Where on the iPhone to see the statistics of listening to music in relation to volume?

iOS not only limits the sound volume to a certain decibel level, but also takes into account the duration of listening to loud music over the past 7 days when calculating the maximum permissible load on the user’s ears. To view the data, go to the View tab of the Health application, where the report for the past week will be displayed in the Hearing section.

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If the permissible limits are exceeded during the subsequent playback of audio, the user will receive a notification:

“Based on headphone usage data over the past 7 days, the volume has been lowered to protect your hearing.”.

How the iPhone determines the volume level in the user’s headphones?

Every Apple gadget running iOS 14 and newer has a built-in noise meter that transmits data to the system to limit dangerous volume levels. The user can also monitor the volume of the music on his own, for this it is enough to add the Hearing icon to the Control Center, and while listening to audio, the sound level in decibels will be displayed in this section.

In addition, the Apple Watch can also alert the wearer when the noise level is too high.

At what volume should you listen to music?

As mentioned above, the main problem with loud sounds is the destruction of the fragile sensitive hairs of the inner ear, which in turn leads to a decrease in hearing acuity. At the same time, both sharp and very loud sounds (shot, clap, explosion) and prolonged exposure to moderate noise (music, operation of mechanisms, special equipment, percussion and cutting instruments, etc.).

Whisper. 30-39
Library. 40-45 dB
Moderate rain. 50-55 dB
Conversation. 60-69 dB
Vacuum cleaner. 70-79 dB
Noisy restaurant. 80-89 dB
Motorcycle. 90-99 dB
Ambulance siren. 100-109 dB
Rock concert. 110-119 dB
Thunderclap. 120-130 dB

To limit the harmful effects of loud sounds on a user’s health, Apple uses algorithms based on data from the WHO (World Health Organization), according to which the risk of hearing impairment increases significantly when listening to music from above:

127 hours per week at a volume of 75 dB;
40 hours a week at a volume of 80 dB;
4 hours a week at a volume of 90 dB;
24 minutes a week at a volume of 100 dB;
2 minutes a week at a volume of 110 dB;
14 seconds per week at 120 dB volume.

How to set your own volume limit on iPhone (volume mute)

Based on WHO data, Apple considers a sound level of 74 decibels to be safe, anything above that is limited by listening time over the past week and user-set limits. You can change your volume level limit in the Headphone Security tab, which is located in the Settings → Sounds and tactile signals menu.

Here the limitation can be selected on a scale with a step of 5 dB.

Can you go deaf from loud music? (Causes of hearing loss)

Many of today’s retirees suffer from a decrease in acuity and even complete hearing loss due to years of work in factories, plants and other enterprises with a high level of noise. With age, the modern generation also more and more often has complaints of hearing problems, but they have already arisen as a result of regular listening to loud music on headphones. The relationship between persistent bass in the ears and hearing loss is direct, reliably proven, but in most cases easily reversible.

So, the most likely causes of hearing impairment are aging, loud music, and poor hygiene. All three factors damage the hairs in the inner ear, which convert sound waves into electrical impulses for our brain. You can check your hearing in any clinic and even at home, and the decrease in acuity is roughly estimated in terms of decibels of the lower hearing threshold (LH):

NPC 0-25 dB. normal hearing;
NPS 26-40 dB. mild hearing loss;
NPS 41-60 dB. moderate hearing loss;
NPS 61-80 dB. severe hearing loss;
NPS than 80 dB. profound hearing loss.

Using the WALTR app

Another shareware application: in order for you to appreciate its benefits, it is given only two weeks, after which you will need to purchase it for about 26. The program allows you to download tracks of any format and is supported by all operating systems.

How do you download songs to iPhone using this app? Just download the app and connect your gadget to your computer or laptop using a USB cable. Next, open the application and drag and drop music files, playlists into the window, or do it through copying. In the process of uploading media files, they are automatically downloaded to the iPhone and reformatted into a file system understandable for the gadget.

Free Music Download Pro app

The application is designed to download and listen to music tracks online. It is very convenient to save music to iPhone using this program. you can simultaneously download several files, which does not affect the functionality of the gadget. In addition, if the file was underloaded, and the iPhone was disconnected from the Internet, then its download will start from where the download was stopped. Following your preferences for the genre of frequently listened to music, artists. the program will offer you new compositions that may match your musical preferences.

The program is shareware, in the free version you will have limited options for customizing your favorite music, and there is also advertising. The paid version has more options for saving playlists, ads are completely absent. The disadvantage of the application is the large size of the installation file.

Using the universal iDownloader Pro app

The iDownloader Pro application is more like a file hosting service. The program allows you to download and find not only media files, but also video materials, text documents. The advantages of the program are multitasking, convenient search. The application has a built-in media player that allows you not only to listen to music via download, but also online.

The program allows you to track downloaded files, sort them by name, size, download date. There are also additional settings, such as:

  • Protecting the access code for downloaded files.
  • Installing icons on folders.
  • Removing completed downloads.
  • Setting a limit on the number of simultaneously uploaded files.

The disadvantage of the iDownloader Pro application is that when downloading several files at the same time, the performance of the gadget drops.

First Aid. iTunes

How to download music to iPhone without searching and installing unknown applications? The answer is simple. use iTunes. Music that is downloaded using this program can be listened to in the standard gadget application. The advantages of the program are the ability to download music files of any format, the ability to assign tags to individual songs and albums, as well as download and group by genre, artist, playlists.

The only reason why many users are unhappy with the program is the long synchronization process, but below you will receive instructions on how to speed it up. Instructions on how to download music to iPhone using iTunes:

  • To download songs using the iTunes application, you need to connect the iPhone using a USB adapter to your computer or laptop. It is possible that after connecting to the device, you will need to enter the ID or password from the device.
  • Now you need to open the application and select the “File” line in the menu bar, and then go to the “Add to Library” line.
  • Add your favorite songs to the opened window. You can do this by dragging and dropping the file using the mouse or by using the keyboard shortcut CtrO in Windows, as well as the keyboard shortcut CommandO in Mac OS X.
  • Now you can add tags, names to playlists, set a picture on the cover. This can be done by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Details”.

If you want to speed up the process of synchronizing music when downloading to your gadget, then follow these steps:

  • Connect iPhone to Computer with USB Wire.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Find the “Overview” tab.
  • In the menu that appears, you must check the box next to the item for processing music manually.
  • Save changes by clicking “Apply”.
  • Now go to the “Music” tab and uncheck the box next to “Sync Music”.

Now you can quickly download music files, without unnecessary content, which speed up the copying process.

Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64Gb Midnight Green

Using the SoundCloud app

SoundCloud App is a free app that is a unique music platform. Listening to tracks from a music social network is possible only if there is an Internet connection. To become a user of the application, the user does not need to register, but after spending a couple of minutes of your time, you can create your playlists and save them.

The advantage of the SoundCloud application is that on the platform you can find truly unique music, get acquainted with the work of novice musicians. The program provides for filtering music by the number of likes, genres, performers, download time to the platform. Using the application. You can share your favorite songs with your friends via social networks.

Using the Zvooq app

The shareware Zvooq application has a very simple and user-friendly interface. The program allows you to both download music and listen online, thanks to the built-in media player.

Volume Turned Down iPhone FIX To Listen To Music Without Limits

By registering, you can save playlists and favorite tracks. The free version has a number of limitations that not all users will like:

  • You can switch between tracks no more than 6 times per hour, that is, you will have to listen to music limited.
  • Limited number of tracks that can be listened to online.
  • Ads that crash while using the app.

The premium version removes all restrictions, moreover, it completely relieves the user of annoying ads. The advantages of using the program are that it is very easy to download a song on the Iphone. click on the program icon next to the name of the song.

How to Download Music to Iphone

For smartphones from Apple, there are native, already installed applications with which you can download music for the Iphone. But many users are looking for third-party programs that load songs faster and have more customization options. We offer you popular and simple applications for your gadget that will help you enjoy your favorite music.

What are restrictions?

This is a separate settings item in which you can choose which services and applications will be allowed and blocked access on the selected device. For example, you can easily restrict access to specific games, turn off GPS, prevent access to the Apple Store without entering a password, use wireless networks, pay for purchases, and much more.

This item is intended, rather, for parents whose children own Apple technology. This is a kind of control that will be carried out automatically.

Professional Way to Disable Restrictions on iPhone

In the usual ways described above, you can easily turn off restrictions on iPhone. But in this case, you will be asked to enter the restriction password. What if you forget your password? How to disable restricted mode without password?

Here, we highly recommend a professional iPhone Eraser to help you remove iPhone restrictions. It has the ability to remove all settings including restrictions from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Remove Restricted Mode on iPhone.
  • Clear all data and settings from your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) constantly and thoroughly.
  • Eraser various data from multiple iOS devices at the same time.
  • Securely erase all your data beyond recovery.
  • Offer three levels of erasing to choose from.
  • Works well with all iOS devices, including the latest iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR.

Double click the download button above to quickly install and run iPhone Eraser on your computer. Connect your iPhone or iPad to it via a USB cable. It will automatically detect and recognize your iOS device.

Note: If your iPhone cannot be found the first time, you can select the “Device is connected but cannot be found” option to get a connection solution.

There are three erasure levels: low, medium and high. You can choose one based on your needs. Here you are encouraged to use the High Level. But before doing that, you need to back up your iPhone data first in case of any useful iOS data loss.

After selecting the erase level, click the Start button to remove the restrictions on your iPhone or iPad. When the process is complete, your iPhone will return to a completely new state and there will be no restrictions.

How to remove content restriction on iphone

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Instructions on how to allow playing blocked music and podcasts on iOS devices iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac OS X computers.

If you have already updated iOS on your device to version 8.4, then most likely you have noticed that some music albums, tracks or podcasts can no longer be played on your device. This also happened to me and, as it turned out, in the new version of iOS, by default, it is forbidden to play music and podcasts with explicit m or, in other words, containing obscene language and so-called obscene content.

I don’t know what prompted them to take this step, it seems to me that this is an accidentally missed bug. Especially if you consider that after you allow yourself to play such content, after a while this setting may be reset in an unpredictable way and music with podcasts will again become unavailable for playing.

How to allow playing locked music on OS X

It is much easier to do this on a Mac computer (in iTunes on Windows, I think it is done in a similar way).

  • The first step is to launch iTunes.
  • Then open preferences: main menu iTunes → Preferences or just click Cmd. (command key followed by a comma) with the iTunes window active.
  • And it remains only in the Parental Control sub-menu to remove the check-box Restrict: Music with explicit content.
  • Don’t forget to click OK.

That’s it, I hope you did it!

With the release of iOS 12, many users have sounded the alarm when they could not find the “Restrictions” item in their iPhone settings. The developers did not remove this tab, but simply moved it to another place, adding much more possibilities for restrictions. Now this item is located in “Screen Time”, and is a separate setting for “Content and Privacy”.

Disable restrictions on iPhone in iOS 12

You must provide a Restrictions password to disable this feature. Moved Limited Mode in iOS 12 to a different section of the Settings app. So turn off limited mode in iOS 12 a bit compared to iOS 11.

Unlock your iPhone and open the Settings app.

Scroll down to find the Screen Time option. The limited regime is put there.

Click Disable Screen Time. Confirm the operation to turn off restrictions on iPhone.

How to set up restrictions on iPhone on iOS 12

As we said earlier, this item has been moved to the “Screen Time” tab. If you do not know what this is about, we advise you to read our material about this option, which describes in detail all its features and capabilities:

To access the restrictions, follow the steps:

    Go to the “Settings” of your device, go to “Screen Time”;

Then click on the item “Content and privacy” and activate it;

After that, you will be able to access all the tabs that are in the same menu below.

ITunes and Apple Store Purchases is the main tab for managing restrictions on Apple services. Here you can prevent the installation of applications, transactions, and uninstallation of programs. You can also set a password request, which will not allow you to perform any operations without entering.

Allowed programs. the list of apps contains only official programs from Apple that are preinstalled on the system. You can prohibit the use of any of them, but, as practice shows, there is no particular need for this.

Content restrictions is a separate tab with a huge number of settings. In principle, it completely copies the content of the “Restrictions” that were in iOS 11. Here you can restrict watching movies and listening to music, select a census depending on the country, set an age limit for installing programs from the Apple Store, prohibit access to “adult sites »In web browsers, block Game Center and more. In general, if you need full control over the child, this is exactly the point.!

Privacy. This is where you configure the individual capabilities of your iPhone when interacting with other programs. For example, you can prohibit the use of GPS, microphone, display ads, contact request and many other options. over, when viewing each option, you will be shown all programs that have requested access to it.

Allow Changes is the last tab in the restrictions and is similar to the previous one. Here you can prevent changes, for example, for password, account, volume and other parameters.

Attention! In the previous version of iOS, when entering the “Restrictions” item and activating it, the system set a password so that your child could not change any parameters without your knowledge. In iOS 12, this item is now located directly in Screen Time. Here you need to click on the “Use code-password” tab, and confirm the operation.

Posted by Ella Jones July 31, 2019 14:00

Restricted Mode on iPhone is a useful feature that allows you to manage and restrict certain apps, content, and functions. This is also known as the Parental Control Function.With this function, you can easily create a passcode so that no one else, especially children, can do something inappropriate.

The Restrictions section of the Settings app lets you restrict certain apps, device features (such as uninstalling apps), privacy settings, content types and ratings, cellular data usage, and more. You can easily enable iPhone or iPad restrictions. But do you know how to turn off restricted mode on iPhone even without passcode?

How to disable restricted mode

  • How to Disable Restricted Mode on iPhone (General Ways)
  • Professional Way to Disable Restrictions on iPhone
  • How to enable restrictions for iPhone and iPad

How to Allow Playing Locked Music on iOS

In order to allow yourself to play “adult content”, you must:

  • Open the Settings menu → General → Restrictions.
  • Then Enable Restrictions, no matter how strange this action may seem in the context of disabling restrictions. It was necessary that it was possible to edit the restriction settings.
  • After that, you will need to come up with and enter a four-digit password, and then enter it again.

Take this step with care so as not to forget your password, because you can reset it only by completely resetting the device and setting it up as new.

I hope that in the next version of iOS Apple will correct this misunderstanding and will not prevent us from listening to our favorite music.

How to remove restrictions on iPhone in VK music?

How to remove the restriction of music?

  • Transfer the time on your phone.
  • Connect the headset to your phone. Turn on music in VK. Pause. Put your phone in standby mode. Turn the music back on (button on headset).
  • Disable screen lock.

How to play music with obscenities?

To enable Explicit tracks (with obscenities), you need to go to Settings. Basic. Limitations. If they are disabled, then turn on and off.

How to watch videos on YouTube without age limit?

How to verify your age on m.YouTube.com

  • Open your Google account settings on your computer.
  • Find the “Privacy” section on the left panel and select Personal Information.
  • Click Date of birth.
  • A page with birthday data will open.
  • Check this information and correct it if necessary by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the date.

How to Disable Censorship on iPhone iOS 13?

There are two options for what is wrong with your iPhone. First. You have age restrictions on your content. Go to settings screen time content and privacy content restrictions music, podcasts, news and select the option “Explicit”.

How to disable tracking limitation?

Go to Settings Privacy Advertising and then select Tracking Restriction. How to disable it on Android?

How to remove restriction of music on iPhone?

How to remove age restrictions for music and podcasts in iOS

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Select the item “Basic” and go to the section “Restrictions”.
  • If restrictions are enabled, then at the top of the menu this will be written about.
  • If you need to turn off restrictions, then turn the “Explicit” button to the off state.

How to remove age limit on Apple Music on iPhone?

Click Enable Content Restrictions to enable this feature. Then select the restrictions you want: Click Music to turn off access to inappropriate content. Click “Movies” to select the age rating to allow access or completely disable access to movies.

How to disable safe search in VK on iPhone 2020?

  • In the lower right corner, click on the icon and go to the “Video” section.
  • In the upper right corner, go to the search.
  • In the search box, write a request and open “Search parameters”.
  • Uncheck the box next to Safe Search.

How to remove age restriction on iPhone?

Preventing access to inappropriate content and age limits

How to turn off Safe Mode on iPhone?

  • In the upper right corner, click on your profile photo.
  • Select Settings.
  • Locate Search Filtering.
  • Select one of these options: Do Not Filter: Safe Mode will be disabled. Strict: Safe Mode will be enabled.

How to remove the restriction in VK on iphone?

How to remove the age limit in a group

  • Go to “Community Management” (via the button with three dots.)
  • Find the “Additional Information” section
  • In this section, click “Specify age restrictions”
  • Select the “Under 16” option to remove the restriction
  • Click the “Save” button.

How to disable tracking limitation?

Go to Settings Privacy Advertising and then select Tracking Restriction. How to disable it on Android?

Features of setting restrictions on a smartphone

With account parental control, you can prevent your child from downloading or removing programs with unwanted content. He will also not be able to make in-app purchases without entering a password. To enable this function, you need to go to the “Screen Time” section, set the values ​​and enter the set password. ITunes Store & App Store Purchases are set to Deny.

Devices running iOS 11 and 12 can automatically filter website content to block content through the Safari browser. You can add and remove non-normative sites to the list of allowed or denied. Thanks to this function, you can prevent visits to sites with such content. To do this, follow these steps:

  • select “Content and Privacy”;
  • set the value to “Web Content” to choose from: “Unlimited access”, “No adult sites” or “Only allowed websites”.

Inappropriate content on iPhone and how to turn it off

Thanks to the content privacy feature, you can deny access to specific applications and functions on the IPhone. This will help block unwanted content on your child’s device. Apple users are wondering how to disable inappropriate content on iPhone. Bans are set and removed in the smartphone settings.

What are the restrictions on the iPhone and what are they for?

  • In the settings menu, click on “Screen Time”.
  • For Content Restrictions, select a resolution for each content type.

The list of functions to which the user can set access is quite wide:

How to turn off inappropriate content on iPhone

The answer to the question of how to prohibit or remove the restriction of inappropriate content on the iPhone is quite simple. Access to music, videos and applications can be configured using the Content Restrictions feature. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the IPhone privacy settings.
  • In the selected section, select “Content Restrictions”.
  • Enter your four-digit password. If it is not specified, the program will ask you to enter it again for confirmation. A password is set to protect your privacy settings. Without entering it, no one can change them. Remember your password, because you cannot reset it without contacting Support.
  • To enable or disable access, select the appropriate function in the device settings. The ban will affect all music, movies, TV shows, books and user profiles. With the help of age qualifications, you can give or completely deny access to the selected categories. For browsers and Siri, it is possible to set display values ​​for profanity.

Note! Once installed through a browser or app, unwanted content may still appear in search results. However, it will not be possible to play or run it.

The changes even apply to music played through the radio. You can block content on any Apple smartphone or computer. Synchronization is not available, so you need to configure each device separately.

Software limitation of audio volume in iOS 14. Implementation and purpose

The release of iOS 14 brought many innovations to Apple’s operating system. widgets, a redesigned call interface, and a text translation tool. But in addition to notable innovations, there were also secretive ones: for example, a parameter associated with setting volume limits and a system for automatically limiting the maximum sound level to protect hearing. How does it work and is it worth it to manually edit the set limits? Time to figure out the details.

How to set volume limits

When calculating the recommended loudness threshold, Apple again takes into account the documentation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and sets the safety limit as 74 dB. If the specified sound level is exceeded for a long time (at least a week to automatically calculate statistics and analyze the impact of user actions on hearing), the iOS operating system will begin to muffle music and any audio information received through the headphones.

Despite the well-grounded recommendations, trusting Apple is not at all necessary: ​​in the “Settings” the “Headphone Security” parameter is specially provided for setting individual limits and restrictions.

If you move the “Mute Loud Sounds” slider to the active position, then a scale with a step of 5 dB and a range from 75 to 100 will appear below. If the recommended 74 dB is not enough for listening to music, then it is worth setting 100. the headphones will sound noticeably louder.

Important! If even after setting new volume limits, it is not enough, then you have to take advice from enthusiasts from the network. There are a lot of ideas: changing the media player (Neutron has a preamplifier), adjusting the equalizer in iOS 14 (it is recommended to set it to “Late Night”), returning to wired headphones if wireless headphones are used.

How iPhone detects headphone volume

The iOS operating system collects information about the sound level of audio information to the headphones using the built-in noise meter. The resulting statistics are collected automatically, and then transferred to the “Hearing” section, presented in the “Health” application. But it is not necessary to immediately refer to the statistics. in iOS 14 a visual tool appeared that displays the necessary information in real time, and at the same time displays the current load on the inner ear.

Before displaying the data, you have to look into the “Settings” and go to the “Control Center” section, where the special “Hearing” tool is already available. Then it is enough to call the quick access panel from the upper right corner on models with Face ID (iPhone X and newer) or from the bottom on iPhone with Touch ID, and then activate a new element.

Statistics will be displayed in the form of a special scale with changing indicators depending on the current load and playback volume. In addition to the iPhone, similar information is displayed by the Apple Watch, and therefore it is not at all necessary to dilute the already configured control panel with new elements on an ongoing basis.

Viewing Listening Volume Statistics

In addition to limiting the sound level in iOS, a thematic section “Hearing” is provided, which contains recommendations related to health, strain on the ears when playing music, displays exposure statistics, and also provides third-party curious facts, starting with which headphones are most often used, in which the volume range of music has been played lately. There is also information about how much the impact on hearing has changed over the past year. If the indicator has changed by at least a couple of values, then you should think about it. perhaps it’s time to seek help from specialists.

Apple allows you to view individual statistics and share news with friends through the Health app, which is available in iOS by default, but is also presented in the App Store (in case you had to clear the internal memory earlier).

After switching to the tools, you must select the “View” tab on the quick access panel at the bottom, and then switch to “Hearing”.

Statistics will be displayed for week, month, year, hour and day. If you scroll down the menu, you will see tips, additional details and a selection of changes that have occurred with the volume and limits recently. It also periodically displays articles from doctors and third-party specialists devoted directly to health. At least for a short time, but it’s worth getting interested in the topic. there will be fewer problems in the future.

How To Disable Volume Limit On ANY iPhone! (2021)

Sound volume guidelines

Apple has a thorough approach to health issues, and therefore in the “Settings” iOS offers an impressive collection of “Accessibility” features, including control of the operating system by voice, sound recognition technology, audiovisualization, special gestures. In addition to special tools for users with disabilities, the iPhone has a thematic section with recommendations on mobility, sleep, nutrition, and even hearing.

In the latter case, the advice is quite justified: according to statistics, every year there are more people on the planet with hearing impairments. This is due to the frequent listening to music with headphones at a volume higher than the recommended values. The relationship between the amount of bass in headphones and the rate of hearing loss is direct and proven long ago, but quite correctable. just follow the rules.

There are also third-party causes of hearing problems: poor hygiene, aging and playing loud music (we are not talking about one-time listening, but about systematic listening). Each of the factors evenly affects the condition of the inner ear hairs, which are necessary for converting sound waves into impulses familiar to the human brain. Apple recommends that you periodically go to the clinic for a hearing test. An alternative way to assess the state of the NPS (lower hearing threshold) is to use the special settings in iOS 14. If the volume is not enough when the limit is set above 75 dB, then serious and almost irreparable problems are observed.

If we try to deduce the pattern of hearing loss in numbers, then the research of the World Health Organization states the following: listening to music at a volume of 75 dB is permissible for 127 hours a week. If you exceed the limit, then severe harm to health will begin to manifest itself, in cases where the music is played a little louder:

  • 40 hours at 80 dB volume;
  • 4 hours at a maximum sound level of 90 dB;
  • 24 minutes @ 100 dB;
  • 14 seconds at 120dB volume.

Setting records and risking hearing for the sake of “individual” records is pointless. the human body will withstand the extra load, but with what consequences. only time will tell.

How to remove any volume limits in iOS 14

In addition to the “Mute Loud Sounds” slider, the “Headphone Security” section also provides a special parameter related to notifications about exceeding the recommended limits. If the switch is set to the “gray” position, then iOS will stop automatically lowering the sound level. After changing the settings, restarting the iPhone is optional. the changes take effect automatically.

Important! The setting related to “headphone notifications” is not available on all versions of the iPhone: in models released in Europe and the United States, in 99% of cases, the protection algorithms are built into the system and are not manually edited. Only the maximum volume threshold is changed using the “Mute loud sounds” slider: but even if you set 100 dB, the joy will last from 10 to 30 minutes. after iOS it will again restrict the playback of content with such a powerful noise level (“Like an ambulance siren”).

Remove DRM Protection from Apple Music for free on iPhone

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Listen to Apple Music on iPhone Unlimited

Selena Comez Updated on March 04, 2019

[Conclusion]: Do you want Apple Music to stay on iPhone forever? In this article, you will learn how to remove DRM from Apple Music and transfer it to iPhone for offline listening, so you can keep the ability to play Apple Music songs on iPhone / iPad / iPod after canceling your Apple Music subscription.

How to Remove DRM Protection from Apple Music and Play Converted Music on My iPhone 7 for Free Without Time Limit?

Apple released its music streaming service, which has the unique ability to attract new subscribers. One of the many main advantages of Apple Music is that it allows you to manually download your favorite music tracks from the official Apple website (including iTunes) and listen to Apple music even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network. after payment. Apple Music allows paid users to save music for offline listening and take it with them on the go. It will be great if you can convert Apple Music to MP3 format file for listening. In this way, you can keep your favorite music and even play Apple Music on other mobile devices. To convert Apple music files, Apple Music Converter is right for you.

How to Play Apple Music on iPhone Unlimited

Download and Launch Apple Music Converter on PC
Click on the Download button above to download both Apple Music M4P to MP3 Converter for Mac and Apple Music M4P to MP3 Converter for Windows on your computer, then install it and run the correct version.

After launching the software immediately, iTunes will be automatically launched with this program.

Select Apple Music M4P Songs You Want to Convert to MP3
After launching Apple Music Converter on computer, the program will automatically find all downloaded iTunes files, including music, playlists, audiobooks, M4P Audio, iTunes movies and TV shows. Please click “Libraries” And check the Apple Music tracks you want to remove DRM and convert to MP3.

Advice. You can select multiple items one at a time, or select an entire album by checking the box on the top menu bar. If you have added Apple Music songs / albums to iTunes library, please click Music and sort all songs by type. Check out songs marked with “Apple Music AAC Audio File”.

Set MP3 as Output Format.
After selecting the Apple Music songs you want to download / convert, you have to select the output music format to convert all Apple Music songs to MP3 format. Please select MP3 from the drop-down list under Output Format In addition, the program allows you to change the output parameters such as channels, sample rate, codec, bit rate, etc.

Select an Output Profile. MP3:

Adjust the conversion speed:
If you want to change the conversion speed, go to Options General. In one of the settings windows, select “Set custom conversion speed for audio conversion (1-16)” to adjust the conversion speed.

Remove DRM Apple Music from M4P to DRM-free MP3.
After setting MP3 as the output format, then click “Convert” to start converting Apple Music from M4P music to MP3 and save the converted Apple MP3 songs to computer. The audio format conversion will take several times, after finishing the M4P to MP3 conversion process, click “Open Output File” to find the converted MP3 music files on your computer, and then you can enjoy your favorite Apple DRM-free MP3 music without limits, wherever and whenever whatever.

After the conversion is complete, you can view the converted MP3 files on your computer:

Play Apple Music from MP3 on iPhone Offline
Now you have converted protected Apple music from M4P to MP3 as free, you can play all converted Apple MP3 music on Mac / Windows computer without iTunes. If you want to listen to Apple Music on iPhone, import them to your device using iOS manager and enjoy your Apple songs with it.

What to do if songs in Apple Music and podcasts on iOS are unavailable

Age restrictions on access to content is a topic that is given a lot of attention by Western companies, including Apple. Many parents seek to isolate their children from the foul language that can be found in movies, games, music, and other content. IOS devices have a separate setting that is responsible for enabling restrictions on the playback of music and podcasts with an Explicit rating, that is, intended for an adult audience.

By default, the restriction setting for non-children’s music can be activated on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Accordingly, even adults may face the problem that a number of songs, albums or episodes of programs are not available in Apple Music or the Podcasts application (their names are written in gray). In such a situation, you will need to disable the Explicit setting, and below we will look at how to do this.

How to remove age restrictions for music and podcasts in iOS

If the user wants to remove the established restrictions on content on the iPad or iPhone, he needs to know the password from the device. With this information, you need to do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Select the item “Basic” and go to the section “Restrictions”. At the stage of entering the section, you will need to enter the password set on the device. Please note that we are talking specifically about the password for a specific iPhone or iPad, and not about the Apple ID;

Please note: For the changes to take effect and the content that was previously restricted by age limits to become available, you must completely close the application (delete from memory), in which the restriction was reported. That is, if the restrictions took place in the Podscasts application, you need to double-click on the Home button and unload it from memory, and then restart.

How to set limits on iPhone or iPad

If parents want to protect their children from content that is prohibited up to a certain age, they have the opportunity to enable the necessary restrictions in the settings of the iPhone or iPad. In addition, in the settings, you can set restrictions on a number of actions that are key for the operation of the device and access to prohibited content: downloading and removing applications, making in-app purchases in games and programs, using the camera, the Safari browser, and much more.

To configure the necessary restrictions, you need to go to “Settings”, then select the items “General”. “Restrictions”. After entering the password, you can make the necessary settings. The user has the ability to completely disable access to certain functions of the device, and to set age restrictions on specific content.

In addition, depending on the age of the device user, you can enable the country-recommended restrictions by selecting the appropriate country.