We block individual programs

To block the TV channel from children:

  • Go to the menu, go to the “Broadcast” item.
  • Click on “blocking”.
  • Click “Turn on”.
  • Further, the path is known. “change”, the choice of ticks of the point that needs to be blocked, again the “Blocking” button
  • The default password is 0000, but in the window that showed you will be offered to enter any other set of numbers.

When it seems to you that the issue of blocking is no longer relevant, you can easily turn it off in the same way. using the “remote control” (remote control).

How to disable advertising on Philips TV?

Setting up the demonstration (DEMO) mode on the TV is used by retail sellers to demonstrate the functioning and features of the TV. Using this settings limits some features and functions usually used by the user at home.

How to disable the demonstration mode on the LG TV?

This is not a problem, you just have a mode in the store (demonstration). Go to the TV settings. Common, and there change in the corresponding point to home mode.

Press the Home button on the remote control. Scroll the menu down and select settings (settings). Install the demo mode for parameters and the image reset mode (Off).

How to turn off tvs shop/demo mode and picture reset mode.

remove, demonstration, mode

How to disable when you first turn on?

In fact, the easiest way is to turn off the demonstration mode on the LG TV even at the very first turned on. Immediately after you connect the TV TV at home, before all settings start on the screen, the question will appear: “Where do you plan to use the TV?””. Based on your answer, the system automatically optimizes the settings. And accordingly it will include one of the modes: “In the store” or “House”. Actually, these two answers will burn on the screen. The buttons “Up” and “down” select the answer you need (it will be illuminated in red). To confirm the choice made, click on OK on the remote control. After that, the system will automatically reconfigure to the home version of use. And you will not be strained by additional periodic commercials interrupting the show of television channels.

(TURNING OFF DEMO-MODE): LG Fridge model no. GC-L247SLUV

Do not forget about the content

Only with all these manipulations, dear readers, it should be borne in mind that you can see a movie with a “native” frequency of 24 frames per second only if the video is recorded in the signal itself just like that. Blu-ray discs almost always recording in 24p. Exceptions. rare discs from independent publishers, including ours, on which the video is written in the format of 1080i25 or 1080i30.

But in the video flowers of Internet services very often. For example, in IVI and MeGogo, most films are encoded with a frequency of 25 frames per second. However, for them, all the recommendations described above are fully applicable. the shutdown of smoothing movements will still protect the movie from turning into soap opera.

What is a demo regime in women?

Demo-mode. This is a temporary ideal behavior of a woman. A woman shows herself as in fact in life may not appear, since at that time she demonstrates a demo version, the best version of herself.

The main reason for the manufacturers, why they stopped producing 3D televisors, is a significant reduction in demand for devices with this technology and, accordingly, a rapid reduction in the market share, which they occupied.

How to remove the channel number from the TV screen?

Press the Display button or a button with the screen icon and characters (i) in it. It may be necessary to repeatedly press the Display button to delete all the displayed information about the channel from the TV screen.

  • On the control panel, press the Menu key or press the “Settings” button directly on the screen itself;
  • Go to the “Sound” section;
  • select the “Additional Settings” key;
  • Then go to the “Sound signals” tab;
  • press the “Disable” key;

How to remove a demonstration panel?

Pop.ups when viewing the streaming video of the window is not the biggest problem of users. You want to remove the pop.up menu on the LG TV?

Some are faced with such a problem during the inclusion of any channels, third.party applications, watching films or other content. A pop-up window appears on the side panel with an advertisement for your TV device.

remove, demonstration, mode

Why this happens? A pop-up advertising on the TV LG appears due to the fact that the equipment works in demonstration mode. Therefore, the device advertises itself. We just need to convert the device into “home mode“.

How to disable the pop.up windows on the LG TV and hide the demonstration panel? With the help of an interactive menu, it is enough to know the correct sequence of actions.

  • Click on the Smart button on the remote control;
  • Through the opening menu, go to the settings;
  • Using the shooter, switch to the “Installation” section;
  • Scroll the menu to the “Setting mode” tab;
  • Set the “home viewing” parameter;
  • Close the settings menu.

Most likely, the “Shop” mode was previously selected. Hence the pop.up windows with advertising banners. In this case, advertising blocking on LG Smart TV is useless, just correctly configure the mode of operation. Then the TV settings will be optimized in accordance with the place where you plan to use the device.

remove, demonstration, mode