How to remove the graphic key on Samsung, if you forgot it?

Graphic key is one of the most common ways to block the Samsung phones screen, as it helps not confuse the device locking password with other passwords (for example, passwords of accounts, applications, sites, etc.D.), which are mainly represented in the alphanumeric version. However, the blocking drawing is also quite often forgotten, and then the owners of smartphones are moving in search of answers, how to remove the graphic key with Samsung. In this article, we will consider several solutions that may be useful to you if you are in a similar situation. Take advantage of any of them or try each of the options in turns to ensure the achievement of an effective result. Each of the ways will provide you with a guaranteed result. a reset of a graphic key on your phone, they differ only by ease of use or conditions of a specific situation.

Now we suggest you familiarize yourself with the detailed descriptions of each of the following options. Step-by-step instructions for each method will help you easily fulfill all the necessary actions yourself and for maximum time.

Unlock PIN / graphic key / android password if you have forgotten

If you forget the Android pattern or password, then get around the blocking is not so difficult. You can easily get your Android phone if you follow the methods specified below:

The system has passed a long way, and to unlock your Android devices blocked by a PIN code or password, a variety of options were introduced. You must have heard about Google Assistant, who performs all that users say.

You just have to keep Google Assistant on to use it accordingly. Remember that it depends on your voice, which means that no one else except you can Unlock password lock .

Google Assistant instantly unlocks your Android device as soon as you say “Okay, Google”, turning facing the phone.

If you use the latest version of Android, simply by pressing the “Home” button, you will open Google Assistant.

Just go to the “Explore” option and click on the Profile icon.

From there you will find the “Settings” parameter and the Assistant tab, on which your phone is located.

Just click on this and enable two options: “Access using Voice Match” and “Unlock using Voice Match”.

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After completing the setting, you no longer need to worry about the forgotten template or password Android.

How to unlock the graphic key on samsung

First step. turn off your phone. In the future, by pressing the buttons listed below, you will fall in the menu where it will be necessary to select Wipe Data / Factory Reset (Erase data, reset to factory settings). Movement over the menu is performed using the volume buttons on the phone. All data on the phone, and not just the graphic key will be deleted, t.E. He will come to the state in which you purchased it in the store.

If your phone is missing in the list. write a model in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to complement this instruction promptly.

If your phone model is not specified, you can still try. who knows maybe it will work.

  • SAMSUNGGALAXYS3. Press the audio addition button and the center “Home” button. Press the power button and hold while the phone does not depend. Wait for the appearance of the Android logo and release all the buttons. In the menu that appears, reset the phone to the factory settings, which will unlock the phone.
  • SAMSUNGALAXYS2. Press and hold the “sound less”, at this time, press and release the power button. From the menu that appears, you can select “CLEAR STORAGE” (Clear memory). Selecting this item, press and release the power button, confirm the reset by pressing the “Add Sound” button.
  • SAMSUNGGALAXYMINI. Press and hold the power button at the same time and the central button until the menu appears.
  • SamsunggalaxySplus. simultaneously click “add sound” and the power button. Also in emergency call mode, you can dial 27673855.
  • SAMSUNGNEXUS. Press simultaneously “add sound” and the power button.
  • SAMSUNGGALAXYFIT. simultaneously press “Menu” and the power button. Or the “Home” button and the power button.
  • Samsungalaxyacepluss7500. Press the center button simultaneously, the power button, and both sound adjustment buttons.

I hope on this list you found your Samsung phone and the instruction allowed you to successfully remove the graphic key from it. If not. try all these options, perhaps the menu and will appear. You can also find a way to reset your phone to factory settings in the instructions and on the forums.

How to unlock Android without a graphical key using reset to factory settings

You can delete the graphical lock key by resetting all the phone settings to the factory. It should be borne in mind that the smartphone files will also be removed. However, if you have created backup copies of content, you can later restore them. In the new Android phones to reset all the settings, you will need to enter the username and password from Google account. For devices released until 2016, these measures will not need.

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Enter the recovery mode on your smartphone. For different Android devices, ways to transfer to this mode are slightly different.

After entering the recovery mode, select the option “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” (“Erase Data / Reset to Factory Settings”). When you appear a request for erasing the device data, select “Yes”.

Then select the “Reboot System Now” option (“Restart System Now”).

Now you can restore all the necessary data from the backup and set a new password / PIN / screen lock pattern.

Reset the device to factory settings

If other options do not give results, it remains to return the factory settings. This will lead to the loss of all data, the copies of which are not survived in Google account and other cloud services. But you can remove the protection from the screen.

remove, graphic, password, phone, reset, android

Turn off the smartphone and get a memory card if it was inside. Then try in turns listed below the key combination until one of them works out (you need to clamp the buttons for 10-15 seconds):

  • Volume Reduction Key Power Button;
  • Volume Enlarge Key Power Button;
  • Volume Reduction key Power button “Home” key;
  • Volume Reduction Key Volume Enlargement Key Power Button.

When a service menu appears on the display, select Recovery button to enlarge volume and confirm the volume button.

Then click the volume keys to select the Wipe Data or Factory RESET command and confirm the action by pressing the power button.

If none of the specified combinations work or you will not see the necessary commands in the menu, look for a reset instruction for your device model on the manufacturer’s website.

After that, the smartphone must return to factory settings for a few minutes. The device can request a login and password from a previously connected Google account, but you will not need to unlock the screen. After entering the old account, the system will restore synchronized settings and data.

Removing a password on Android. What you need to know

Unlock your smartphone without password. But there are several nuances

Is it possible to unlock your smartphone if you forgot the password? Yes, you can. There is at least 4 ways. The easiest. reset via Google, and the most convenient one. through the Passfab Android Unlocker.

remove, graphic, password, phone, reset, android

How to quickly remove the password from the phone? Faster it is done through the Find My Device service. If you have access to the Google account, to which the smartphone is attached, and it is enabled and charged, the reset can be performed in seconds.

How to reset the password from the phone without losing data? Unfortunately, in no way. Google protects users of smartphones running Android and does not allow you to reset the password without deleting data. However, on the old versions of Android is possible.

How to unlock the phone without a password if the screen does not work? The easiest way to do this is using Passfab Android Unlocker or in recovery mode on the smartphone itself. Choose what you seem more convenient.

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How to disable the password on the Android phone through the Google account

This method can help if on your smartphone is android 4.4 or lower. In this case, the locked device must be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

First of all, you need to enter on the phone screen any incorrect password combination / graphics key / PIN code 5 times.

After the message appears on the ability to repeat the attempt after 30 seconds at the bottom of the screen, several options will appear. You need to choose the option “Forgot Pattern / Password“.

Alea It is necessary to enter the correct login and password from the Google account used on the phone. If you do not remember them, you can use PIN backup code to remove the lock.

How to install a graphic key

Be that as it may, a password, consisting of a consistent connection of points, is hardly the most popular ways to protect the smartphone. Therefore, it is impossible to bypass the way of creating a graphical key.

To install this type of protection on the smartphone you need:

  • Go to device settings.
  • Select the item “Security”.
  • Press “Screen Lock”.
  • In the list of available locked methods, select “Graphic key”.
  • Set the parameter and click the “Continue” button.
  • Repeat the key and click “confirm”.

Remove the graphic key through the same settings menu. But this can be done only if the user remembers the input data.

By default, this type of smartphone protection will only work on the lock screen. If a person wants to set a graphical key as a confirmation of purchases or access to a particular program, set the parameter will have to be in the application itself, whether “Sberbank” or “Burger King”.

Turning off PIN code on Android

In order to disable this feature, you need to make several steps:

  • Log in “Settings”.
  • Go to the Safety section (may be called “Location and Security”).
  • Select “SIM Card Settings”.
  • In front of the PIN item to remove a tick (you have to enter the correct code for confirmation). After that, the smartphone will be turned on without a password.

Disconnection on all devices is performed almost identical. Differences can only be in the names of sections and paragraphs in branded shells. To unlock the tablet, search PIN is needed in the SIM-card section of the Security section.