Advertising on the phone lock screen: Android and iPhone. How to remove ?

Upon receipt or purchase of a new SIM card, or replacing the current, users of phones, messages on the turned off-blocked screen begin to emerge. Namely: horoscopes, advertising and other messages. The following is the instructions for disconnecting such messages.

Tele2. Disable pop.up messages

  • Among the applications, find Tele2-Men (icon with a SIM card) → Open the “Tele2-Temi” section → “Disable”.
  • After some time, confirmation will appear about the successful disconnection of the service
  • Turn off and turn on the phone again.

Megafonpro. disconnect popping messages

Starting with iOS 13: Settings → Cellular communication → SIM programs → Kaleidoscope → Settings → Broadcasting → Turn off.

MTS. Disable MTS news

  • Go to the SIM cards menu → MTS Services → MTS news → Settings → Additionally → Broadcasting → Turn off.
  • Dial command 11112122# Call

MTS. Disable MTS services

  • Go to the SIM card menu → MTS Services → MTS info → Settings → Turn off.
  • After a while, SMS “Sending Disabled “.

Beeline. Disable pop.up messages

  • Settings → Phone → SIM programs → Hameleon → If there is broadcast → Disable.
  • Or through the “My Beeline” application, turn off the chameleon.
  • Or dial a USSD request. 11020# call.
  • You can also call the number 0684211371. for disconnecting.

If nothing helps, then you can write a message with a request to disable pop.up messages, in the official group VK Beeline, indicate the phone number and name.

Tele2. Disable pop.up messages

  • Among the applications, find Tele2-Men (icon with a SIM card) → Open the “Tele2-Temi” section → “Disable”.
  • After some time, confirmation will appear about the successful disconnection of the service.
  • Turn off and turn on the phone again.

MTS. Disable MTS news

  • Go to the SIM cards menu → MTS Services → MTS news → Settings → Additionally → Broadcasting → Turn off.
  • Dial command 11112122# Call

MTS. Disable MTS services

  • Go to the SIM card menu → MTS Services → MTS info → Settings → Turn off.
  • After a while, SMS “Sending Disabled “.

Beeline. Disable pop.up messages

  • Settings → Phone → SIM programs → Hameleon → If there is broadcast → Disable.
  • Or through the “My Beeline” application, turn off the chameleon.
  • Or dial a USSD request. 11020# call.
  • You can also call the number 0684211371. for disconnecting.

If nothing helps (this happens), then you can write a message asking for disconnecting pop.up messages, in the official group of VK “Beeline, disconnect pop.up advertising and notifications from sites on Android

Advertising banners that pop up on top of the main contents of the websites are perhaps the main enemy of most users. Still, who will like it when the text of the article you read is unexpectedly overlap with a dubious announcement, promoting services to attract and increase anything or anyone else. But, fortunately, your Android Smartphone knows how to fight it. The main thing is to activate the necessary parameters.

This instruction applies to most smartphones pre-installed by the Chrome Android web browser. It is he who contains a number of superstructures that will allow you to forget about annoying advertising and blocking the content of banners forever.

How to unsubscribe from sites notification

Another recommendation that is desirable to fulfill is to disable pop.up alerts from sites.

  • To do this, go to the site, the warning from which you no longer want to receive, then open the context menu and go to the information section by pressing the icon I;

The camera in smartphones is probably the most important module in addition to the processor. The newer the smartphone, the more details it fixes, and the system is able to fix the location where this photograph was created. The function is quite convenient: you can open the card and see in which places you took photos, but this is not always safe. If the phone is lost, scammers can use the geomete and visit your cottage. In the end, this is not so safe if you do not want to go forward to someone and give a secret. Today we will tell you how to remove geolocation from a photo on Android or disconnect this function for good.

It has long been known that even the relevant iPhone 13 still has only 4 GB of RAM. For Android flagman, this mark was overcome many years ago, and now even the most budget models offer at least the same amount, or even more RAM. As for expensive models, to date, the main market of Android Smartphones has up to 18 GB of RAM. And thanks to the technology of memory expanding Android smartphones can get up to 20 GB of RAM and more. This even exceeds what users have most desktop computers. But why is this happening?

Situations when the smartphone does not download any sites or applications, recently began to appear quite often. Some of them are not launched without an active VPN connection, and some require, on the contrary, to disconnect it. But not everything depends only on VPN. It may also happen that the smartphone simply stops catching a cellular network or flatly refuses to connect to Wi-Fi. It’s good if this happens at the moment when you do not have a life need for this. You can calmly get home and understand what happened calmly and thoroughly.

“How to unsubscribe from sites notification?”.” Subscribe to our channel in Yandex.Zen “. Thanks for the advice…

Disconnecting advertising on Android

The simplest harmless place where you can find advertising is a blocked screen and a notification panel. It is there that the advertisement that you yourself gave permission is displayed.

You could do this when any site invited you to enable notifications. That is why most often such an advertisement is displayed indicating the site that sent it.

If notifications do not come at all, it is worse. Notifications on Android do not come. What to do?

To turn off such an advertisement, just go to the browser settings and remove the necessary checkmarks. In Google Chrome, you need to open the menu by pressing three points in the upper corner. After that, open “Settings”, then “Site Settings”, then “Notifications”. Now you can not only disable all notifications, but also do it for individual sites. It is necessary to click on the name of the site and there again select “Notifications”.

This method will not help only if you once agreed with the site’s offer and added its icon to the home screen. If there are such, you just need to remove this icon and forget about advertising.

Sites earn like this on push notifications. Therefore, they try to get into your smartphone with all legal means. But there are more aggressive advertisers who are much more complicated, but you can also.

How applications send advertising

In fact, not only customization applications can bomb you with an obsessive advertisement. It can be pretty decent applications. And it can also be a virus that is itself an application and torments you with extra information or downloads applications.

How to disable display on top of other applications

Again, first try to go in a simple way. If you suddenly know which application praises you with advertising, we can go to the smartphone settings, select the “Applications” section, then select the necessary list of its settings to find the item “On top of other applications”. The wording and location can change slightly, but as a rule, this item is in additional settings and is called that way.

Then just turn off the display and advertising should no longer bother you. You can generally delete the application if it is not necessary.

Without turning into the settings of the application itself, you can open the “Special Permission” item and find there “on top of other applications”. So you will see at once everything that is open similar access.

Just remember that not only suspicious applications can display advertising, but also very decent and large.

How to determine the application that shows advertising

If you do not know which application displays advertising, it must be found. To do this, download the “Advertising Detector” application.

The essence of this application is that it analyzes what is happening on your screen and, when advertising appears, it will show you which application shown at this moment.

Having learned the name of the application, it will be possible to go to the settings and do what is described in the previous paragraph. That is, delete the application or prohibit it to display advertising over other applications.

This method works only with applications that do not behave as systemic. To combat something more global, another application must be installed.

How to see a list of active applications

If the first methods have not helped, install the GoClean application. With it, you can see all active applications in general. Including those that can show advertising.

To do this, go to the “Detector” section and analyze the activity of the applications taking into account their launch. It is best to conduct an analysis after you will a little smartphone and run into advertising. So you can determine the very application. I repeat, it can be a completely useful application that should simply be prohibited from appearing on top of other applications.

How to disable ads on Android manually

Experienced users may try to manually delete the file responsible for the appearance of advertising when connecting the Internet. To do this, first you need to download a conductor that will give you access to the entire file system, including hidden folders. You can also find it in Play Market.

The essence of this method is simple. IP is assigned advertising To do it is simple:

  • Open an alternative file manager (for example, ES conductor) and follow the System. etc path.
  • Find Hosts file in the folder. Make a backup of it (place it on a USB flash drive or other medium, you can even outside the smartphone).
  • From the network, download the modified Hosts file. Previously check it so that in all domain names of advertising applications there are zeros instead of IP.
  • Replace the standard file with a modified file using a file manager.
  • Reload the device.

The problem in using this method is that you need to know what domain names are responsible for the appearance of advertising on the device. You need to look for a finished file on the forums of smartphone lovers.

Blockers’ applications

If after standard actions you have an advertisement on Android, how to remove its question remains open. A simpler way is to use applications blocking advertising. They will automatically reject banners. Here are examples of such programs.

Adblock Plus

This application is known to users according to the version for the computer, but now you can download the utilities for smartphones. This can be done from the official website of the developers. The application does not require Root.access, but in this case it sets up the connection through proxy servers. If it is impossible to automatically make a connection, the application will tell you which settings to manually enter.

After setting up the connection, you need to select a lock list, if it was not possible to do it automatically. Russian.speaking users need to dwell on the option: Ruadlist Easylist. Now you just have to turn on the filtering in the settings and you can use the utilities without fear of banners.


Another firewall that can save you from advertising spreads in two ways. through GitHub and using Play Market. In the latter case, you will receive a beta version of the program with truncated functions. The settings of this application are intuitively simple-here you do not need to configure the proxy-shift and choose a lock sheet.

In the application you will see a list of programs using advertising, as well as the cost of Internet speeds for the appearance of banners. For each application, select advertising display options. You can get rid of browser ads using a modified Hosts file. It can be downloaded directly from the application.


This program is good in that it spends a smartphone’s resources only at the time of connection to the Internet. As soon as the connection breaks, it stops working. This application also spreads the GitHub website.

Open the application and go to the central Domain Filters tab. It contains all the filters available to the user. It is recommended to turn off all the filters (red circles will appear next to them), setting off Adaway. Now go to the first tab and click on a large digging of inclusion in the center of the screen.

Now you know everything about Android advertising and ways to turn it off. If you have questions, then you can ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share information with friends and invite them to communication. Perhaps you can supplement the application list or recommend a different way to solve the advertising problem.

Blocking common.system advertising on Android

Follow the instructions below to get rid of annoying advertising on your smartphone without root.

  • Allow the smartphone to install applications from sources by including the “Unknown Sources” option. To do this, you need to go to the Safety Safety settings and then turn it on.
  • Download APK by link above and install it on your smartphone.
  • After the installation is completed, start the application and then a guide will open, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the functions. The start screen will allow you to choose the option automatic start when loading. Note: the DNS66 application will initially affect the battery level, but as soon as it fully earns with optimal settings, the battery will not be significant consumption.

This is the most logical and effective way to block advertising on Android OS.

Blocking advertising on Android without application

You can also easily block advertising on any Android device without installing any application on a smartphone. To do this, follow these points:

  • Open Wi-Fi settings and the Internet or additional connection parameters Private DNS.
  • Click on the option Name of a private DNS provider.
  • Now you can choose any of these DNS options to obtain protection from advertising of a certain type:

That’s all the ways to remove advertising from your Android device without affecting the time of autonomous work. If you know any other options, tell us about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this material and in our Telegram chat.

Browsers without advertising

If the advertisement is most annoyed not in applications, but in browsers, try downloading special browsers with blockers to remove advertising.

Adblock Browser is a viewing of web pages without pop-up windows, sound advertising on sites and advertising banners. And also this is an opportunity to watch any video on YouTube without stopping for advertising. The browser also protects against harmful programs and viral risks, allows you to view the web pages anonymously and does not allow companies to track your network activity (so that later you will load you with contextual advertising). The most important thing is a free application without restrictions on functionality.

Brave is a quick browser blocking advertising. Advertising protection is already built into the functionality, additional applications and superstructures will not be needed. Saves the maximum confidentiality on the network, encrypting data, blocking scripts and cookies.

How to remove advertising in iPhone

The iOS operating system is much better protected from the penetration of viruses compared to Android, so advertising in iPhones most often is precisely the promotion of goods and services, and not malicious programs. How to remove advertising. depends on where it meets.

If these are endless fluffs from services (such as Ozon, Wildberries, Litres, Duolingo, cellular operators and hundreds of other companies), it is enough to turn off all types of notifications in the settings of these applications. you will no longer see unnecessary information on the screen.

If these are advertising in applications and browsers, we recommend installing the same Adguard and Adblock applications described above.

In the Safari browser, advertising is disconnected in the settings, the function. “prohibit pop.up windows”.

If the YouTube advertisement is most worried, the best exit will be a premium version, the forums are also advised by the Luna VPN application. It is free, but there are risks, as with any use of VPN. the access of third parties to your traffic. The status of the application activity can be changed directly in the settings, it is fast and convenient.

How to find an ad

Recent applications

This is the easiest and most often the most effective way to search for harmful applications showing advertising after unlocking the screen.

All you need is to wait until the advertisement appears after you unlocked the phone. Immediately after this, press the button of recent applications (a standard button with the image of a square at the bottom of the screen or under the screen). A list of recently open applications will open, the first of which will be an application with advertising.

Depending on the version of the Android system, the header will show an icon or application name. In new versions, you can even press the application icon, the menu will open in which you need to select the “On the Appendix” item. A page with information about the application will open, where it will be possible to delete it.

If you don’t have a menu when you press the icon, just remember the icon or the name of the malicious application, go to the phone settings. the application and find it according to these signs, then delete it.

Installed applications

Recently installed a new application? Maybe the child took your phone and put on him harmful? Carefully look at the list of all applications if new icons appeared there. Try to remove new or unfamiliar applications in one, checking if advertising has disappeared after unlocking.

Applications without icons

Some applications may not have a badge, so when viewing the list of applications you will not see them. To find such applications, go to the phone settings. applications. In the list of all applications, look for applications without an icon, if you find, delete.

Checking working applications

Another way to find a malicious application is to check the list of working applications. To do this, you need to enable the developer mode. If you haven’t done this yet, read how to enable the developer mode. Or look

After activating the developers mode, enter the settings. for developers. working applications. If you see an unfamiliar application here, perhaps it needs to be removed.

Installation of a special application for detecting advertising

If none of the above methods helped and you could not find a malicious program, try installing a special application for finding advertising on the phone. For example, for this purpose, Appbrain Ad Detector copes well. He sorts your applications on the basis of advertising shows, and those that are at the top show you this or that advertisement.

Start deleting the applications marked with red, in one to find which of them shows advertising after blocking.

How to delete the application that shows advertising on the lock screen

As soon as you found which application shows the advertisement, the simplest is left. to remove it. To do this, go into the phone settings, select the application and notifications item.

On this tap, click the item “Show all applications”. In the list we find the alleged culprit, click on it and in the window that opens, click the “Delete” button.

On our channel on YouTube there is a video instruction:

What to do if there is no button to delete?

Sometimes there are situations when the application does not have a delete button or when it is pressed, it is reported that the application cannot be deleted because it has administrator rights.

In order to withdraw the rights of the administrator at such an application, go to the phone settings, section “Protection and location”

In the menu “Protection and location” find the item “Applications of the administrator of the device”.

Remove the engine from the application that you are going to remove, after that the deletion will become affordable.

If after all the actions the advertisement is still shown. we repeat the actions described above, until we find a real culprit.

Why advertising appears on the phone?

It is important to understand in what form advertising appears and in what specific applications, since each case will have its own version of removal:

  • Banners in applications. It can be either permanent advertising banners, for example, at the bottom or at the top of the window, as well as pop.up, appearing after certain actions or after equal intervals;
  • Notifications from sites. Often, advertising appears due to notifications from the sites that you subscribed to the browser, and at the same time you could not even notice how you did it yourself;
  • Viruses. One of the most critical categories, when banners are displayed involuntarily in different applications, even on top of other windows where advertising should not be at all. Such actions are often related to viral activity on your smartphone.

But wherever the advertisement appeared on the phone with android, any problem can be solved, and we will help you with this.

How to get rid of advertising

Do not neglect advice from this article and perform all actions in stages to achieve the desired result. If there are problems when starting certain tools or applications, be sure to write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will help you.

Installation of antivirus

No matter how trite it sounds, but an antivirus should be installed in the Android operating system, because it is the most vulnerable platform at the moment, for which thousands of new malicious applications and shells are created every day.

Antivirus should be installed only from the official Google Play service, bypassing sites and sites. Only in this case can a stable program update be guaranteed and access to signature databases. Products from Kaspersky, DR can act as good antiviruses.Web, Malwarees bytes.

Advertising blockers

In addition to antivirus, you can also install an advertising lock to get rid of obsessive banners. But most of these tools are blocked only in browsers, and that, a certain category. For example, Adguard will hide advertising only in Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet, but it also has a separate option for blocking in other programs. Only you need to activate this opportunity in the settings:

  • Download Adguard to Google Play and wait for installation;
  • At the first launch on the main screen, your protection will be disconnected, so you need to put the slider in a state of “VCL” opposite the “Protection” point;
  • Now at the right on the right, press the icon and choose “settings” there;
  • Go to the “Content blocking” section;
  • Activate the option “Content blocking in all applications”. Since that time, the lock will hide ads in all other running programs on your smartphone, but it still misses part of the banners, and not everything supports browsers.

Another thing is the Adblock application, which also does not require the presence of a Root-right on a smartphone. Supports almost all popular mobile browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Yandex and others. In this case, the lock is carried out only within the framework of the observer, while you carry out sewg on the Internet. For example, if there is an advertisement in some other application on your smartphone, Adblock will not be able to block it. For this, other tools will be needed. But we strongly recommend that you download the lock on your phone, since the program is free and does not require any additional actions from you.

Removing suspicious applications

Be sure to scan your smartphone with antivirus, and if there are suspicious applications on the list, delete them. Also go on your own “settings” of your gadget, go to the list of “applications” and look at which of them you did not install. If any, feel free to delete. Just do not confuse with systemic.

For mass removal of programs, you can use the Easy Uninstaller utility, which allows you to highlight the necessary list and erase programs from your smartphone with one key, which is very convenient.

Disconniciency of notifications in the browser

When you visit different sites in the browser, notifications often appear with a subscription to news alerts from this resource. And often the user does not even understand that he pressed such a notification and allowed sending. In the future, all these alerts will appear on the screen of your smartphone, including advertising banners. That is why it is recommended to disconnect push notifications for all sites. We will look at the example of the Google Chrome browser:

In general, you can prohibit the full display of notifications in browsers so that such sites can no longer show you pop.up banners. We recommend reading about this in our separate article. “How to disable notifications in the browser”. It is described for all mobile observers with detailed screenshots.

Disconnect the imposition on top of other windows

Not only harmful applications can show advertising on your smartphone, but also various types of determinants of numbers, predictions, keyboards, music players from social networks and many other products from different categories. Most of them are displaying advertising due to advanced rights that you can get in several clicks in your phone. You can check it like this:

Over other windows, this is a separate permit for the application in Android, which allows you to show any content regardless of which program you have now open.

Administrators on a smartphone

Another important category, and quite vulnerable. are administrators on your phone. These rights can be issued to any application, and then it receives complete freedom of action. To limit them and prevent a possible show of banners, we recommend that you perform the following actions:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your gadget and select “Password and Security”;
  • Click “Privacy” and go to the “Special Access” section;
  • Here you need to find the item “Applications of the administrator of the device” and click there;
  • View the full list and turn off those products that you consider doubtful. In general, there are rarely found applications if you yourself have not connected anything. By the way, these screenshots were made on Xiaomi, and there are also a large number of advertising. If you are the owner of the products of this company, we advise you to read on how to delete advertising on Xiaomi.

Yandex Browser blocks advertising without root

The browser created by the developer of the same search system. He also has the ability to block advertising. In addition, branded services and turbojet are integrated into the observer. Compatible with Android version no earlier than 2.3. It is not required to work for its work.

The method described below does not require installation of additional applications. For its implementation you need a Root-right, as well as a file manager who has access to the file system of a smartphone or tablet. First of all, we should get a hosts file. It can be downloaded from open sources. We save the component in the form of a text file and assign it to him the name Hosts.

This stage can be passed not only on a tablet or smartphone, but also on a computer. Next, prepare a backup copy of the original Hosts file. To do this, we assign him an arbitrary name.

Now we will need a file manager who can be applied with the rights of a super sexman. In this capacity, you can use the Root Explorer application. We put the Hosts file received from the Internet in the ETC directory. After that, reboot the smartphone or tablet. Advertising should disappear.

Stop Pop-Up ads on Android phones

How to remove ads on Android ads

Now let’s tell you how to remove ads on YouTube on Android. This video hosting has an unusual advertising organization system. Even in the official Android application for YouTube. Advertising ads appear at the bottom of the screen. This can be avoided using the XPosed Framework application. The tool needs ROOT laws.

XPOSED FRAMEWORK is a tool that is capable of manipulating the system files using the added modules. As part of our topic, we will talk about a module called YouTube Adaay. First of all, we check the presence of a ROOT-right.

Next, we perform the following actions:

  • Install the Xposed Framework. To do this, load the installation program from the official site.
  • We install the file. APK.
  • Install or update Framework. Find an application icon and launch it. We go to the Framework section. Here you can update if it is necessary.
  • We reboot our device. You can also use the Soft Reboot function, it will provide an accelerated reboot.

Ready. It should be noted that Framework will need Unknown Sources. This function should be activated in advance. It will allow installation from programs that are absent in the Google Play company store. When Framework is installed, you can go to the loading of the necessary module.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • We proceed to the “Download” section. It can be found in the XPOSED application on the main screen.
  • Choosing a module called YouTube Adaway.
  • Download the module using the “Download” function.
  • Install YouTube Adaway.

To turn on the module, we perform the following actions:

  • On the main screen, we use the “Modules” item.
  • Marking the YouTube Adaway module with a flag. We will use it further.
  • Mostly the program menu we go to Framework.
  • We use the Soft Reboot function.

We adjust YouTube Adaay as follows:

  • We use the module in App Drawer
  • Further, the necessary opportunities will be marked with flags, if necessary, some of them can be removed.
  • We check if advertising from YouTube applications has disappeared.

Ready. When using the Kitkat operating system, the use of the module can cause an error. In this case, it is necessary to update the software.

How to Remove Ads from your Android Phone Lock Screen. Get Google out of your Xiaomi Phone