Wi-Fi File Transfer

By the way, about the exchange of files between mobile phones. Bluetooth, which we are all accustomed to using for such needs, is also a rather poor and archaic option for exchanging video recordings and applications of the current size. It is much more reasonable to use Wi-Fi for this, which is 5 times faster than Bluetooth of the same degree of relevance.

The problem is that there is no single standard for transferring and receiving files using Wi-Fi for Android. Google either agrees to put files in the Disk cloud storage, or advocates for a hybrid version of Android Beam data transfer. when smartphones are needed lean against each other, they will establish an NFC connection, and then continue to transfer files using Bluetooth.

Instead of slow Bluetooth, you can transfer files between smartphones using Wi-Fi

Therefore, our venture will need aids. For example, the Explorer known to every ES enthusiast. One smartphone, two smartphones, each with an installed application. Both actors choose the item “sender”, one chooses “receive”, the second “send”, the choice of files. and transfer at a speed of 30-50 Mbit / s (depending on smartphones). Everything! As a last resort, download this ES Explorer from the official website to your friend via Bluetooth. 10 MB “won’t do the weather”, especially since placing a file of several hundred MB in the cloud instead of directly transferring it to a smartphone is a much more stupid idea. especially after the death of unlimited mobile tariffs in Russia.

Sign in to apps with your fingerprint

Unlocking with a fingerprint scanner is a useful thing, although not everyone needs it. Because many people do not need to hide information in a mobile phone under a password at all, and attackers will find a way to reset / reflash a smartphone after theft.

Using a fingerprint scanner, you can log in without a password to applications and pay for purchases on the Internet

But even in this case, the fingerprint scanner comes in handy. not in order to set a password for all applications in a row, but in order not to enter a password where it is impossible without it. For example, it is much more pleasant and faster to touch the fingerprint scanner than to type numbers and letters when entering a bank application or when paying for a game / program / music / video from the phone. However, those who like to “hide, hesitate and conceal” information on a mobile phone can ask “show fingers” for every sneeze in Android. Huawei and ZTE proprietary shells in new models, for example, provide such an opportunity.

Quick launch of the camera

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that a smartphone is not the most suitable photographic equipment for shooting something “in a snap.” While you turn on the display, while you unlock the screen, you will find the “Camera” icon and click on it. there will be nothing to photograph. In fact, in almost all modern smartphones, the camera can be turned on instantly. with two presses of the volume down key (Huawei / Honor, LG), the Home key (Samsung) or two turns of the wrist (Motorola, Google Nexus). In some smartphones of other brands, the camera can be activated by double pressing the volume up key or a separate taken “special key” (for example, the Boom key in Alcatel Idol 4 / 4S).

Do not neglect tricks to quickly launch the camera (

Neither the password on the lock screen nor the number of background tasks prevent you from turning on the camera right from standby as quickly as possible. Outlandish key combinations or gestures will take some getting used to, but it’s worth it not to get confused every time you need a camera “here and now”.

Do not hesitate to ask your smartphone. it will understand

The main obstacle to using voice search in a smartphone is that the “computer” is impassable and dumb and smacks nonsense whenever it is required to improvise, rather than recognizing the banal “Okhotny Ryad street, house one”.

But the programmers of Google / Yandex and other software corporations eat their loaf of butter and caviar for a reason, so voice search is becoming more smart. And this means that in an unfamiliar city you may well ask your mobile phone for the “nearest ATM of Sberbank” or “Pyaterochka supermarket nearby” and get what you are looking for without going to the Google search box.

Google will always help. Well, or at least try

Google Now tips are less impressive so far and are associated only with weather information stuck to the notification bar, but Google remembers your movements using GPS, tastes and preferences according to search queries and visited sites, information in the contact list, after which Now becomes smarter over time. automatically reminds you of the birthdays of loved ones, the results of matches of your favorite teams, traffic jams on the way to work and changes in the weather in the morning. This is far from ideal in terms of its ingenuity, but already now a largely useful artificial intelligence system. why not use it, since it is free and not for the needs of special services?

There is an infrared port. there is a remote control

Once upon a time, using the infrared port it was possible to share ringtones, funny videos and pictures. Those great times are a thing of the past, but the infrared port is still being installed in newer models. Budget Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 / Redmi 4, LeEco, mid-range models like Honor 8, Asus ZenFone 3, Meizu Pro 6, and even flagships, Huawei Mate 9, HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6, for example.

What for? To control household appliances. TVs, VCRs (and what else, to the devil, tape recorders in 2017?), Air conditioners, microwave ovens, something else very smart. Not a vital function, but turning down the volume when the doorbell rings, and your TV is screaming at the whole apartment, and the remote control is lost no one knows where, it will always come in handy.

Controlling equipment from a smartphone is not always necessary, but very often useful

How to remove screen lock from HUAWEI device

As a rule, applications bundled with smartphones are designed to control the equipment of a brand similar to a smartphone. Xiaomi, LeEco or Samsung, for example. But nothing prevents you from going to Google Play and, according to the words “IR remote control” or “IrDA”, find an alternative suitable for your household appliances. For gourmets, there are even applications that organize the transfer and reception of files via IrDA. useful for those who have not yet died Siemens CX65 or Sony Ericsson K500i, but the cable for connecting to a PC has already been irretrievably lost.

We connect flash drives and hard drives to a smartphone / smartphone to a TV

“I’m far from my computer right now, I can’t give you a file” is a nice excuse if you want to relax, but in other cases, you should keep in mind such a smartphone function as USB OTG (On-The-Go). This is when the connector, which, as we are used to, is only suitable for recharging the phone or for connecting it to a computer, turns out to be able to work with flash drives, hard drives, card readers, keyboards and mice, game controllers and even printers! Through an adapter to a full-size USB-connector, of course.

No drivers or other dances with tambourines are required. plug it in and everything works. Thus, for example, you can immediately send photographs from the camera to your family / employer in the field, upload a pack of movies from the HDD to your smartphone to watch them on a long journey, or vice versa, urgently free up a memory card on your mobile phone so that there is enough space for hours of video recording.

Almost all new smartphones support connection via USB OTG, but we will not speak “for the whole Odessa”, so make sure that your model is able to handle this type of connection by searching for the words “name _ of an OTG smartphone”, or just buy a cable for 50-300 rubles and experiment!


One of the ways to clear the internal memory in Huawei smartphones is to factory reset. With a similar procedure, the phone will return to the state of a new device, that is, all settings and parameters will be the same as when purchasing a device. In addition, not only the settings will change, but absolutely all data on the phone (cache, contacts, messages, settings, applications, etc.) will be deleted.

The algorithm of actions for resetting is as follows:

  • creating a backup copy of data;
  • reset to factory settings;
  • data recovery from a copy;
  • making a backup.
remove, empty, honor, phone

It should be borne in mind that the backup will be saved on the memory card.


First you need to go to the official website to download the HiSuite utility, then you need to install it on your phone. After connecting, HDB access activation is required, and then select “Reservation”.

The utility is designed in such a way that you can select data for backup.

Removing temporary files

There is also another way to free up memory on your Huawei smartphone. You can delete temporary files. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • clearing the cache;
  • deleting google app history.

In order to clear the cache, the user needs to go to the “Smartphone Manager” section, and then press the “System Optimization” button. After deleting, the smartphone starts working faster, and there is more free space.

In addition, Google apps take up quite a lot of space on the Huawei device. And, while applications cannot always be uninstalled, their history is easy. In order to delete application history, you need to do the following:

  • Open settings.
  • Select the line “Applications”.
  • There go to the menu “Google Application”.
  • Open “Memory”.
  • Click on the “Seat Management” button.
  • After that click on “Delete everything”.

This way the user will delete the search data in their device.

If you want to clear the Google Play server storage, you need to go back to the settings. applications, but select “Google Play Services”, then click on “Memory”, then also click on “Manage Place”. After these actions, the owner must press the “Delete all” button. Thus, thanks to a similar method, it is also possible to clear a little memory in the Huawei phone.

Transferring applications to an external memory card

If an error occurs on your Huawei phone, and it notifies you of insufficient memory, you can try another method. To do this, you need to transfer applications to the memory card. It should be borne in mind that not all programs can be moved. But if Android version 6.0 and higher, then this list is much more extensive than it was in previous versions.

Algorithm of actions for transferring an application in a Huawei smartphone to a memory card:

New tag scanned samsung 9 FIX

  • Open settings.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Select the desired program to transfer from the phone memory to the micro-SD card.
  • Click on “Move to SD card”.

After the actions taken, you just need to wait for the end of the movement. Then some of the memory will be freed.

Removing standard programs

First of all, if there is not enough memory on your smartphone, you need to select those applications that the user does not need. The system will not allow you to uninstall most of the standard applications, but some of the programs can be uninstalled if you use the smartphone settings. For example, mail or the Odnoklassniki app.

Removing unnecessary programs for the user frees up some memory that can be used for other purposes. If the deleted applications are needed by the owner in the future, then it will not be difficult to restore them. It will be enough to use Goggle Play.

Huawei: memory problems

When buying smartphones, users are not always aware of the shortcomings or hope to avoid them. But, unfortunately, sooner or later, sometimes you have to face problems of various kinds, as well as with their direct solution.

One of the popular problems is the lack of memory in Huawei smartphones. At first, when the phone is new, this problem is not, since there are not many applications and data. As the number of installed programs increases, the space on the device becomes less and less. It becomes clear only when the memory is almost completely clogged to such an extent that even a light application cannot be installed or updated, causing a lot of trouble to its owner.

The operating system does not always install programs on the memory card, while in the settings there is a check mark “Install applications to the drive”. Even if the application is still installed on an external card, this does not guarantee that the device will not ask to free up space on the device. As a rule, a similar problem occurs if the device has 8, 16, rarely 32 GB. With 64 GB and 128 GB of memory, such problems do not arise yet.

In any case, the problem must and can be solved. To do this, you need to know about some of the optimization features.


In order to reset the settings to factory settings, you must:

  • go to the smartphone settings;
  • select the “System” section;
  • click on “Reset”;
  • follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

After that, all data on the Huawei smartphone will be deleted, and the device will reboot with the default settings:

How to remove an empty tag

Thus, the above method will work well in most cases, but it has two problems:

I wrote a slightly larger function that deals with these two use cases:

We iterate over every element on the page. We take the tag name of that element (for example, if the element is a div, it would be a DIV. And use that to create a closing tag. for example

This tag is 6 characters long. We check if the last 6 characters are uppercase in HTML elements. If so, we will continue. If it does not, the element does not have an end tag and therefore must be self-closing. This is preferred over a list because it means you don’t need to update anything if a new self-closing tag is added to the spec.

Then we check if the content of the element contains any spaces. / [^ s] / is a RegEx. [] is a set in RegEx and will match any character that appears inside it. If ^ is the first element, the set becomes negative. it will match any element that is NOT in the set. s stands for spaces. tabs, spaces, line breaks. So what [^ s] says “any character that is not a space”.

Matching this, if the tag is not self-closing and its content contains a non-whitespace character, then we remove it.

Of course, this is a little more and less elegant than the previous one-liner. But this should work for almost every case.

found this from the pen code: although JQuery but does the job

You will need to change the element to point to where you want to remove empty tags. Don’t point to the doc because that will lead to my answer on Toastrackenigma

In smartphones from different manufacturers, sometimes problems arise that are not easy to solve due to the fact that the reason for their appearance is not clear. This is “Added new tag, empty tag”, which is not easy to remove in the Honor phone. You will learn about the solution to the problem from this article.

Learn more about NFC technology

The NFC communication method was developed in 2004. But it became especially widespread only a few years later. Honor’s small action data transfer technology is great for making payments through payment systems. One of the most popular today is Google Pay. To pay, the chip and the reader must be at a distance of 10 centimeters.

Payment for services with NFC technology

Many standards for contactless cards (NFC) are used around the world to pay for purchases as well as to pay for public transport.

These are far from the only ways Honor uses technology, there are others:

Features: Explanation:
Proximity cards allow identification of RFID tags. Radio Frequency IDentification. radio frequency identification.
Used as a microchip implant. Or as an identifier document instead of a passport.
Used for Bluetooth pairing. In versions higher than 2.1.

In the future, they can be used as electronic keys to a house or car (development in progress). Electronic money is being tested on the basis of technology. And also NFC is used as an assistive technology for others.

What is this message “Added new tag, empty tag” in Honor?

At the moment, it is quite difficult to find information on the network on what to do when such a message appears on Honor smartphones. The message “Added a new tag” indicates that your device has detected a new card at the moment. The smartphone has a function that recognizes the chips of bank cards. Often, users carry them in a mobile device case. And as soon as the function is activated, the card recognition is triggered. The technology works at a distance of 10-15 centimeters.

When the card is recognized by the smartphone, a familiar message appears on the Honor screen. And also the icon of the new connected card in the notification panel.

NFC technology icon in phone

To solve this problem, you need to disable the NFC module in your mobile device. This should most likely resolve the message and notification issue.

Way to turn off NFC in Honor

So, we have determined that in order to get rid of the appearance of the message about an empty tag, you need to turn off the technology for recognizing chips of electronic cards NFC.

NFC. technology for reading data from cards

    Go to the main menu of the smartphone and find the gear icon. device settings;

Select the settings icon on the main menu of Honor Find the item “Additional functions”;

Tap the “Additional functions” item Move the slider opposite the “NFC” item to the “Off” position.

Move the slider to the side to turn off NFC

Depending on the Honor smartphone model, this item in the settings may be located in a different place. For example, in “Connections”. But it is always activated or deactivated in the same way. After deactivating it, the message “New tag added, empty tag” will disappear on your Honor mobile device.

How to connect Google Pay so that the error “Added a new tag, empty tag

To take full advantage of NFC technology in your Honor device, you need to connect Google Pay on it. This is not difficult to do. You will have to go through a few simple steps.

Install the Google Pay application Launch it on your Honor phone and select the account you want to authorize with and click the “Start” button;

Click “Get Started” in the Google Pay application. Next, we need to click on the “Add Card” button and link the bank card you want to pay with;

Click “Add card” to link your bank card

  • You need to enter all card details: number, CVC code, expiration date. As well as some personal data;
  • After checking your data, the application requires you to configure security settings. And above all, you must enable the screen lock if it is deactivated on the device. Choose the blocking method yourself;
  • Activating a lock on a smartphone

  • Next, you will need to enter the verification code in the application that your bank sends;
  • Enter the code and this completes the setup stage.
  • Allow access to your location data

    Additional information on payments with Honor smartphone

    If you want to pay for the purchase via a smartphone and you have less than 1,000 rubles on your account. it is not necessary to unblock it. Include location history to help you remember where you made purchases with Google Pay. You can also save other non-bank cards in your Google account. For example, gift cards or even travel passes. You can link multiple cards to your account and select a default bank card for payment. And if you do not want the Honor smartphone to display the message “New tag added, empty tag”. do not forget to remove the NFC function in the settings.

    I ran into a small coding problem with a WordPress template. This is the code I am using in the template:

    In my functions I use this to strip tags and only get content from allowed tags.

    Problem: I am using the above code to mark up tags from content, but WordPress is already putting image tags in a paragraph. So the result is paragraph tags where images are removed.

    Just for the sake of cleaning up my code and useless empty tags. My question is how to remove empty paragraph tags?

    use this regex to remove empty paragraph

    This gets rid of all empty tags, even if they contain spaces or &nbps; inside.

    Use str_replace to remove empty tags

    All the more advanced will need regular expressions.

    This function removes empty items and then other empty items created from previous removed items. (The example line contains spaces, tabs, and carriage returns).

    from your call to strip_tags. The second argument lists valid tags (which are not removed).

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