Three ways to unlock iPad without password (2022)

Want to know how to unlock iPad without password using? Then you are on the right page. If you have any problems with the unlocking iPad, do not worry. This article will discuss several options for how you can unlock your various procedures.

To protect the privacy of the owner, Apple has developed for its devices shutdown use after entering incorrect passwords. This means that if you forgot your password, successive unsuccessful attempts to unlock your iPad will turn to your iPad.

Good news is that you can still get access to your device. Below are several ways to unlock iPad without password.

Resetting settings to iPad without password settings (password iCloud / password Apple ID)

If you do not remember your Apple ID / password password or buy a used iOS device if an Apple ID is blocked and wants to erase the iPad, you can use the iPad Unlocker to remove Apple ID with iPad without a password, and then reset iPad to factory settings.

Here’s how to recover factory iPad settings without password icloud. Please follow the instructions below, step by step:

Run iPad Unlocker on your computer and connect iPad to PC using a USB cable.

Lockwiper Unlock Apple ID

Click the “Unlock Apple ID” module in the program intees and click the Start Unlock button. Hold the iPad connected during the process, and Lockwiper will delete Apple ID from your iPad in a few minutes.

After removing the Apple ID from your iPad, you can switch to another Apple ID or create a new. You can also update to the latest version of iOS on a wireless network, without losing just the resulting Apple ID. And the extension iPad will not be remotely blocked or deleted by the previous user apple ID.

Reset iPad settings without iTunes. On your iPad, go to “Settings” “General” scroll down and click “Reset” “Erase All Content and Settings”. Then everything is ready. You can also back up your iPad before reset.

How to restore Factory iPad settings without password iCloud through settings and iTunes

If you simply forgot the iCloud password, but still remember your Apple ID and password, you can try the following two methods to restore the iPad factory settings without password icloud. And you can use it with old apple id.

Delete all IPAD data and settings without password iCloud through settings.

Step 1 Open your iPad and start the Settings application. Press Common Settings and find the Reset Option. Then tap to erase all the contents and settings to restore your iPad.

Step 2 The window will then appear to confirm. Click on to make a backup and erase the button, and then tap Erase the ability to confirm again. After some time, the iPad will automatically restart, and all data will be deleted.

Relieve iPad settings to factory settings without ICloud password via iTunes

Before using this method, you must make sure that your iPad is synchronized with iTunes.

Step 1 Start the latest iTunes version on your computer. Connect iPad to a computer via USB cable. Then you can find your iPad device in iTunes. Click the menu Conclusion icon on the left pane to see the device information.

Step 2 Since you cannot recover data from iCloud if you want to backup data, you can check this computer checkbox in the box below to save all content on your computer. Then press the Back button back to start saving data. After that click the Restore iPad button. button and select Restore in the pop-up window to continue.

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Guaranteed working method

Of course, the easiest and surest way. to act with the apple itself. To remove an unsuccessful password set, you should restore your iPad. It is necessary to understand that iTunes will also not allow it to do without entering the password, but here this moment you can get around.

Synchronization with computer

Under normal conditions, simply by connecting the tablet to the computer and go to the iTunes program, you will see that the device will start to synchronize and save data on the computer. But the device blocked by a password must be synchronized manually.

If you have a check mark of data saving in the icloud cloud, you need to put it on “Computer”. Next, click the “Synchronize” button, wait and get a copy of your tablet on your computer.

Lock removal

Now consider the sequence: how to unlock iPad using iTunes if you forgot the password.

What is done design
Enter the tablet to recovery mode (DFU) On the disabled device at the same time, keep the power button and home. After the apple caught fire on the screen, let go of the power button and continue to keep the Home button for about 10 seconds. A USB connection icon must appear that requires connection to iTunes.
Connect to iTunes In the program window, a message appears that the tablet is detected in the recovery mode and the program will task the question of your consent to this procedure.
Data synchronization In the same mode, we make synchronization, thereby carry all your files back. To do this, you will need to specify an Apple ID to which the device was registered. And at the output we get the same device, only without a forgotten password.

Password recovery via iTunes

Before unlocking the iPad if you forgot your password, you need to check for the synchronization of this device with iTunes on a personal computer. Having received a positive answer, the user must be connected to your iPad to PC and re-synchronize. If earlier the tablet and computer were not synchronized, then all the information saved on the portable device will be deleted. In such emergency cases, refer to the repair of the iPad. Experts will help you.

After connecting the gadget to the PC and the login in iTunes, you need to make a forced restart iPad. To do this, simultaneously hold the “Home” button and the top button. To go to recovery mode, these buttons must be held for a few seconds. After that, iTunes will send the user a message that the iPad has a problem and need to restore it or update it. To continue the procedure, click on the “Restore” button. It is worth adding that the recovery process lasts for 15 minutes. If this procedure is delayed for some reason, the user will have to re-execute all of the above actions.

After the recovery is completed, the Owner of the iPad will be able to configure its tablet and use it as usual.

If the timing synchronization and the iTunes utility was carried out, the user can count on the full restoration of its data. To do this, use the recovery mode and another computer in which a backup copy of the information stored on the iPad will be saved.

After completing this process, you can proceed to direct access to the device. To do this, in iTunes you need to click on the “Restore iPad” button. Next, IOS opens the settings in which the user needs to select “Restore from the backup”. When the copy is selected, it is worth paying attention to its size and date of formation. You should choose exactly the file that was created a few minutes earlier.

Tips that better not follow

Often on Internet forums, you can read the iPad unlocking tips, however most of them are not effective for models on which the latest version of the IOS operating system is installed.

All these methods can be absolutely meaningless and ineffective, in contrast to the synchronization of the device using ICloud or ITYUNS.

It is important to understand that unlocking and restoring the iPad work is not a serious problem as if I forgot the password, and then, when I never knew it (it concerns hackers).

And this means that how difficult the password is either, the device will still be included in the workplace of the protective system.

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Therefore, it is better to use simple passwords that are easily remembered, rather than creating an inconvenience of the invention of complex combinations that are also often forgotten, but do not bring a significant effect.

Advice! Inventing complex passwords, it is better to fix them in any place to avoid such problems.

A detailed explanation of the above procedures for restoring the iPad work can be viewed on

How to reset the password on the iPad?

Hello! You probably forgot your password from Apple device? Do not worry! In this video you will find out!

Reset Blocked iPad using iTunes

iTunes is definitely useful when it comes to resetting a blocked iPad, and here as you can make iTunes useful.

Situation 1 When you previously synchronized iPad from iTunes

If you have previously synchronized tablet with iTunes, you can simply connect a blocked tablet to PC using a USB cable. Make sure I find my iPad IS disabled on the tablet, otherwise this method will not help.

After iTunes recognizes your tablet, go to the device and select your device icon, then enter the conclusion.

To reset the device settings, select Restore iPad, you need to enter your Apple account password to confirm the recovery.

Situation 2 When you never synchronized iPad with iTunes or enabled Find My iPad

If “trust this computer” appears when you connect the tablet to a computer or find my iPad on this tablet, you can still use iTunes, but you need to configure iPad in Recovery Mode.

Here’s how you can use the recovery mode and iTunes to reset the device settings.

Step 1 Recovery Mode

To enter the recovery mode, turn off the tablet.

  • If you have a main button on your iPad. Press and hold the Home button and upper button. Do not let them down until you see the recovery mode screen, then connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.
  • If on your iPad there is face ID. Press and hold the top button and the volume button button. Do not let them down until you see the recovery mode screen, then connect the tablet to the PC using the USB cable.

In this case, iTunes will detect your iPad and start automatically.

ON device, select iPad for which you need to reset. A notification appears that there has been a problem on your iPad, and 2 options are offered: update or restore. Here, select Restore to reset your iPad.

Downloading the firmware to restore your iPad will take a few minutes. When the firmware is loaded, iTunes will start recovering your device.

Your iPad will be rebooted after iTunes completes its work. You can turn it on and configure it.

  • Recovery mode has a 15-minute time limit. If the whole process takes more than 15 minutes, the tablet get out of the mode. You need to repeat all actions.
  • Using the recovery mode is associated with risk. On your tablet there is a 15% chance to get stuck in recovery mode. But do not worry if you really are not lucky, you can click here to correct the problems “hung in recovery mode” and “iPad is disabled” at the same time.

Methods of flashing

In general, there are two ways to reflash the tablet:

Bad news regarding flashing is that if you did not make backups of your device, all your data will be deleted. To check if you have a backup, you need:

    Open iTunes and click on the “Settings” button.

Or you can go to icloud.COM and there in the settings to find “My devices”: then click on the device and see when the last copy was made.

Refracting in recoverymode

We will analyze the reset password iPadPo steps and in detail. So that you all happen, it is enough to follow the algorithm:

  • Turn off your device completely.
  • Click the Home button. Not releasing, we immediately connect the USB cable to the device.
  • Hold the Home button until the iTunes icon appears and cable image.

Flashing in DFu

A little theory of theory has not yet harmed.DFU is a special mode in which the IOS operating system does not start. It turns out that your device only accepts technical information. The main difference from the recovery mode is that in the DFU mode on the screen, nothing is displayed, and iTunes gives notification that the device in the recovery stabilization mode.

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The following describes the algorithm with which you can translate your iPad to DFU mode:

  • Connect the device to a computer by usb-intees. Run iTunes if it did not happen automatically.
  • Cleash home and at the same time seconds for 10-15.
  • Let the POWER release, continuing to keep HOME until the device is defined on the computer in DFU mode.

Now you know how to reset the password iPad if you forgot it. But it’s better not to resort to hard action too often: write it down somewhere, the main thing is not in the iPadj itself. I advise you to use password storage facilities, for example, 1Password.

How to Reset Password Locks on iPhone / iPad

You can reset the iPhone / iPad screen lock password via iTunes by entering the device to recovery mode (Recovery Mode).

Connect the Lightning / USB cable to the computer.

Turn off the iPhone / iPad by closing the POWER button.

Waving to turn off the device, clamp the HOME button and continue holding, connecting the cable to the gadget.

Keep until the image of iTunes icons and white cable appears on a black background. Here is:

Meanwhile, the iTunes opens a dialog box that reports the need to restore the gadget to interact with it.

We agree with the proposal. click the “OK” button, and then “Restore iPhone / iPad”. The dialog box appears again:

Agree and launch the recovery process that does not take as much time. If you activate the “Find iPhone / iPad” function on your device, you will need to enter an Apple ID and password to it on the gadget screen itself or in iTunes.

If not, then choose the first option. After points all the necessary information and get a varical clean, unlocked iPad.

If you have not found an answer to your question or something has not happened, and in the comment below there is no suitable solution, ask a question through our help form. It is fast, simple, convenient and does not require registration. Answers to your own and other questions you will find in this section.

Tell me, during the update, when approximately 350 downloaded. 500 megabytes, iPad turns off from iTunes! Antivirus turned off, the firewall too, Internet Explorer made the default browser, the result is the same! What else can you do to unlock the iPad, the child forgot the password.

Let it be turned off. iTunes downloads 1.6GB, give him to download. After that, he restores using already downloaded, run recovery again.

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