What to do if the tray does not open (is jammed or bent)

Often, owners of Xiaomi smartphones are faced with a situation where the tray does not slide out at all when pressed, or it appears a couple of millimeters and does not come out completely.

This usually happens if the SIM card inside the case gets caught on internal parts. It may have been incorrectly cut to a micro or nano format, or inserted in the wrong direction.

Some users try to make a “sandwich”: they glue chips from a SIM card and a memory card in order to simultaneously use cellular communications and increase the phone’s memory. In fact, such homemade tools often lead to tray problems.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, the stuck slot needs to be removed somehow. There are several recommendations on this score:

  • if you use a standard paper clip, try applying a little more force (it won’t hurt your smartphone, and the tray may well move further);
  • do not poke a needle or pin into the hole, as they may pierce internal parts and cause serious damage to the device;
  • if the tray is slightly extended, try to insert something thin (a blade, a piece of foil) into the slot, and gently shake the structure.

As a rule, as a result of such actions, the slot is still unhooked from the case.

Sometimes the contacts inside the smartphone bend, or the tray itself bends. In this regard, you should not press with a paper clip or pull the slot with all your might: the parts may simply break.

Finally, the last way to deal with the problem is to disassemble the phone. An ordinary user is unlikely to be able to do this, so it is better to contact the service center so as not to aggravate the situation.

How to open with a standard paper clip

All Xiaomi smartphones come with a metal clip (key).

The paper clip looks like an oval with a long wire at one end.

  • Examine your smartphone. Usually the slot is on the left side (sometimes on the right).
  • Find the small hole next to the tray and carefully insert a paperclip into it.
  • Press down on the paper clip with some force until you hear a click.
  • A tray will slide out of the phone case a few millimeters, which must be carefully pulled out with your fingers.

After that, do the manipulations you need with the sim card or memory card, and then simply insert the slot back all the way.

It is not necessary to turn off the smartphone during these operations.

How to open without a standard paper clip

Of course, the standard key is not always at hand. over, usually users use it only once: when they unpack the purchased smartphone and insert the SIM card. The fact is that there are many suitable items around that will help you get the tray:

  • Paper clips. The first thing that comes to mind, because they are practically no different from a standard paper clip. You just need to bend the long end of the paper clip and insert it into the hole.
  • Needles. As already mentioned, in no case should they be inserted with a sharp end, but the opposite end will quite cope with the task. Of course, the tip of the eyelet needle is sharper than the end of a paper clip, but it won’t cause any problems.
  • Push pins. In this case, you need to choose not the sharpest products.
  • Earrings (piercings). Regular stud earrings are great for getting out the tray, since their tip is wide enough and not at all pointed.

Basically, a tray opening item can be found in any home and office.

How to Transfer Contacts to SIM Card from Xiaomi Memory

Now our task is the opposite of the previous one, we will have to extract contacts from Xiaomi memory and transfer them to SIM-cards.

We will use the same menu, but this time we will select the “Export to SIM-card” command. By clicking you will see a pop-up warning that the number of subscribers that can be stored on the SIM is limited, you will be shown the remaining free space. A list of entries in the Xiaomi memory will appear, select the ones that you want to transfer to the SIM, then click on the “Ok” button on the navigation bar. Subscribers will be immediately transferred.

Xiaomi contacts: how to transfer to SIM and how to copy from SIM to memory

From the very beginning of its existence, SIM cards for cell phones have allowed contacts to be stored in them. This number was small, and even today it does not break records. up to 250 subscribers.

But there are limitations, you cannot add multiple phone numbers, email addresses and other elements for one contact, which are available in the “Contacts” application on Xiaomi.

So it turns out that only 250 phone numbers can be transferred to a SIM card, which will belong to a much smaller number of people, because, as a rule, for each contact we have several numbers recorded: mobile, work, second mobile, home, etc.

In this post, I will show you how to carry out basic operations for transferring contacts to SIM and from SIM cards to Xiaomi memory.

How to transfer contacts from SIM to main memory on Xiaomi

To transfer contacts, we will use the application of the same name on Xiaomi, open it, in the upper right corner, click on the “Three dots” icon and select “Import and Export” in the pop-up menu. If we want to transfer the records from the SIM card to the Xiaomi memory, we need to select the “Import from SIM card” menu. I use only one SIM card on my phone, so in the screenshots you will see only work with it, however, if you use two SIM cards at the same time, your choice will be wider. After clicking, a menu will appear in which you need to choose which of the accounts under which you are already authorized on the Xiaomi smartphone, you want to transfer subscribers. You will be taken to the menu of contacts that are saved on the SIM, mark them with circles on the right, and as soon as you have selected all, click on the “Import” button in the bottom navigation bar.

How to Delete Contacts from SIM Card on Xiaomi

It is not difficult to get lost in the wilds of menus and settings, especially if you recently bought a Xiaomi smartphone and are not yet used to the logic of command layout and creation of interfaces.

Therefore, such a simple operation as removing contacts from a SIM card may not be feasible, although it should be very simple to perform. But due to the fact that on the phone you can be authorized at once under several accounts of cloud services, such as: Google, Mi and others, each of which synchronizes all contacts, and you would like to see from the general list, figure out which of them are stored in the cloud, as in memory, and which in the SIM card, it is difficult.

Below I will show you how to change the filter and see only those records that are in the SIM card.

While in the “Contacts” application, click on the “Three dots” icon and select “Settings” from the pop-up menu. In the list of display filters, find the line “Contact filter”. It works in such a way that you select the source from which the entries in the general list will be displayed when you open the application. In our case, select the value “SIM-card”. then return to the list. You will see that only those in the SIM are left in it, and those that are stored in the memory of your Google or Mi account have disappeared from the list. Now you can select the entries you want and delete them from the SIM memory.

Using a paper clip to remove

You should take the package in which the device was shipped and take from it a special key (called a “Paperclip”). It can be found quickly as it is secured in a separate paper case.

A paper clip is supplied with every Xiaomi device, since they have a non-removable back panel. Thanks to this key, it will be possible to access the SIM card slot.

If the wrench cannot be used for any reason, then a solid wire of suitable diameter can be used instead. Do not stick sharp needles in order not to damage the removal mechanism.

Simultaneous placement of two cards and a CD-drive

If the developer did not provide for such an opportunity, then you can get out of the situation manually.

remove, card, xiaomi

Removing the chip from the card

  • Remove the chip from the SIM card. To do this, you need to gently heat the plastic on the sides until it becomes pliable, then pry it with tweezers and take out the gold microcircuit. You can use a lighter or a hair dryer;
  • Gently grind the chip from the bottom side and along the edges with sandpaper, remove about 1-2 millimeters of plastic;
  • Use super glue to slide the chip onto the CD drive. You need to look for information specifically on your SIM card additionally. The correct location of the chip differs for different communication providers.

Correct location of the chip on the drive

Gluing two cards is a difficult process, there is a chance to break a USB flash drive, internal contacts, or even completely lose the ability to remove the tray from the device. It is safer and easier to purchase a model that has an additional memory tray instead of a mixed slot.

Installing a SIM card in a new device is no more difficult than in the previous one. Xiaomi devices are similar to each other and open using the same method. If a paper clip was lost or was not supplied, you can use a standard paper clip by first unfolding one side of it.

Installing a second SIM or memory card

Next, you need to figure out how to insert a memory card into the device. It is not difficult to do this, the only difference is that in conjunction with the SIM, you should implement a drive and a tray.

MicroSD has special cutouts that do not allow integrating it incorrectly. It is necessary to look to ensure that they are completely combined. What it looks like is shown in the image below:

MicroSD cutouts

After that, just like with a single card, you should install the slot in the device. It is necessary to ensure that the content does not change position and completely falls into the desired guides.

How to remove the SIM card tray

To insert a SIM, you first need to remove the tray. It is located on the left side of the device, and is removed using the paper clip supplied in the box.

  • Find the packaging and look into it;

Packaging with a new smartphone

  • After that, remove from there the iron paper clip shown in the image below. Thanks to her, it will be possible to open the smartphone;

Paper clip to eject the tray

Note! Before proceeding to the next step, be sure to turn off the device.

How To Insert Sim Card and Micro SD Card In Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

  • Place the unit on something soft to avoid scratching the display. It is necessary to ensure that the device does not fall. Find the hole shown in the picture below. It is necessary to remove the tray;

Tray eject hole

  • Slowly press down on the paper clip, without applying excessive force, while the tray should slide out;

The tray came out after inserting the key

  • Pull the paperclip out and put it back. you no longer need it. Gently grasp the tray on both sides and remove it from the device.

SIM Cards Supported by Xiaomi

Most of the company’s devices support two SIM-cards at the same time. Therefore, it will be possible to integrate both Nano-SIM and Micro-SIM into the device.

Types of SIM-cards

The device also has the ability to insert a Nano-SIM memory card, but then it will be possible to use only a memory card and Micro-SIM.

Card tray

Modders on the net have come up with a method to use 2 SIM cards and a memory card. The reception is called “Sandwich”. It is not often possible to cut the Nano-SIM properly, it does not always fit.

Reinserting the SIM tray

After that, the SIM card is installed with the tray again into the device case. Installing the card must be done carefully, since this fragile little thing is very easy to break.

The tray must click. Then you need to turn on the device and wait until the inserted SIM finds the operator and becomes active. The name of the mobile provider will be displayed in the top tray.

The device is ready to perform work and domestic functions.

Attention! Some Xiaomi devices have separate slots (Redmi 4 Prime).

That is, one for placing SIM1, the second for SIM2 or a flash drive. But there are models with a mixed slot that can accommodate 1 or 2 SIM at once, as well as a memory card (for example, Redmi 4a, Mi 5, Redmi 5, 5 Plus and others).

Xiaomi Mi 9 SIM Card How to Insert or Remove!

How to insert a SIM card into Xiaomi. step by step instructions

How to insert a SIM card into Xiaomi. this question is asked by many users who have become the owners of a new Xiaomi smartphone. Maybe it’s Redmi 4 or Redmi 5, or even Mi A1 or Mi 6. Of course, this can be any other option from the huge list of devices from this manufacturer from the Middle Kingdom. All that remains is to congratulate! Great choice! Now you just need to turn on the device and insert a SIM card into it. For most users, this operation will seem extremely easy. But there are also those for whom the process of implementing SIM-ki will become a real problem.

Therefore, you need to consider this process in stages. After reading the manual, even a beginner can easily integrate a SIM into a Xiaomi personal device.

Mixed Dual Tray, Nano SIM Card, Micro SDi Card

Xiaomi Redmi 9 does not see the SIM card. Ways to help

Xiaomi Mi CC9 does not see the SIM card. Troubleshooting

2 way

If no paper clips are found in the house, you can use a sewing needle. Check that the blunt end is loosely pushed into the hole. The sharp end needs to stick a tree or any other wooden object.

How to open the SIM tray on Xiaomi (Redmi)

A Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone works without a SIM card, but in order for it to access the operator’s cellular network, it is necessary.

Also inside the SIM card there is its own memory, which contains service data necessary for working in networks, for example, such as an Internet access point, subscriber number and many other service information.

It is also possible to write down phone numbers in it so as not to lose them if you move the SIM card from one phone to another, albeit with some restrictions.

But before the SIM card starts working, it must be inserted into a special tray in the Xiaomi case, and many novice owners have a question: how to do this?

The kit for the new phone has a special tool for removing the SIM card tray from the case, it looks like a metal probe 3 cm long.Look at the case of the smartphone, on one of the sides you will notice an oval-shaped detail that is tightly recessed inside, next to which there will be the hole is the tray for the SIM card and from there it is pulled out.

Caution: there is no tray on the top and bottom edges, these are holes for microphones and speakers, do not insert the probe into them, you will damage the sensors.

Gently insert the probe into the hole and slightly press on it, you will see that the SIM card tray has come out of the case a few millimeters. At this point, remove the dipstick and open the tray all the way using your hands. If the SIM card tray does not come out, press down a little harder. If this does not help, carefully inspect the case, perhaps something is interfering with the tray, or you inserted the probe into the wrong hole. It is necessary to insert it back, observing the orientation, usually this happens so that the operator’s logo is on top, i.e. from the side of the Xiaomi screen.

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