Through the “toolbar

If the situation arises, for example, Chrome does not work and you decided to reinstall it, then the question arises. how to delete it?

You can completely remove Google from a computer using the “toolbar”. Each operating system has its own instruction. One rule remains common. you need to close all the windows in Google Chrome to remove it.

Sometimes a simple completion of work is not enough. click at the same time CtrLaltDelete and complete the “Chrome process.exe “using the” dispatcher of the tasks “.

Removal using ccleaner

CCleaner is a computer cleaning application. Its capabilities include cleaning garbage, fixing the registry, removing programs and much more. Let’s look at where it can be downloaded from and how can you remove Google Chrome with it.

Our article ends on this, we hope that now you know how to delete Google chrome from a computer completely. Thank you for your attention!

How to delete Google Chrome with Windows 7 completely?

Hello friendna today I will talk about how to remove chrome is not easy, but completely from the computer. That is, we delete everything that concerns it so that there is no trace of him on the computer. Of course, I do not guarantee that there will be no trace right, but I think if you try well, then there will be no

But I also want to make a very unusual remark to you and myself. I don’t really like chrome at all, because it works under several processes, which in itself already slows down his work. For no matter what the computer is powerful, the less the program uses resources, the faster it will work on any PC, both weak and powerful. Nevertheless, chrome bursts where the mosilla works fine (and I generally be silent about the Pale Moon browser).

remove, google, chrome, computer

Well, guys, something there are developers in Google Chrome, and here I, with the next update, began to work faster. I’m not joking, they really did something there, and really began to work faster. Just in case, this new version of the chromium (by the way, he took such a smart shorter and he himself updated without my knowledge):

So keep in mind that Chrome is developing well. But if you want to remove it, then I understand, because you can calmly slow down. Although he slows down many, all the same, he loves the RAM well. By the way, I noticed that it seems that now Chrome no longer assigned each tab a separate process. Well, maybe it seemed to me, but it seems that they also drew something there, corrected, well, they redone something. In short, I conducted an experiment, there were ten tabs, and there were only six processes, these are such pies

Sorry that I was a little distracted from the topic, now about how to remove chrome completely.

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In principle, to remove chrome, you can use the special removal of Revo Uninstaller. He will remove the chrome and finds the remaining garbage in Windows himself and will also remove him! In general, the drummer is suitable, has a good reputation. You can even say not suitable, but the best for today. But we are not looking for easy ways, so today I will show how to manually clean Windows from traces of chromium

Here we go? Go! We pinch the Win R buttons and write such a command there:

The window with the icons will open, here we find the program icon and components and start it:

A window will open with all the installed software, here you need to find Google Chrome and press it with a right button, then select Delete: Delete: Delete

A small window will appear, you need to put a checkmark in it, well, so that the data about the work of chromium is removed, and then press the delete button:

After that, some shamanism will begin in the computer, nothing will be visible, but chrome will be removed at the same time. After five seconds, he will leave. In principle, everything is on this, but in order to remove it completely, then you need to do some more actions

So look, the first thing we will do is try to clean file garbage. That is, we delete all the remaining files that are related to Google. I warn you that I will look for all the files that include Google! There is just a garbage one where there is no word Chrome, but there is a word Google. That is, we will delete the whole Google garbage from the computer! In general, I hope you will understand everything now. So, you need to open a system disk (C: \), and in the search field at the right write the word Google and wait for the search results:

As you can see, there are a lot of Guglovsky. Now all this needs to be deleted, but to do it so that it certainly goes away! And due to the fact that something will leave, but something may not want, I immediately propose to use the super utility Unlocker. It is simple, it is easy to install, in general, believe me that the utility is needed on the farm. so. We installed this utility, then carefully select all the results in the search, click on the right button and select the unlocker point:

A WARNING! Watch carefully when you delete, so that you do not accidentally delete some important file! After all, here the results contain all the files in which the word Google has the name, consider this when deleting!

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How to remove a google account from chrome | remove google account from chrome | remove account

Next in the menu, select remove and press the OK button:

Now we are waiting a little, I still have such a message, here I need to click yes:

By the way, you may not have this message. But if there was a message, it is better to immediately make a reboot so that Google file garbage is definitely removed. After the reboot, I checked again if all the garbage. Almost everything left, but what did not leave, it is even difficult to call garbage, it seems to be some records, in general, see for yourself:

It seems that these are not files. So what, what conclusion can be drawn? So the file cleaning from Google works and really can manually and independently remove Google garbage. It works and it’s good

Now the next step is to clean garbage from the registry. We pinch the Win R buttons and write such a command there:

The window of the registry editor will appear, here you need to clamp the Ctrl F buttons, after which the search window will open. In this window you need to write the word Google and click the button to find further:

Now look, everything that will be found will be highlighted: either on the right (this is the key) or on the left (and this is a folder). All that is highlighted, all this applies to Google and of course that you can delete. To delete the key (that is, what is right), it is enough to press it with the right button and select Delete:

To remove the folder (that on the left), then we also press it with the right button and select remove:

Google Chrome removal by Windows

As a rule, to remove chrome from a computer, you do not need to resort to some tricks. This is easily done with standard Windows tools:

    Open the Start menu. Click on the program icon with the right mouse button and select “Delete”.

Another way. “control panel”/“programs and components”

You can partially erase the bookmarks and history by installing the “Delete Data” checkbox in the window that appears in the process of deinstal

Google Chrome removalia with standard means of the operating system usually goes smoothly, but not always: the browser icon may not be on the list of programs, the system reports “It is impossible to delete Google Chrome”, etc. P. You can solve the problem using applications.

How to remove synchronized browser data from the Google profile?

If you decide not only to deinstall chrome, but also get rid of its data in the Google account, do the following: 1. Log in the account.

Enter the profile through the browser integration: Menu → Settings → Enter Chrome.

Open a new tab and go to the address. Google.COM/Dashboard/.

In the lower part of the settings list, in the “Chrome” synchronization block, click the “Synchronization Settings” option.

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At the bottom of the page, press the “Stop synchronization” button “.

Confirm the stop: In the window with a request, clan “OK”.

After these actions, all synchronized user settings and data will be deleted.

Windows 10

The instructions for “dozens” have its own characteristics. in this OS the desired file is not in the programs and components. Therefore, we act as follows:

  • We open in series “Start”. “Parameters”. “Applications”
  • Open the section “Applications and opportunities” and find a browser
  • Click “removal”, and then confirm the action once again
  • Put a checkmark opposite “Clean data about work”.So we will get rid of all the saved data of the profile, bookmarks and history

If the opposite situation is relevant for you and you need to install Google Chrome on Windows 10. read the article on how to do it.

Phone settings

There is a second method, a little more complicated than the first. We give an average instruction that is suitable for all devices. Some steps may vary slightly, some menu items can have modified names.

How To Uninstall Chrome From Mac

  • Click on the icon and select “Forcibly stop the work”;
  • Click on the “Wipe the Data” button, then “clean the cache”;
  • After that, finish cleaning by pressing the “Delete” icon.

That’s all, this is an easy and simple process that even a newcomer can handle. However, some smartphones have chrome, in which case it will not be possible to remove it. On the contrary, you want to download the Google browser on the phone, follow the link and read the detailed instructions. Let’s figure out how to remove Google chrome from android, if it does not delete. utility Chrome

A small program for removing the browser appears after installing it on the computer. It is located in the root folder of the web browser. The instructions for its use are very simple:

  • Go to the root of Google Chrome on a computer. If you did not change it when installing a browser, then it will be a Google folder in the Program Files or Program Files (X86) section on a system disk.
  • There, find the Uninstaller file there.EXE. Open it. If necessary, grant the rights of the administrator.
  • Now you just need to act according to the instructions of the program, as well as provide permission to delete Google Chrome.

These simple Google Chrome deinstal options can be applicable to other browsers, as well as most programs. Do not forget to remove unnecessary and not used software from the computer, as it takes place on the disk, plus, creates a certain load on the system.