Recover Data Samsung Galaxy J2 / J3 / J5 / J7

Selena Comez Updated on April 17, 2018

[Conclusion]: Samsung Data Recovery helps recover lost / deleted / erased data like photos, videos, SMS messages, contacts, phone numbers, WhatsApp chat history and other documents from Samsung Galaxy J2 / J3 / J5 / J7 as well Galaxy S and Note series smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy J series smartphones including Galaxy J2, J3, J5 and J7, although Galaxy J series is not Samsung‘s flagship phone like Samsung Galaxy S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / Note 8, but many people use Samsung Galaxy J series smartphone. When data is deleted or lost from Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone, the raw data of deleted files is not permanently deleted. Some users may ask how to recover lost data from Galaxy J3; how to delete deleted photos on Galaxy J7; is it possible to recover contacts on Samsung J5?

Samsung J2 Bypass Frp/Remove Google Account Lock New Method 2019

The J3’s looks are pretty nice and its battery lasted a long time after I expected the phone to shut down. However, many users reported that they lost data from Samsung Galaxy J3 under several circumstances, such as restoring the device to factory reset, rebooting the device, poisoning, mistakenly deleting, damaging the device, rooting, etc. To be honest, there are all over the world millions of satisfied users who have taken advantage of this tool called Samsung Data Recovery to fix it. Samsung Galaxy J2 / J3 / J5 / J7 data recovery problems and easily recover all data from Samsung J series phones.

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How to uninstall apps on Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy how to uninstall unnecessary apps and games or how to stop them on Android.

How to uninstall applications on Samsung Galaxy Do you want to uninstall unnecessary applications, games on Samsung Galaxy and do not know how to do it? In this article, you will learn how to uninstall or stop installed and native apps on Android.

Not all Samsung Galaxy apps can be uninstalled from your smartphone, some native apps and games cannot be uninstalled, but you can stop them.

Now let’s see how to remove unnecessary apps from Samsung Galaxy and similar androids. Open Settings on your smartphone and select the Applications item. perhaps instead of the application item there will be an application manager item right away. Next, a list with applications will open, you can select by sliding the screen towards the items: downloaded. on the memory card. working and all applications. To remove the application, select it and you will see what you can do with the application. Select Uninstall or Stop Application. If you don’t want to uninstall apps, but don’t want it to work on Android Samsung Galaxy, just disable it. To enable a disabled application, open it from the application screen.

What is the stop app function for Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices? As we already wrote above, not all applications can be removed from the smartphone, mostly these are native applications that cannot be removed. There are users who uninstall both native applications and games to free up the memory of the smartphone, but for this you need to hack the Samsung Galaxy after which the smartphone warranty is lost. Of course, we will write an article on this topic in the future, maybe someone will come in handy.

For now, let’s continue answering the question why stop apps on Android. Since not all applications we can delete from Samsung Galaxy can be deleted, we can stop them so that it does not load the processor, does not drain the battery and does not use the Internet. Since there are applications that can start independently and use the resources of the smartphone and which you do not use it is better to stop, in the future you can start them simply by opening it on the screen with applications. You do not need to stop all applications in a row, as they can perform the necessary tasks for the smartphone to function properly. Basically, they stop social applications. networks, video calls and similar factory-installed applications.

If your Android 9

Select the account you want to delete. For example Google.

Some accounts, such as Samsung, ask for a password when deleted. If you do not know the password, click “Forgot your ID and password?” and follow the prompts on the screen.

How to Delete Google Account from Samsung Phone

Linking your smartphone to a Google account is necessary, otherwise you will not be able to use all the pre-installed services, and it will not even be possible to download the application. To unlink your Google account from your smartphone, you need to remember your username and password, otherwise problems will arise. Unlinking means the automatic deletion of the account from the phone, but the information from the account itself will not be deleted.

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Find the item with linked accounts or accounts, as in the screenshot.
  • Select Google from the list.
  • Click on your account (looks like your email address).
  • In the window that opens, select the Delete account button in the lower right corner.
  • The system will issue a warning that all numbers will be deleted, SMS. contacts. If you need this information, please save it to another medium beforehand. Confirm deletion.

Now the phone is unlinked from your Google account, you can link it to another device.

Uninstalling Instagram account from a smartphone

To delete Instagram account from Samsung phone, you will need to follow the instructions:

  • Open the window of any browser.
  • Go to the Instagram website: log in by entering your username and password.
  • Tap on the little man icon located in the lower right corner of the display.
  • In the dialog box that opens, click on the “Edit profile” button.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page and follow the “Temporarily block”.
  • Indicate the reason for blocking in the section “Why did you decide to block?”. Among the available ones are “Just need a break”, “Problems at startup”, “Second account created”, “I am worried about data privacy”, “I want to delete something”, “Highly busy”, “I can’t find someone to subscribe to ” and other”.
  • In the field “Please enter your password again to continue” re-enter your password.
  • Tap on the red interactive key “Temporarily block”.
  • The user will be notified that his photos, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and likes will be hidden until the user reactivates the profile.

1.Open the smartphone menu and go to the settings.

2.Click on the tab “Cloud and accounts” (if this item is missing, go to the next step).

A menu will open with a list of applications in which accounts were created on the device. The user needs to select the one he wants to delete. In our case, you will need to select the “Samsung account” tab.

Next, a window with information will open in front of the user. This is the Google email entered at the time of registration. We tap on it.

In the lower or upper part there is a button “Menu” (bottom left) or “Options”. Click on her.

8.The smartphone will ask for confirmation of the operation. At this point, you can still undo this action. If it is decided to reset the account, then in the window that opens, select “Delete account”.

Done. This completes the deletion of the account from the phone.

In a similar way, you can throw off not only the main Samsung user account, but also delete the account from Google and other services.

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If you reset Samsung account from your phone, it becomes unavailable. For example, if the owner previously synchronized information from different devices, then it is no longer possible to access it from a smartphone without a previously deleted Samsung account.

remove, samsung

However, since the account was linked to an email during registration, it remains in the developer’s database. The profile can be restored on the same or other devices by entering an email and password.

So, the Samsung account deletion algorithm may differ slightly depending on the OS version, but all actions are performed in the phone’s settings. After that, the account becomes unavailable, but later it can be activated on any device. By opening the accounts menu, you can reset from your phone not only the main account, but also any other.

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How to find out the Android version on your smartphone

If you need to find out. what version of the OS is installed on the smartphone, it is not difficult to do this. There are several methods. For the simplest, you need to go to the desired section of the smartphone settings. Let’s take a look at the example of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone:

  • Find the section with settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu. The last line: About the device (or Information about the smartphone), click on it. It happens that the Android version is already indicated on the line.
  • In the window that opens, select the Software information line. By selecting this item, a window will open with detailed information about the software installed on the smartphone. Including Android version.

This method is not always possible to use, since some developers and manufacturers indicate the latest software version in this paragraph, and not the system on which the OS is based. In this case, you can get the necessary information by installing free software. Find and download applications that allow you to find out the version of Android on your smartphone. available in the Play Store.

Setting up a Google account on a new device

To set up a remote Google account on a Samsung Galaxy or link it to any other device, you will need to follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu by tapping on the gear icon.
  • Select the “Accounts” section, in the drop-down list of commands go to “Add” and click on the Google logo.
  • Adjust according to the instructions on the display.

If there are several Google accounts on the smartphone at once, then you should select an account for Google Play applications. This manipulation can be carried out in three main ways:

  • through any Google Play program, for example, “Play Market”, “Music” or “Games”;
  • on the official Google Play portal from a cell phone;
  • on the Google Play website to a desktop computer or laptop.

In the first case, you will need to perform the following manipulations (using the Play Market service as an example):

  • Launch the Play Store and tap on the three-bar menu icon located in the upper left corner of the display.
  • A side menu will be displayed, in which the account name will be located (the name of the current user, or by e-mail address). This is the account that is currently used in the application.
  • To change the data, click on the icon in the form of an arrow pointing down, and select the required account from the context menu.

If the account is linked from the site on a smartphone, then you need to do the following:

  • Go to through the browser window.
  • Tap the familiar three-bar icon on the left side of the page.
  • Next to the photo of the current profile, find the pencil icon. click on the “Change” function.
  • In the list of accounts that opens, select the account you need, or use the “Manage” option (if the searched Google account is not in the list).

To carry out a similar operation from a computer, you will need to perform certain manipulations:

  • Go to the same portal.
  • Log in by entering username and password (e-mail or phone number).
  • Click on the profile photo located in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  • Use the “Management” function, or choose an account from the proposed options (previously tied to the owner’s profile).

How to Delete Google Account on Samsung Phone?

Today we are going to show you how to delete Google Account from Samsung smartphone. Of course, the account itself is not deleted. we will only show you how to unlink the account from the device. Just make sure that you remember the password from it in order to re-link it to your smartphone in case of anything. And one more thing: if data such as, for example, contacts are synchronized with an account, they will be deleted from the phone, but will appear again when linked to this account.

Next, select “Accounts and Archiving”.

Here tap on the line “Accounts”.

On the page of the linked account, click on the “Delete account” button.

Also, on some smartphones, to delete an account, you need to enter a password or bring your finger to the scanner if the desktop lock is configured. In our example, nothing was required to do this.

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How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone

Device Model Information: Model Number: Nexus 5 Android Version: 6.0.1

Step 1 Open the Settings app from the Android home screen and go to Google Accounts and then select your account.

Step 2 Tap the menu icon. Select “Remove Account”. You will then be asked to confirm if you want to delete your Google account from Android. Please click on the “Delete Account” icon in the pop-up window. Please note that deleting an account from the device will delete all of its messages, contacts, and other data.

That’s all. The whole process is pretty simple, right? Your Google account has been deleted from your Android phone. If you want to sign in with a different account, just read How to add a Google account on your Android device.

Method one

Go to Settings and select Default Applications. You should see a list of all the apps you have installed by default. The only thing you need to do is click on “clear” and it will remove unnecessary settings.

What happens if you delete your Google account from Android?

You cannot use a service like G-mail (Gmail username will also be available), you are using an account to login.

You will lose data, including records, photos or emails that are connected to your account.

Content you purchased from Google Play and YouTube is no longer available.

Information you saved in Chrome, such as bookmarks, will be lost.

If you are happy with what happens to you after deleting your Google account, skip to step 2 and follow the instructions to start the deletion process.

ways to delete Gmail account on Android

“I have multiple Gmail accounts open on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) and I no longer need them. Can I remove some of them? ”

  • [New] How to Add Google Account to Android Device
  • Hot Now let’s see what happens if you delete your Google account from your Android in Part 1, and in Part 2 I will show you how to proceed.
  • How to Delete Samsung Account from Phone?

    Samsung smartphones can be linked to the company’s branded service. And if, say, you want to reset data on your smartphone, you will have to enter the password for your Samsung account. And this is where the problem appears. many users simply do not know how to unlink this account from the device! And all because they do not remember the password from her. Let’s try to solve this issue.

    Open “Settings” on your Samsung smartphone.

    Go to the section with added accounts. We call it “Cloud and Accounts”, or maybe just “Accounts”.

    See the line Samsung account, tap on it.

    On the account page, click on three dots. this is such a button.

    As a result of pressing the button “Delete account” should appear. As you already understood, you need to click on it.

    How to Disassembly Samsung Galaxy J2 Full Disassembly

    Confirm the action by tapping on the OK button.

    If you know your password, you need to enter it, but many users do not remember the password. In this case, you need to select the line “Forgot your ID or password?”.

    The browser will open a page to restore access. Enter the same email address to which your Samsung account is linked, click “Next”.

    You need to enter the email to which the account is linked. Click “Check Email”.

    Go to your mail, open the letter and click “Reset password”.

    Enter the new password for the account two times and confirm the reset.

    Next, do the same as described above using the settings section to delete your account. After entering the password, the Samsung account will be deleted.

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    The standard way to uninstall a game

    An easy way to remove a game from your phone is to pinch and drag it to the top or bottom of the screen, depending on where the trash can icon appears.

    The next standard method is to use the smartphone settings. Instructions:

    • Go to options.
    • Next, find the “Applications” or “Application Manager” tab.
    • In the list that appears, select the unnecessary game and click on it.
    • Select “Delete”.

    How to uninstall a game from Samsung

    How to uninstall a game on Samsung is a question that interests some users who have recently got acquainted with a smartphone. Android has a fairly user-friendly interface. There are four options in total to erase unnecessary programs from the device.

    Uninstall using apps

    The next way is to use the Google Play program, which is standard on all Android phones. How to remove games from Samsung phone using the provided service:

    • Open Google Play.
    • Pull out the menu from the left side.
    • Go to the “My Applications” tab.
    • Select the program you want to erase from the list.
    • This list will show all the applications that are installed on the device. After selecting the one you need, click the button that allows you to delete.
    • Finally, confirm the procedure.

    If there is no delete button, then you are trying to erase a program built into the firmware. To do this, you will have to set ROOT rights. It is not recommended to uninstall such applications, they are system applications, and after their removal, the operation of the device may be disrupted.

    The latter option involves the installation of special utilities with which you can clean the device from unnecessary files and programs. Download Uninstaller to your phone. Entering the utility menu, you will see all installed software.

    The program allows you to delete any files, including preinstalled applications. Click on the required name and press the corresponding button. At the end, you must confirm the action.

    How to uninstall system apps on Samsung Galaxy smartphones

    It is known that the Galaxy S4 and other Samsung flagships have a large number of applications and branded services of the company, many of which are not needed by ordinary users.

    If you have Root rights, you can delete or freeze applications you do not need, thus cleaning your smartphone from all unnecessary.

    Method Removal via file manager.

    Path for placing system applications: system / app (you need any file manager, with support for displaying hidden system files, for example Root Explorer)

    To be safe, we recommend that you do not delete system files, but simply move them to a memory card or to another directory. Thus, they will not work, and if necessary, you can always return the file you need to its place.

    If the files are not deleted or moved, in the upper right corner of Root Explorer, click on the R / W button (after that it should change to R / O).

    To do this, again, we need ROOT rights and the wonderful Titanium Backup utility.

    As already noted, it is better to freeze applications so that later it will be possible to restore them.

    How to do this is shown in the screenshots below.

    Select the applications that we want to freeze and click on the “checkmark”.

    Method Special Utility SystemApp Remover

    By analogy with the previous method, applications can also be removed with a special program SystemApp Remover.

    Method Samsung standard interface

    This method does not require root rights, but it can only disable some applications. Services and services you will not be able to disable.

    After selecting the application you need and clicking on it, select the “Force stop” item. The application will be frozen.

    Which applications can be removed and what this entails. read here.

    Important: The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, S6 have very little junk, and apps and processes are fairly well optimized. We even conducted an experiment that confirmed this. Therefore, before deleting any system applications, think several times whether it was worth doing. The results are unlikely to be noticeable, and if some program interferes, then it can always be disabled using standard Android tools.

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