How to worsen the quality of the photo on the iPhone?

Open the Image Resizer program on your iOS device. Click on the PHOTOS button and select an image from any photo album stored on the device. After booting the image, the screen of the program is right to access the image size of the image.

  • Download Compress Photos Pictures from App Store.
  • Run the program and allow access to photos in the gallery.
  • Choose several photos for compression.
  • Sliders set the degree of compression and decrease the size of the photo.
  • View the result of compression. If he arranges you, remove the original photos.

The difference between the compression of the video and the change in its size

To begin with, let’s agree on some basic concepts.

Video compression We will call a decrease in the size of the video file by applying digital compression technology. As a result, the video may not be as clear as the original, but it will take a lot less space on the device. Detailed description of the video compression process on iPhone and iPad is placed here.

Changing the size (permission) video will be considered a linear change in the size of the frames themselves, which will make the picture itself less. In this case, the image quality may remain at the same level, but the total file size will most likely decrease. This is due to the actual reduction in video resolution.

We offer to use the Free Compress Videos application, which will allow you to change the size of the video on the iPhone or iPad, thereby freeing the place on the device drive.

How to Resize and Image Resolution on iPhone or iPad

Open the Image Resizer program on your iOS device. Click on the PHOTOS button and select an image from any photo album stored on the device.

After booting the image, the screen of the program is right to access the image size of the image.

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You can change the resolution of the image in percent or pixels. And for both options, you can choose a proportional or disproportionate resizing.

After you change the Image Resolution Press the Share key. Here will appear the most commonly used services for export.

How to change photo format on iPhone on JPEG

On the iPhone it is impossible to change the format of the frame that was already shown. Perhaps this is done only in two ways:

Image Resizer, which has been described above, can also change the frame format, its size and in general, all the data that stands on it, so you can download it and use, changing the necessary data.

Through computer

If we talk about the first way, it is much more complicated, as it requires the connection of the phone to the computer.

Since the photos will automatically go to HEIC, you can transfer them to JPEG. This is done using the setting:

  • Open the settings on the phone. They are located on the main screen of the iPhone and look like a gear on a gray background;
  • By clicking on them, go to the item “Photo”, scrolling the menu to the end.
  • We open the section “Transfer to PC” in this and the user chooses two options: automatically and leave the original. This section is responsible for the data that will be assigned photos after connecting and transferring to a computer;
  • Choose “automatically”.

This setting will make it possible to cross the file. Next, the user remains only to connect the cord to the computer and start transferring images. You can do it through iTunes, and through the control center. Just connect the cord to the phone, and after the computer. The device will immediately be detected and to transfer files will be easy.

details about the transfer can be viewed in this video

Thus, you can change and recode a photo without the use of third-party programs, and using a computer. This is convenient in cases where the user immediately needs to send a file in a specific size and format to immediately use it in the desired.

How to make a photo 16 9 on the iPhone?

How to do: Open the “Camera”, deploy the quick settings menu by smoking from the bottom edge of the screen up, click on the button of the Ratio of Party, select the option “16: 9”.

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Change size. All available JPEG file settings are in the “Tools” section in the menu bar. To open a new image size dialog box, select “Configure Size”. You can change the width and height, permission and units of measurement of these parameters.

Creating common albums

To create a common album with your iPhone or iPad, you must activate this feature in the settings. Therefore, you must go to “Settings” “Your Name” “ICloud” and activate the “General Albums” option. Making sure that you must follow these steps:

  • Open the “Photos” application.
  • Go to the “Albums” tab.
  • Click the “” button.
  • Select “New Shared Album”.
  • Select the name for this album.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Select people with whom you want to share album.
  • Click Create.

It should be noted that you can subsequently delete the participants from the album. To do this, you must log in to the specified album, click the appropriate icon to add people in the upper right corner, click the participants and down to “Delete the subscriber” at the bottom. Of course, it will not force you to stay in the album of one, but will remove it.

In order to have a personal album where you just have to add your Apple the identifier for creating an album to be available only to you, and no one else could see the photos that you store.

Compress one file on iPhone or iPad

In the files, we can squeeze one document or this image has a lot of weight to make it much easier, dividing it. We just need to go to the “Files” application on the iPhone or iPad and perform the following steps:

  • Find the file or folder you want to compress.
  • Make a long press on this file or folder.
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, we click at the end ‘compress’.

As soon as we fulfill these steps, a compressed file will be created, which will be in the same place. We believe that this can be improved, since we believe it would be nice if they asked the location of the new compressed file when it was created. This is what we can have both in Windows or in MacOS, and we think it will be interesting if they are included in the future iOS and update iPados.

How to increase any fragment in the photo in iPhone and iPad

Open in the “Photo” application an image on which you want to increase some item, and then click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner.

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Press the menu button with three points in the upper right corner of the screen.

On the general sheet, select the option “Marking”.

Click the “” button and select the “Magnifier” option.

You will see “Magnifying Glass” in the center of the image. You can drag it to any part of the photo you want to enlarge.

The blue point will help you increase and reduce the size of the magnifying glass. Touch it and spend your finger in or out to change the size.

You can use the green point to change the level of zoom. Spend the point to the right to the right to bring closer, or swipe left to reduce the scale.

When you click on the circle, you will get classic cutting, copying, deletion and duplication of the pattern in the loupe.

When you finish editing, click the “Finish” button at the top of the screen. Then on the image editing screen, click the “Finish” button at the bottom of the screen.

Edited photo will appear in the gallery. You can Share the image using email or messaging applications.

How to reduce weight photos on the iPhone

  • Press the button on the main screen with the sign “”.
  • Select an image to the iPhone or iPad gallery to compress.
  • Open Image in Compress Photos Pictures.
  • Using the slider set permission and quality of the picture. In the process, you can view how much the photo is changing. Thanks to this option, users will be able to choose optimal values.
  • Press the Compress button.

After these manipulations will only wait a few seconds. After the compression process is completed, the application will clearly show how much the weight of the photo has decreased, and will also offer to remove the original picture.

It is worth noting that using Compress Photos Pictures can be free. However, the appendix has some limitations. In particular, sometimes an advertising insert appears when compresseding the picture. Also in the free version there is a restriction on group processing of photoby.

For the removal of these restrictions, users will need to pay 299.