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First, we need to look at the most obvious and simple way to get rid of the client icon from your cell phone’s home screen. One clarification should be made that this does not permanently delete the application, but only removes its presence in the system.

Unfortunately, this will not clear much free space, but the user will always have the option to restore the app to its original state.

You should download the Hidden Settings For MIUI app from the official Google Play Store.

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Then the program will be launched and access to all the necessary files will be opened. Quickly find the application can be on the main screen under the name “Manage Applications”.

After launching it the user will see a list of programs that are installed on the mobile device. Among all the items you need to find YouTube and click on it.

After that a page with general settings opens. By clicking on the stop button, the application will stop working in the background mode, and after selecting the disable button it will completely stop playing.

After all these actions, it is recommended to clear the smartphone from other data. This can be done by entering the storage and clearing the cache.

How to correctly and step by step remove themes from the phone Xiaomi

Many users want their gadget to be different from others of the same model. Customization on your Xiaomi phone is easiest to do, using the capabilities of the “Themes” application. But not everyone tends to choose the design from the manufacturer’s suggested. And the constant change of wallpaper and icons can get boring, and downloaded images take up a significant amount of memory.

The standard uninstall is the easiest way to erase most third-party and some pre-installed apps. To use it:

  • press your finger on the program or game you want to delete;
  • When the urn icon appears at the top of the screen, drag and drop the app shortcut onto it;
  • Confirm the procedure by clicking on the “Delete” inscription that appears.

If the action is performed correctly, already in 1-2 seconds the program or game will be erased from the memory of the mobile device.

How to uninstall an application on Android Xiaomi

If you use a Xiaomi or Redmi phone, you already know about the many pre-installed apps that come with these Chinese phones. The problem is that they are installed as “system applications”, so it is not easy to remove or disable them.

These pre-installed apps cannot be disabled or uninstalled, but there is a little trick that can help you remove this software from MIUI. So, we’ve created this guide to help you clear your phone of unnecessary apps without Root rights or unlocking the bootloader.

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Uninstall pre-installed software on Xiaomi or Redmi devices without Root rights

Before you continue, make sure that you only remove pre-installed software or MIUI apps that you don’t need anymore. If your phone doesn’t work properly after uninstalling one of your apps, you can reinstall those apps back by going to the Reinstaller tab.

  • The first step to removing pre-installed software is to enable developer settings.
  • To do this, open your phone’s Settings.
  • Go to “About the phone” and click on the MIUI version, keep clicking until you see “You’ve become a developer!”.
  • Developer Options are enabled. Now we need to enable USB debugging.
  • Go to “Settings” “Advanced Settings” “For Developers” and enable USB Debugging.

USB debugging is enabled. Now you need to perform a few simple steps on your computer.

  • Download the latest version of Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools, and make sure you have the latest version of Java SE installed on your computer.
  • Connect the phone to your computer.
  • When prompted, allow USB debugging on your phone.
  • Open Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools, and you will see a list of installed apps, including system apps, on your phone.
  • You can uninstall system applications from Uninstaller tab. If you’re not sure which app to keep and which to remove, you can disable those apps on the Disabler tab.
  • Even if you uninstall one of your system-critical applications, you can easily reinstall it back using the Reinstaller tab.

Keep in mind that if you uninstall certain apps, some features may stop working, like Quick ball, App Vault, Compass, etc. д. These features may be useless to some, but to other users they may be necessary in a phone.

That’s all. Now you know how you can uninstall or disable pre-installed MIUI software and apps on your Xiaomi or Redmi cell phone.

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Open Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools This is how?

Hello, Vladimir. If the latest version of Java SE is installed on your computer, Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools will open as a normal application.

How to remove system applications on Xiaomi

For one reason or another, users of Xiaomi smartphones are interested in the question: how to remove system applications from the device.

The reasons why the phone owner wants to get rid of pre-installed utilities quite a lot, from a simple whim to the incorrect operation of the application, but not all of them can be removed by the available methods.

To begin with, let’s find out which applications can be uninstalled from your smartphone without much harm, and which are better left.

Uninstall MIUI System Apps For Any Xiaomi Device | Remove Unwanted Apps Redmi Devices ����

So, to uninstall the applications, which you have installed on your device with the help of Google Play, as well as such utilities as YouTube, music, movies, videos, which belong to the Google account. To remove such applications, it will be enough to go to the phone settings and select the desired one, then click “Delete”, or use Google Play, deleting unnecessary application there.

For all other utilities you will need root rights, without these you will not be able to uninstall. The manufacturer installs a lot of programs that the user may never use during the entire period of use of the smartphone, but they take up a lot of memory. Before describing the process of removing system applications, we would like to draw attention to the list of applications installed by the manufacturer and which, at your discretion, can be removed:

  • Email. If you use another mail service that is different from the pre-installed one, you can safely get rid of it.
  • Mi Link Service. BugRepot is a utility for sharing files between devices. You can delete it if you don’t want to use it.
  • BugRepot is a utility designed to send the developer reports about the bugs that occur on the device. Since it affects the workload of the device quite a lot, it is better to remove it, thereby unloading the system a little.
  • StepsProvider. an application that measures the number of steps you have taken. Since it seriously affects the performance of your device, it is recommended to get rid of it.
  • Updater is an annoying app that keeps reminding you to update. It is also recommended to get rid of it, and to update the applications on your smartphone manually.
  • Browser. safely uninstall, if you use another browser instead of the built-in.
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Now let’s get to the basics: how to uninstall system applications? There are two ways to do it: with and without root rights.

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone and you do not have root rights, you should follow these steps:

  • First you need to switch to developer mode. To do this, go to “Settings”, then “About the phone”, and “MIUI version”. Click on this tab exactly 8 times in a row, after which the inscription “You have become a developer” will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • The next step is to do “USB Debugging”. To do this, go to “Advanced Settings”, go to “For Developers” and make the “USB Debugging” option active.
  • The next mandatory step is to download a special program called ADBFastboot Tools on your computer. Java must also be installed. After installation, connect your smartphone to it and access the app. In the left upper corner press the “Menu” button, then “Check for device”. Once on the screen you will be asked to confirm the connection between your smartphone and PC.
  • Go to the ADB section and see there the list of all the applications installed on the smartphone. Check those that you want to uninstall and press Uninstall button. All marked applications will be removed.
  • After uninstalling, press Reboot button to finish the process, the phone will restart and the process will be completed.

If you have root rights, the process will be easier. To remove system applications it will be enough to download a special utility, which is responsible for deleting applications.

I advise to use Uninstall Expert for this purpose. If you chose it, open the application, find the section called System App, check the box next to the applications you want to get rid of and click the Uninstall button.

Confirm the user rights and that’s it, utilities are erased. However, I recommend you to think a few times before uninstalling the system application, as some of them directly affect the smartphone, and their removal can only harm the device.

Getting ROOT rights

To get root rights on your Xiaomi you will need to install the application SuperSu. Disconnect your smartphone, press Power button and press both volume keys, that will bring you to TWRP menu. Then go to the Install menu, select SuperSu and download it. In the process, the smartphone will perform a reboot (possibly several times), as a result, you will get root rights.

You will find the program SuperSu on your desktop screen. The next step is to install a suitable file manager with access to system programs.

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Removal of third-party applications

There are three main ways to remove third-party applications:

First method

In the case of installing programs through Play Market, the process of removal from Xiaomi smartphones is carried out without much trouble. Launching Play Market itself, you need to click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner.

Go to “My apps and games”.

Then open the “Installed” tab, where you need to select the program to uninstall and click on the appropriate icon.

The second way

At the moment, there are many removal programs available on Play Market. CCleaner is great for such purposes.

From the main menu you will need to click on “Manage Applications”.

Then, having selected the desired program, click on the bucket icon.

The third way

Standard tools for working with programs in MIUI are located in the usual place for Android users. In the settings you need to find the item “All apps”.

Then, stopping at the desired program, just use the icon labeled “Uninstall”.

What applications on Xiaomi can be painlessly uninstalled

On Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones that run Android and the MIUI shell, many Mi and Google apps are built in by default. Some of them are automatically loaded when you turn on your smartphone, take up permanent and RAM memory, or use the Internet connection. You can only uninstall unnecessary apps if you use additional software (your phone sleeps better and keeps charge longer). There is nothing complicated about it if you follow our instructions.

What standard apps you can uninstall

Often the owners of Chinese smartphones wonder about the removal of standard software, which is built in by manufacturers. What system applications can be uninstalled:

  • BugReport and Whetstone. Software is needed to send error reports. Affects the speed of your smartphone;
  • CloudPrint, FingerprintService, PrintSpooler. Programs needed to print files from your device. Does not affect the speed of your gadget;
  • Email. This native utility is better to remove if the user is using another mail application;
  • Fasdormancy. This function is not used by Russian users, it is relevant for trips abroad. Affects the speed of the gadget;
  • Mi Link Service. Designed to share files between phones running on the MIUI platform;
  • QuikSearchBox. Utility designed to search for information in Xiaomi phones. It is currently imperfect, so it can be removed;
  • StepsProvider. This is a native option. Pedometer add-on. It greatly reduces the performance of the smartphone;
  • Stk. Preinstalled software is a list of additional functions from the mobile operator. You can safely erase;
  • Updater. Controls MIUI update, annoying with its reminders;
  • Browser. Uninstall native browser for those who do not use it;
  • CellBroadcastReceiver. Emergency alert on the territory of Asia, so in Russia the application is irrelevant;
  • GoogleFeedBack. The software contains reviews of everything, greatly slows down the work of the device;
  • Shell. The function is designed to send reports on the overall work and its errors;
  • YellowPage. Shows information about the status of personal accounts;
  • Weather. Built-in weather utility that has complicated settings, so it can be uninstalled.