How to create an Apple ID on iPhone, iPad or on a computer

Congratulations! Now you have replenished the rows of the multi-million army of Apple devices owners. It is safe to say that possessing some knowledge (they can be obtained on our website) you can evaluate the huge potential of your new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Getting to get acquainted with the device recommend from registration of an Apple ID registration.

How to tie a map to the App Store

To connect your credit card to your account on the iPhone or iPad, we do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” section in the App Store application.
  • Click on the identifier of your apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the item “View Apple ID”. The program can request login, then enter your password and go further.
  • Select the item “Payment information”.
  • Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted for payment. Choose your own.
  • Next, fill it all information about the map. All the necessary information can be found direct on your map.
  • Click “Ready”. The map is attached and ready to use for payment in the App Store. To change the App Store map, follow the same instructions by changing the details of the Card in the Payment Information Point.

App Store Account without a map can be registered from the computer

Regarding which operating system on your PC (Mac OS or Windows), open the iTunes Store. In the lower right corner, click on the flag and in the dropping list, select the flag of your country. After that in the top menu, select music, video or program. anything, just for free (see. rice. 4). Logic here is the same as when registering with iPhone.

Click on the selected content, click “Download”, and you will be offered to log in, or using an existing account, or by creating a new Apple ID. Naturally, you are interested in the last option (see. rice. 5).

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Choose, fill everything in order, and reaching the page “Specify the payment method”, select “No” (see. rice. 6).

register, ipad, credit, card

Further, like when registering with the iPhone, expect a letter with reference to confirm the Apple ID ID in the mail indicated during registration. and voila. Apple ID identifier, as already noted above, is universal and one for all Apple services. So now you can all. Only for free.

register, ipad, credit, card

Special Apple ID questions

Responding to additional questions that will occur when registering an Apple ID for account security, be very attentive. Answer in such a way that the correct words know only you and if necessary, then they remembered them.

If you lose access to the account, mail or forget the password, then there will be no problems with recovery. Additional actions also serve as user ID.

How to create an Apple ID in another country without a bank card

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This manual has been published as part of the iPhones Support Project.Ru. Write to mail: Press (AT) iPhones.RU and get solutions to the problems associated with the operation and operation of Apple devices.

Reader question: You need to download a free program from the English App Store. When trying to download- the system asks to change the country and enter payment information.

To create a bandage apple id without a card, do the following:

Open the App Store, in the Selection section at the bottom of the page, click on your Apple ID account and select Exit.

Find any free app in the store and try to download it, select New Account Dialog.

Fill in all the necessary data and specify the country to which the account will be tied.

Only in this case in the section with payment configuration will be None.

It remains to confirm the account at the specified email address. Now you can download applications in the App Store of the country for which we created account.

Attention! When changing Apple ID accounts triggers an unpleasant chip with Apple Music. About how to deal with her we have already told earlier.

If you have questions, for the solution of which Apple official support did not take, write to us by mail: Press (AT) iPhones.Ru. Or ask them directly from our help partition.

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How to create an account in the App Store without a credit card? [IFAQ]

You are the owner of a new iPhone, you almost arrange all the functions of the phone “by default” and you are not going to buy applications in the App Store, and even more so do not want to hear anything about jailbreak. The only thing you would like to establish support for social networks, for example, such as classmates and Yes, readers for writing me for written above with the share of sarcasm, but in reality I met such users.

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This brief manual will be discussed on how to create an account in the App Store without a credit card for downloading free (free versions) App Store applications.

In order to create an account in the App Store without a credit card, you need to run iTunes on your computer. 2. At the bottom, click Change Country. 3. Choose your country in the list of countries. 4. Click on the App Store section. 5. On the right in the top free apps block to click on any free app. 6. On the left, under the icon of the application, click the Free App button, the nameplate will appear, in it, click “Create a New Account”. 7. Fill in all the necessary data. eight. Password must necessarily contain large, small letters and numbers. NOT less than 8 characters.

register, ipad, credit, card

In the column with a choice of credit card, click No (None). ten. Confirm account using your email. eleven. Authorize computer in iTunes (shop. authorize computer). 12. Download from the App Store Free App (Free). You can download both using iTunes on your computer and right on the phone from the App Store application.

You can almost identically create an account in the App Store without a credit card right from your Apple mobile device. Enough to open the App Store application and click on the free app. After which you will be asked to register an account.

How to create an Apple ID for free on iPhone or iPad

1st Step: Open the App Store, iTunes Store or another Apple Content Store

2nd Step: Find any free content, click on the “Download” button and confirm your intention using “Install”

3rd step: When the content store will ask you to enter Apple ID data, select “Create New Apple ID”

4th Step: Follow the instructions on the screen, and when you get to “payment information”, select the option “No”

5th Step: After specifying all the necessary information and confirmation of the creation of an Apple ID, activate the identifier using the letter that will come to email

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Create an Apple ID on a computer via iTunes without a card

By and large, the process is one of the first. With minor amendments.

    From the official website of Apple Download iTunes. After a simple installation procedure, run iTunes on your computer. And select “Shop” at the top of the program window.

Having finished Apple ID registration process via iTunes You will need to confirm the specified when registering E-mail. To do this, go to your mail and waiting for letters from Apple Corporation. Confirm your mail. Ready, you can start using your apple id!

Point Security when creating an Apple ID

Many users “apple” devices are very inattentively filled with this item. And so in vain. It greatly simplifies the process of restoring access to your Apple ID If you suddenly forgot the password or access to it got intruders. Also, secret questions are used in the process of connecting new Apple devices and for additional identification when purchases in the App Store.

Carefully read the control questions and think over the answer to them. Use only those answers that know exactly and never forget. Remember the layout on which the answer was printed (often it is that the problem happens when you enter a response to the control question). It is also important to use the information very much, which cannot be traced through social networks and the Internet.

At the end of our article I would like to note that the coolest and new applications in the App Store still paid. Sooner or later, 80% of Apple devices users still tie the bank card data to their account and make paid purchases. But the choice is always yours!

If you have any questions related to the creation or work with Apple ID, you can always contact the Fixlab service center. Our specialists will easily respond to all your questions and will help in setting up Apple smartphones and tablets.