How to remove on samsung locking when calling?

In the “Safety” section, you must open a subsection with the name “Screenshot”. Usually it is at the very top of the screen. After that, a list of available screen blocking methods will open before you. In order to completely remove the lock screen on Android, you must select “No” item.

Turn on your smartphone, go to “Settings”. “System application”; Scroll the application menu to the “Phone” item; Select the item “incoming calls”; Disconnect the approximation sensor (remove the check box from the point “Disconnect the screen automatically when you bring the phone to the ear during the conversation”) in this menu.

Call Prohibition on the Samsung Galaxy phone settings

Samsung Galaxy

Hello. Today you will learn how to configure call ban on Samsung Galaxy. You can enable or disable the ban on incoming and outgoing challenges. For example, you can prohibit outgoing, international challenges from your phone so that no one can do it. You can also block incoming roaming calls to avoid additional costs. See the instructions further to find out how this is done in the Samsung Galaxy smartphone settings on Android.

On the main screen, find the phone icon and click on it.

On the page of the call number, at the top right, click on three points to open the menu.

In the window opened, click on the settings tab.

On the call settings page, at the bottom, click on the Additional Services tab.

How to set up single tap to answer on your Samsung phone

Click here on the call ban.

Next, click on the voice call tab.

Samsung Phone Dialer Hidden Features,Samsung Phone App Hidden Features,Samsung Hidden Features

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Here you can configure prohibitions for outgoing and incoming calls. That is, either turn on the ban or turn off (using a password).

How to enable the screen on the iPhone during a conversation?

Open the settings and go to the “My Devices” or “Parameters” section. On the call tab, make sure that near the “Approach Sensor” item is a checkbox.

How the lock is turned off on different versions of Android?

Before removing the lock from your phone, we recommend that you think over the justification of this step again, Thus, you make information contained in the phone more vulnerable to scammers. If your solution is balanced, we give several ways to cancel the screen lock on Samsung. All decisions are somewhat similar or completely similar, since in all cases we are talking about the same platform, only its different versions. But to avoid confusion, we give instructions for each version of the platform.

How to disable screen lock on Android 4.x?

The 4th Android is one of the most popular OS, still installed on millions of gadgets around the world. To turn off the lock in this system, follow these steps:

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How the screen lock is turned off on Android 5.x?

On the Five, the lock is turned off as follows:

  • As in other versions of the Android, before canceling the lock, it will be necessary to enter the existing password, perhaps the graphic key, after which the system will disable the lock.

Disconnect the lock on Android 6.x

On this OS of a smartphone, the process is similar to the above, at the end there will only be a window confirming the shutdown of the device:

After that the lock will be disabled.

Blocking shutdown on Android 7.x

  • As in other cases, you will need to enter an existing password or graphic key, after which the system will disable the lock. To disconnect, click the point “No” in the screen lock section.

Thus, we considered the most common versions of the Android operating system, installed, for example, on Samsung or ASUS.

The following methods can be turned off the pin from the Samsung phone, remove the password or graphic key, turn off the print or face scanner, and so on. In ways they use not only to eliminate blocking, but also to change it. For example, if you are tired of entering the phone code and I want to replace it with the same graphic key. Or leave only the print scanner as the most convenient.

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What does it mean to ban the bells of Beeline?

The “Call Prohibition” service allows the subscriber to prohibit certain categories of incoming and outgoing calls. It is convenient if several people use the phone or unwanted calls are bothering, for example, in international roaming.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select the mode not to disturb:
  • Activate it using a switch at the very top.
  • Now a little below find the parameter tolerance of calls and set from all contacts or from the elect.

How to remove the PIN-code of the screen lock on Android?

Open Android settings. Go to the section “Screenshot and safety” section. Click on the “Screenshot” item and select “No”. If another method of removing the lock was tuned on the phone, then you will have to remove it: enter a graphic key, a pin code or password depending on the method of protection.

The main ways to turn off the Windows 10 lock screen

When you press the Winl keys or when choosing a “start” menu “block”, the blocking screen will also be turned on, but the entrance window open to the system. Upon completion, reboot the computer. the lock screen will be disconnected.

How to enable the approximation sensor on Xiaomi Redmi 9?

We go to the “Settings”, where we select “Applications”. “System applications”. Then you need to find the subparagraph “phone” and click on the line “incoming calls”. One of the points will be a “approximation sensor”, which is usually in the on state. You need to turn it off, and after 5-10 seconds turn on again.

A sensor of proximity is responsible for the function of repaying the iPhone screen during a conversation. It works when it covers something. During a conversation, this “something” is the head of a person to which the iPhone is brought. Thus, if the iPhone screen does not go out during the conversation, the approaching sensor is to blame.

Call settings on the Samsung Galaxy Android phone

Samsung Galaxy

Hey! In contact with Today you will learn how to configure calls on the Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily change the settings of an incoming or outgoing call. Missed, expectation, forwarding, second, voice, parallel call, melody of a call, notifications, screen, call ban, sounds, blocking, etc.D. Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions further and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. They drove!

On the main screen of the smartphone, find the phone icon and click on it.

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Next, on this page, at the top right, click on the Property button (three points).

In the window opened, click on the settings tab.

Here you can configure call settings. Below we will consider each parameter in detail.

Nomber blocking. Here you can enable or disable the lock of unknown subscribers. You can add a phone number to a black list of blocked numbers from which you will no longer be able to call and write SMS messages.

Call signals and melody. Here you can configure:

  • Vibration in the answer;
  • Vibration at the end;
  • Signal when connecting a call;
  • Signal at the end of the call;
  • Notifications during a call;
  • Install a call melody for SIM card 1 and 2;
  • Choose vibrozazov;
  • Vibration during the call;
  • The sounds of the keyboard.

Answer and ending calls. You can turn on:

  • Sounding the name of the subscriber. Only with the headset Bluetooth or wired set;
  • The answer to the call to press the key home;
  • Automatic call. Automatically respond to incoming calls after a given time if the headset or Bluetooth device is connected;
  • Calling. power key.

Fast answers. You can create messages to quickly respond to SMS without introducing the text. Enter any entry in the field, for example: how are you? Click on the right to the plus to add a template.

Voice mail. You can configure for SIM 1 and 2:

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  • Service provider;
  • Voice mail parameters, number;
  • Notifications. The style of notification, sound, vibration, indicators on the icons, lock screen, ignore “do not disturb”.
  • Hiding contacts without numbers. Display only those contacts whose phone numbers are added to the contacts tab;
  • Information about the subscriber. Display of the latest contact information for each subscriber;
  • Help with roaming. Roaming assistant allows calls to make a native country while traveling abroad;
  • Choose the country automatically. Automatic use of the code of the native country when calling the contacts that you have already called earlier;
  • Always call the country of roaming;
  • Ask for every call.

Phone information. Here you can find out:

You can turn on the calls in a pop.up window. Display of current calls in a pop.up window, and not sitting on the use of other applications.