How to get out of negative mode on LG and similar smartphones and tablets on Android.

On the LG screen, everything is visible as in the negative, everything has become bright red or discolored and you do not know how to fix it? In this article we will see how to get out of the negative mode on Algy and other similar smartphones and tablets running on the Android operating system. Below you will find information where in the android settings the negative mode is turned on and off.

Many users of LG smartphones, seeing how pictures are displayed on the screen and everything else in the negative, think that there is a problem with the screen. Some, not knowing what to do, reset it to the factory settings or run to take it under warranty, contact a service center or take the nearest workshop for repair. Not everyone activates this inversion mode themselves, sometimes it was by accident that they turned it on in the settings and forgot exactly where, sometimes the children rummaged and turned it on. It also happens that the negative mode turns on when you turn on the camera to take photos. In any case, first try to find and disable negative or color inversion yourself through the settings.

And so to get out of negative mode on Android LG, do the following: Open “Settings” on LG or another device. Find and go to the “Accessibility” item. Next, we find the item “Color inversion” and select “disable”. On some devices, instead of “Color inversion” there is “Negative mode” opposite which you need to check the box.

How to turn off geolocation on iPhone

Geolocation allows applications to locate the user and provide information that is relevant to a given region. A classic example, navigation apps that are practically useless without geolocation enabled.

But, if you do not use such applications, then you may well turn off geolocation. In this article we will show you how to do it on iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s and 7.

How to remove geolocation on iPhone

If you want to turn off geolocation on your iPhone, then the first thing to do is go to the device’s settings. To do this, just click on the “Settings” icon on the iPhone desktop.

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In the iPhone settings, you must first go to the “Privacy” section.

And then, open the subsection “Geolocation Services”. If you have geolocation enabled, then next to this subsection will be written “On”.

As a result, you will see a page with settings where you can turn off geolocation. To do this, simply turn the “Hellocation Services” switch to the “Off” position.

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In addition, you do not have to disable all geolocation, but disable it only for certain applications. In this case, leave the “Geolocation Services” function in the “Enabled” position and pay attention to the list of applications, which is just below.

There, opposite each of the applications, it is indicated how this application interacts with geolocation services. If the value “Never” is next to the application, it means that geolocation is disabled for this application and the application cannot use geolocation.

With the help of this list of applications, you can independently configure which applications can use geolocation and which cannot.

Below the list of applications there is also a list of “System services”.

This list can be used to enable or disable geolocation for your iPhone’s system services.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available on the iPhone for setting up geolocation services, thanks to which you can turn off geolocation both in general and for individual applications and services.

What apps allow you to hide photos on iPhone?

Secret Calculator, the brainchild of Chinese programmers, is a wonderful utility for hiding data. This application is free and very easy to use. After installation, it will be present on the desktop under the name Calculator.

You can hide photos using this program like this:

Run the app and set a password. There seems to be no password duration limit. We decided to stop at 20 signs.

Then enter the password again, also putting a kind of dot with the button with the percent symbol. If the password setting was successful, the following window will appear on the screen:

First you need to make a new album. Click on the “” button at the bottom of the screen.

Next, assign a name to the future album and click “Done”.

Use the “” button to add photos that you would like to hide from strangers.

Go to the “Photos” application and remove hidden pictures from it.

After that, you can go back to the Secret Calculator app and make sure the photos are in place. If you press the key with three horizontal lines, you will see: the program is able to store not only photos and videos, but also notes, contacts, passwords from Internet resources.

Storing Word, Excel, Power Point files is within the power of the full version of the application. IPhone owners can purchase it for 229 rubles.

The main thing for the user of Secret Calculator is not to fall victim to a clever disguise and not to unintentionally uninstall the application. Together with the program, all the photos that it stored will be irretrievably erased.

A worthy alternative Secret Calculator is the Private Camera app. The principle of this program is different. It does not hide the photo behind the calculator, but allows you to take pictures directly from its interface. These pictures are not reflected in the “Photos” application, however, if necessary, they can be uploaded (exported) there.

The program allows you to store under a password not only photos from your own camera, but also pictures taken earlier, copied from the albums of the “Photos” application.

Apple technology owners note the vulnerability of photo hiding applications. despite the fact that the pictures are password protected, you can still access them. It is enough to use a computer with special software. For example, the iTools utility allows you to view all the contents of the iPhone. whether it is hidden or not.

For a user who is looking for a 100% guarantee of photo privacy, the option with the use of special applications for storing photos is not suitable. He’d better resort to the following method.

How to hide photos on iPhone?

When a user hides pictures on the iPhone, they leave all categories (Years, Moments, Collections) and go to a separate folder called Hidden. This folder is not encrypted or protected by a password, so anyone who gets the opportunity to “climb” on the phone will be able to familiarize themselves with its contents.

Launch the built-in Photos app on iPhone.

Click “Select” in the upper right corner of the screen and tick all the photos and videos you want to hide.

Click on the “Share” button below.

Two lines will appear. at the bottom, find the option “Hide”.

Confirm that you want to hide the pictures. click “Hide Photos”.

The “Hidden” folder appears in the list of albums, and the user’s most intimate snapshots appear in it. This folder on the iPhone cannot be hidden.

You can return hidden photos in approximately the same way as they were hidden. through the “Share” button. In place of the “Hide” option, there will be another. “Show”. She needs to be used.

This method of hiding photos on iPhone is highly questionable. It is better not to hide pictures at all than to place them in a catalog, the name of which still attracts attention. If the gadget falls into the hands of ill-wishers, the “Hidden” folder will most likely be checked first. because it promises compromising evidence.

How to hide photos on iPhone?

The ability to hide pictures on the iPhone appeared long ago. along with the release of iOS 8. However, users are in no hurry to resort to it. it is not able to provide reliable data protection. Fortunately, there are other ways to hide photos on iPhone. we will tell about them in the article.

In 2014, Apple users were enthusiastic about the news that photos on iPhones and iPads with iOS 8 can now be hidden. but their joy quickly gave way to disappointment. It turned out that this function on iOS works completely differently than on Windows for PC. hidden photos are still available to prying eyes.

The safest way to hide photos

The most intimate photo sessions for an iPhone user should be stored in programs that support AES-256 encryption. AES-256 encryption algorithm is one of the most reliable; banking structures and government organizations use it with might and main. AES-256-enabled applications collect photos (and other data) into containers. specially encrypted files. In iTools and similar programs, the contents of the containers are not visible. There is only one way to access the content. by entering a password.

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Mobile applications capable of encrypting data include:

    In the We have already written about the VKarman program. in the rating of the most necessary applications for the iPhone, we put this program in first place. “VKarmane” allows you to safely store details and scans of documents. this function is considered the main one. You can also upload and encrypt photographs to the program. The application “VKarmane” will pleasantly surprise the domestic iPhone user by the fact that it is Russian-speaking and does not impose fantastic requirements on the OS version of the “apple” device (iOS 8 is enough). 1Password. This utility was originally designed to store passwords from accounts, but you can also protect photos with it. The program has a free version. Its disadvantages include significant weight (139 MB) and high requirements for the iPhone operating system. the utility will not load on iOS version below 9.3. For more information on 1Password, see our article on password storage apps.

UPassword, which performed the same functionality as 1Password, is no longer distributed through the AppStore.

Hiding photos with the iPhone’s own means is a “not-so-so” way. Photos that need to be hidden are simply collected in one folder, access to which is not protected in any way. To put pictures under a password, you should use one of the third-party applications. for example, Secret Calculator.

Programs that support AES encryption can provide a 100% guarantee of information protection. Such applications place photos in containers, the contents of which are not recognized by any special software.

How to make / remove blinking on iPhone when making a call?

Like most functions on an iPhone, this one can be turned on or off quickly enough. Setting up your smartphone becomes easier with every iOS.

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

    go to the usual Settings and find the Basic item;

then we look for Universal Access and scroll right up to the item Alert flash, which we select;

make the active item Flash alerts;

  • if desired, make active the item Flash in silent mode.
  • By taking these simple steps, you can get a great feature that will help you simplify your life a little. But do not forget also the fact that it is better not to use it at important meetings or events.

    Flash flash on call when iPhone is ringing

    But first, I would like to talk a little about this function and how exactly it will work. After all, this is quite important information before using any function. We all know that Apple takes people with disabilities quite seriously. Therefore, the iPhone has a lot of functions that help in working with this device.

    One of them is just a function that allows you to turn on the flash. It starts flashing when there is an incoming call or any notification. It is also possible to set it inactive when you set your iPhone to silent mode. Everything is thought out seriously enough.

    Today, ordinary people also use it. After all, you can think of a lot of situations when this function is very useful.

    For example, if you left your phone at the end of the room, you will be able to answer the call faster. Also when listening to music at very high volume or using headphones on another device.

    How to turn on / off blinking on iPhone when calling?

    If you started reading this material, then you probably saw how another iPhone owner had a flash when he called. Convenient enough, isn’t it?

    Such blinking can be quite useful in life, because sometimes we listen loudly to music and many other situations. Let’s figure out how you can enable and disable this function.

    Fast switching

    If a person regularly needs a black and white screen on his iPhone, accelerated activation and deactivation are available for him.

    • Open the “Settings” menu.
    • Then select “Accessibility”, but instead of the item “Display adaptation” go to the “Zoom” menu.

    The function scales only the selected area, that is, the magnifier is turned on. At the request of the user, the magnification is displayed with the filter “Grayscale”.

    If the zoom is active, you can quickly turn it on by double-tapping the work area with three fingers. It turns off the same way. The colors are not inverted over the entire area. This happens only on the enlarged part, so it will be inconvenient to constantly use the magnifier.

    Lack of paint does not always indicate a breakdown of the smartphone, because Apple mobile technology has a “Grayscale” mode. It is useful for users with visual impairments, and it also reduces gadget addiction. You can enable and disable the mode in the settings menu. But what if the iPhone won’t turn on and the screen is black? In this case, you will need to fix the problem by professional craftsmen.

    Home triple press secrets: black and white screen and minimum brightness

    In order to write detailed instructions on using all the capabilities of the iOS mobile operating system, it would be required to publish a thick multi-page book. In a miniature box, even the impressive size of the iPhone 6 Plus, there is clearly no place for such a brochure. However, who reads the official instructions in 2015? That is why you periodically discover functions that were so close, but even after several years of using Apple smartphones, you hear about them for the first time. Let’s talk about Accessibility and the possibilities of pressing the Home key three times.

    So, go to Settings. General. Accessibility. Here we are waiting for a whole storehouse of various additional settings, but we are interested in the ability of the smartphone to react to a triple press of the Home key.


    To lower the chroma, you need to figure out how to make a black and white screen on an iPhone. This can be done using the Settings menu, but inexperienced iPhone users will have difficulty, as the option is hidden in the system partitions. Step by step on the iPhone, the black and white screen turns on like this:

    • on the main page, select “Settings”;
    • then go to “Basic”;
    • click on “Universal Access”, the item contains additional features;
    • In the “Vision” block, go to “Display adaptation”.
    • The last step will be to select the “Light Filters” section.
    • It remains to activate the only slider that includes additional options for displaying content.

    In the window that appears, not only a colorless filter is available, but also some other formats intended for persons with visual impairments.

    The brightness will disappear, and the device will visually turn gray. The phone continues to display color schemes, but the applied filter changes the result. This explains why photos and screenshots remain in color while the user sees the cropped image.

    In black and white

    Just over a month ago, the Yota Phone smartphone was announced. A feature of the device is the presence of two screens: traditional and E Ink based on electronic ink. Besides the fact that the E Ink screen is very economical on the battery, it looks stylish. You can achieve the same black and white effect on the iPhone (alas, we are not talking about electronic ink).

    In the Universal Access menu, scroll down to the bottom and open the Shortcut Keys item. Before us are several points:

    We put a tick in front of Shades of Gray and we can safely return to the iPhone Dock. Now press the Home key three times in a row.

    Voila, and the iPhone screen is gray. A second triple press will return the color scheme to normal.

    How to make and disable black and white screen on iPhone

    Why the screen on the iPhone went black and white is often asked. This is due to a special mode that could have been activated by accident. As a rule, this is not a sign of a breakdown; most likely, the corresponding function has turned on. Most will be wondering how to turn off the black and white screen on an iPhone and get the colors back. Therefore, you should figure out why this option is needed, and how to work with it.

    Via iTunes

    The second way is to free mail through iTunes.

    • Open the program and click on the “Account” button located at the top of the window.
    • Please sign in. Skip this step if you’ve already signed in through iTunes before.
    • In the same context menu, click “View”.
    • On the right side of the window there is a line “Edit to appleid. “.
    • You will be redirected to the official website, where you will have to select your country of residence.
    • After that, you need to repeat the last three steps mentioned above in the instructions for the official website.

    This method is not popular, because if there is a valid mailbox, users prefer to register a new account for it, rather than mess with old mail.

    Removing iCloud

    • Photo.
    • Video.
    • Music.
    • Documentation.
    • Notes.

    When you uninstall iCloud, this information will disappear from your iPhone. Therefore, think carefully about whether you definitely need to delete cloud storage.

    • In iPhone settings, go to iCloud.
    • Select the line “Delete account” located at the bottom of the page.
    • Confirm deletion.
    • The phone will ask you whether to save contacts and safari data on the phone or delete them. The choice is yours.
    • Next, enter the password and disable the “Find iPhone” function.

    After these steps iCloud will be completely removed from your phone.

    How to Delete Account on iPhone: Apple ID and iCloud

    You may need to delete your account on iPhone 4, 5 or more advanced models if you need to sell your phone, change your account, or create a new profile with a valid email address. In any case, it is worth taking a closer look at how to deactivate an account on an iPhone.

    Remove Apple ID completely

    Unfortunately, you can’t completely remove an Apple ID yourself. The only way is to contact Support. To do this, you need to send a request and wait for a response from Apple. Previously, it was possible to ask for the deletion of an account by letter. After updating the site, Apple has improved this option. Now, in order to send an appeal, you need to:

    • Go to the official website
    • Open the section “Support” and click on the line “Contact Support”.
    • Scrolling down the page a little, you will see the “Apple Specialists” section. Click on the blue line “Getting help”.
    • Select Apple ID Icon. Other Apple ID Issues. Unspecified Subject.
    • You will then be asked to briefly explain your request. It is advisable to write in English or use an online translator.
    • Further, you have two options to choose from: contact now or later.

    You just have to wait for a call from a specialist who will need to explain the current situation.

    Account change

    On iPhone, changing your account is much easier than deleting it entirely. This does not require a computer, all actions are performed directly in the device itself.

    • First, go to the settings of your device.
    • In iOS 11, just click on the first line that contains your first and last name. In earlier versions, open “iTunes store, App Store”.
    • Users of the latest version of the system need to scroll to the end of the page and click “Exit”. In previous versions, click on your Apple ID and log out.
    • After you log out of your account, you can connect a new one.

    Changing your account takes just a few minutes. This is the easiest and fastest way to quickly delete your account on iPhone.

    Email replacement

    If you don’t want to completely delete your iPhone account, you can simply replace your current email. This will give you the ability to link another account to your email. This can be done in two ways:

    • Through the official website.
    • Via iTunes.

    Please note that you must have access to the new mailbox. Previously, it was possible to specify a non-existent address, but now a confirmation from the mail is required.

    Through the official website

    In order to change mail through the Apple website, follow these steps:

    • Open the Apple website and scroll down to the “Manage your Apple ID” line.
    • By clicking on the link, enter your data and log in to the site. After that, answer the two security questions that you specified during registration.
    • Click on the “Change” button next to your data.
    • Select Change Apple ID and enter your new email. Answer your security questions. If you forgot them, click “Reset”.
    • After that, open the confirmation letter sent to your mailbox.

    Done. Your account is no longer linked to your mail and you can register a new Apple ID.

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