What kind of Mi Video application?

Mi video is a powerful video player and bootloader that millions of users have chosen. With Mi video, you can play, download, broadcast and manage your videos in one place Mi Video supports all the main formats of video files, including MKV, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, etc.

Mi Video is a standard video player from Miui firmware. The possibilities are not as wide as MX Player, but also not bad. Application capabilities: brightness and volume are controlled by sways in the right and left parts of the screen.

What is miui on the phone?

Miui (pronounced as “me you i”). an operating system developed and supported by Xiaomi Corporation, with partially open source. based on the framework of the framework Android

  • We go into the settings settings miui
  • We stuck down and click on the item “All applications” all applications.
  • We are looking for our application
  • We click on the application and at the very bottom we see “default reset”
  • We return back to the document to the above under paragraph 1.2 and click on our document.


How to disable advertising in MIUI 11 and disable recommendations and personal ads in third.party applications.

In this section, I will tell you how to disable advertising in Miui 11 without any installation programs and without connecting a smartphone to PC. To turn off the advertisement in Miui 11, it is enough to turn off unnecessary advertising services, moreover, in MIUI 11 it became possible to disconnect advertising not only in the shell itself, but also in third.party applications. There are still cases when you seem to have turned off the advertisement, but it still shows. In this case, the advertising was already loaded to your smartphone, so you need to clean the smartphone. How to do all this

Before starting to start saying what I noticed. Depending on the region, the version of MIUI 11 (numbers after 11), the phone and version of Android some described settings may not have, then we just miss this step. Sometimes it occurs that the menu buttons and settings are in different places, I also saw this. How to clean Miui 11 from unnecessary applications read in a separate entry.

Disconnecting advertising and services

The first thing we do is to go to the Safety application (a green shield icon), go into the settings (gear on top to right), lower it to the very bottom and turn off the “Recommendations” menu item item. Then we turn the same menu just higher and find the “Cleaning” item, open, find the “Recommendations” item at the bottom and turn it off:

Now we go back, in the main menu of the “Safety” application, we go to “Applications”, open the settings (three points on top to right. then select the settings) and turn off the “Receive” item:

On this with the Safety application we finished, everything about advertising in Miui 11 in this application we turned off while you can close it.

Now we go to the main settings of the smartphone, find the “Desktop” item, go there, scroll down and turn off the item “Get offers”.

In the same place in the main settings, we find the “Password and Security” menu, scrolling down the “Privacy”, twist down and find the “Advertising Services” item, disconnect “Personal ads”. In the same place in “Password and Security”, we find the item “Access to Personal Data” and turn off the two services: MSA and Miuidaemon:

To disable MSA and Miuidaemon services, you need to be connected to the Wi-Fi Internet, otherwise they will not turn off. When you turn off the service, you will have to wait a few seconds of the reference, then click on “withdraw”. Keep in mind that the first time it may not work and the service may not disconnect. We repeat several times until it succeeds.

We go again to “passwords and safety”, select “Privacy”, find “special access”, scroll down and select “ID devices for personal recommendations”. Here we will see a list of all applications that can be advertising:

Optionally, but better to do. We go to the standard application “conductor” (yellow folder), open its menu (button on the top left), go into the settings, select “Information” and turn off the “Recommendations” item:

Further without pictures, I think it is already clear how to find a menu in the application. We go to the standard “Music” application, go to the menu in the upper left corner, select the settings, go to “Expanded settings”, go down and turn off “Recommendations”.

The next application is “Mi Video”, in the upper right corner we click on three points, select the settings and turn off “Push notifications”. Even if you do not use the Mi Video application, you can receive various advertising push notifications, so here it must be disconnected.

Sometimes even in folders you can get all sorts of unnecessary recommendations. For example, the “Tools” folder is in the stock shell by default and there are, for example, a calculator, a calendar, a scanner, etc.P., But this applies to any other folders, even created by you. We go into the folder, click on its name and below the point “Receive” will be released:

And so you need to do for all the folders that you have. By the way, this setting does not always come out in the folders, it all depends on the version of the shell, region and phone.

The standard Mi Browser (stock browser) is also a lot of advertising. Open a standard browser, in the upper right corner we press the menu button, there we select the gear (settings), scroll down and select the “Safety” item and turn off the item “Personalization of services”. We go to the previous menu, find “additional settings” and open, turn on “prohibit the pop.up windows” (if we turn it on), turn off “Show advertising”. We return to the browser settings and at the top we see the “Lenta” item, turn off if it is turned on:

There are also a lot of advertising in the built.in Appendix “Topic”. We go to the “Topics”, in the lower right corner we press the smile icon, go to the “Settings” point and disable “Receive”.

Next, go to the tool folder, find the standard “loading” application, click on three points in the upper right corner, select “Settings” and turn off “Recommendations”.

Next, turn off the advertisement on Google Play, it often comes out there after installing applications. Depending on the version of the markete, the location of the menu may vary (for example, gear in the upper right corner). We go to the Play Market settings and disable “receive recommendations”.

If you use the left extreme menu with blocks (pile to the right from the main desktop), then in the upper right corner we click on the gear and the red icons “minus” turn off unnecessary points.

We go again to the “Safety” application, find the “Data Transfer” item, go to “Network applications”, twist and go into the “System Applications” and then turn off Analytics and MSA (can be introduced into the search).

We return to “Network applications”. “Security”. “Data transfer”. “Network applications”, at the top we will see three points, wait and select “background connections”. Here we turn off Analytics and MSA (can be found through the search).

Now all the advertisement in the membrane of Miui 11 you are disabled.

Miui 11 Delete unnecessary applications

Cleaning MIUI 11 from extra applications. which applications can be removed from MIUI 11 and how to do it.

Today I conducted a small experiment to clean the Miui 11 shell from unnecessary programs and bringing Miui 11 to a state as close as possible to the stock android for software filling. As I have repeatedly said in my reviews of smartphones, I personally can’t stand the stock Android, firstly, because of its wretched appearance, and secondly, due to the lack of the settings in the Miui shell (and some others), without which it has become not quite comfortable. In other words, I tried to make a peculiar combination and remove all unnecessary programs from Miui 11, as implemented in the stock Android, but at the same time leaving all the settings and chips of the shell itself.

Not only does the excess applications in the Xiaomi shell occupy excess memory, it is not rare for cases when they eat and RAM, working in the background, and consume traffic. To do this, you do not need an unlocked bootloader and you do not need Root rights.

To conduct this operation, we will need a PC that normally sees your smartphone and USB cable for connecting. If you have all this, then you need to take two small steps:

How to unlock the developer menu on Miui 11 ? Very simple, you need to go to the settings, find the “MIUI” item and slip in a row several times, you will see pop.up notifications that you have become a developer. MIUI version in miui11 is located at: “Settings. Device. All parameters “. Having received the developer, we go to “Settings. Advanced settings. For developers. Turn on the debugging item for USB “.

  • We connect the smartphone to your PC in normal mode (do not transfer files) and unlock the screen;
  • It is possible that you will have such a request on a smartphone (photo below). we allow this PC debugging by USB;
  • Run the Xiaomiadbfastboottools file.jar (I hope you have a virtual java machine, if not, we go here and install: https: // java.COM/ru/download/);
  • The launch of the file may take a few seconds and may not be instantaneous;
  • After the program has launched, it will scan the connected device and give out the result in the form of a list of installed programs.

USB debugging permit for PC.

In my case, this is a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 smartphone, by the way, just an awesome device, do not pay attention that I have an unlock bootloader (bootloader), Root you do not need at all (photo clickable):

Your smartphone has been displayed on the left for information: serial number, code name (this is what the custom.made recovery is usually looking for), the condition of the bootloader is activated in my case, you may not have this.

On the right you see a list of precisely those programs that you can delete.

The peculiarity of this program is that the programs can not only be deleted, but also restored and even disconnected. If anyone again did not understand, in the first tab (Uninstaller) the list of everything that can be deleted, in the second tab (Reinstaller) is a list of what has already been deleted and what can be restored back.

To remove unnecessary applications from Miui 11, you need to select and click on the Uninstall button below. After the removal is completed, turn off the phone from PC and reboot. If you have not deleted anything critically, the phone will boot normally in normal mode. Again, I remind you that you can restore everything that you deleted back from the second tab.

If this program does not start or does not work for you, then try the second option, just below I wrote about it.

Let’s briefly walk on the list from everything that I personally deleted:

  • Analytics. a service that is responsible for advertising and can be immediately demolished;
  • Browser is a stock browser and if you use others, then you can remove it;
  • Compass, FM Radio. and so it is clear if you do not use can be removed;
  • Feedback is a bug report and feedback;
  • . if you do not use it can be removed;
  • Mi App Store is an application store from Xiaomi, an analogue of Google Play, you can safely demolish, there is nothing interesting there;
  • Mi Video is a stock video player, I myself use the MX player, so this can be deleted;
  • MSA is also a service that is related to advertising;
  • Scanner. an application for scanning QR codes.
  • Services Feedback. you can also be deleted if you are not going to write to the developers;
  • Uniplay Service. delete;
  • Yellow Pages. And you need them ? Delete.

Further, a few more applications, some of which do not need to be deleted:

  • Android Accessivity Suite. is responsible for special opportunities, if you are not disabled, you can remove;
  • App Vault is an assistant that is called by a swipe to the right (left desktop), it can also be turned off from the settings of desktop;
  • Backup. a backup copy, do not touch;
  • Calculator and Calendar. it is clear what is, you can remove if you use third.party applications;
  • Cleaner. cleaning the system, in principle, can be removed;
  • CLOCK. the stock clock, in principle, can be removed, but I would not advise, some applications are tied to the stock clock/alarm clock;
  • Downloads. downloads, do not touch;
  • Freeform. without the idea of ​​what it is, it is better to leave;
  • Games. games, leave;
  • Gmail. a customer of mail from Google, if you do not use, can be removed;
  • Hybridaccessory. do not touch;
  • Joyose. delete, refers to Chinese entertaining services;
  • Market Feedback. reviews about applications on Google Play Market, we do not touch;
  • Mi Cloud is a cloud service, for example, for backups, if you use other synchronization;
  • Mi Credit. delete;
  • Mi Drop. the exchange of files between Xiaomi devices, you can delete;
  • Mi Pay. payment system from Xiaomi, you can remove;
  • Mi Recycle. it is better to leave, although you can remove;
  • Mi Wallpaper. stock service of wallpaper, if you do not use the wallpaper, can be removed;
  • MIPLAYCLENT, MIWEBVIEW, MIUIEMON. do not touch, I do not advise you to delete;
  • Music is a stock audio player, you can remove if you use others;
  • Notes. notes, you can remove;
  • PAI. phone configurations, do not touch;
  • Package Installer. do not touch, packages installer;
  • PartnerbookMarks-we do not touch, maybe then you need it somewhere;
  • Partnernetflixactivity. if you do not use the Netflix movie service, you can delete;
  • Quick Apps. in the Google playmarket, it became possible to launch some applications without installation on the phone, so this is the same service, it is better not to touch;
  • Quick Ball. an assistant with quick capabilities (a translucent circle, an additional menu opens), you can remove if not needed;
  • Recorder. voice recorder;
  • SMS Extra. SMS service, do not touch;
  • Screen Recorder. a screen recording, both a video and screenshots, I left a useful thing at home;
  • Translation Service. that he translates without a concept, just in case it is better to leave;
  • Vsimcore. virtual SIM cards (ESIM), I would not touch;
  • WMSERVICE. do not touch, get endless loading;
  • Weather. weather service, a useful thing, for example, for weather widgets;
  • Xiaomi SIM Activation. it is better not to touch if you use the MIUI account.

Second cleaning program

Many of you complain that the above program does not start, or your computer does not support it. I found another, older version, which is also suitable for cleaning Miui 10. Similar order:

    , unpacking;

  • We unlock the developer menu and activate the USB debugging if this is no longer done;
  • We launch the program (works on Windows 7);
  • Connect the smartphone to the PC and select the file transfer mode;
  • In the program, select the Debloader mode.

Choose Debloader.

After choosing the Debloader mode in the program, she reads a list of installed programs for some time and gives the result where you can check unnecessary programs with ticks:

List of installed applications.

After choosing checkmarks, click on the Uninstall button, the removal process will be visible in the left window of the program. After completing the removal, click on Reboot Into System, the phone will reboot and ready to work.

It can be seen that you can delete some applications from Google, in general, everything that is here can be safely deleted without harm to the phone. But all the same, I would not do this, many applications are needed in the system and you need to delete, knowing what you delete. For example, I tested this program on Black Shark Pro and I got the following list for Google:

remove, video, watching, disconnect

Google applications.

The minus of the second program is that everything remote is also easy to restore as in the first program, plus it works on older systems.

Disconnecting advertising in the Safety Appendix

The path of disconnecting advertising in the Safety Appendix on the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Miui 11) smartphone.

Using the Safety application, you can increase the performance of the smartphone by cleaning RAM and cache. But this application also contains advertising, to turn it off the following actions:

In the same application, you need to turn off the advertisement in the functions “Cleaning” and “Deep Cleaning”:

Similar actions must be performed on the “Deep Cleaning” page.

remove, video, watching, disconnect

Disconnecting advertising in Mi Browser

The path of disconnecting advertising in the Mi browser on the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Miui 11) smartphone.

  • Go to the Xiaomi branded browser.
  • Click “Profile”.
  • Select “Settings” in the upper right corner → “Additional Settings”.
  • Disconnect the slider “show advertising”.

How to delete unnecessary applications from a smartphone

MIUI settings

The first way is the easiest. With it, you can erase the garbage from the memory of the phone. Need:

  • go to the settings. applications;
  • select all applications;
  • select the right utility;
  • click “Clean the data” (button right below). to delete accounts, cache and additional files. This step is optional. When removing the utility, all information is also erased. But if you do not trust automation and believe that the cache may stay, do not ignore this step;
  • select “Delete”. to erase the utility from the storage.

A simple way to remove unnecessary applications on Xiaomi. Illustration: Elizabeth Chupikov, XI.Express

  • Go to the settings. applications. all applications;
  • Select “Removal”. A list of applications that can be erased will open;
  • Mark the utility checks and click “Delete”.

The second method. Illustration: Elizabeth Chupikov, XI.Express

remove, video, watching, disconnect

How to delete, importantly important applications from the Xiaomi smartphone (Android)? As they said above, you can’t get everything. But part can be “frozen”. For this you need:

  • Go to the settings. applications. all applications;
  • choose a utility that cannot be completely erased (in our case it is a Shareme, which is needed to transfer files from one smartphone to another);
  • press “clean”;
  • click “Delete updates”.

The application occupied 84 MB. After cleansing and removing updates, 238 kb began to occupy. This method will help free memory on the device. Illustration: Elizabeth Chupikov, XI.Express

Adb Fastboot Tools

This is a software that allows you to make serious changes. If you just need to clean your memory and remove the excess, it is better to use the method indicated above. Incorrect use of such a utility can lead to a malfunction of the gadget. For example, you can delete an important file and the smartphone will stop turning on.

For deleting you will need a USB wire, the ADB Fastboot Tools program (installed on PC).

Step 1. you need to activate the developer mode and debugging by USB. For this you need:

  • Go to the settings. about the phone;
  • Tap 7 times on the phrase “Miui version” so that the inscription “You become a developer” is displayed on the display;
  • return and click on the phrase “extended settings”;
  • Tap to “for developers”;
  • Remove to the inscription “Warmings on USB” and press it.

USB debugging. Illustration: Elizabeth Chupikov, XI.Express

Step 2. install on the computer Adb Fastboot Tools (there are versions for different operating systems). After installation, you need:

  • connect the gadget to the computer via USB;
  • open this utility;
  • click on “file transfer”;
  • Select the Uninstaller tab;
  • note the utilities that need to be erased;
  • confirm the action.

How this method differs from the previous? It allows you to remove much more utilities. Even those that can only be stopped through the settings.

Important: After updating MIUI, system files and applications that you deleted may appear again. In this case, you have to repeat the procedure.

Adb AppControl

The method is identical to the previous one. The difference is in one. another application for a computer is used. This utility in Russian. it will be a little easier to understand it. Using the program, you can work not only with Xiaomi, but also other smartphones on Android.

The first 2 steps as in the previous method. Need:

  • do USB debugging;
  • connect the smartphone to PC;
  • install the ADB AppControl program on the computer;
  • Launch this program.

Самый простой способ убрать объекты на видео с помощью Mocha AE | ASUS STUDIO

At the first launch, ADB AppControl will ask for debugging. The inscription “Waiting will appear on the screen. Allow the debugging on your device “. You need to click on it. At this time, a fur will appear on the smartphone that the PC is asking for a debugging permit. Need to agree with him.

Step 3. The utility will offer to put the Acbridge program on the PC. Its task is to display full names of applications and their icons. It is better to agree and install it. Otherwise, it will not entirely understand what utilities on the smartphone by abbreviations.

You can see the necessary applications in the corresponding tab.

Through this utility, you can delete system applications on Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco. You need to choose the right one, select “Disable” or “Delete” on the right side and click “Apply”.

The desired button is on the right.

How to find and restore the remote application on the smartphone Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco

There is no such function in the smartphone. Applications removed from the Xiaomi phone can only be downloaded again. How? Need:

  • enter the desired account on Google Play;
  • click on “my applications and games”. “library”;
  • note the applications that you want to install again (of those that were previously downloaded from your account);
  • Install them.

On some versions of Google Play, the scheme looks different. Need:

  • enter the account, press the circle in the upper right corner;
  • click “Applications and device management”;
  • Go to the “Management” tab;
  • click on “installed” and select “not installed”;
  • put checkmarks on the right utilities;
  • click on the “download” icon and wait for the end.

Instructions. how to install applications on Xiaomi. Illustration: Elizabeth Chupikov, XI.Express

We hope that our material will help you remove unnecessary applications from the smartphone or restore erased utilities.

Disconnect the advertisement in the Mi Music application

Run the MI Music application and click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen (it looks like three lines located one over the other). From here, select “Settings. Advanced settings”. Then just turn off the “Recommendations”. As in the case of your video, you can always install a third.party musical player that does not support advertising, for example Musicolet.

Disconnect advertising in Mi Web Browser

Mi browser is in order by default, but we recommend that you use a more functional web browser such as Chrome or Yandex. However, if you plan to use Mi Web Browser, you will want to limit advertisements. To do this, open the Mi Browser application. Then open the application menu by pressing the three lines icon in the lower right corner of the screen. As soon as you find yourself in the application menu, select “Settings. Additionally. TOP Site Top order and disconnect “Recommendations”.

Launch the Mi File Manager application and touch the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. From there, select “Settings” and disable “Show the recommended contents”. Perform the same steps for the “loading” application.

Xiaomi smartphones: miui

Disable system advertising in miui

  • Connect the phone to the Internet, it does not consume a lot of data.
  • Go to the settings additional settings authorization and review then switch the MSA to off.
  • A pop.up window with a confirmation of the review will appear, wait 10 seconds and tune to withdraw.
  • You can see an error message, try it a few more times, and you will succeed.
  • As soon as you turn on the MSA to turn off, go to the settings additional settings confidentiality advertising services personalized recommendations for advertising and turn it off.

Remove Ads from File Manager on Xiaomi (MIUI 12, 11, 10, 9)

Disable advertising in the Mi Video application

You can turn off the advertisement in other applications by performing the same actions specified above. You can see a switch with other names, for example, receive recommendations or recommendations for you in other applications.

To turn off annoying notifications from applications that you cannot use or delete, just turn off them. You can also forbid these applications to send notifications from the notification of the notification of applications and turn off the necessary applications.

Oppo smartphones: Coloros

All OPPO smartphones working on Coloros have a setting called recommendations. You can disable this to receive all these annoying ads and notifications that you do not need.

Realme is a subsidiary of Oppo and still uses Coloros on some of its previous smartphones. Although Realme has created its own “own” user integer called Realmeui, this new user integration is still based on Coloros. So, to remove advertising from Realme smartphones, you can use the same steps as the above in Oppo.

Disconnect advertising in Xiaomi system applications

Safety. In general, advertising in the user security section is a pretty ironic thing.

You can turn off the “recommendations” here by touching, as usual, the gear icon in the upper right corner and then deactivating the “Recommendations” item. You can do this for the “attached” point “Cleaning”. Choosing it, we again find the gear and the same item. and we deactivate it here too.

Downloads. I would like to refer to the experience of turning off advertising in the Safety section, but in fact in different system applications this is realized a little differently.

“Recommendations” in the “Loading” application are removed as follows: in the upper right corner we look for the icon in the form of three vertically located points, then select the “Settings” item and already find the familiar “Recommendations” there. Disconnect.

Topics. In the application “Topics” is also everything original. To get rid of advertising here, you need to make a different path.

In the lower right corner we select the human icon, then we look for the “Settings” item and there we turn off two points at once: “Show advertising” and “Personal recommendations”.

Conductor. Here the disconnection of the built.in advertising is hidden a little deeper and more cunning.

We find the icon in the form of three stripes in the upper left corner and then we follow the “Settings” “Information”. By the way, in my case, a checkbox with “receive recommendations” was removed by default. Maybe in your case it will be the same, but still check.

Mi Video. And finally, the two most advertising applications are built.in services for searching and watching video or listening to music. They can simply be removed if you wish, but if you plan to use them, you can do it by turning off the built.in advertising. Let’s start with the video.

In the lower right corner we find the “profile” icon, in the window that opens. the gear icon in the upper right corner, there we find the switches of “online recommendations” and “personal recommendations”. The former can only be turned off for 90 days, then they will turn on again. but they can again be turned off, and so an unlimited number of times.

Music. And finally, the application “Music”.

Here you need to find the icon with two sliders in the upper left corner of the main screen. On the screen opened, select “Settings”, hereinafter. “Expanded Settings” and there is already “Show advertising” item.

Also, advertising used to be found in a system browser, but in Miui 13 I could not find it-probably Xiaomi abandoned its own web browser. If you have it, make a “profile” “Settings” “Additional Settings” and disconnect “Show advertising”.

If you generally liked the phones of the Chinese giant, but scared off the availability of advertising on the Inte Wee, then after reading this article you can safely buy a new Redmi. now you know how to disable advertising in Xiaomi smartphones. Separately, we note that all the rights of the super-soldier or some other non-standard manipulations with a smartphone are not required for all actions listed in the article-everything is done through the system settings or individual applications.

And let the advertisements in Miui lately have become much less intrusive than it was, without it it is still more pleasant. over, you will take about half an hour for all settings.

Blocking screen

Another place where you can find the recommendations generated by advertising components (in the form of references to materials published on the resources of advertisers) is the device lock screen, however, only on condition that the System Application “Wallpaper Carousel” is used (inclusive).

Unfortunately, to deactivate the display of the proposals to read this or that article separately, leaving the function of automatic shifts of images on a blocked screen, there is no possibility, so the only way is the path. to turn off the module proposing on the links completely.

Additional: advertising services

For the most complete solution to the problem of minimizing the demonstration of advertising blocks available in MIUI means on the Xiaomi smartphone, you should not only fulfill all the above recommendations, but also additionally stop the work of some components of the OS. The next instruction on the result of its execution will not turn off the advertisement in any specific applications, but (in theory) will prevent the collection of personal data that are used to broadcast personalized proposals to your address.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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