The child blocked the phone. what to do

To unlock the child’s phone, you can try the function of parental control, access to files through a call or a discharged battery, as well as calling the system or dropping the settings to factory.

The function of parental control helps parents to remain aware of what is happening in the personal life of their expensive children. This is a completely legal means not to be nervous for trifles and not be afraid that a child can get into a bad company or undergo bullying through social networks. Also, the function of parental control allows you to always keep abreast of where the child is, tracking his movements in GPS, and in more advanced versions and hear what is happening around, without the need to make a call.

The installation of parental control on the child’s phone will also help to avoid adverse consequences if the baby himself could not cope with the phone, for example, he accidentally blocked him, and forgot the password.

Using a password from the parent account

You can remove the lock from the children’s phone by entering the password from the parent account. To do this, you need a children’s phone^

The phone should be connected to the Internet, otherwise it will not be possible to unlock it in this way.

You can always change the password immediately if the parent suddenly forgot the password from his account.

With the help of parental access code

Obtaining access code also allows you to enter the gadget, bypassing the system password. The code can be obtained in two ways. through the official Family Link application or on the Families To get an access code through the application, you need:

It is important to note that the duration of the validity of the code is not large and if it is not possible to enter the child’s phone with one code for several minutes, then you need to request a new code again.

In both cases, the code may come by SMS or in an email letter.

How to turn off parental control on the phone in the YouTube application

YouTube mobile application allows you to install parental control without additional programs. Thus, you can limit viewing the video on the smartphone. This restriction falls on rollers that are marked for viewing 18.

The established parental control in the YouTube application can be removed. At the same time, there is no need to enter a password here. It is enough to follow the instructions:

remove, parental, control, child
  • Open YouTube application on a smartphone.
  • Go to the “Home” section. To do this, click on the icon of the house, which is located in the lower left corner.
  • Go to a personal account by clicking on its logo in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • From the list, select “Settings” item.
  • In the open window there is a parameter “Safe mode”. To turn off parental control, it is necessary to move the slider to the “OKL” value. All changes are saved automatically.

You can install or delete parental control in the YouTube application at any time. However, this parameter does not guarantee that all unacceptable content will be blocked. But to the most part a child will not have access.

What is parental control?

This is a separate option that allows you to block access to the selected resources on the Internet, limit the work with the device in time, turn on automatic blocking for specific applications, prohibit downloading certain types of files, viewing adult content and other options. It is so flexible that here you can limit almost everything you want. But, again, it all depends on the applications that you will use to control. You can do this through the standard tools of android, or you can download specialized programs and control everything with them.

Even if you do not remember exactly how you activated this mode, just follow the instructions in each item and see which of the described applications you have on your smartphone.

Google Play

The Google Play service has its own protection to control children, so you need to check whether it is included on your device by default. To do this, follow the actions:

  • Go to the Google Play app and click the Settings tab;
  • Next, click on the “Parental Control” tab and indicate the password, if it was installed (if there is no password, then you did not use this mode);
  • Next, put the slider in the “off” state to deactivate this mode, and you can enjoy the full operation of the device.

Google Family Link

Google also provided for possible problems with restriction of adult content and developed their own application for parental control. It is called Google Family Link and is provided freely on Google Play.

How to Remove Parental Controls on iPhone without Password Easily

The program works as follows: a separate account is indicated on the child’s device, which subsequently indicates the application. As soon as you give access to it, you can control actions from the parent smartphone from anywhere in the world. Accordingly, to deactivate the mode, you need to delete the child’s account from the Family Link program. This is done like this:

  • On the parent smartphone, open the Family Link application and click on the Family Group tab;
  • From the list, select the account of the child on which you need to turn off the mode;
  • Next, click on the “Delete out” tab so that the device is no longer connected to the parental control option;
  • The system will have a notification that part of the options previously available on the device of your child will be unavailable after disconnecting. Scroll through this list and click “delete” to confirm the operation;
  • You will need to indicate your password from the account, to which the child’s phone is attached. This is necessary in order to protect. As soon as the password is entered, your child’s smartphone will be removed from family access and control over it will be lost;
  • It is also worth considering that all changes (adding a smartphone to a family group, removal from it) are informed by mail, which is attached to this phone.

Attention! Keep in mind that all changes on your child’s smartphone will be made only when it re.connects to the Internet.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Lab also takes an active part in developing applications for monitoring the work of children behind smartphones, so its products are in great demand from users. Part of the functionality was postponed from versions for personal computers, but in general, the program has rich functionality.

You can set up all actions both with the help of the application itself and the personal account on the Kaspersky website, which is very convenient if there is no access to the program. All the devices attached earlier are displayed there, for example, if you have several children connected to parental access. If you previously installed Kaspersky Safe Kids and set up the control mode, and now you need to deactivate this option, you will have to perform all in two stages: on the child’s device and on the parental device.

remove, parental, control, child

The procedure on the child’s phone:

The procedure on the parent’s phone:

This item is relevant if you have several children in the family in your family and you need to remove only a specific one, but in general, the Kaspersky Safe Kids program is left on the smartphone.

  • Open the Kaspersky Safe Kids application and log in under your account (a parent’s account who controls all other accounts);
  • In the main menu on the left side of the screen, click on the “Review” tab and select the child’s account, who needs to turn off this option;
  • A large list of options will appear in front of you. Sweep down to the item “Using devices” and click on the gear icon;
  • Next, select a smartphone that must be removed from the list (after all, the child may have several devices), and remove the slider next to the “control device” item;
  • As soon as you perform this series of settings, control over your child’s smartphone will be completely lost.


Since children spend a lot of time on the largest video hosting of the world, YouTube is often blocked by parents in the first place. Yes, Google controls the flow of content in its service, however, even this does not allow to solve the situation with a long time for the provision of children to view various rollers. That is why parents block access to this service.

By default, it can be prohibited from only one “safe mode” option, which will automatically limit access to adult content. If you need to turn it on, follow the following actions:

The YouTube application does not have to install a password, so the child himself can disable this option at any time.

Reset to factory settings

If you can’t delete any application from a smartphone to deactivate parental control or you forgot your password, you can just drop the phone to factory settings. On Android this is done in several clicks. We recommend that you read about this in more detail in our separate article.

How to remove parental control from a computer using antivirus utilities?

Being the owner of Windows 7 or another version of the operating system from Microsoft, you probably installed one of the popular antiviruses. So, just with the help of software products, the function we are considering is installed and disconnected.

Eset Nod32 Smart Security

It is a good alternative to a standard antivirus, works on the principle of a network defender. Able to take care of your round.the.clock security and discover any viral threat. Used to manage auto.loading and solving problems with the register. Avoids blocking on various web resources, no one will be able to hack your system. Conducts detailed statistics of checks of the hard disk, provides reports on scanning by days, weeks, etc.D.

Signature databases are regularly updated from developers’ servers. Expanded subscription offers the activation of Parental Controls on a card with the name of the child, thanks to which you can in advance and correctly limit the entrance to unacceptable sites, making calls from Skype, transition to dangerous links, creating extra folders and much more.

Family Link

To monitor children, Google offers to use the Family Link company application. If you used it to set restrictions, then to turn off the function, act according to the following algorithm:

Please note that in this case, the account is deleted, necessary exclusively to control. At the same time, the Google account on the child’s smartphone will continue to work, but without restrictions.

How to Remove Parental Control on iPhone with/without Passcode

What is Family Link?

Family Link-an application designed to limit the inappropriate for children under 13 years of content content. A great idea, because on the Internet you can find everything, but whether the child needs to know about it is a mentioning question. Therefore, parents, trying to protect their child, install Family Link on his mobile phone.

But despite the effectiveness of the application, some of the functions of the smartphone with it became inaccessible, so that the use of it ceased to be comfortable. This leads users to delete Family Link, but few know how to do it correctly.

Familey Link blocked the phone. how to unlock

During the installation and deletion of the Family Link Manager program, many problems can occur. In order to understand the methodology of their solution, it is recommended to carefully read the following information:

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remove, parental, control, child

Do not be scared, since such a situation occurs often. What needs to be done to avoid this problem? Most importantly, while installing the settings on your device, it is necessary to check the parameters on your child‘s phone. For example, an important role is played by the identity of the clock belt. Very often the smartphone is blocked precisely due to the fact that different belts are installed on the devices