Regular SMS and iMessage

You can distinguish an SMS message from an iMessage by its color. Regular SMS messages on iPhone are shown with a green background. These are messages that travel through cell towers, just like calls. iMessage is highlighted in blue. Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G internet connection is used for iMessage transmission. IMessage can be sent exclusively between iOS devices.

iMessage messages come and go much faster than SMS messages. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, the phone will use your mobile traffic, which is not always desirable.

Despite these differences, both types of messages are deleted in exactly the same way. From our own experience, we were convinced that the annoyance of an accidentally deleted iMessage is absolutely the same as from deleting a regular SMS!

How to Recover Deleted SMS Messages on iPhone

Whether you yourself accidentally deleted the message, or someone’s little pens played with your phone and deleted all the necessary and unnecessary, in any case, deleted message from the iPhone. this is a fairly common problem. According to the law of meanness, a deleted message is always the most important and necessary. And the first thought that comes to mind: “Well, why out of hundreds of SMS. this is it?” But now you don’t have to worry about this problem, as there is a simple solution.

Compatible with Windows and Mac computers

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This manual is for iPhone XS / XR / X / 8/7/6/5/4 / SE, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS 6. 12

Helpful information

We recommend that you regularly back up your device to iTunes for better safety. Even if your iPhone is stolen or lost, our software can extract and restore your data from the latest iTunes backup. If you have any questions or need help, we are happy to help 24/7. On our help page you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as our contact information.

Step 2. Scan

To recover deleted SMS and iMessage, Enigma Recovery will scan your device and create your iPhone’s database.

Step 3. Scan Report

After the scan is complete, the program will display a report on all files deleted from your phone, as well as on those in the device’s memory. Click “Continue” to view this information.

You will need:

  • Your iPhone
  • USB cable for iPhone
  • Computer with the latest version of iTunes
  • Free or full version of Enigma Recovery (select the version that matches your operating system)

Step 5. Viewing Deleted Messages

The main window of the program should now display all messages, both saved in the device’s memory and deleted. To view only deleted messages, toggle the “Show only deleted data” button to “On”. Now you can recover deleted messages back to your device or export information to your computer in Excel, CSV and XML formats.

To export messages, select the messages you want to save. Click “Export” and select “Export only ticked data”. If you want to save all the information without selecting individual messages, then click “Export” while in the Messages tab, and then select “Export all data from the current tab”.

How to Recover Deleted SMS on iPhone via iCloud?

You can also restore messages to iPhone from iCloud only if you have a previously created cloud backup. You will also need to be connected to a reliable Wi-Fi signal source.

The whole procedure is performed in just two steps:

The iPhone is reset first. To do this, follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”, click on the item “Erase content and settings” and enter the security password.

All data will be completely deleted from the device. You should be prepared for this. if your gadget contains valuable information (say, numbers), it is better to transfer it to a PC or upload it to the cloud storage. This article of our site tells about the methods of copying the telephone directory to a computer.

Perform the initial setup of the gadget up to the stage “Setting up iPhone”. At this point, select the “Restore from iCloud Backup” option.

Next, you just need to enter your Apple ID password and wait for the iPhone to restart and the recovery process to complete. As soon as the recovery is over, all SMS that were present in the iCloud copy will be in the phone’s memory.

Before returning SMS from a backup in the “cloud”, put your smartphone on charge. The Wi-Fi module will be activated on the device, which will contribute to the rapid consumption of energy.

Is it possible to extract SMS from iTunes backup without connecting iPhone to computer?

Utility iSkySoft iPhone Data Recovery is able to recover SMS-ki not only from the memory of the “apple” gadget, but also from data backups made via iCloud and iTunes. At the same time, the gadget itself does not need to be connected to the computer. just remember where to find the backups on the PC.

On Windows computers, iTunes backups are located in the “UsersUserNameAppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup” directory, and on Macs, in a folder that can be accessed via the “UsersLibraryUserNameApplication SupportMobileSyncBackup” path. Please note that the AppData folder on Windows can be hidden.

You can access the SMS in the backup copy as follows:

Run the program and go to the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” section.

In the special window, select the backup that, in your opinion, contains the desired SMS.

When choosing, be guided by the date indicated in the name of the backup.

Having decided on the copy, click on the “Start Scan” button.

The recovery procedure will begin, as a result of which the iSkySoft utility will decompose all the data contained in the backup “on the shelves”.

Open the “Messages” section in the “Messages Call log” block. this is where you will find SMS-ki.

By skimming messages from different senders, you will surely find the information you need.

The numbers of the senders of most of the SMS from the backup, alas, are not displayed, so the search for the desired message by the addressee is doomed to failure.

To recover data from a copy to iCloud iSkySoft, you should remember the username and password from the cloud storage account.

How to Recover SMS on iPhone?

Fortunately, there are ways to recover deleted SMS. This task is much easier if you regularly back up your iPhone as a preventive measure. If you have never heard of backups before, you should not despair either. there are free programs available on the Internet that can solve the problem with erased information.

Is it possible to return SMS to iPhone using third-party programs?

After deleting from iPhone memory, SMS messages are stored in the cache for some time. This allows you to restore them using third-party applications. In order for “resuscitation” to come to an end with success, two conditions must be met simultaneously:

Finding a program that can quickly, efficiently and for free perform message recovery from the iPhone cache is not an easy task. For example, the well-known utility Data Doctor Recovery. SIM Card involves the use of a card reader with a SIM card slot. an accessory that is outlandish at the present time. Another popular SmartPhone Recovery Pro program requires money, even without giving the opportunity to be convinced of its own effectiveness.

The iSkySoft iPhone Data Recovery utility allows you to achieve positive results, the free version of which can be downloaded here. The full version of this program costs a “frightening” amount (almost 4 thousand rubles), however, to restore one SMS, you will not need it.

Using the utility from iSkySoft is possible only if you have the latest iTunes on your PC.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone? [5 Solutions]

After installing the program, proceed as follows:

Connect the iPhone to the PC with a cable, launch iSkySoft iPhone Data Recovery and go to the “Recover from iOS Device” section.

Leave only one checkbox. “Messages Attachments” in the “Deleted Data from the Device” box. Uncheck the rest.

Click “Start Scan”. this will start the process of analyzing the gadget.

The analysis will take 2-3 minutes. upon completion you will see a window like this:

recover, messages, iphone

The column on the left under the name “Messages Call log” contains information about how many deleted messages, as well as SMS attachments (“Message Attachments”) were found. In our example, 34 messages and 1 attachment were “found”.

The column “Phone” located in the center contains the phone numbers from which SMS were received on the iPhone. It should be noted that the information in this column is displayed incorrectly. The addressees of most messages are not determined at all (as indicated by the status “unknown”), the rest are determined incorrectly. For example, the What’s App is listed as the sender of SMS with Web Money confirmation codes, although there is no connection between the messenger and the electronic payment system.

However, this is not a problem. By clicking on different senders and skimming through the column on the right (where the content of messages is presented), sooner or later you will find the desired SMS. If you were looking for a message due to the presence of some unique and necessary code in it, you can simply rewrite the symbols in a notebook or add them to the “Notes” iPhone.

It will be possible to return the deleted correspondence with one sender to the device memory only after purchasing the full version of the utility. To do this, put a tick in front of the name or phone number of this sender and click on the button “Recover”.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from iTunes Backup?

This recovery method is relevant only if you created a backup after the message you need arrived on your phone.

SMS and MMS are included in the list of data included in the iPhone backup. Therefore, if you restore information from a backup, the message will be returned to the device.

We will not talk about how to create a backup in iTunes. the procedure for creating a backup is described in detail in this article. You need to recover SMS from iTunes backup as follows:

First of all, prevent iTunes from automatically syncing to iPhone. If you allow a new sync, the old data will disappear irrevocably. To prohibit, open iTunes, follow the path “Edit”. “Settings” and in the “Devices” section, check the box next to “Prevent automatic synchronization of iPod, iPhone, iPad”.

Now you can connect iPhone to PC with peace of mind.

On the device itself, turn off the “Find iPhone” function: go to the “Settings”. “iCloud” path and turn the corresponding slider to inactive state.

If “Find iPhone” is enabled, restore from backup will fail. an error will appear.

Return to iTunes and go to the device control menu by clicking on the button with the smartphone image.

In the “Backups” block, find the “Restore from a copy” button and press it simultaneously with CTRL.

The “Restore from backup” window will appear. In the “iPhone Name” field, select the appropriate backup.

You should try to remember when the message came and need to be restored, and use a copy made shortly before that date.

Having decided on the backup, click the “Restore” button. You will start the restore process from iTunes backup.

Wait until the process is complete and check the contents of the “Messages” application. for sure you will find the SMS you need there.

When restoring messages from an iTunes backup, follow these safety guidelines:

    Before proceeding with the restore, create a new backup, otherwise you will irrevocably lose all data that appeared on the iPhone after the date of the backup. Do not try to interrupt the recovery process by disconnecting the cable from your PC or iPhone. This will put the gadget in the Recovery Loop. You can also break such a loop at home (all the ways how to do this are described here), but you have to sweat.

When erasing messages on iPhone, you should be as careful as possible, because recovering an SMS that was inadvertently deleted is an expensive pleasure. The purchase of special software like SmartPhone Recovery or Enigma Recovery will cost a tidy sum. about 4 thousand rubles.

Fortunately, you can find out deleted SMS without spending money. just use the trial version of the useful iSkySoft iPhone Data Recovery utility or restore data from iTunes or iCloud backups. The first method is preferable, since in the second case, restoring the old SMS, you risk losing some of the relevant information.

Primo iPhone Data Recovery

This is a universal program with which you can recover data both from backups created in iTunes or iCloud, and deleted files from your device. over, this application often helps users if iTunes cannot “pull” data from the copy and restore it correctly. The whole process comes down to several steps:

  • Download and install the application on your computer and connect the device from which you want to recover messages via a USB cable;
  • Open the program and in the first window click the Next button to start the scanning process;
  • Once the scan is complete, the system will display a list of possible files to recover. They are all divided into categories. We are interested in the Messages tab;
  • Select the necessary messages with checkmarks and click Recover;
  • As a result, you will receive a complete copy of the SMS, which will be restored on your smartphone.

Another plus of this software is that you can easily log into your iCloud through the program window and restore only the data that you need. That is, it is not necessary to reset the settings to factory defaults. You just need to connect your smartphone to your computer, open the program and log in with your ID in the cloud service, and then choose what to restore.

Attention! For those who have problems with iPhone freezing, it is also recommended to use this tool. With the help of the program, you can restore your iPhone in a few clicks, and it will work correctly and without interruptions! The program is shareware. Some of the information can be restored for free, but if the limit is exceeded, you need to pay 40 to purchase a license.

How to check that iPhone messages have been backed up

In this case, we are talking about the iCloud service, so you need to check if a copy was created, when exactly it was created and if messages were saved there.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone 2021

  • Go to “Settings” and click on your account (the first item in the list);
  • Then click on iCloud and go to “Manage storage”;
  • Scroll down the list until you find the item “Messages” and click on it;
  • If there is a size next to the tab, for example, 5 MB, then some data from “Messages” is stored in the cloud service;
  • Now you need to see exactly when the copy was last made. To do this, return to the iCloud item and scroll down to the “Backup” tab;
  • Click this item and see what date the last backup was created. If you are satisfied with the date, you can reset to factory settings.

Recover messages via iCloud

The main purpose of the iCloud cloud service is to store important user information, which will be available from any authorized device. Not only photos or data from applications can be stored here, but also notes, mail, and including messages. This is very convenient, because in this way you can transfer SMS in a convenient form and read them anywhere.

Recovery will be possible only if you have created backups in iCloud, including SMS. As a rule, this item is activated automatically when setting up a backup. To get messages back, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and select “General”;
  • Scroll to the end of the list and click on the “Reset” item;
  • Further, in the menu that appears, you need to click the “Erase content and settings” tab, and also confirm this operation with a password, if it is set;
  • As soon as the settings are reset to factory settings, you can restore information from the backup.
  • To do this, select the item “Recover from iCloud copy”, log in under your account and the system automatically downloads all the information;
  • The download time is determined by the amount of information from the backup. But once everything is restored, you will receive all your messages back to the day the copy was created.

Attention! If you have important information, before performing the described actions, we recommend that you create or update a copy, since all data from your smartphone will be deleted, and you can restore only what was saved at the time of the backup.

iSkysoft Toolbox

This program can only be used if you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. If it is present, then follow the steps:

  • Download iSkysoft Toolbox from the official website and install;
  • Run the program and connect your iPhone using USB;
  • As soon as the device is detected by the system, wait for synchronization and click Recovery;
  • There will be three different recovery options here. We are interested in the first one. Recovery from iOS Device;
  • Since we are only interested in deleted messages, you need to uncheck all the boxes, except for the Messages Attachments item;
  • If everything is highlighted correctly, click the Start Scan button for the system to scan and display a list of possible SMS that can be recovered for your device;
  • Within a certain time, data will be scanned, and at the output you will receive a complete list of messages that can be recovered;
  • Select from the list what you need by ticking them and press the Recover button to restore messages to your iPhone;
  • Please note that in our screenshot the program did not find any messages that can be recovered. They will be highlighted with orange text. Also, in the Filter search bar, you can select to show only deleted SMS in order to quickly view all the information and restore the necessary files.

ISkysoft Toolbox allows you to recover data from iTunes or iCloud backups, so you can use these options at any time. But keep in mind that the program is paid and all functionality will be available only after payment.

In general, a large number of universal programs have been developed to solve such problems, but we have considered the main ones. As a rule, everyone has similar functionality, they just differ in price, interface and support for different languages. If you only need to recover data once, try all the options in free mode, and if limited options are not enough, purchase the cheapest product from the list. For specialists who constantly work with similar devices and perform such actions, it is best to purchase the full version, since the costs for it will more than pay off in the future.

Enigma recovery

The main advantage of this program is the support of the Russian language. If you do not know English, then this option will come in handy for you. With the help of this utility, you can not only restore data from the device, but also from iTunes, iCloud backups, even if you could not complete the procedure through standard Apple tools.

recover, messages, iphone
  • To recover messages, download the program and install it on your computer;
  • Connect iPhone via USB cable and be sure to unlock it, otherwise you will see a notification like in the screenshot below;
  • Confirm on your phone that you trust this computer and wait while the system scans your device and determines what can be restored;
  • Upon completion of scanning, go to the “Messages” section and select those SMS that you need to recover. Those SMS that have been deleted will be marked in red with a trash can icon;
  • As soon as you confirm the operation, the program will automatically restore the messages and re-enter them into the memory of your device.

Attention! Enigma Recovery is a paid product, and only a limited number of recoverable records are available in the free mode. The full version will cost you from 2999 to 10999 rubles, depending on the number of devices. The minimum version is usually enough to use all the features of the program.

Recover messages on iPhone using programs

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to make a backup on time, especially if iCloud was disabled or there was no Internet access for a long time. In this case, standard SMS recovery methods will not help in any way. But there are special programs from third-party developers, with which you can recover messages in a few steps.

Why are messages disappearing from iPhone?

It is not always possible for the user to determine the reason for deleting messages from his device, and in order not to get into this situation again, one should understand why this is happening. We have listed the main factors due to which SMS can be deleted from your iPhone:

  • Factory reset. Sometimes users completely thoughtlessly perform this action, not knowing what consequences it will turn out to be. Be sure to create backups if you reset the settings;
  • Jailbreak. In the case of the iPhone firmware, the same thing awaits you as in the previous paragraph, so be sure to backup all data;
  • Incorrect iOS update or system errors. Here you already need to carefully understand the problem and look for the exact reasons, try to update the system again;
  • Delete SMS. Yes, sometimes the user erases messages himself, and then tries to restore them. It is important here to use the program as soon as possible so that the place where this data used to be is not overwritten.

Recover messages via iTunes

This method also involves restoring messages from a backup that was created through iTunes on your computer. When you connect the device to a PC, iTunes starts, in which you can create backups in a few clicks. over, in the future, you yourself will be able to choose the exact number for which you need to restore data. The whole process is carried out like this:

  • Connect iPhone to your PC via USB cable and open iTunes;
  • In the program window, click on the icon of your smartphone and in the “Browse” tab, click on the “Restore from a copy” item;
  • Select the backup from which you want to restore data and confirm the operation. The system will automatically copy all the data that was saved at that time, including messages.

Attention! For iTunes to automatically create backups when the iPhone is connected, we recommend that you tick the box next to “Automatically create copies”.

Using iCloud to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

You can try using an iCloud backup to see if it can recover deleted text messages. If the iCloud backup is done before you delete the text message, you’re in luck and you can restore the text message. Here are the steps:

  • Be sure to back up all important data on your device.
  • Go to Settings General Factory Reset.
  • Tap Erase all content and settings.
  • Scroll through the setup pages until you get to the Apps and data screen.
  • Faucet Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Go to Select a backup and then select the one you want from the list.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?

Wondering how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone and iPad? As a parent, you will definitely want to check your kids’ text messages to see who they are communicating with. As an employer, you want to recover employees’ text messages to see if they performed actions that harm your company. Fortunately, it is now possible to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone using advanced messaging spy app.

Protect your company’s trade secrets

When you monitor employee SMS text messages, you may discover abnormal communication that compromises the safety of the company. In this way, impending security threats can be successfully avoided.

Protect your kids from online dangers

As a parent, viewing your kids’ text messages can help you understand their online activities. This way you can protect them from pedophiles or cyberbullying.

Using iKeyMonitor to Recover Deleted Text Messages for Free

IKeyMonitor SMS spy app records the names and phone numbers of contacts in detail and shows who the target device user is in frequent contact with and what they talk about often. Follow the steps to use iKeyMonitor to recover deleted text messages.

  • First, register a free trial and install iKeyMonitor.
  • Then log into the cloud panel online.
  • Finally, you can go to SMS Chats Logs to check text messages.

Recover your important information

If you accidentally deleted text messages or lost your iPhone, you can use iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app to retrieve deleted text messages. With this tracking app you can check the time of sending and receiving SMS, contact person and more details.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?

If your kids have deleted text messages on their phones, you will need a tool to help you recover deleted data. By using a spy tool, you can track not only SMS texts, but also photos, videos and other activities on the Internet. Check the following two methods to recover deleted text messages.

Why do you need to recover deleted text messages on iPhone?

Everyone has experience in accidentally deleting text messages, but not everyone can recover text messages that were deleted by mistake. Using a tracking app, you will be able to recover and track text messages and other online activity on anyone’s device. Here are some reasons why you need to recover deleted text messages on iPhone:

Why SMS on iPhone may go missing

For starters, it is worth noting because of what the dialogues suddenly disappear from the iPhone. over, if it happens systematically. There may be several reasons:

  • the available memory for storing correspondence has run out. Thanks to the multimedia attachment function, dialogs can accumulate up to several gigabytes in a short time. As a result, the system has no choice but to delete all messages on the iPhone. The cleaning date is set in the gadget settings;
  • malware and third party controls. Although iOS is considered the most reliable operating system, there is no protection against viruses. Also, attackers can establish remote control over a smartphone and correspondence if its owner opened third-party links;
  • the user has reset the settings to factory settings without taking care of the backup;
  • incorrect firmware update or use of Jailbreak.

The branded iPhone app boasts an extensive list of features

Note! IPhone with iOS 8 and above can automatically delete messages.

Is it possible to recover deleted messages on iPhone

The amount of information lost forever depends on several factors. Basic:

  • how long has the smartphone been used after the loss of the SMS. The sooner the owner starts to restore messages, the more he will be able to “pull”;
  • whether backup was enabled in iCloud settings;
  • how crowded is the cloud storage;
  • whether the smartphone was synchronized with the PC;
  • whether the owner of the smartphone used “backups” when connecting to a PC and using iTunes.

Can you recover deleted SMS on iPhone? Definitely yes. If there is at least some backup or synchronization, something can be restored.

How to Recover Deleted SMS on iPhone

There are three ways to recover deleted messages:

  • Use iTunes.
  • Via iCloud.
  • Through third-party programs.

Each method is equally worthy of attention, so which one to use is up to the end user to decide. And yet there are a couple of nuances in which some options cannot be implemented.

In most cases, you will need to use a PC

Note! Before restoring SMS or other data on your phone, you need to turn off Find My iPhone. Security settings will not allow you to use backup, which, in fact, is logical.

iSkysoft Toolbox

The advantage of the following program lies in the ability to select the specific data to be extracted, which reduces the time for scanning and restoring.

Also, the utility allows you to transfer data from one phone to another

Important! First you need to update iTunes to the latest version.

  • Download and install on PC iSkysoft Toolbox.
  • Connect your phone via USB and run the utility.
  • Wait until the program “sees” the iPhone and synchronizes. You don’t need to press anything.
  • After click on “Recovery”.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Recovery from iOS Device”.
  • Next, to restore only deleted SMS, you need to uncheck all items, except for “Messages Attachments”.
  • Next, to start scanning, click Start Scan.
  • After a few minutes, the program will provide all text messages available for recovery.
  • It remains to tick the necessary SMS, click on “Recover” and wait until the utility downloads data to the phone.

Additional Information. To make it easier to navigate, you can use the “Filter” button to configure the display of only remote SMS.

Enigma recovery

The only Russian-language program in this list. Enigma similarly helps to extract files from iTunes and iCloud backups if traditional options didn’t help. The procedure is as follows:

  • Download and install Enigma Recovery.
  • Connect via USB and unlock iPhone (the last condition is strictly required).
  • On the notification that pops up on the smartphone, press the confirmation button.
  • Wait until the end of the scan of the gadget, which will start automatically.
  • Next go to the “Messages” section.
  • Highlight the required files (the program marks deleted SMS in red).
  • Press the restore confirmation button and wait while Enigma Recovery downloads data back to the phone.

After connecting the phone to the computer, you can simply follow the indicators above, indicating the status of the process

The utility also has paid features. In this case, the free functionality is enough.

View Deleted Messages on iPhone via Third Party Programs

These are far from the only ways to view deleted messages on iPhone. In addition to them, there are special programs that work when in contact with a PC or while connected to the Internet. These utilities are able to “pull” more information without enabling “backups” and other conditions.

Note! They are best used only when absolutely necessary, since they are all created by third-party developers. Officials are not responsible for the use of these programs. But it should be said that you can always use the factory reset function.

Consider a few programs that have received the highest user ratings. These will be Primo iPhone Data Recovery, iSkysoft Toolbox and Enigma Recovery.

Primo iPhone Data Recovery

When files categorically do not want to be restored through iTunes, this program will help. The technology is as follows:

  • Install the utility on your computer.
  • Connect to PC iPhone.
  • Start scanning process. To do this, click on “Next” in the main menu of the program.
  • Wait for the analysis results.
  • Check out the files Primo iPhone Data Recovery was able to find for recovery.
  • Find the “Messages” tab.
  • Select the messages you want to return with checkmarks.
  • Click “Recover“.

An important advantage of the utility is the ability to log in to your iCloud through the program and “pull out” only those files that you need. This way, you can avoid a factory reset.

Note! Some tabs are limited in recovery by a paid subscription.

How to restore WhatsApp chat via iCloud

It is also important that you have an Apple ID.

If available, just go to the iCloud app and find the settings with data synchronization of different applications. WhatsApp should be among them if it is already installed on your iPhone.

  • Check that all the switches next to the applications are turned on. Then all data will be automatically saved in accordance with the synchronization settings in the applications themselves.
  • Besides the fact that it will help to recover deleted SMS in WhatsApp, you will be able to save data of other applications, progress in games and much more.

    The iCloud cloud service itself is distinguished by a high level of security, speed and reliability. It is an official service from Apple designed specifically for iPhone, iPad, iPod, MAC and other devices. The service allows you to access files from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

    When backing up the data of correspondence and files from the vastap, problems or failures are also possible. Therefore, the developers have indicated the most effective methods for troubleshooting possible problems.

    The most common problem is using a new number in the messenger. Therefore, if you corresponded under a different number, then you can restore it only if you re-enter WhatsApp using the old number. Also, past correspondence will not be displayed when changing the phone number.

    Another reason for the impossibility of recovery may be iOS firmware version 7 and below. Recovering correspondence is only possible starting from iOS 8 and above. In addition, it is recommended to check the availability of free space both on iCloud and on the smartphone itself, since its lack will make backup impossible.

    Recovering deleted WhatsApp chats is quite simple and does not require special knowledge and skills, as well as a lot of additional software. All a few minutes are enough to return the correspondence. This article contains the best ways to recover messages in the Wastap messenger. As a result, you yourself will be able to return chats, SMS and entire correspondence. Plus, you no longer have to worry about deleting messages.

    How to Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

    The reason for the loss of chat data, files and SMS in WatsApp is that the messenger simply does not store data in the cloud. All correspondence is stored exclusively on your phone. And if you started cleaning the phone, updated the operating system of your iPhone or performed a reset, then the correspondence will most likely be deleted and it will be difficult to restore it, and in some cases it is impossible.

    How to recover deleted files in WhatsApp and also avoid future loss of chats? To do this, follow the simple instructions:

      In the messenger, open the chats and calls section in the settings.

    After creating a copy, information about it will be shown in this menu.

    Attention: It is important to wait until the end of the copy creation before uninstalling the application or cleaning the smartphone.

    Now you can safely uninstall WhatsApp. All data will be erased including files from correspondence, call history and all other data stored on the phone. But, after you reinstall the messenger, in the chats and calls settings section, in the copying subsection, you can simply click on the restore button. As a result, all your chats will be fully restored and clouds. Thus, you will not lose your correspondence including files and call history.

    Recover WhatsApp on iPhone with UltData

    If you have not saved the correspondence using iCloud or other cloud services, then there is another, slightly more complicated way to restore a deleted wastup. To do this, you will need to use iPhone data recovery utilities. The most popular is Tenorshare UltData.

    How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone: 5 Ways (2021)

    The utility allows you to recover previously erased data from your device, iTunes or iCloud. Results can vary greatly depending on how long ago the data was erased, and also depending on the version of the iPhone.

    Thus, owners of older smartphones, iPhone 3GS model, will be able to recover many files and correspondence, including photos, audio recordings and videos. It is very easy to restore the text correspondence in Wastap and a series of other applications.

    recover, messages, iphone

    Connect the powered iPhone to the computer and run the program.

    Wait while the utility detects the device. Go to the recovery menu.

    Select only the necessary items and click restore.

    It is quite easy to restore a deleted Wastup. To do this, you can use various data recovery utilities that allow you to recover files literally from the other world. But, very often, the correspondence can be partially deleted or cannot be restored at all. This is especially the case if you are actively using your iPhone data storage features. It is also important to note that not all files can be recovered. Thus, photo, video and audio files from the correspondence will be lost forever when the correspondence is deleted.

    Therefore, the best way to restore your WhatsApp conversation is to make a backup. The best way to do this is to create backup copies of all the files in the iCloud cloud storage. Thus, thanks to simple automatic synchronization, you will protect your own correspondence from accidental deletion. And after cleaning your smartphone, you can restore it. It is also important to remember that WhatsApp is a confidential messenger with a high level of security, which stores all correspondence data exclusively on devices, bypassing cloud servers. But, for security you have to pay with the possibility of data loss when cleaning a smartphone.

    Also, to restore correspondence in messengers, it is recommended to regularly back up iOS and all data using the iTunes and iCloud utility. It is also important to note that backups only allow you to save the correspondence until the moment the backup is created. But, the very creation of a copy of iOS for subsequent recovery is a long and not the most convenient process, so if you have restored the correspondence, then in the future it is best to use cloud storage. They are also safe and confidential, so your correspondence will remain safe and protected from deletion and loss.

    Of course, if you accidentally lost your data, you want to recover your photos, videos, messages, UltData will help you recover this data.

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