as a new one, or, if there are available backups of the device created in advance, restore the iPhone from one of them. This method is extremely convenient because you can reset the device lock password without even having an iPhone in your hands! However, you will need to know your account name and password (which is often more complex than your phone lock password). Be that as it may, this option is also worth keeping in mind.

    How to Remove Password from iPhone 11 without iTunes. 4uKey Utility

    For those who do not know what to do if they have forgotten the passcode on the iPhone, and using iTunes for some reason is impossible or undesirable, we have prepared a special offer. The Tenorshare 4uKey utility is purposefully designed to unlock iPhone and remove Apple ID from iPhone / iPad. The developers have approached the solution of the problem of the forgotten password on the iPhone 11 and created an excellent tool for resetting any type of lock. The utility has many useful features that will captivate any user. We suggest that you, first of all, familiarize yourself with the functional overview of the program.

    The utility removes any type of lock from the iPhone screen, be it a six-digit code, four-digit code, Touch ID or Face ID.

    The program allows you to reset the phone lock password in record time. just a few minutes, and you can again work with your device as if nothing had happened.

    Compatible with both Windows and Mac

    Regardless of whether you have Windows or MacOS installed, the program will equally successfully cope with the task.

    Remove Apple ID on iPhone and iPad without password

    The utility allows you to remove Apple ID from an activated device to gain access to a locked iPhone or iPad.

    Factory reset iPhone without password

    The program will help restore iPhone to factory settings if the password has been forgotten. without going to iTunes.

    During operation, the program downloads the latest version of the operating system firmware from the official website, which guarantees the safety of operations for the device.

    The program is available for installation in Russian, which greatly simplifies its use by users.

    To evaluate the program, you can first familiarize yourself with its functionality and interface by downloading a free trial version on the developer’s website.

    Even a novice user can easily carry out the process of unlocking their iPhone on their own. the simple and accessible interface of the program is supplemented with tips and warnings accompanying the entire course of work.

    So, to use the utility to unlock your iPhone 11, follow the instructions below. Make sure your device has sufficient battery power beforehand. In addition, please note that phone data will be deleted during operation, so it is highly recommended to have a data backup that can be restored to iPhone later.

    Step 1 Download the program from the developer’s official website and install it on your computer. Then run the utility on your PC. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.

    Step 2 After the program automatically detects your device, in the program window that opens, click on the “Start” button. If the program could not find your phone, put your iPhone into recovery mode by following the prompts offered by the program itself.

    Step 3 In the new window of the program, select the “Download” option to download the latest firmware version. Here you can manually specify the path for saving downloaded files on your computer or leave the specified one by default. If your PC already has the firmware, you can load it into the program directly from your computer by clicking the “Select” button. The option of downloading this file through the browser is also available: for this you will need to select the “Copy” button.

    Step 4 After the download of the firmware files to the computer is completed, click on the “Start unlocking” button. During this process, do not disconnect the device from the computer or perform any operations on it. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

    Step 5 After successfully resetting your iPhone lock screen passcode, you can set up your iPhone as new or restore data from an earlier backup. And, of course, set a new password.

    Unlink a device from an Apple ID account

    The first way is through the settings of the device you want to untie:

    • Go to device settings. Go to settings
    • Open iTunes & App Store. Go to the “iTunes and App Store” section
    • Keep your unique Apple ID. Click on Apple ID
    • Open View Apple ID. Select “View Apple ID”
    • Scroll down to iTunes in the Cloud and use the Remove from Account button. Press the button “Remove from account”

    The second way is by resetting content and settings:

    • Go to device settings. Go to settings
    • Open the “General” item. Go to the “Basic” section
    • Open the “Reset” subsection. Go to the “Reset” section
    • Select “Erase Content and Settings”. Confirm the action and wait for the process to finish. Press the button “Reset content and settings”

    The third way is through the iTunes app on Mac OS or Windows:

    • Open the iTunes app. Open iTunes
    • Expand the Account menu. Open the section “Account”
    • Select the “View” section. Go to the section “View”
    • Find the item “iTunes in the cloud” and in it click the “Manage devices” button. Press the button “Manage”
    • Find the device you need and click on the “Delete” button in front of its name. In the event that this button is gray and cannot be pressed, you must first exit iTunes on the device you are trying to untie.

    remove Apple ID from device

    If your task is simpler, namely, not deleting the profile, but only decoupling the Apple ID from the device, for example, if you want to prepare the device for sale or log in under a different Apple ID, the task can be completed in two steps.

      To do this, open the settings on the device, and then at the top click on your Apple ID.

    Go down to the very end of the list and select “Exit”.

    remove, password, iphone, forgot

    Tap on the item “Sign out of iCloud and Store”.

    To continue, if you have activated the “Find iPhone” function, you will need to enter your Apple password ID to disable it.

  • The system will ask you to confirm the logout. You should understand that all data stored in iCloud Drive will be deleted from the device. If you agree, click on the “Sign out” button to continue.
  • At the moment, these are all methods for removing Apple ID.

    We are glad that we were able to help you solve the problem. Ask your question in the comments, detailing the essence of the problem. Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

    Unlinking via the Activation Lock service

    This method can be used only if you have previously connected the Find my IPhone function on your device. All actions are performed on a computer with Mac OS or Windows:

    • Go to the official iCloud website ( and log in with your unique username and password. Log in to the site
    • Click on the “Find IPhone” button. Go to the “Find IPhone” section
    • Expand the All Devices menu. Press the button “All devices”
    • Select the device you want. Choosing a device
    • In the window that opens, click the “Erase IPhone” button. Press the button “Erase IPhone”
    • Confirm the action. We confirm the action
    • Enter your password to complete the operation. Enter your password
    • You can enter a message that will be sent to the untethered device as a notification. Enter the message
    • Click the Finish button. Press the button “Finish”

    Deleting an account through support

    The second and final way to delete your Apple ID account is to write an email to Support asking you to delete your account. To do this, follow the link and fill in all the fields.

    • Write all information exclusively in English, fill in all fields.
    • In the Email Address section, enter the mail of the account you want to delete.
    • In the Subject section, describe your goal: “I want to delete my Apple ID account” or something similar.
    • In the Comment section, describe in more detail why you want to get rid of your account.
    • After filling out all the fields, click the Submit Suggestion button. We fill in all the fields and send a request

    complete Apple ID removal

    Please note that after deleting your Apple ID account, you will lose access to all content purchased through that account. Only delete your account when you really need to, for example, if you needed to free the associated email address to re-register your account (although the second method is fine for this).

    There is no automated process for deleting a profile in the Apple ID settings, so the only way to permanently get rid of your account is to contact Support Apple with a similar request.

    • To do this, go to the Apple support page at this link.
    • In the “Apple specialists” block, click on the “Get help” button.

    Select the section of interest. “Apple ID”.

    Since the section we need is not in the list, select “Other sections about Apple ID”.

    Select “Theme is not in the list”.

    Next, you will need to enter your question. It’s not worth writing a letter here, since you are limited to only 140 characters. Describe your requirement briefly and clearly, then click on the “Continue” button.

    As a rule, the system offers to contact support by phone. If you have this opportunity right now, select the appropriate item, and then enter your phone number.

  • An Apple Support employee will call you to explain the situation.
  • How to Delete or Unlink Apple ID Account on iPhone or iPad

    There are several ways by which you can unlink your device from your account, and there are also two ways by which you can remove your “account”.

    How to remove old Apple ID on iPhone 4 without knowing the password. How to remove Apple ID without knowing the password

    Reset in recovery mode

    If syncing with iTunes was not carried out, then it will be more difficult. We recommend resetting using iCloud, which is described below, but you can also clean your phone through iTunes using recovery mode.

    • Connect your phone, launch iTunes.
    • Force restart iOS. Press and hold the Power and Home buttons until the recovery screen appears.
    • A window will appear in iTunes asking you to select the mode of operation. update or restore. Click “Restore”.

    After the end of the recovery, you will receive a “clean” device without password and user data. If there is no backup copy, it will not be possible to return the lost information.

    Resetting the key on the lock screen

    You cannot change the lock code or send a reminder by email. The only way to regain access is to factory reset the operating system, removing the user-generated content. To return personal information to the device, you will need a backup that can be stored in iCloud or iTunes.

    There are 2 methods to roll back the system to its original state:

    • In iTunes.
    • Using Find My iPhone in iCloud.

    Let’s take a look at each method separately so you can choose the one that suits your situation.

    1 Comment

    i have 6c iPhone i know my login password how to find password

    Using iCloud

    If Find My iPhone is activated on your smartphone and you remember your Apple ID password, you can use the iCloud storage tools to reset. User-generated content will be removed, but it can be returned from a copy.

    • Go to
    • Sign in with your Apple ID.
    • Open the Find iPhone section. Expand the list “All devices” and select the phone.
    • Click “Erase” to reset the system.

    After a factory reset, you need to return data to your phone from a backup or set up iPhone as new. Either way, the password on the lock screen will be removed.

    Apple ID recovery

    If you forgot your Apple ID authorization key, the procedure for recovering it will be significantly different from resetting the screen unlock code. Reacquiring access does not require resetting the operating system or deleting content. It is enough to go to the ID management site and set a new password.

    • Open the page Click Forgot Apple ID or Password?
    • Enter the Apple ID and code from the picture. If you have forgotten your Apple ID, click on the corresponding link and enter your personal data. last name, first name, email address.

    To reset a forgotten key, you must perform one of the suggested actions.

    • Answer the security question asked during registration.
    • Authenticate by e-mail. A link will be sent in the letter, after clicking on which the old key will be reset.
    • Use two-step verification (if enabled) by sending a verification code to a trusted device.

    If you are the owner of the device, then these procedures should not be difficult. Attackers will have to try to hack someone else’s smartphone.

    Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

    Reset Forgotten Passwords on iPhone: Lock Screen and Apple ID

    The question of what to do if you have forgotten your iPhone password is often asked by users. Since the password is an important security element, the reset process is as complicated as possible so that only the real owner of the device can do it. The procedure depends on which key was lost. There are several types of security keys on iPhone, the most common of which are lock screen codes and Apple ID account codes.

    What to do if you forgot your Screen Time passcode on iPhone

    One of the iOS 12 chips allows you to set a limit on the use of certain system functions, prohibits the use of certain programs longer than the set mode, introduces a restriction on visiting some sites or services.

    Screen time is a logical development of a feature called Restrictions that existed on our devices before the release of iOS 12.

    When you turn on the screen time, a four-digit code is set, it will be required to make changes to the settings of this block, to turn off the screen time or to extend the set limit on the use of programs or games.

    How Apple suggests to turn off Screen Time without password

    If you forgot the password that is set at startup, and now the chip interferes with the normal use of the device, you will have to restore the firmware. There are no backup methods for resetting or changing your password.

    Even having an Apple ID, mail, passwords and answers to security questions will not help in this case.

    remove, password, iphone, forgot

    Apple proposes a trite reset of the firmware via iTunes

    After such an operation, of course, the password in the Screen Time section will disappear, but after restoring data from a backup (if it was already created with a password), the restriction will return to its place.

    A wonderful feature that can be disabled only at the cost of losing all data on the device.

    How to turn off Screen Time without noise and dust

    It turns out that the password is simply stored in a backup copy of the device in an absolutely accessible form. No protection and encryption. come in and take.

    A similar situation was with the password from the Restrictions section for previous versions of iOS.

    GitHub enthusiasts have developed a simple terminal utility to retrieve a password from a system backup.

    Go to the project page and download the latest version of the program for macOS or Windows.

    Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes.

    In the section with the connected device, change the method of creating a backup from iCloud to This computer and apply the changes.

    Create a backup in iTunes.

    Run the downloaded utility. The app will ask for a password if the encryption option for the backup is enabled. For those who do not remember this password, there is a reset instruction.

    After a minute, the application will display a message in which it will prompt the set password from Screen Time.

    In the same way, you can find out the password from the Restrictions in iOS 11 and older versions of the system.

    For those who are especially emotional and impressionable:

    The utility is absolutely safe, it is posted on one of the largest portals where programmers and developers share best practices and code examples.

    The source code of the utility is presented, any knowledgeable user can independently verify that the program does not collect user data and does not send anything to the network.

    Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access!. XS/XR/X/8/7/6

    While the utility is running, you can disconnect from the network altogether or turn on a firewall to monitor network flows.

    Unfortunately, this method can be used by children whose parents have set restrictions on the use of certain programs or time limits.

    Apple needs to do something about this, but judging by the fact that the password has been stored for a long time in an unprotected form, they are not going to fix the situation.

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