How to reinstall Android

The operating system installed on the mobile device, can outreach or start working incorrectly. Today we will tell how to reinstall Android on the phone or tablet and that it may be necessary for this.

Any reinstall, no matter how it has been conducted by it leads to a complete deletion of user data from the device. Consequently, the first thing to do is take care of their preservation. To do this, it is enough to perform synchronization with Google services or backup to external carrier.

Since some actions may require a tablet or phone to a USB computer, the device battery must be previously charged.

How to update Android on LG smartphones?

Surely every owner of the LG smartphone asked for such a question. However, everything is very simple.

  • Press the smartphone menu key and go to the settings menu.
  • Scroll through the list at the bottom of the list by clicking on the item “About Phone”.
  • In the menu dialog box, click Check Updates. ATTENTION! Make sure that the smartphone has access to the Internet using Wi-Fi (preferably) or via the operator’s network.
  • If you have an update, your smartphone will notify you about its size and corrections in. Select the boot method, again, be careful when loading through the operator’s network, depending on your tariff plan, downloading the update can be quite overhead. Before downloading, specify this information from your operator.
  • Click Download, then click Install Now. The smartphone will start the installation process, turns off and then after a while again will turn on with the already updated Android.

Another simple way to update smartphones LG exists with LG PC Suite. This program will also save all important information in case of problems with a smartphone and will have invaluable help in transferring music, photos, contacts for a new Android smartphone LG.

In general, the procedure is not difficult, it will not be easy to understand. What will the update give us?

  • Smartphone with an urgent version of software works more stable, and battery charge is efficiently spent.
  • Possible fixes of various software problems, such as: problems with the quality of reception and sound transmission, improve the quality of camera shooting.
  • Along with the update software updates and the version of the Android operating system. Before you open new features and new programs.

In most cases, the smartphone can work well without updates, but the best option will be the update check immediately after purchase, because the most critical problems are detected after a while after the admission of the LG smartphone. The current version of Android allows you to correct various compatibility issues in games and applications.

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LG P920 How to update the version above 2,3,5 official firmware. And this Android is no longer supported by manufacturers

I have Android 6.0, bought the phone of va months ago and constantly offers an update, but with a hundred warnings that they are not responsible for lost functions, I am afraid even updated while everything works.

my tel gives out that with my settings update it is impossible to do what to do?

And I have this lobby at all (update by)?Tell me please

We have a phone LG-SU760, Android 2.2.2, BaseBand Version: L6260_Modem_Sic_01.1042.00, LG Version: LGSU760-V10G-AUG-13-2011.

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When trying to update the software, the device, checking with the server, says that this is the latest update version (This Is The Latest Version.).

This phone does not allow in Google Play Find Viber, and much more interesting.

I have if there is a SIM. LG L5 cards, it turns off and no longer turns on. Why?(works only when charging)

Where to download the firmware?

If the phone is no longer supported by the manufacturer is no longer supported, you will have to look for the desired firmware on specialized sites. Projects such as Cyanogenmod and its modern incarnation LineageOS are engaged in the extension of the life of those devices that can no longer receive new versions of Android. Their employees create approximate firmware close to stock, which can be installed almost any device in the presence of certain knowledge.

To download the firmware from the official site of this project you need:

After that, it is enough to follow the instructions. If the user has no practical experience on flashing devices and he does not want to risk the performance of his gadget, it is better to contact the service center.

Lineageos do not support all devices, as they are on today there are a large number and they are all based on different hardware platforms. In addition, the compatibility process is complicated by the fact that low-level software is also different depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, if the user has not found on the lineageos project website of the desired firmware, you can search for resources such as 4pda (Russian-speaking) or XDA (English). There are craftsmen from visitors to the forum port and post adapted Rom files for any Android devices. phones, tablets and even TV-consoles.

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Through computer

Update the system on the phone or tablet running android can be using a computer; Below will be described three options for user actions.

Special software (automatic mode)

The easiest way to update the operating system on a smartphone is similar to Fota: The owner connects the device to a PC or a laptop, after which it checks the presence of new versions, downloads and sets them automatically. On the example of the Samsung Galaxy and, accordingly, the branded SMART Switch Algorores of the firmware version looks like this:

  • The user downloads (link. Samsung.COM) sets and starts a program, after which, on the screen on the screen, connects the phone to the computer via USB cable.
  • After a few seconds required to initialize the device.
  • The application identifies the smartphone and will indicate the model on the main page. Now you should open the “” menu.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the “Update software” tab.

reinstall, android, update, wi-fi

  • And click “OK”.
  • The program will start searching for new versions of Android firmware. If they are, the owner will be invited to immediately begin the installation; If there are no. the screen will display a successful save settings; Closing it, you can start working with a telephone or tablet in normal mode.

Special software (manual update)

The second way implies self-downloading the owner of the phone or tablet of the new version of the Android on the hard disk. Next, you should use the official or semi-official program for the firmware of your device; for samsung is an Odin application. Now, to update the firmware version, you need:

  • Download (Link. Odindownload.COM), unpack and run the program, connect the phone to the PC and make sure that the device is successfully detected.
  • Press the upper button in the right sector. BL.
  • And specify in the “Explorer” window the path on the corresponding file of the new version of Android OS.
  • Make sure the file is processed without errors.
  • And repeat the described actions for the remaining buttons. It remains to click on the Start button. and wait until the application sets the downloaded update to the phone or tablet.

Important: In the process of such installation with a large probability of probability, user data will be deleted from the internal memory; The owner should copy important information on a PC or SD card in advance.

Sp Flash Tool

With this program, you can change the firmware almost on any mobile device based on Android OS. The user will have to:

  • Download (link. spflashtool.COM), extract and run the SP Flash Tool, and then on the main tab, proceed to the selection of the scatter file; It can be found in the directory with a unpacked firmware.
  • Specify the application path to data.
  • And, making sure that all modules are loaded without errors, click on the download button.

The update process will take several minutes; Duration depends on the size of the new version of Android and the connection speed with a computer or laptop. As in the previous case, the owner of the phone must make backup copies of important data in advance. and remove the SD card from the device.

Tip: If problems have arisen during the update, it makes sense to check the smartphone memory. this requires you to go to the MEMORY TEST tab, set the checkboxes in all checkboxes and click Start.

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Reinstall Android via Recovery Mode

There is another option to reset the settings through the recovery menu. First you need to boot into the recovery menu (how to do it, read here), then select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset section (it may be called Wipe Reset).

Next, moving around the menu using the mechanical keys, select Wipe All Data and confirm the selection by clicking Yes. Delete All User Data.

reinstall, android, update, wi-fi

The settings will be reset. At the end, you will need to restart the device by selecting Reboot System Now.

What is necessary to install android

To install Android OS, you will need a working version of the firmware. Look for it through search engines or on thematic portals, such as 4pda. Read reviews about the selected version, make sure its stability and that it will suit your type of device.

  • Personal computer, firmware will be poured through it.
  • USB cable, make sure that it is tightly sitting in the smartphone or tablet and computer connector, one short-graffitable contact can cost you a mobile device.
  • Instructions, despite the fact that the overall flashing algorithm is universal, each step is performed on different models in its own way. Before starting work, make sure that each step of the instruction is understandable, read the fineness of the setting for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Backup Firmware Installed on Device. If something goes wrong during the work or result, you will not suit you, it will be possible to return to the initial state.
  • PC smartphone driver. Most often it is already there, but if the mobile device is not recognized by the computer, it is worth looking for a driver or updates for them. Start your search from branded site manufacturers of your model.

Use Windows version 7 and older to flash. Evaluate the risk and once again think about the need before proceeding with the case.

Instruction: How to reinstall Android on Sony Xperia phone

The question of reinstallation occupies and owners of phones of this model. For this device there is a number of distinctive features in the installation of the operating system. They are:

We find on the web one of the software data: UpdateServic, BridgeFor PC Companion, and download at least some of them.

Open the downloaded file and follow quite ordinary instructions that are already given in applications.

After successfully completed installation software on the PC, connect the phone through the USB wire and run by clicking the Install button.

We wait for the end of the installation and enjoy the newest OS.

Installing Android through CWM Recovery

CWM Recovery. a multifunction menu, one of whose features is to install new firmware. The menu works only with ZIP archives, so be sure to check the extension of the downloaded file.

Installing a new firmware occurs in several stages:

To activate the recovery menu, turn off the phone and click the button combination that matches your phone model. Below are the most popular combinations:

The installation on this is considered completed. Return to the main menu and restart the system. The first launch of the new version may be unusual long. It is worth considering and do not succumb to an extra panic.