What is another in the memory of Android?

In the “Other” folder stores cache information from different applications: Music, Pictures, Google Play archives. Those files that can not systematize. Update objects and files that were not optimized to fall into another.

The data in the Other section includes Android cache, installation files and cached application data, as well as game data packages that can occupy a lot of space in memory.

Deleting cached data to clean the memory of the smartphone from invisible files

As you use more and more applications on your phone, they create cache files. The latter are unnecessary files and occupy a lot of space. Depending on the frequency and features of using specific applications, the size of the cached files in a number of programs can be dozens of megabytes. There is also another type of cached data that is stored on your phone, and does not belong to a specific application.

You can easily remove two listed type of cached data.

To do this, follow the following:

  • Open your phone settings and go to the “Applications” section;
  • Click on any application, and in the menu that opens, select “Storage” (or “Memory”);

It is also necessary to enroll with common cached data:

  • Open the “Settings” application;
  • Select “Storage”;
  • Scroll down the page down to the “Caused Data” parameter;
  • Click on the option of cached data to remove them.

In some versions, the OS will help us the “Optimize” button, located in the device service section.

This method will help you release a sufficient amount of Android internal memory in case it is clogged with hidden files.

Is it possible to combine the internal memory and memory cards

Not. Internal memory and memory card are two separate storage facilities with different characteristics. Therefore, not all that is stored in the device’s memory can be transferred to the map.

It is the applications that usually occupy the main memory of the device. The fewer applications on the device, the more free memory and longer holds the battery.

Take a revision: Check applications that are installed on your device, and remove unnecessary.

Perhaps some part of the applications will be transferred to the memory card. But it is not necessary to hope so much: this option depends on the developer of a particular application and such applications is very small.

How to delete Other in iPhone Store?

Close iTunes or disconnect the device. Now, on the iPhone, go to “Settings. Main. Storage and icloud. Section “Storage”. Manage “, select the downloaded update and remove it. Run iTunes again or connect the device to the computer and evaluate the size of the “other” sector.

What is other files in the memory of Xiaomi phone

Often users of Smartphones Redmi do not understand where free space goes in the domestic storage. When you go on the path “Settings”. “Storage”, you can see the column called “Other Files”. They are exactly the perpetrators of the reduction of internal memory.

Clearing memory using third-party programs

If you cannot clear the Samsung mobile device memory using the built-in tools, you can use numerous utilities specifically designed for these purposes. I have no meaning to list all in a row, it is worth identifying only the most popular.


It is considered one of the best programs that quickly and efficiently clean the smartphone and the memory card based on Android Samsung. With the help of special options, you can quickly get rid of unnecessary data, viewing history, cache and cookies, optimizing the operation of the operating system and increasing the speed of commands. The software not only clears memory, but analyzes the impact of programs on the device, deletes.

Clean Master

Another useful utility designed to optimize and ensure mobile security. It allows you to maintain a maximum of free space, save the battery charge, protects against overheating and protects against viruses, provides a secure Wi-Fi network connection.

How to Clean Others on Xiaomi REDMI 9?

Can be different. You must have an embedded application “Cleaning”. Run it, wait for the end of the REDMI 9 scan and click “Clear”. Then go down and click “Check” on the “Deep Cleaning” label.

What is stored there ? This storage point contains all the files that the system for one or another can be classified. specifically, then: cache galleries, information about deleted files, various archives, messenger files and other products of Miui livelihoods.

How to clean “other” on Android manually

The user can clean this section in the device’s memory. Make it enough simply in two ways: using cache cleaning and deleting a specific folder, which is worth talking about. Both methods work perfectly and run the folder on the phone.

This is a manual method that works only with the condition that the user will independently clean the cache, data and delete folders.

Clear cache and data

Cleaning the cache not only optimizes the operation of the device, but also makes it work faster, moreover, it frees the memory of the phone, thereby increasing the space for new utilities and applications.

In order for the user to clean the cache, you can apply the following algorithm:

  • Everything passes through system settings, so you need to find a consulting icon in the device system. It can be located both on the start screen and in a specific folder on the device. It all depends on which settings applied the owner of the device. Finding and going to the settings, it is worth finding such an item as “applications”. Through it click on the show of all utilities;
  • A list appears in which it is worth choosing one of the programs. In the future, this program will be cleared of cache. If the user wants to extort a certain program, then we find it;
  • Now tapack for the option “Storage and Cash”. The amount of memory will open;
  • Click on the item “Clear Cache”;
  • This action is worth repeating until the user does not clear the entire “trash” of the installed programs.

Not all the program can be cleaned cache. It all depends on the settings and on which utility is installed.

This is only the first step towards the clean section “Other“. If the user wants a comprehensive cleaning, then it is also necessary to clear the program data. For this:


  • Open the same section called “Appendix” and choose the program that I would like to clear all the data;
  • After finding such a utility, click on it;
  • Now you need to click on the item “Clear Storage”, and after confirm your actions.

If the user did everything correctly, the “Other” section will automatically become more, as it is usually information about this or other application takes a lot of space.

Cleaning the application data, a person removes all the information that the program generated.

Delete folder.thumbnails

The system of the phone is designed in such a way that it is on an ongoing basis generates sketches of all pictures present on the device. This is due not only with the initial configuration of the phone, but also with the work program.

Such actions of the device, as a rule, occupy precious amounts of memory, so it is necessary to delete data sketches from the phone at all. To do this, you need:

  • Download the app called ES Explorer;
  • After downloading the file from official sources it is worth opening, installing the program, go to its main menu. It is necessary to find the item “Show hidden files”;
  • After that, it is worth opening the root folder of the device and go to the DCIM partition that is responsible for hidden files;
  • Find a catalog called “.thumbnails and clamp it. On the bottom panel, those actions that can be performed with it will find a removal point and click on it.

This action will help completely and comprehensively clean the phone and its system, as well as release the “Other” section on the device.

Why do you need a DATA folder?

Data. Data folder saves user information from contacts and messages to applications and music, and here to this section you have access through the file browser. After resetting to factory settings, this section is erased. Cache. Android stores here frequently used data and application components.

Type a combination #, the display will display the utility menu. Click Delete DumpState / Logcat, click OK. After this action of the phone logs will be deleted.

How not to clog the phone and save system resources

In order to avoid difficulties with a place on the phone in the future, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Download only what you really need to user. Do not buy on loud names and promises of software promising to accelerate the functioning of the device at times. They only clog memory, which leads to unpleasant consequences.
  • Once every 2 weeks, photos and video from a smartphone on a PC or flash card. This significantly unloads memory, it will not end in an inappropriate time.
  • Buy an SD card substantially increasing the amount of memory.

Functioning of fixture will be dependent directly. When the memory is clogged, the user will not avoid hanging and lowering the productivity of the smartphone. It must be remembered that any fixture needs constant care and protection against malicious.